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This week we are excited to share about a plugin for WordPress we have been developing, and will be releasing in the next couple weeks!Learn all about Rosen Advertising's new child support calculator plugin, and how this new feature not only saves your firm money, but also can increase traffic on your website. Visit us at rosenadvertising.comFor more information on our Child Support Calculator plugin, please contact us via email at
Today we're talking about how to automate divorce without using code. I've been working on a cool project where we're automating divorce without using any code, and I wanted to share some of the idea with you. In a few weeks, we'll be launching and bringing you a series of masterclasses on all things NoCode. I hope this episode will spark some ideas for you and get you excited about building fast, NoCode, custom software to solve unique problems.Zapier - up for early access here any specific questions please send us an email at
This week we are answering and expanding on our top 3 questions about landing pages. In this episode, we'll breakdown the fundamentals of a landing page, how to best use them,  touch on some pros and cons during their build and more. Leadpages: For any specific questions please send us an email at
This week we will go over automating basic processes in your life with easy tools, that not only save you time, but also keep you organized. In this episode we detail Textexpander, Calendly, Zapier, and also revisit 1password and explain how they each can be useful resources to your firm.   For any specific questions please send us an email at contact@rosenadvertising.comLinks: Textexpander - - combine with textexpander so you never have to type againCalendly - use for client/public scheduling, but also useful for internal schedulingZapier  - Automate anything. All contacts to the newsletter? Done. Documents sent from client via email need to go straight into Docs? Done.
On this week's episode we go through methods to evaluate advertising costs and weigh out the pros and cons between advertising platforms. We will cover: CPM (cost per mille) and CPC or cost per thousand impressions and cost per click method, and ultimately how to calculate the best return for your investment.For any specific questions please send us an email at
On this week's episode we dive into the topic of websites. On this episode we cover: how to build your website at minimal cost, the advantages and disadvantages of prioritizing uniqueness or connection, and great tools to help firms build their base to tell their own story.Sqaurespace.comCarrd.coFor any specific questions please do send us an email at
On this week's episode, we tackle some key issues many firms come to us with digital marketing. Many firms find themselves saying "Where are our ads showing up", "We have no idea where our clients are coming from", or that they're attracting bad leads. To help with these issues we'll cover: what click waste is, how to identify it, solutions to click waste, and how we manage it long term. 
Project Management is critical to the success of any company. In this episode, we'll cover: How we manage our team and discuss the tools like Slack, Trello, 1Password, Privnote and more that help save time and keep teams on track. 
Welcome to Legal Marketing 101, in this episode we give our take on CRMs and ActiveCampaign. We share which is the best, how they help your company and when to consider making a change in systems.Check out ActiveCampaign here: 



Part 1 of manyThis week I'm talking a little bit about automation and how we can think about the automation that already exists in our businesses. Getting your systems in shape is a critical part of growing your business, and one of the best ways to start building your system is by automating the little tasks you already do. 
Marketing 101: Waste

Marketing 101: Waste


This week we're talking about waste in digital advertising, and specifically waste on Google Ads. Learn a couple of the easy ways to identify waste, and how to set yourself up to identify it when it happens. 
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