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Jen was an integral part of the Lizzie Mulder case out of Orange County. You may remember Mulder from American Greed and Pink Collar Crimes with Marcia Clark. Jen’s career changed when she worked with the detective working this #pinkcollarcrime case. Listen to how she pivoted to fraud and forensics investigations and the silver lining that came out of her interactions with a serial fraudster.Jen has more than 20 years of professional experience in accounting, operations, and data management, returned to school to pursue a profession in Forensic Accounting and Digital/Data Analytics. Graduated with nearly a perfect GPA (3.91), from Florida Atlantic University with a Master's of Forensic Accounting/Digital Forensics and Data Analytics. Additional Resources: ( ( ( ( ( (
Alison works on challenges at the intersection of corporate integrity, risk and responsibility. She is  the Executive Director of Ethical Systems, which is part of NYU Stern School of Business and is a collaboration between leading academics working on behavioral science, systems thinking and organizational psychology. Alison is  currently writing a book for HBR Press on how the landscape for business ethics is transforming. She has advised hundreds of large multinational companies on strategy, sustainability, political and social risk, culture and behavior, human rights, ethics and compliance, stakeholder engagement, ESG, and anti-corruption. I regularly speak and write on all aspects of business responsibility and ethics. I’ve written articles in Harvard Business Review, WSJ, Quartz, Reuters, Barron's,, and Forbes, and am quoted in New York Times, Financial Times, Time, Axios, Bloomberg, NBC News, Strategy + Business, Foreign Policy, Fortune, Voice of America, and Politico. I guest lecture for sustainability, business, public policy, political science and law graduate students all over the place. Lots more on Twitter @ (FollowAlisonT) Resources. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
Missy Coyne

Missy Coyne


Missy Coyne, NICB Regional Learning and Development Facilitator at National Insurance Crime Bureau.  Missy was a Baltimore County County Detective for 33 years. She has been with the NICB for the past 6 years doing training and investigations.   Show Notes: ( ( (
Karisse Hendrick of the Fraudology podcast and I talk shop including our origin stories, how the field of fraud takes a lot of curiosity and so much more.  I think you will enjoy this episode. Karisse is an Award-Winning Cyberfraud Expert; Ecommerce Fraud Prevention Consultant; Chargeback Geek; Host of the Fraudology Podcast; and Startup Advisor.  Show Notes: ( (
Debra Geister

Debra Geister


Great Women in Fraud is now Fraudish! Want to help us shape 2023? Let me know. Debra Geister has twenty plus years of business, consulting, marketing and communications experience in addition to anti-money laundering and fraud expertise in the financial services markets. She has experience in building and leading cross functional teams, compliance risk management and strategic direction. Significant subject matter expertise with investigations management, risk assessment and bank policy and procedures, suspicious activity reports, fraud strategies, predictive analytics, customer identification programs and authentication. Integration of transaction monitoring and customer due diligence programs into the compliance program framework as well as management of changing regulatory requirements, sanctions programs and Red Flags Identity Theft prevention programs.  Show Notes: ( (
Great Women in Fraud is now Fraudish! Want to help us shape 2023? Let me know. Becky Holmes runs a Twitter account which ‘outs’ romance scammers through a series of (hopefully) amusing conversations. It has become very popular (have a look at @deathtospinach) and as a result she signed a publishing deal and is mid-way through writing her first book, 'Keanu Reeves Is NOT In Love With You', which you can already pre-order at ( Becky is looking at romance fraud and everything about it - the victims, the people trying to stop it, academics, anti-scam organizations, banks and building societies, social media platforms and, of course, those behind it all. Show Notes: ( ( (
Great Women in Fraud is now Fraudish! Want to help us shape 2023? Let me know. Lisa Fine of Great Women in Compliance and I do a crossover episode this week. Lisa and Mary Shirley got me started in the podcast world and I can't thank them enough.  This episode is all things compliance, fraud, mentoring and just a mutual admiration. Show Notes: ( ( (
Mark A. Anderson is the Director of Training with Anderson Investigative Associates (AIA), a firm specializing in customized training for investigation and audit professionals. He is a retired Special Agent with the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of the Inspector General (DOJ/OIG) who served as a Program Manager and Instructor at the Inspector General Criminal Investigator Academy (IGCIA),(‎ at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC)( in Glynco, GA. At the IGCIA, he was responsible for managing the Advanced Interviewing for Inspector General Investigators and Interviewing for Fraud Auditors programs. Show Notes:
Brian Williams currently leads a select team of investigators, managers, and associates responsible for mitigating the most critical, syndicated and high complexity global risks for Airbnb. He also leads their global law enforcement engagement efforts to ensure compliance, privacy, and proactive risk surfacing with government partners. In addition, he serves  alongside global business units, policy stakeholders, data scientists and product teams. Show Notes:
Jane Fernandes de Pina, MAcc, CFE   Specializing in Investigation of D&O Liability and Fraud, Bankruptcy, and Bankruptcy Litigation Avid investigator of directors’ and officers’ liability and fraud, bankruptcy fraud, and Ponzi schemes, accomplished in Chapter 11 restructuring, administration of creditor trusts, and bankruptcy litigation. Follower of trends and developments in fraud investigation and technologies in this arena. Collaborative and intuitive team manager, always learning, growing and expanding knowledge base. Show Notes:
Are you struggling to get reliable insights from your data? Do you have duplicates, multiple versions of the same supplier or customer, and multiple date and address formats? And is it saved in multiple different systems? The Classification Guru can help. We have the absolute privilege to listen to her insights to make you an even better data user to find fraud.  Show Notes: Hidden Brain
April is making the world a safer place by educating people about white collar crime.  April is an experienced Certified Paralegal by the State Bar of Wisconsin with a demonstrated history of working in the government administration industry with a focus on White Collar Crime Investigations.  Show Notes:
Episode 73 Jane Lee

Episode 73 Jane Lee


Jane Lee, Trust and Safety Architect at Sift.  This episode is all about pig butchering, crypto, love bombing is a thing. Do you play Words with Friends?  You need to listen to this episode.   Show Notes:
Audit Analytics Great Dude Trent Russell’s tagline  “We Improve Your Audit Analytics | Host of The Audit Podcast | 2021 Internal Audit Beacon award recipient” What's your favorite auditor joke? Did you hear the one about the interesting auditor?No? Me either. It's that perception that drives me nuts and part of why I do what I do. Every auditor is a consultant, it's just that we also have to do the assurance work that doesn't come with a lot of glamour. But, we can also do the consulting work. We can use analytics, automation, and dashboards to actually change the perception of internal audit as a cost center.
Christian Hunt founded Human Risk to ‘Bring Behavioural Science to ethics & compliance', helping clients understand human risk, minimizing their exposure to it and supporting those with the responsibility for mitigating it. His podcast, newsletter and Twitter feed is always a source of inspiration.   Show Notes:
Brian Willingham, Founder/President of Diligentia Group, just celebrated 20 years as a member of the ACFE.  He started Diligentia about 12 years ago.  He has been part of the Madoff case and works with attorneys and hedge funds on the regular.   Brian writes regularly on the Diligentia blog and has contributed to a number of industry magazines and publications like Pursuit Magazine, and ACFE Insights for the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.  Show Notes: Swag:
Charity Wright is a Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst with over 15 years experience at US Army, NSA, and private sector. Her passion includes research and reporting on global cybercrime, state-sponsored cyber threats, and disinformation operations. Podcasts, speaking events, and virtual happy hours are where you can find her!   Show notes:,top%20with%20Taylor%20ham%20and%20melty%20cheese.%20
Michael “Bret” Hood spent 25 years as an FBI Special Agent investigating complex cases while specializing in financial crimes, corruption, and money laundering violations. Upon his retirement in 2016, Bret opened 21st Century Learning & Consulting, LLC, a training and consulting business designed to help prevent people from making the mistakes that first lead them down the slippery slope.   Bret was recruited to become an Association of Certified Fraud Examiners faculty member and was awarded the ACFE’s James R. Baker Speaker of the Year award in 2020. Bret was named the top-rated speaker at both the ACFE’s Global Fraud Conference as well as the Institute of Internal Auditor’s Global conference. In addition, Bret also serves as an adjunct professor of forensic accounting for Mt. St. Mary’s University and an adjunct professor of corporate governance and ethics for the University of Virginia. Bret has previously served as an adjunct professor of forensic accounting for the University of Virginia and Florida Gulf Coast University. Bret is also part of the Forensic Accounting Advisory Council at Mt. St. Mary’s University. Some of the top public and private entities in the world have sought out Bret to assist them in creating, adapting, and modifying anti-fraud, anti-corruption, and anti-money laundering programs in order to interweave the latest behavioral and neuroscience research into their prevention programs. Bret continues to publish articles on best practices in Fraud Magazine, Compliance and Ethics Professional magazine, ACAMS Today, National Mortgage Professional Magazine, and Law Enforcement Bulletin.
Dr. Brody is a former regent for the ACFE and is also on the Fraud Magazine editorial panel.  His background in the behavioral side of fraud is aligned with my work in fraud.  I love the fact in his fraud class it is all about behavior and not so much numbers. That is a class I can definitely get an A in even though I love Pivot tables.  I look forward to to his new paper and will let you know when it is published.  Meanwhile take a look at his website and LinkedIn page to get even  more information.
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Shawn Clark

I like how she talks about the career transition in fraud investigations once you move up to becoming a manager. It's beneficial to hear someone else forgo that upward transition in favor of doing cases. Hearing that legitimized is helpful. Moving up to management often means you don't get to do cases anymore. If that's what you love, it's good to hear that it doesn't follow that because you don't become a manager, it doesn't mean you can't progress as an investigator. Love the podcasts- Thanks!

Mar 29th

Shawn Clark

Another great podcast Kelly! I love a good check kite too. But investigating- not committing it. Always a good clarification to make!

Aug 7th

Shawn Clark

As a fraud fighter in the banking/ consumer credit space, I almost never get to hear a fraudster's insights. Listened to every minute of this. Thank you!

May 2nd

Shawn Clark

This is a great podcast. They address how some investigators will actually help others now as opposed to holding their cards to their chest which was the environment when I started. Some things that make my anti-fraud life easier, actually came from tips I received from fellow investigators. I'm learning it's ok to share sometimes. I'd like to help other investigators if I can. I'm naturally curious and like learning new things. Compliance and fraud investigations often overlap, whether it's BSA, KYC, etc. Thanks for another great podcast Kelly.

Jan 16th

Shawn Clark

This is my favorite episode so far! My dad is a retired professor of dentistry. He went to a dental conference where the speaker was an FBI agent. The agent's presentation was on the vulnerability of a dental practice with regards to embezzlement. A dentist is busy with patients. They don't have time to look at their books; they're busy with patients.The FBI agent showed the pitfalls of leaving the bookeeping to someone else. Most of the dentists leaving after the presentation looked pale, shocked and worried! They just never thought....

Jan 4th

Shawn Clark

This hits home. I'm female, Gen X, laid off due to COVID and trying to redirect my career back into fraud. It's scary w/no income, but something good will happen. (I hope!) I was also told "Be a good girl and..." In my caeeer I've been told, "I wouldn't give your opinion in meetings if it's not what the boss wants" "You're negative, passive aggressive, etc." I've been thrown under the bus in front of my boss. No one is perfect. I may have been some of those things, but it's good to hear I can still succeed anyway.

Dec 15th
Reply (1)

Shawn Clark

I'm glad she mentioned "imposter syndrome." It happens to a lot of us at some point in our careers. It's good to hear from successful women who have pushed through that fear and succeeded.

Dec 7th

Shawn Clark

I agree with her preference for flat fee vs. the six minute increments. I found it almost impossible to accurately track my time while working on different client cases in a fast paced environment with frequent interruptions.

Nov 14th
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