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Author: Kelly Paxton

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Fraudish, formerly Great Women in Fraud, is a podcast to help those working in fraud. Hosted by Kelly Paxton, Certified Fraud Examiner, Private Investigator, and Pink Collar Crime Expert. Kelly is a former special agent turned investigator specializing in embezzlement and workplace dishonesty cases. Fraudish interviews outstanding fraud professionals so you can continue to move forward in your career. Origin stories, tips, resources are just some of the amazing fraud content you will hear each Tuesday.
125 Episodes
This week on Fraudish Kelly chats with Michael Reddington, a CFI, to discuss how gender, age and culture impact interrogations. Also we touch on the books that have impacted his career. As Michaels says, the best leaders and the best interrogators capitalize on the same two core skills: vision and influence. The cognitive process that leads suspects to commit to saying “I did it”, employees to commit to saying “I’ll do it” and prospects to commit to saying “I’ll buy it” are essentially identical. Listen ahead for a great discussion with Michael! Links:Michael Reddington LinkedinMichael Reddington Twitter See What You're Saying PodcastBooks that Mike likes:DupedNonverbal Communication: Science and ApplicationsMemory-Enhancing Techniques for Investigative Interviewing
This week on Fraudish, Kelly talks to Linda Miller, Founder & CEO, Audient Group, on how she got into finding and fighting fraud in the government. Linda talks about how she struggled past government bureaucracy to create a study and guide for how agencies should manage fraud risks that led to the writing of the Fraud Reduction and Data Analytics Act that was unanimously passed. She also discusses how she go a front row seat the the absolute perfect storm of fraud that happened during the pandemic. If you are interested in preventing fraud in the government then this is the episode for you! Links Mentioned:
This week on Fraudish Kelly speaks to Peter Taylor aka The Fraud Guy. Peter specializes in  fraud risk and system improvement reviews, audits, training, events, articles, research, and investigation. Peter has wanted to work in fraud since he was 7 years old after watching some crime and fraud related TV shows! He began his career at the Greater Manchester Police and went on to be the Head of Fraud for Major Loss Adjusters. Please enjoy this episode where we talk all things fraud and ethics! 
This week Kelly is joined from all the way across the pond with Claire Maillet, or as you may know her, "The Lord of Fraud." We discuss her stellar branding as a fraud professional and her journey to become the Lord of Fraud. If you are looking for how to improve your Linkedin presence, implement branding in your fraud professional life, and the presence of fraud in the Fintech space, then this is the episode for you! Connect with Claire on Linkedin. 
This week on Fraudish Kelly is joined by Dr. David P. Weber, CFE, who recently defended his dissertation on  the Severity of Embezzlement as Predicted by Demographic Variables, or as I call it, Pink Collar Crime. David and I chat all things about the demographic factors of embezzlement, how in todays world that truth may not be a popular one, and how we share the facts of embezzlement despite resistance. We also get into some places we have seen fraud in pop culture. Enjoy! Check out Dr. Weber's dissertation here.  Perry Mason Show Bosch Show
This week on Fraudish we are joined by Frank Perri, author of Red Collar White Collar Crime, we discuss how our perceptions of white collar crime may had been wrong this whole time. Tune in to learn about violent fraud offenders and how it's a myth that white collar criminals are the kinder criminal offenders.Show Notes:Red Collar White Collar Crime by Frank Perri Frank Perri LinkedinFrank Perri Youtube
This week on Fraudish we are joined by a convicted embezzler, Nathan Mueller, who has since become a sought-after speaker for Compliance and Ethics presentations. Nathan is a felon friend of Kelly's whose story is one to learn from. Don't miss out on this fascinating story of embezzlement, personal growth, and redemption!Nathan started as a CPA and after years of experience in the field he played a key role in transitioning his company's operations after being bought. He began embezzling money to pay off personal debt and fund a passion for gambling. What started as a $1,100 check to a credit card, spiraled into an $8.5 million fraud over the next four years. It was only a co-worker’s suspicions that brought the fraud to an end. After being caught, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 97 months in federal prison. He was released in September of 2014.Show Notes:Nathan's LinkedinNathan's Website
You won't want to miss this chat about the world of high-finance, billion dollar deals, and of course, the secrets behind them. This week on Fraudish, Kelly talks with Robert Kerbeck, a professional actor who makes his real money lying on the phone, charming people into revealing their employers’ most valuable information. Kerbeck pursued acting after college, but to make ends meet, he began his apprenticeship as a corporate spy. Kerbeck became one of the world’s best practitioners of this deceptive—and illegal—trade. Listen along to learn more about the secretive trade! Show Notes:Robert Kerbeck Robert Kerbeck LinkedinRobert Kerbeck Twitter Ruse by Robert KerbeckMalibu Burning by Robert KerbeckArticle on Corporate spy life 
From Graphic Designer to OSINT Analyst, Rae Baker's career path has been a fascinating one. This week we get into open source intelligence, AI, sock puppets, and more! Rae Baker is an Osintcurious Project Executive Board Member, OSINT Lead with Operation Safe Escape. She is Maritime OSINT obsessed. From graphic design to OSINT expert.  Rae’s career is so interesting. Show Notes:Rae Baker WebsiteRae Baker LinkedinRae Baker AI Sock puppet blogRae's TwitterExploring Maritime OSINTCaptain Phillips filmKase ScenariosKase Scenarios TwitterKase Scenarios LinkedinOSINT Curious Deep Dive: Exploring the Real-world Value of Open Source Intelligence 
This week on Fraudish I spoke with Professor Emeritus and Ethics Sage, Dr. Steve Mintz. We discussed all things accounting, ethics,  whistleblowing and retaliation. Show Notes:Steve Mintz Linkedin Steve Mintz WebsiteMintz Linkedin UpdateSteve Mintz TwitterSteve Mintz BookGiving Voice to ValuesThe Ethics Expert YoutubeThe Ethics Expert Podcast
This week on Fraudish I speak to Lisa Verdon, an Economist who specializes in auto finance fraud. Lisa has extensive theoretical and practical experience in the fields of statistics, econometrics, and financial analysis. Lisa works at PointPredictive.  PointPredictive  powers trust in lending utilizing powerful and unique Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Human Intelligence.Show NotesLisa Verdon Linkedin 
This week on Fraudish I allowed a lawyer on the show to chat all things trust. Imagine that! Dr. Yoram Solomon is THE Trust Expert and we discussed trust, gut instinct, ethical bars, relative trust, and much more. Dr. Yoram Solomon is an Author of The Book of TRUST and host of The TRUST Show podcast. He has published a total of 16 books, 9 patents, and was one of the creators of Wi-Fi and USB 3.0 technologies, for which he was dubbed "TI's Great Innovator." Dr. Solomon was named as one of the top 10 global thought leaders in Culture and in HR by Thinkers360, and as one of the Top 40 Innovation Bloggers by Innovation Excellence. He was a columnist at Inc. Magazine, Innovation Excellence, and other publications, where he published 300+ articles.Show notes:Yoram Solomon Linkedin Yoram Solomon WebsiteYoram Solomon TwitterYoram Solomon Youtube Trust Fall Fail Video
This week on Fraudish Lena Sisco and I discuss all things spies! Lena is a TV expert in deceptive analysis and interrogation, author of “Honest Answers” and “You’re Lying,” keynote speaker, trainer specializing in human behavior, truth and deceptive analysis, enhanced communication, elicitation, counter-elicitation and questioning techniques. Sign up for my newsletter Breaking Fraud, here! Show Notes Lena Sisco LinkedinSector Intell The Congruency GroupSector Intell Webinar Registration 
This week on Fraudish Dr Jay Albanese and I chat about the difference between male and female embezzlers, gambling, how smart people do stupid things, and much more! Dr. Jay Albanese is a Professor & Criminologist in the Wilder School of Government & Public Affairs at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). He was the first Ph.D. graduate from the Rutgers School of Criminal Justice.  Dr. Albanese has written and edited 20 books, 100+ articles and book chapters, and has made keynote and invited presentations in 25 countries. Sign up for my Breaking Fraud newsletter here!Show Notes:Dr. Jay Albanese LinkedinDr. Jay Albanese TwitterBlindspot Book Hidden Brain Part 1Hidden Brain Part 2
Eric Vento is a  board certified Certified Protection Professional through ASIS International and is globally known as a senior security leader who thrives on stakeholder engagement, vision casting, and empathetic leadership. Eric is a passionate people manager who loves to develop, mentor, coach, and lead others. 60+ Linkedin recommendations attest to his leadership success and track record of delivering consistent ROI above and beyond. We discussed all things Linkedin, professional etiquette, and more! Sign up for my Breaking Fraud newsletter here!Show Notes:Eric's LinkedinGovernment to PrivateHidden Brain Podcast 
Author of Private Eye Confidential: Stories from a Real PI.  Mike became an investigator after a career in journalism. His stories are engaging, informative and fun to hear.  Over the years, Mike has performed these many high level PI services for clients including surveillance, witness interviews, photography and video documentation, and records and document research. Don't miss out on the knowledge Mike has to share on this episode of Fraudish!Sign up for my Breaking Fraud newsletter here! Show Notes: Mike Spencer Linkedin Mike Spencer Twitter Mike Spencer Blog Mike's Book 
This week on Fraudish I spoke with Daniel Porter, mechanic turned investigator. We discussed his journey from the fixing cars to investigating cases, the value of untraditional backgrounds in the field, and much much more!  Sign up for my newsletter here!Show Notes:Daniel's Linkedin
Tracy  finds you the money! She practices exclusively in the area of forensic accounting. Her work falls into three categories:1. Fraud investigation - Cases of embezzlement, financial statement fraud, investment fraud, insurance fraud, white collar criminal defense.2. Family law and divorce - Lifestyle analysis to quantify the need for support or find hidden income or assets.3. Litigation - Expert witness in cases involving contract disputes between companies, corporate divorces, economic damages, and other financial analysis.Show Notes:Tracy's LinkedinThe Divorce Money GuideDivorce Money Guide on InstaForensic Accounting First Wives ClubThe Feminine Mistake Book 
This week on Fraudish I speak with Pamela Barnum, The Trust Agent, Former Undercover Police Officer & Federal Prosecutor,  Nonverbal Communication Expert Have you ever thought about what it would be like to live as a different person with a different name, identity, and background for months. That's precisely what Pamela did for almost nine years as an undercover police officer in the Drug Enforcement Section.While working full-time as an undercover police officer, Pamela completed law school and accepted a position as a federal prosecuting attorney. Pamela's keynotes, workshops, and consulting are for people who want to negotiate with ease, influence with trust, and communicate with confidence.Sign up for my newsletter here!Show Notes:Pamela BarnumPamela's LinkedinPamela's TED Talk Pamela's Speaking
Avi Klein is a licensed private investigator who focuses on supporting litigators (civil and criminal), in-house counsel and investors. He specializes in asset searches, background investigations, locating and interviewing key witnesses, identifying anonymous online fraudsters, surveillance and challenging service of process. Sign up for my Breaking Fraud newsletter here!Show Notes:Avi's LinkedinAvi's TwitterKlein GroupBored to Death MovieDigital Recognition NetworkMichael Wakshull's LinkedinMike Spencer's Linkedin
Comments (9)

Shawn Clark

I like how she talks about the career transition in fraud investigations once you move up to becoming a manager. It's beneficial to hear someone else forgo that upward transition in favor of doing cases. Hearing that legitimized is helpful. Moving up to management often means you don't get to do cases anymore. If that's what you love, it's good to hear that it doesn't follow that because you don't become a manager, it doesn't mean you can't progress as an investigator. Love the podcasts- Thanks!

Mar 29th

Shawn Clark

Another great podcast Kelly! I love a good check kite too. But investigating- not committing it. Always a good clarification to make!

Aug 7th

Shawn Clark

As a fraud fighter in the banking/ consumer credit space, I almost never get to hear a fraudster's insights. Listened to every minute of this. Thank you!

May 2nd

Shawn Clark

This is a great podcast. They address how some investigators will actually help others now as opposed to holding their cards to their chest which was the environment when I started. Some things that make my anti-fraud life easier, actually came from tips I received from fellow investigators. I'm learning it's ok to share sometimes. I'd like to help other investigators if I can. I'm naturally curious and like learning new things. Compliance and fraud investigations often overlap, whether it's BSA, KYC, etc. Thanks for another great podcast Kelly.

Jan 16th

Shawn Clark

This is my favorite episode so far! My dad is a retired professor of dentistry. He went to a dental conference where the speaker was an FBI agent. The agent's presentation was on the vulnerability of a dental practice with regards to embezzlement. A dentist is busy with patients. They don't have time to look at their books; they're busy with patients.The FBI agent showed the pitfalls of leaving the bookeeping to someone else. Most of the dentists leaving after the presentation looked pale, shocked and worried! They just never thought....

Jan 4th

Shawn Clark

This hits home. I'm female, Gen X, laid off due to COVID and trying to redirect my career back into fraud. It's scary w/no income, but something good will happen. (I hope!) I was also told "Be a good girl and..." In my caeeer I've been told, "I wouldn't give your opinion in meetings if it's not what the boss wants" "You're negative, passive aggressive, etc." I've been thrown under the bus in front of my boss. No one is perfect. I may have been some of those things, but it's good to hear I can still succeed anyway.

Dec 15th
Reply (1)

Shawn Clark

I'm glad she mentioned "imposter syndrome." It happens to a lot of us at some point in our careers. It's good to hear from successful women who have pushed through that fear and succeeded.

Dec 7th

Shawn Clark

I agree with her preference for flat fee vs. the six minute increments. I found it almost impossible to accurately track my time while working on different client cases in a fast paced environment with frequent interruptions.

Nov 14th
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