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Author: Kelly Paxton, CFE

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Great Women in Fraud is a podcast to help those working in fraud. Hosted by Kelly Paxton, Certified Fraud Examiner, Private Investigator, and Pink Collar Crime Expert. Kelly is a former special agent turned investigator specializing in embezzlement and workplace dishonesty cases. Great Women in Fraud interviews outstanding fraud professionals so you can continue to move forward in your career. Origin stories, tips, resources are just some of the amazing fraud content you will hear each Tuesday. Be sure to check out for even more information.
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Episode 28 John Hoda

Episode 28 John Hoda

2021-04-1343:14 links: links:
Marguerite C. Lorenz, CTFA, CLPF #319: Ms. Lorenz is a master trustee and managing partner inLorenz Private Trustees, and has served as a Professional Trustee and Executor on over 100 matters. Ethics for Trustees 2.0, gives further understanding to the work of a Fiduciary, and its ethical considerations, for both professional and family member trustees. Ms. Lorenz is President of the Estate Planning Group Network, and serves as Vice-Chair of the Board for the Independent Trustee Alliance. Follow Ms. Lorenz on Twitter! @SanDiegoTrusteeBe sure and reach out to Marguerite on LinkedIn:
Accounts payable and fraud, unfortunately, go hand in hand.Be sure and reach out to Mary:
Today's episode is a short one with me reading the foreword to my new book, Embezzlement How to Prevent, Detect and Investigate Pink-Collar Crime. The next few weeks and months will have a mixture of readings from the book and interviews like the first 18 episodes.  Eventually, I will be able to tell you why the podcast is changing a bit.  But for now I hope you take a listen.  It's a bit of my backstory of how I am where I am.  Show notes: Link to Embezzlement on Amazon:
Chelsea Binns is another fantastic guest for Great Women in Fraud.  We have been in the same circles for many years but finally got to catch up and actually talk to each other.  Her story of how she became an investigator and then became a professor is inspiring.  Her dedication to her career is wonderful.  She didn't take the fork in the road.  She took both forks!  I think you are going to love this and maybe even be inspired for more education.  We talk books, favorite crimes shows and lots more. Be sure and reach out to Chelsea:
Today's guest is in my own backyard but we had to be COVID safe so we couldn't do this episode in person.  Melissa Goddard is another Great Women in Fraud and she specializes in construction fraud. With a booming construction economy in Bend, Oregon she is keeping busy. We talked about the nice lady who baked cookies everyday but rationalization got the best of her. We also talked about how much heartbreak happens when an embezzlement happens.  Next time I hope we can record in person.  
Elizabeth Simon has done most all jobs accounting but her passion has always been fraud prevention.  Take a listen to how she almost became a lawyer (I considered it too) but the insights of working fraud is been helpful throughout her career.  She is a former Regent for the ACFE and a regular speaker on ethics and compliance.  Show links: Systems for Ethical Systems: Chestnut’s book:
Tom Hughes closed the 2019 ACFE Global Conference.  “The first dollar, because you have a genuine financial emergency … that first dollar, you’re going to agonize about that money,” said Hughes. “You’re going to go to work the next day and you’re expecting the police to be there, probably with a television crew, because you have done this awful thing. But the next morning, you go to work, and nobody’s there. And you say, ‘I’ll never do this again.’ But stealing is going to turn you into a thief.”I was there and heard his story first hand.  As Tom said in this episode he's not famous because he didn't steal enough. That is the thing about pink-collar crime. Petty amounts stolen by low to medium level employees (he was an outside bookkeeper), primarily women,  from the workplace.  Tom is a regular guy.  He wasn't on the front page of the Wall Street or New York Times. But that is what makes his story so interesting and relatable.  Links:
Today’s episode with Matt Christensen is extra special for many reasons.  Matt is a big supporter for all things #pinkcollar crime and #greatwomeninfraud.  He is the first Great Man in Fraud for our series.  Matt is a leader in all things anti-fraud and cybersecurity and mentorship.  I consider myself extremely lucky to consider him a colleague.  Please take a listen and definitely reach out to Matt.  He is the real deal.  If you weren’t able to attend CyberCraft Summit there is still time to get the videos.  Matt and Lindsey Ivie did an amazing job connecting all people anti-fraud.  Hear about manels. Spoiler alert CyberCraft Summit was not a manel. Let’s finish off the year with a real superstar.  Here’s to 2021.#ilovemyjob
Mary Breslin knows how to throw a party.  I was very lucky to have been invited to her party at the Global ACFE in 2019.  When we are back in person you need to get the invite for ACFE Global.  What I love about this episode is that everything that Mary brings up is relevant, timely and actionable.  You will never look at a Lamborghini again the same way.  Or as the fraudsters say a Lambo.  "Internal auditors are my people" is just one of the takeaways.  We talk about accounting, COVID, full employment for fraud professionals and so much more.  
Jerri Williams, Retired FBI Agent, who is the podcast host of Retired FBI Case File Review, is on the show today.  We talk economic crimes, women as embezzlers, advance fee scams, her career and so much more.  This was filled with case examples, fun stories and lots of great information about the FBI.  She should be getting sponsored by the FBI for her podcast.  
Today’s episode is a bit different with Mel Stanley and your personal brand.  I heard Mel on Great Women in Compliance and was immediately drawn to her and her message. What does personal branding have to do with Great Women in Fraud?  A lot.  You are your brand. What does your brand say.  Even before you walk into a meeting people have a perception of you. Fraud professionals often bring bad news from their investigations.  That can lead to a lot of misconceptions about you and your brand.  I had a personal experience with a boss about my brand.  It was completely wrong. Partially my own fault but needless to say I learned from it.  We talk Dorie Clark, your likeability factor, and how Mel took a big risk but like me I think she is doing her best work ever.  Please take a listen.  You are going to get some great tips and information.
Nicole Landau is a CFE that specializes in construction fraud.  I was lucky enough to meet her in person pre-COVID thanks to Dan Ramey.  Nicole got into fraud investigations by seeing her boss get their CFE. She thought it looked interesting and so she also did it.  Next thing she knew she was on her way to Texas for her first investigation.  The fraud bug stuck and it changed her career trajectory.  If you are in audit and looking for someone who has made it to fraud investigations, Nicole has done it.  Nicole has built her career via networking.  Take time to reach out to Nicole on LinkedIn. She provides lots of great content.  
Karisse Hendrick is the go to person for all things e-commerce fraud related.  She runs the Fraudology podcast and is the founder of Chargelytics Karisse and I met online because my sister's store was having some chargeback issues.  I reached out to Karisse and she graciously responded.  We ended knowing several people from my time at Nike.  Our paths just seem to keep crossing.  Rejection leads to redirection is how Karisse looks at the world and it has served her well.  Her experience at FraudCon in Israel in 2019 happened due to serendipity and all sorts of amazing things continue to result from her trip.  
Comments (6)

Shawn Clark

This is a great podcast. They address how some investigators will actually help others now as opposed to holding their cards to their chest which was the environment when I started. Some things that make my anti-fraud life easier, actually came from tips I received from fellow investigators. I'm learning it's ok to share sometimes. I'd like to help other investigators if I can. I'm naturally curious and like learning new things. Compliance and fraud investigations often overlap, whether it's BSA, KYC, etc. Thanks for another great podcast Kelly.

Jan 16th

Shawn Clark

This is my favorite episode so far! My dad is a retired professor of dentistry. He went to a dental conference where the speaker was an FBI agent. The agent's presentation was on the vulnerability of a dental practice with regards to embezzlement. A dentist is busy with patients. They don't have time to look at their books; they're busy with patients.The FBI agent showed the pitfalls of leaving the bookeeping to someone else. Most of the dentists leaving after the presentation looked pale, shocked and worried! They just never thought....

Jan 4th

Shawn Clark

This hits home. I'm female, Gen X, laid off due to COVID and trying to redirect my career back into fraud. It's scary w/no income, but something good will happen. (I hope!) I was also told "Be a good girl and..." In my caeeer I've been told, "I wouldn't give your opinion in meetings if it's not what the boss wants" "You're negative, passive aggressive, etc." I've been thrown under the bus in front of my boss. No one is perfect. I may have been some of those things, but it's good to hear I can still succeed anyway.

Dec 15th
Reply (1)

Shawn Clark

I'm glad she mentioned "imposter syndrome." It happens to a lot of us at some point in our careers. It's good to hear from successful women who have pushed through that fear and succeeded.

Dec 7th

Shawn Clark

I agree with her preference for flat fee vs. the six minute increments. I found it almost impossible to accurately track my time while working on different client cases in a fast paced environment with frequent interruptions.

Nov 14th
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