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Jason Michelson and 1-800-WES-XOTC join the show for a raucous ride through junior hockey, college football, pro hockey and beer league. It's a funny one. Enjoy.
Tom Fergus, 12-year veteran of the Bruins, Maple Leafs and Vancouver Canucks joins the show to talk about his fantastic career in pro hockey. This is a very good show and Fergie tells some great stories. Enjoy.
The Thanksgiving Episode. The new visor/cage, Taco Bell breakfast, rivalry games, beer bottle opening, and what we are thankful for are all discussed. Enjoy.
Trevor Daley, two time Stanley Cup Champion with the Pittsburgh Penguins, and Timmy Galloway join the show. It's a short one and we will get Trevor on again for the rest of his story. Enjoy, we'll call it Volume 1.
Jason Zent joins the show for a fantastic ride around youth, junior, college, AHL and NHL hockey. This is a funny one. Enjoy.
The Swede joins the show to talk some Boston, London, and Sweden hockey. It's a good one.
Chip Bell joins the show to talk about growing up in a hockey family, youth hockey, high school hockey, college hockey and Navy Flight. It's a good one. Enjoy.
Mike Butters joins the show for a cool ride from youth to pro hockey as well as a career in Hollywood. It's a good one. Enjoy.
1-800-WES-XOTC and Dave Doyle join the show to talk a little about the Boston trip and beer league hockey in Boston, North Carolina, Florida and Georgia. This is some funny stuff. Enjoy.
The Boston Trip 2021. Paul Botto and Matty O'Keefe join the show to help recap the weekend and talk about hockey in Boston. I apologize for the sound quality but it was a roady. Enjoy.
Ken Samuelian joins the show to tell us a bit about growing up in soccer, baseball and rugby. We finally get into hockey. He's a beauty and a really good guy. Enjoy.
Marc Utera joins the show for quite possibly the funniest show ever. My goodness. We talk about baby shoes, seagulls and piss missiles. Geeeeez. Enjoy.
Jason Burke joins the show to talk about his path through the world of hockey. It was a fun ride apparently. Enjoy.
Jordi Chapdelaine joins the show to talk about youth and high school hockey in the greater Boston area, JV college hockey, the Hollywood era, and his work with the NHL Alumni Pro Am. Its a great ride. Enjoy.
The Boys of Winter Fall 2021 Draft. Enjoy
Matty O'Keefe joins the show for a hilarious ride thru his life in hockey and bike racing. Get ready to laugh. Enjoy.
Mike "Cooz" Boccuzzi joins the show to talk about the goalie scene in the Greater Boston Area. We get into the discussion that all goalies and skaters must hear. It's a good one. Enjoy.
Jim Ward, the Commissioner of "The Skate" joins the show to talk about his origins of youth hockey and a few stories about the characters of the skate. It's a good one. Enjoy.
Chris "Cookie" Comeau joins the show as the first of the Boston boys. JePu competes in his first strong man competition. And the recap. Enjoy.
Local boy Kevin Mixon joins the show to talk about growing up in SW Florida hockey. Matt Bodeman gives us a quick update on the Nashville tournament.
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