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Comedians Manny Martin and "Big Irish" Jay Hollingsworth are putting the love back in you as they discuss dating, relationships, love and everything that makes them funny.
56 Episodes
Episode 56: Big Poppa

Episode 56: Big Poppa


Manny has returned after some much deserved daddy duty. We talk about the ups, downs, surprises of being a new dad and moving buying his new home.
Episode 55: Liz-bian

Episode 55: Liz-bian


A LBW favorite, Liz Stone returns to talk about recent hook ups, and her future.
Jay and Manny talk "The Currys", fetishes and "phobias".
Jay gets high as a pilot's penis and Manny has to keep it together. It's a trainwreck.
Jay and Manny welcome Kane Holloway back to tell the rest of his Covid Connection, how he moved across the country for his new love, met the family and everything in between.
Kane Holloway joins Manny & Jay and talks about marriage, open relationships, closed relationships and moving for love.
Manny talks about his current stress levels with having a baby and house shopping and Jay talks Vegas stories.
Manny & Jay talk bathing, what "Tammy Jo" might look like and the best and worst advice we received from our parents.
Episode 48: Oh, Yes Bertha!

Episode 48: Oh, Yes Bertha!


Jay and Manny talk "blind spots", awful names and sperm donors.
Jay & Manny talk about supporting your partner pursuing an artist's life, when they're not good. Ideal first dates and sex with someone who's killed 3 people in bed.
Episode 46: Nick's Cannon!

Episode 46: Nick's Cannon!


STD's, Engagements and fathering a starting five plus bench players.
Manny & Jay welcome guest Duane Goad. Duane is a comedian who has been doing stand up for over 25 years and just celebrated 20 years of marriage. Duane met his wife at a comedy club and he says she's the funniest of the couple.
New Love in Black & White and Manny & Jay are ranking couple holidays.
Manny and Jay talk bad "oh face", how much does Manny want to be involved in the birth? Weird turn offs and "body count."
Biggest announcement we've ever had on this week's Love in Black & White as Manny and Jay spend the whole episode talking about the announcement with the loyal listeners.
Jay and Manny introduce a new character as they talk about how long after a partner dies, can you date? can you have sex? Could you be the "First Man". Career over relationship?
Manny and Jay talk tattoos, famous relationships, famous breakups and "PC Manny" has a breakdown in this episode.
Jay and Manny talk about what it would take to go to Mars to repopulate, listener emails and telling someone they're not the father of the child they helped raise.
Manny & Jay talk divorce and kids, Married at First Sight and mandatory "man skills"
Jay and Manny talk about the "police talk" you would have with a black child, Billionaire break ups, Only Fans and a new character joins the LBW crew.
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Oct 6th
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