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Welcome to the third act podcast. Shining a spotlight on individuals, charities, and small business owners suffering from illness, economic shutdown, or lack of support and funding. Meaningful conversations that generate compassion and financial support from listeners compelled to join us on this journey to share life experiences that improve the lives of others.
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Clay is a life skills coach and business leader who has dedicated over 20 years to making the world a better place by cultivating compassion consciousness among men.
Kimber, our first ever guest, is back to talk about organizing over 200 volunteers to help the people of Pontiac Michigan. Roger made a challenge for the 3rd Act community to get involved with by donating today!
Elaine shares her experience that led her to hospice work and the practice of energy healing. She also shares about great organizations that she partners with to help people experience their best life.
Moving forward in 2021

Moving forward in 2021


As I think about the mission of the 3rd Act to shine a spotlight on deserving individuals and organizations that are making a difference in this crazy world we find ourselves in, I feel the desire to kick it up a notch in 2021. Over the last seven or eight months, I believe we have started a good conversation about incredible people who are truly making a difference in the lives of others. This effort has been rewarding to me but I feel compelled to reach higher for more participation and explore whether a more targeted effort can bring greater benefits to those that need a helping hand. I thought it would be cool to provide a slide show of many of the great people I have worked with in 2020. Thank you. Thank you. For your help and support. Watch the slideshow mentioned in today's episodeThe pandemic shutdown and related issues have caused a multitude of problems across our country. And in many demographic groups, including the elderly military veterans folks suffering from mental illness and addiction, abused women, low-income parents that have lost their job and are struggling to feed their families.Students that have seen their schools closed. And don't have access to computers and online learning devices. These are just a few of the groups that are struggling to survive in today's environment.I think we started a good conversation about incredible people who are truly making a difference in the lives of others. This effort over the last seven to eight months has been very rewarding to me, but I feel compelled to reach higher for more participation and explore whether we can target or a more targeted effort can bring greater benefits to those that need our help.I believe strongly that after talking to so many fine people over the past eight months, that if you volunteer and are physically able to help others, the rewards are awesome. And you can see what you're doing is really making a difference.
Andrew shares his heartwarming and inspiring journey of growing up with Cerebral Palsey and how his community made him feel included and that gave him the confidence he needed to excel. When he found himself in college he learned that wasn't everyone's experience and decided to do something about that.
We are joined by Jannie Eddins, who is an author and trainer who turned her knowledge in training into an empowering non-profit that's helping hundreds of kids discover and maintain healthier nutritional habits.
Matt Hook is the senior pastor of Dexter United Methodist Church, outside of Ann Arbor, MI. He shares with our audience some of the incredible organizations that they support and how to get involved with organizations that are making a difference.
We speak with Lauren Sullivan, Executive Director of Rebuilding Together Oklahoma City about the impact their organization has made on her life and the lives of the people in her community and spotlight the incredible volunteers and events that are making a real difference.
Hear a great story of triumph over challenge and the new direction that Mark Urness is taking in his life and his entire family. He had a near-death experience in 2011 in Lake Michigan, overcame alcoholism, and a cancer diagnosis.
Kate studied at Harvard; she spent time researching women's political engagement in Myanmar. She saw first hand the problems children experienced in Washington, DC. After getting her masters at Stanford she was introduced to UPchieve and joined the team. Her personal mission is to improve educational systems here and abroad.
We talk with Pastor Clark from the Grace Centers of Hope in Pontiac Michigan, (GCH) about the mission and vision of this organization that is helping people transform their lives with accountability and hope.
John Waldo and Richard are childhood friends. John went to Oklahoma University, he worked at the bank of Oklahoma and as CFO of Leo Oppenheim in Oklahoma City. He worked on several economic development projects in struggling, Oklahoma cities, and those include the Noble Foundation and the Oklahoma University Medical Children's Cancer Center.
Ellen Tabak is a psychotherapist in the greater Detroit area who is on the front lines of helping people with their mental health through this pandemic. She shares her experiences during COVID-19 helping people communicate without conflict.
Kimber is using her organization to meet the "little needs" of people in poverty who otherwise would not have someone to help during the pandemic. Don't miss this inspiring episode.
We are 3rd Act

We are 3rd Act


Thank you for all the support! We are excited to launch the 3rd Act Podcast! And shine a spotlight on individuals, charities, and small businesses that are making a difference in difficult times.
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