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Episode 23 -We speak with  Derek Distenfield Managing Director at Fundamental Global and FG Ventures  Derek talks about what Fundamental Global looks for when investing in companies, more importantly the leaders of the company. He shares FG Ventures unique approach in supporting CEO’s, founders, and Leaders in their journey to (IPO) Initial Public offering which is the strength of the FG Ventures team. About Fundamental Global:Fundamental Global is a closely held private partnership focused on long-term strategic holdings. It was co-founded in 2012 by Kyle Cerminara (former T. Rowe Price, Point72 and Tiger Cub portfolio manager), and Joe Moglia (former Chairman and CEO of TD Ameritrade).Fundamental Global uses our resources, network and capital to deliver results.FG Venture: Venture CapitalFG Ventures is the venture capital arm of Fundamental Global, a private partnership co-founded by former T. Rowe Price, Point72 and Tiger Cub portfolio manager Kyle Cerminara and former Chairman and CEO of TD Ameritrade, Joe Moglia.FG Ventures’ team consists of seasoned founders, current corporate leaders, and serial venture investors, forming a collective that has launched, seeded, and invested in hundreds of startups to date. FG Ventures takes an approach that is stage and industry agnostic, backing bold entrepreneurs looking to deliver innovative, technological-based solutions to pressing challenges.By bringing to bear a network of experts and resources that can help portfolio companies grow through direct support and mentorship from experienced leaders, coupled with a conduit to additional sources of capital, FG Ventures offers founders a unique value proposition in growing their businesses to new heights. Learn More:
Episode 22 -We speak with Jordan Ritenour Founder & CEO  Jordan shares his story about why he started and the importance of data visibility for today's successful organizations. He takes us through specialized artificial intelligence in the market why it is important and gives his thoughts on the Job Apocalypse and the fear of AI replacing human labor.About add superpowers to your CLM or ELM:While Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) or Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) technologies help legal teams manage the contracting process, Clearlaw's expertise is in contract content analysis and extraction.Born as an AI-native company, our technology plugs into your existing tools to deliver the contracting data you need throughout the contracting lifecycle, from intake to renewal, and whether it is your standard template or third-party paper.Learn More:
Episode 21 -We speak with Alice Heiman Chief Sales Energizer & Podcast Host of Sales Talk for CEO's Alice shares her experience with starting her own company in 1997 and her journey to being nationally known for working with B2B companies that have exceptional growth potential to elevate their sales and increase their valuation. Alice Hosts the Podcast Sales Talk for CEO's and shares her insights on Play the King from interviews with successful CEOs over the years. About Alice Heiman: As Chief Sales Energizer, Alice is internationally known for her expertise in elevating sales to increase valuation for companies with a B2B sale that have exceptional growth potential. Spending her time strategizing with CEOs, company leaders and their sales leadership to build the strategies that find new business and grow existing accounts is her passion. Her clients love her spirit and the way she energizes their sales organization. She is the host of the popular podcast, Sales Talk for CEOs. Alice dedicates time to local entrepreneurs by teaching at the University of Nevada in the entrepreneurship minor which she helped inspire. Alice also serves on the board of several growing companies to energize and elevate their sales. When she is not guiding CEOs to elevate their sales, she can be found hanging out with her family, walking, snow skiing, sailing in Lake Tahoe, volunteering in the community, or reading a book in her backyard. Learn More:
Episode 20- We speak with Liudmila Kiseleva CEO at Rampiq a Digital Marketing Agency for B2B/B2C SaaS and IT Businesses.  Liudmila talks about her journey over the last 17 Years in the Marketing space and how data driven analytics are critical to Marketing and Sales success in the B2B SaaS Space. She highlights how defining outcomes through data analytics vs. traditional Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) vs. Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) models that hold both Sales and Marketing at a standstill in many SaaS businesses.  Learn how RampIQ's approach is winning accolades and results with their data driven approach to better marketing spend analysis, quantifiable results and better business outcomes related to sales and marketing investments.  About RampIQ:Rampiq is a high-performing digital marketing agency focused on mining meaningful data insights, and applying these insights to maximizing online marketing investment. From detailed research and promotion strategy planning to meticulous execution, Rampiq is a dream team of online marketers ready to drive online campaign success, at scale. The Rampiq team is made up of over 20 uber-talented digital marketing consultants specializing in PPC, SEO, content marketing, and analytics.Industry-wise, Rampiq puts a special focus on B2B IT & SaaS businesses, helping them reach alignment between their sales and marketing teams and drive revenue growth. Learn More:Website: 
Episode 19- We speak with Dennis Kelly CEO of Postalytics. Dennis shares his story of pivoting from a niche related technology provider to offer a full service  SaaS Digital Mail Automation Platform in the Cloud. Dennis covers several trends in the market that are moving organizations back to personalized direct mail due to a proliferation in digital email marketing initiatives that are falling short on deliverability and becoming less effective without a complimentary channel like direct mail. Learn how to utilize key CRM and Marketing Platforms such as Salesforce, HubSpot and others to incorporate effective mailing campaigns directly into the sales and marketing process. Sophisticated mailing campaigns can now be delivered with a click of a button from the CRM via the Postalytics Platform. About Postalytics: A team of marketers and technologists who know how effective targeted, personalized, and tracked direct mail marketing can be. We also know that traditional direct mail production processes are slow, expensive, and disconnected from digital channels.We are also the creators of Boingnet, the award-winning pURL marketing automation platform. Since 2008, we have been helping direct mailers generate personalized, multi-channel campaigns across mail, web, and email channels. Our patent-pending personalized URL tracking has been deployed on millions of mail pieces and has helped marketers understand direct mail response more deeply.Learn More:
Episode 18 we interview Kevin Hopp CEO of Hopp Consulting Group and Host of the Sales Career Podcast. Kevin shares his experience helping early and late-stage Technology companies put the right technologies, process, and people in place to do sales outreach correctly. His strategies start with a conversational approach first. Hopp Consulting Group has a podcast called the Sales Career Podcast dedicated to bringing the best-selling practices through interviews with today's top sales leaders. Tune in to the podcast here    About Hopp Consulting Group: Hopp Consulting Group was launched in 2018 when Kevin realized that his natural ability and love of cold calling was truly unique. The first year of Hopp Consulting Group was all outbound-as-a-service, with Kevin making cold calls and converting at a remarkably high rate for his clients. HCG evolved when the opportunity came for Kevin to help build a company that did outbound-as-a-service, so Kevin could transfer his knowledge to others and build a team that converts cold conversations into warm customers. That experience parlayed into HCG taking on a much more strategic approach to helping businesses looking to build outbound process and structure. Learn More:
In Episode 17 we speak with Tripp Wallace- Head of Global Partnerships and Alliances at SMS Magic a leading SMS and conversational messaging company. Tripp discusses how modern organizations can take advantage of one-to-one messaging across different business cases for sales, marketing, support and commerce. Tripp dives into several industry specific verticals including Healthcare, Financial Services, Legal Services , Higher Education and some interesting Travel and Casino use cases for personal messaging. About SMS Magic: Founded in 2007 SMS Magic is recognized as a Global Leader in the messaging space with key partnerships with leading CRM platforms like Salesforce and ZOHO. SMS Magic rated as one of the most downloaded apps on the Salesforce AppExchange and ZOHO marketplace and trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide.
Episode sixteen we speak with Mike Nolan Sr. Manager Military Recruiting Program & Salesforce Global Equity President of Vetforce. Mike takes us through the program available for veterans, and military spouses. Salesforce Military offers free, online training classes and certification exams at no cost for active-duty military, veterans, and military spouses. Hear Mike tell the story of how the program was founded and how Salesforce is working with other leading companies through their  Salesforce Talent Alliance  to connect talented veterans with partner companies to help grow, strengthen, and diversify their workforces. About Salesforce Military: Salesforce Military is a Salesforce department for veterans by veterans. We get active military, veterans, and spouses the classes, certifications, and support they need for successful tech careers. Learn More:
Episode 15  we talk to Peter Duflo Managing Partner with Strategic Ventures  who provides strategies on how smaller Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can scale up to become highly valued acquisition targets. For the past 14 years Peter has been a leading executive search assignments for MSPs throughout North America. These companies and their investors engage Peter to help them hire key MSP leadership such as CEO’s, Presidents, COOs, CROs, and VPs of Sales and Services. About Strategic Ventures:Strategic Ventures is a retained executive search firm that helps IT Managed Services Providers hire executive leadership to achieve rapid revenue growth.The clients of Strategic Ventures are typically providing IT managed services around public, private, and hybrid cloud services on various platforms, including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, Cisco, VMWare, etc. Their IT services often include IT Planning & Strategy, Comprehensive IT Support, Security & Compliance, Unified Cloud Management, Backup & Disaster Recovery, and IT Systems Integration.Learn More:
In Episode 14  we interview Amy Barbieri Co Founder and President of Vital4. When it comes to knowing your customers and key stakeholders, you can’t afford to be in the dark.  Amy discusses Vital4’s automated AML/KYC data tools analyze more than 6,000 global watchlists to help identify subjects involved in financial crimes, terrorism, or corruption.About Vital4:Vital4 is an Atlanta-based, woman-owned SaaS company dedicated to providing data solutions for due diligence, risk management, and global compliance – without the high prices, lack of transparency, and risks associated with legacy services. Learn More:
In Episide 13 we caught up with Tyler Lessard Vice President of Marketing at Vidyard to discuss a recent book he Co-Authored with  Marcus Sheridan  called "The Visual Sale" on how the use of video is transforming the selling landscape.About the Book:More than ever before, buyers and consumers are demanding for more video. Just "reading" about a product, service, or company will no longer do the trick. Today, they must "see" it.  Not withstanding this increased demand for video, most businesses and organizations have struggled to quickly adapt. In fact, many have no idea as to how or where to get started. For this purpose, The Visual Sale was written. Finally, businesses and organizations have a clear guide that will literally show them, in simple, clear, and actionable terms, exactly how they can build a culture of video and start "showing it" moving forward, ultimately leading to a dramatic improvement to their sales numbers, marketing strategy, and overall customer experience.Read the Book
Episode 12: interview with Denis Shugaev the Chief Business Development Officer at Smart IT. In this interview Denis discusses several key business areas including Telemedicine and the Digital Health Market, and how Smart IT is using their expertise in the Managed Services space to provide start-ups and larger entities with programing and engineer staffing to expedite new product delivery across Europe and the United States.   Learn more about Smart IT 
Episode 11, we speak with Colin Teubner Director of Customer Solutions at airSlate & SignNow. Colin talks about airSlate and their mission to provide easy-to-use, no code, end-to-end automation to empower individuals and business teams to digitize business processes on their own by eliminating manual and expensive document and/or paper-based workflow processes. If your business is still utilizing traditional paper-based processes for signatures, contracts, or proposals you are going to want to listen to this podcast!     Learn more at or
Play the King Episode 10:  In this episode we interview Van Murray, Vice President Service Delivery and Commerce Operations at AppSmart.  Van shares his insights on the cloud revolution and the democratization of technology, service, and support! Learn how the AppSmart platform is being utilized as a fulcrum to empower over 6,000 + Technology Advisors. About AppSmart: Powering business success with smart technologyAppSmart is the #1 marketplace to find, buy and manage all business technology services including connectivity, wireless, software, infrastructure, energy, managed services, and devices. Thousands of organizations of all sizes and in all sectors, including retail, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, banking, education and more, trust AppSmart and their network of Technology Advisors to help them make smarter technology decisions.  AppSmart sells services exclusively through our vast network of vendor-agnostic AppSmart Technology Advisors. Podcast Sponsored by OMI "We Make CRM Work!"
Play the King Episode 9: Interview with Dominic Suszek CEO of Global RADAR. Dominic is a renowned expert in Anti Money Laundering, Compliance and FinTech Domain. Dominic has Authored several books and is considered a subject matter expert in the Compliance space. In this interview Dominic discusses his background, the Global RADAR SaaS Platform and what organizations should be doing to construct business across customers, employees, partners and vendor onboarding. About Global RADAR:Global RADAR is the leader in client onboarding, customer due diligence and transaction surveillance. We make it easier to open accounts in a secure digital environment while ensuring compliance with global regulatory requirements and leverage sophisticated analytics to ensure suitability of clients' profiles. Global RADAR is built on four solid pillars of compliance: Customer Due Diligence, Document Management, Watch List Screening, and Transaction Surveillance. Our innovative, customizable application and dedicated support team make us the premier solution to address operational and compliance requirements.Global RADAR provide services to retail, institutional and commercial clients with a global presence in over 20 countries.www.globalradar.comPodcast Sponsored by OMI "We Make CRM Work!"
Episode 7:  In this episode we interview Daniel Chilcott, Managing Partner of Flowgear.  Daniel shares the latest trends and business use cases in the Digital Transformation space leveraging (RPA) Robotic Process Automation and how organizations are leveraging custom API's to enhance and connect on-premise and cloud technologies to give unified data access across any platform to achieve better business outcomes. About Flowgear: Flowgear’s internationally renowned platform enables companies of all sizes to overcome data silos by creating powerful Application, Data and API integration on-premise and in the Cloud from a single interface. Podcast Sponsored by OMI "We Make CRM Work!"
Episode 6:  We talk with Nikhil Vimal, Head of Operations at ChatMode an AI and Chatbot consultancy firm about Microsoft's platform and how Artificial Intelligence and the use of Chatbots are helping escalate Digital Transformation across the partner/ client ecosystem. Podcast Sponsored by OMI "We Make CRM Work!"
Episode 5:  We caught up with Purdeep Sangha Author, Businessman and Coach for Business Executives.  In this interview Purdeep talks about his new Book "The Complete Man" and gives his background and story as to why he has dedicated his life to helping men succeed in Business and Life.Forget about settling for success in just one area of your life. Discover how to rise up to lead, love and live at the heights of your potential. Imagine having your ideal career/business and life where you have the time, energy, money, relationships, and freedom to do what you want, when you want. Get the Book Here
In this episode we interview Vlad Voskresensky CEO of  Revenue Grid-  Revenue Grid is a Guided Selling platform that provides sales teams with step-by-step guidance to win key deals using full sales data, and proven strategies to help enable modern sales teams. Vlad shares his experience in helping thousands of company's scale sales and revenue with Revenue Grid.  Learn more  www.revenuegrid.comPodcast Sponsored by OMI "We Make CRM Work!"
Episode III- Interview with Matt Connelly the CEO of, the leader in Product Philanthropy & Purposeful Giving. Hear how Good360 empowers over 90,000+ Non-Profits to deliver high quality goods via its Corporate Partners to individuals, communities, and disaster relief victims.Podcast Sponsored by OMI "We Make CRM Work!"
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