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This is Mooch FM, a brand new weekly podcast to debate and explore the top stories of the week, with the biggest names in media, business, politics and beyond. Your host is self-made entrepreneur Anthony ‘The Mooch’ Scaramucci, founder of SkyBridge Capital and the prestigious SALT conference. He famously served as Donald Trump’s Communications Director for just 11 days before being unceremoniously sacked. Now a vocal critic of the President, he is also the author of four books.
35 Episodes
In this episode, Anthony talks with Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding, award-winning epidemiologist and health economist about the current situation in India, and why it was so hard to raise the alarm bells on the Covid-19 pandemic. Peter McCormack, entrepreneur and host of the hit podcast ‘What Bitcoin Did’ gives Anthony his take on the recent volatility in the crypto markets - and all things Bitcoin and investing. Finally, Louise Linton, actress, producer and philanthropist joins Anthony to discuss her new film ‘Me, You, Madness’, how she juggled every aspect of the filmmaking process - and her important work with PETA and Social Compassion in Legislation. Follow our guests on Twitter: Follow us: Sign up for our newsletter Created & produced by Podcast 
In this episode and as the world reacts to Chauvin’s verdict, Anthony is joined by John Bresnahan, co-founder of Punchbowl News to get his thoughts on the trial - and what this means for the American people and its legal system.Simon Litter, entrepreneur, philanthropist and wine expert gives his take on what wine we should be drinking this spring, its ability to connect people, and together they discuss the work of the Inside Circle Foundation - a rehabilitation program for the currently incarcerated. Finally, William D. Cohan, former investment banker, business writer and bestselling author has a conversation with Anthony reflecting on Wall Street’s glory days, and they delve into his many books, the latest ‘Four Friends: Promising Lives Cut Short’ -  and what we can expect from him next.  Follow our guests on Twitter:@bresreports @Simonwines @WilliamCohan Follow us:@moochfm @scaramucci Sign up for our newsletter Created & produced by Podcast 
In this episode, Anthony talks with Scott Kitun, entrepreneur, investor and chief executive of Technori - Chicago’s largest and most diverse startup community, to get his take on the recent Coinbase IPO, and where the startup landscape is heading. Paul Tweed, international media lawyer and celebrity reputation manager joins Anthony to reflect on the recent passing of Prince Phillip, and explore the ongoing battle public figures have between privacy and press freedom. Finally, Ksenija Pavlovic McAteer, independent White House Correspondent, author and political scientist, discusses the rise of social media and cancel culture - and why America must continue to fight for its democracy. Follow our guests on Twitter:@kitun  @Paul_Tweed @ksenijapavlovic Follow us:@moochfm @scaramucci Sign up for our newsletter Created & produced by Podcast 
In this episode, Anthony is joined by Jeff Immelt, former chief executive of General Electric and venture partner at NEA, to talk about his new book ‘Hot Seat: What I Learned Leading a Great American Company’ - and why he was troubled by the lack of ideas and preparation when taking the reins from his predecessor Jack Welch. Caroline Casey is an award-winning activist, and joins Anthony to explain the stigma surrounding disability in the corporate world, and discuss the founding story of The Valuable 500 - a global initiative which calls on major corporations to put disability inclusion on the leadership agenda. Finally, Peter Dickson, entrepreneur, author and the UK’s most prolific voice-over artist, gives Anthony the inside track on what it's like to be the voice behind so many infamous shows and campaigns, and the latest Brexit developments across the pond. Follow our guests on Twitter: Follow us: Sign up for our newsletter Created & produced by Podcast 
In this episode, Anthony talks with Zerlina Maxwell, host of ‘Zerlina.’ on Peacock and author of ‘The End of White Politics’ to get her take on Lindsey Graham’s recent threat to use the talking filibuster rule to block voting rights legislation - and why 2020 was a “political awakening” for America. President Biden has vowed to take “common-sense steps” to crack down on firearms, Anthony examines the possible policy solutions to gun control with Richard Helppie, entrepreneur, policy expert and founder of ‘The Common Bridge’, an organisation that aims to ignore extremism and encourage smart discussions. Finally, what does Shakespeare have to do with a divided America? Anthony is joined by world renowned Shakespearean scholar James Shapiro to discuss his bestselling book ‘Shakespeare in a Divided America’, and why President Lincoln would not have been assassinated had it not been for Shakespeare. Follow our guests on Twitter:@ZerlinaMaxwell @RHCommonBridge Follow us:@moochfm @scaramucci Sign up for our newsletter Created & produced by Podcast 
In this episode political commentator Steve Kettmann, editor of ‘Now What?: The Voters Have Spoken - Essays on Life After Trump’ gives Anthony his take on whether Trump has lost his relevancy, and how the Biden administration is faring so far. Dr. Peter A. Wish, psychologist and author of the bestseller ‘The Candidate’s 7 Deadly Sins’ examines what makes a good Presidential candidate - and who he’ll be looking out for in 2024. Finally, ‘CNN Tonight’ anchor Don Lemon talks about his new bestselling book ‘This Is The Fire: What I Say to My Friends About Racism’ which pairs current events with history, and anecdotes from his own life, to discuss race in America.Follow our guests on Twitter: Follow us: Sign up for our newsletter Created & produced by Podcast 
In this episode, Anthony talks with Sir Martin Sorrell, executive chairman of S4 Capital and founder of the world’s largest advertising company WPP, to reflect on the changing world of advertising - from the Don Draper days to now - and gets his top tips for budding entrepreneurs. Cordelia Lynch is the US correspondent for Sky News, and joins Anthony to discuss what the $1.9 trillion covid relief bill means for the Biden administration, and gets her take on the recent $27 million settlement between Minneapolis and George Floyd’s family, and the upcoming criminal trial. Finally, Kyle Cheney, Congress reporter for Politico, explores the Trumpism that’s still prevalent in the GOP, and gives Anthony the lowdown on what’s brewing in DC at the moment. Follow our guests on Twitter: Follow us: Sign up for our newsletter Created & produced by Podcast 
In this episode, Anthony is joined by Michael Cohen, former attorney and personal ‘fixer’ for Donald J. Trump. They reflect on their experiences working for the former President, and discuss his bestselling memoir ‘Disloyal’.Elex Michaelson, Fox LA News anchor and host of California’s only statewide political show ‘The Issue Is’ joins Anthony to examine the effort to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom, and give his honest assessment of how the Golden State is faring with Covid-19. Finally, Jane Merrick - policy editor at Britain’s ‘i’ newspaper and TIME person of the year - talks with Anthony about the UK’s roadmap out of lockdown, the Covid vaccine rollout… and gets the gossip on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Oprah interview. Follow our guests on Twitter: Follow us: Sign up for our newsletter Created & produced by Podcast 
In this episode, Anthony chats with Natasha Bertrand, White House correspondent at Politico, about Biden’s actioning of Syrian strikes, Russian sanctions over the Navalny poisoning - and gets her view on how Vice President Harris is faring on the international stage. How does digital communication compared to face-to-face interaction impact the brain's processing, and can we teach ourselves the entrepreneurial mindset? Anthony talks with Dr. Tara Swart, neuroscientist, bestselling author and senior lecturer at MIT to get her top tips on how to train our brains. Finally, Shelley Zalis, chief executive of The Female Quotient, joins Anthony to discuss her mission to advance workplace equality, the core policy changes that need to be seen in the workplace - and her advice for young women who want to get into leadership roles.Follow our guests on Twitter: Follow us: Sign up for our newsletter Created & produced by Podcast 
In this episode, Anthony talks with Adam Klasfeld, legal expert and editor of Law & Crime, to get his take on what trouble lies ahead for Trump's former chief strategist Steve Bannon. Shashank Joshi, defence editor of The Economist, joins Anthony to review the events of January 6th - and discuss the decisions President Biden is yet to make about the future of America’s nuclear powers.Finally, best-selling author, financial journalist and comedian Dominic Frisby talks about all things Bitcoin and his new book ‘Daylight Robbery: How Tax Shaped Our Past and Will Change Our Future’. Follow our guests on Twitter: Follow us: Sign up for our newsletter Created & produced by Podcast 
In a special episode celebrating Black History Month, Anthony is joined by Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, the well-respected attorney, author and political activist. In her new book ‘This Is Why I Resist: Don’t Define My Black Identity’ she explores the fight for racial equality, and digs down into the deep roots of racism and anti-blackness in America, the UK and beyond. In this in-depth conversation, they explore the term “performative allyship” - stressing why it’s important to be actively anti-racist; discuss issues of identity politics, the ever-growing evidence that racism is costing us economically, and the actionable steps we can all take towards the ultimate goal of true racial equality. Follow Shola on Twitter: Follow us: Sign up for our newsletter Created & produced by: 
In this episode, Anthony talks with the award-winning political columnist, writer and speaker Mary C. Curtis about life after Trump, the values of the Republican party, and how their conservative principles have “crumbled.”Johnny Taylor Jr. is chair of the President's advisory board on Historically Black Colleges and Universities and chief executive of the Society for Human Resource Management, and talks through how we can all help HBCUs - and why “policy should trump politics.”Finally, world-renowned professor, preacher and bestselling author Michael Eric Dyson chats with Anthony about his latest book ‘Long Time Coming: Reckoning with Race in America.’Follow our guests on Twitter:@mcurtisnc3 @JohnnyCTaylorJr @MichaelEDyson Follow us:@moochfm @scaramucci Sign up for our newsletter Created & produced by Podcast 
In this episode, Anthony is joined by Joe Walsh, former US Congressman and 2020 presidential candidate, to reflect on Trump’s second impeachment trial - and discuss what the future holds for the GOP. Noreena Hertz is a noted economist and bestselling author and joins Anthony to discuss her new book ‘The Lonely Century,’ which describes “how we built a lonely world, how the pandemic accelerated the problem, and what we must do to come together again.” Finally, as Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, how can we all find a sense of romance and luxury at home? Anthony talks with Paul Croughton, editor-in-chief of the Robb Report. Follow our guests on Twitter:@WalshFreedom @noreenahertz @PaulCroughton Follow us:@moochfm @scaramucci Sign up for our newsletter Podcast created & produced by Podcast 
In this episode, Anthony talks to Jeff Stein, White House economics reporter for The Washington Post, to contrast the early days of the Trump presidency with the Biden administration, and get his take on Secretary Yellen and the economic direction of the new leadership. Trump’s new lawyers filed an impeachment response this week ahead of his second trial which starts on Tuesday. Kim Wehle, bestselling author, law professor and former Assistant US Attorney, gives Anthony her analysis on the argument and whether it will hold up in court. Finally, it has been a crazy week on Wall Street for GameStop, Robinhood, and a lot of small investors, but what happens next? Anthony is joined by Michael Khouw, investment strategist and trader on CNBC’s ‘Options Action’ to get his predictions. Follow our guests on Twitter:@JStein_WaPo @kimwehle @Michael_Khouw Follow us:@moochfm @scaramucci Sign up for our newsletter Podcast created & produced by Right
You’ve seen the pictures and watched the video clips of the insurrection at the Capitol - but what was it actually like to be in the building at the time, fearing for your life? Anthony is joined by political journalist and author Jake Sherman for his literal inside take on the unlawful mayhem brought to Congress itself - and the consequences to come.Stephanie Winston Wolkoff was the former First Lady’s trusted advisor and closest friend, and had a front-row seat at President Trump’s inner court. Her memoir ‘Melania and Me’ exposed dysfunction and division at the very highest levels of the White House - and makes the case why FLOTUS was very much “part of the problem.”Many people have insulted Trump by saying he is ‘crazy’ - though it does beg the question how practicing mental health professionals actually do view his behaviour. Dr Alan Blotcky is a renowned clinical psychologist and contributing writer at Salon, and bravely shares a candid assessment. Follow our guests on Twitter:@JakeSherman @SWWCreative @ABlotcky Follow us:@moochfm @scaramucci Sign up for our newsletter Podcast created & produced by Right
This week Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States, and Kamala Harris as Vice President, becoming the first woman, and the first Black and Asian-American to serve. In this episode, Anthony is joined by Molly Jong-Fast, editor-at-large of The Daily Beast, and co-host of The New Abnormal podcast to get her take on this exciting new chapter for America. Does Trump get convicted in the Senate? Anthony talks to Judd Legum, the editor of ‘Popular Information’ - a newsletter about politics and power - to get his view. We can all finally follow the POTUS account on Twitter, but in the future how do we regulate social media platforms without political interference? Anthony discusses this with Bruce Daisley, former vice-president at Twitter and host of the number one business podcast ‘Eat Sleep Work Repeat.’Follow our guests on Twitter:@MollyJongFast @JuddLegum @brucedaisley Follow us:@moochfm @scaramucci Sign up for our newsletter  Podcast created & produced by Right
Less than half a Scaramucci to go! It’s been quite an eventful week as President Trump became the first Commander-in-Chief in history to be impeached twice. Tara Setmayer, CNN political commentator and former GOP communications director gives Anthony her view on recent events.Senator Mitch McConnell says five days isn’t enough time for the Senate to convict Trump, but he was able to get Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination confirmed in four. This is his chance to trash Trumpism - so why isn't he? Anthony talks to Rick Wilson, co-founder of The Lincoln Project and author of the bestseller ‘Everything Trump Touches Dies,’ to get his take on this. After the events of the past weeks, how does America heal? Anthony is joined by  prolific media industry leader, Tom Rogers to discuss what steps have to be taken to put the United States back in a good place. Follow our guests on Twitter:@TaraSetmayer @TheRickWilson Follow us:@moochfm @scaramucci Sign up for our newsletter Podcast created & produced by Right
What the hell’s going on? Anthony reflects on this week’s madness with Angelo Carusone, president of Media Matters for America, a campaigning non-profit described by Bill O’Reilly as “the most dangerous organisation in America.”The votes of many historically marginalised people in Georgia were instrumental in President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. Anthony talks to Errin Haines, editor-at-large and founder of ‘The 19th’, a non-profit newsroom covering gender, politics and policy, whose mission is to “finish the work of the 19th Amendment.”Finally, Anthony is joined by senior advisor at the Lincoln Project and co-founder of ‘Republicans and Independents for Biden’, Jeff Timmer, to discuss the past few months and take a look at what the future holds. Follow our guests on Twitter:@GoAngelo @emarvelous @jefftimmer Follow us:@moochfm @scaramucci Sign up for our newsletter Podcast created & produced by Right
In this episode, Anthony is joined by Julio Bruno, global chief executive of the Time Out Group, to get his view on what the Brexit deal means for business and how the entertainment industry can recover from the pandemic. With the New Year upon us, what changes can we make to improve our health and wellbeing? Anthony talks to Peter Bowes, North America correspondent for BBC News, and host of the Live Long and Master Aging podcast. Finally, Anthony chats to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith about all things sport, his career... and what’s in store for 2021. Follow our guests on Twitter:@juliobruno11 @peterbowes @stephenasmith Follow us:@moochfm @scaramucci Sign up for our newsletter Podcast created & produced by Right
In this episode, Anthony is joined by Demetri Sevastopulo, Washington Bureau Chief at the Financial Times, to get his take on the highs and lows of the election - and what’s in store for 2021. With Brexit imminent, will Prime Minister Johnson deliver? Anthony talks to British music entrepreneur, political commentator and founder of Chrysalis Records, Chris Wright, to get the view from the UK.The US economy is in trouble - but by how much? Anthony examines the situation with Paul Aversano, global practice leader at Alvarez and Marsal.Follow our guests on Twitter:@Dimi @ChrisWChrysalis @PaulAversano Follow us:@moochfm @scaramucci Sign up for our newsletter Podcast created & produced by Right
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