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This is Mooch FM, a brand new weekly podcast to debate and explore the top stories of the week, with biggest names in media, business, politics and beyond. Your host is self-made entrepreneur Anthony ‘The Mooch’ Scaramucci, founder of SkyBridge Capital and the prestigious SALT conference. He famously served as Donald Trump’s Communications Director for just 11 days before being unceremoniously sacked. Now a vocal critic of the President, he is also the author of four books.
13 Episodes
What does the US economy need to pull itself out of the Covid-19 crisis? Anthony examines the situation with Stephanie Kelton, economist and author of the instant New York Times bestseller, The Deficit Myth. We’ve been dealing with a lot of uncertainty recently, from the impact of the pandemic to the election. Anthony talks to Amy Webb, leading futurist, best-selling author and founder of The Future Today Institute to get her view on where we go from here. Finally, Anthony is joined by Joe Scarborough, co-host of Morning Joe on MSNBC, to get his view on the future relationship between the Government and the media, and discuss his new book, Saving Freedom. Follow our guests on Twitter:@StephanieKelton @amywebb @JoeNBC Follow us:@moochfm @scaramucci Sign up for our newsletter Podcast created & produced by Right
Will President Trump take another shot at the presidency in 2024? Anthony is joined by Mark Landler of the New York Times, currently their London bureau chief and formerly White House correspondent. Britain is currently facing double trouble - with Covid forcing the population into lockdown, and Brexit just four weeks away, the UK government’s own advisers were caught secretly warning Prime Minister Boris Johnson of a “systemic economic crisis”. Broadcaster and journalist Julia Hartley-Brewer gives us the take from London. Finally, to give an alternative perspective on the election we contrast Trump and Biden’s campaigns with global brand insight guru Nadim Sadek, founder of ProQuo AI. Follow our guests on Twitter:@MarkLandler @JuliaHB1 @nadimsadek Follow us:@moochfm @Scaramucci Sign up for our newsletter Podcast created & produced by Right
In this episode, host Anthony Scaramucci is joined by Ruth Ben-Ghiat, historian and author of ‘Strongmen: From Mussolini to the Present’; Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson, US business editor of the Financial Times; and Jessica Taylor, senate and governors editor of the Cook Political Report. Follow our guests on Twitter:@ruthbenghiat @Edgecliffe@JessicaTaylor Follow us:@moochfm @scaramucci Sign up for our newsletter Podcast created & produced by Right
It’s been nearly a week since the election result. We’ve got three of the finest minds to give us their take on what’s happened - and what could happen next. Anthony is joined by editor-in-chief of Inc. Magazine, Scott Omelianuk; veteran Washington and foreign policy journalist, Laura Rozen; and British political commentator, associate editor of The Spectator and bestselling author, Douglas Murray. Follow our guests on Twitter:@scottomelianuk @lrozen @DouglasKMurray Follow us:@moochfm @scaramucci Sign up for our newsletter Podcast created & produced by Right
What a week! To help make sense of it all, Anthony is joined by founder and CEO of ‘The Recount’ John Battelle; anchor of BBC flagship current affairs show ‘Newsnight’ and co-presenter of global number one podcast ‘Americast’, Emily Maitlis; and His Excellency, Governor of New York, The Honorable Andrew Cuomo. Follow our guests on Twitter:@johnbattelle @maitlis @NYGovCuomo Follow us:@moochfm @scaramucci Sign up for our newsletter Podcast created & produced by Right
The election is just days away and uncertainty is growing. To lighten the mood, Anthony is joined by the comedian and impressionist Matt Forde for a slightly more cheerful take on the news. The polls favor VP Biden and many expect him to win... but will it happen? They were wrong last time. Anthony talks with Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist and Trump biographer, Michael D’Antonio to get his insight.  Finally, what’s Wall Street’s view on whether things are about to get better or worse? Anthony examines the situation with Euan Rellie, prominent New Yorker, and co-founder of global financiers BDA Partners, to get his view. Follow our guests on Twitter:@mattforde @MBDAntonio @euanrellie Follow us:@moochfm @scaramucci Sign up for our newsletter Podcast created & produced by Right
As election day approaches, Anthony examines what’s going on in the President’s head with someone who knows him incredibly well - Tony Schwartz, ghostwriter of ‘Trump: The Art of the Deal’. Are reports of the death of New York greatly exaggerated? Anthony talks with Bess Freedman, chief executive of luxury real estate brokerage Brown Harris Stevens to get her insight. Finally, we hear from Wade Eyerly - politico, former economist and now chief executive of Degree Insurance Corporation, who talks us through the economic impact of the uncertainty surrounding the election. Follow our guests on Twitter:@tonyschwartz @reinadenyc @wadeeyerly Follow us:@moochfm @scaramucci Sign up for our newsletter Podcast created & produced by Right
In this episode, Anthony is joined by S.V. Dáte, senior White House correspondent at HuffPost and author of bestseller ‘The Useful Idiot’, to get his take on President Trump's management of the pandemic.Has the President lost his mind? Anthony analyses the mental health of the President with forensic psychiatrist and editor of New York Times bestseller, ‘The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump’, Dr. Bandy Lee. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing massive opposition. Anthony examines the challenges facing Great Britain with political author, broadcaster and former Conservative Member of Parliament, Matthew Parris.Follow our guests on Twitter:@svdate@BandyXLee1@MatthewParris3Follow us:@moochfm @scaramucci Sign up for our newsletter Podcast created & produced by Right
In this episode, Anthony talks to CNN columnist, former media advisor to Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Emmy Award-winning television producer, Arick Wierson, to get his view on the upcoming election.  What are the one percent thinking about the election? Anthony is joined by Juliet Scott-Croxford, chief executive of Worth Media, to get her take. How are the Brits faring in the Brexit battle? Anthony examines the economic challenges facing the United Kingdom with the Spectator’s economics correspondent, Kate Andrews.Finally, there is plenty going on in the Middle East which requires our attention and analysis. Anthony talks to Scott Armstrong, the editor-in-chief of Arabian Business, to get the inside track. Follow our guests on Twitter:@ArickWierson @JulietSCrox @KateAndrs @Scottiehack Follow us:@moochfm @scaramucci Sign up for our newsletter Podcast created & produced by Right
The President and the First Lady have Covid, the biggest health threat to a sitting U.S. President in decades. Anthony is joined by Bill Browder, investor, entrepreneur and geopolitical expert to get his take on this bombshell news, and the repercussions for the election and the economy.  The first presidential debate this week was an embarrassment to the country. Anthony talks to the national political correspondent at TIME magazine, and author of political bestseller ‘Pelosi’, Molly Ball, to get her analysis. Even some of the President’s strongest supporters were surprised at the venom Trump spewed Biden’s way during Tuesday’s debate - and there is growing concern about the chaos that could follow on November 3rd. Anthony examines the challenges facing the United States with internationally-respected journalist, former editor of Britain’s Sunday Times and heavyweight BBC anchor, Andrew Neil. Follow our guests on Twitter:@Billbrowder @mollyesque @afneil Follow us:@moochfm@scaramucci Sign up for our newsletter at:www.mooch.fmPodcast created & produced by Right
In this episode, Anthony is joined by Tony Blair’s right hand man Alastair Campbell who has been at the heart of global affairs for two decades, to examine the mind games both candidates are playing during the election, and talk about the strain on mental health during the pandemic. The election is just weeks away and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed, leaving Americans grieving and uncertain about what’s coming next. With President Trump expected to nominate her replacement within days, Washington editor of the Spectator magazine, Amber Athey, gives us her analysis.  British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has a desk which is piling up with problems - Covid infections are back on the rise and the Brexit deadline is looming even closer. Anthony analyses the challenges facing the United Kingdom with broadcaster and former Conservative party advisor, Iain Dale. Follow our guests on Twitter:@campbellclaret@amber_athey@iaindaleFollow us:@moochfm@scaramucciSign up for our newsletter at:www.mooch.fmPodcast created & produced by Right
In this episode, with the TikTok deal still not done, President Trump’s trade advisor Peter Navarro in hot water, and Mike Bloomberg writing a check for $100m to help Joe Biden in Florida, we talk with business journalist Stephanie Ruhle to get her analysis. Are the Democrats going to get their act together for the election? Washington insider Robert Wolf - entrepreneur, former banker and advisor to President Obama - gives us the inside track. How are the Brits faring in the Covid-19 and Brexit battles? Anthony analyses the challenges facing Prime Minister Boris Johnson with London-based Michael Booker, editor of the Sunday Express.Although California fire season is a challenge every year, the recent scale of destruction is the worst in living memory. Anthony talks with environmental journalist David Callaway, former editor of USA Today, from his home in San Francisco to get the local take. 
In this inaugural episode, with the election just weeks away, Trump’s alleged wealth (or lack of it) will face greater scrutiny than ever. Anthony talks with Randall Lane, editor of Forbes, to get the truth. What’s the inside view from those in the know in Wall Street? Financial Times US editor Peter Spiegel gives Anthony the skinny on whether things will get better... or worse. Next up Anthony talks with the BBC’s man in Washington, Jon Sopel, for the lowdown on what the Brits make of what’s going on.Finally, come January we’ll have either a new President or a second term Trump administration - so we’ll be taking a huge step into the unknown whatever the country decides. Anthony’s final guest this week is the global political risk expert Ian Bremmer, who can help us make sense of what the hell’s going on. 
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