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Author: Jen Westby

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Funny and relatable conversations that happens when anxiety and motherhood collide.
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The Anxiety of Grief

The Anxiety of Grief


Fresh from the Shed, we talk about the anxiety grief brings into our lives and relationships, and how sometimes we feel helpless or are told we aren't there enough for someone. 
The sisters join the podcast again for a second time to chat about the anxiety that comes from parenting with a spouse. Our Men vs. Women episode invites the men to join in and record their own thoughts on their perspective. All I have to say is: Coming soon
With opinions flying on hot, sunny day, and wine flowing, I wanted to revisit an issue that happened to me.I find myself between a rock and a hard place as I deal with being the mother of my kids, the wife to my husband and a daughter in law to my in-laws and their perspective. But what I won't apologize for? Keeping my kids safety, my momxiety and standing up for myself.
We come back with an energized, mouthy and a real time topic.We should add a disclaimer, too! We let the language fly....There was a bicyclist in a mall and attitudes in our dinning room classrooms.We've kind of had enough, but our anxiety keeps us in check. Listen, share and find us on social media #momxietytv
It's been.....real interesting lately. A break was necessary--a mental health break. It's an anxiety thing, we knew you'd understand. One of us camped in a snowstorm and the other escaped to a hotel in Downtown Seattle. It was much needed pause to rejuvenate and to get back to good. We highly recommend you do the same ;).
Did you dream as a little girl, or boy, of where you'd be when you were older? Are you close? Spot on? Far away? Is there any anxiety of what could have been? Would have been? Should have been?We discuss our own paths and where we thought we'd be to where we are. One wanted to be a MTV Dance Girl, the other, a hair stylist.E-mail us @ and check us out at
With our school district going back to a modified in-person learning environment we felt it was time to talk about our worries, fears, anxieties and uncertainty we had seen and felt that very day.  
The fella's of Beers on Me Podcast joined forces with us to sip, cheers and chat about the how it feels to become more seasoned (it sounds incredibly better than becoming older) in our life.From anxieties of what our bodies are capable of, or not, to fears, thoughts, worries or future thoughts of the anxieties we feel now or wonder if they'll happen...This was one FUN podcast and us Momxiety Momma's can't wait to record with them again!
We're back after a wind storm knocked out power,  and a week full of Monday's thanks to zooms after work.A thought that came to my mind recently had me questioning  if I could decipher between my anxiety and my intuition. My knee jerk, immediate answer when my kids are asked to do something that I have a "funny" feeling about with their safety and such is a resounding NO!  That's the same reaction when I'm asked to do something or go somewhere. I have always listened to my gut and feel my intuition is rather on point. I don't let my guard down so keeping on my "feelings" associated with a question or invitation, will most likely never change. I feel it keeps me aware and present, but sometimes the worry and imagination takes me on a negative visual trip before I can say no. 
With 2020 being six days old, we come to the shed to discuss the New Year, our goals with ourselves and the anxiousness of what happened today, the silence that has creped in and the anxiety that surrounds it. We  dive into our whys and our curiosity, while we open up about our 2021 plans and where the fun mom's with a side kick of anxiety, is going. 
What was that 2020? Like seriously? Yes, you caused more anxiety within one year than the span of a lifetime.  However, you gave us time to think, reflect and step back....some of us would love to take a giant step back to 2019!We chat Christmas, medical procedures, and our unapologetic and unresolution views of 2021.
We're days out from a 2020 Christmas and our gift buying has been sparce and our spirit a little dimmed, but it's a changing scene by the hour. Then add a little panic when your phone and kids disappear and you realize, you don't remember numbers like you used to. Merry Everything!#momxietytv
As we run out of 2020, we're running out of words. However, anxiety has still remained and it's kept it's grips on our lives and emotions. Kim and Jen chat about what is causing anxiety in their lives currently and what they are doing about it. It's a Merry Momxiety Christmas for sure. 
Jen decided how to cut anxiety and momxiety out of gift giving and Kim shares her view on the topic.They also share their Holiday Traditions of then to now and how they have made the Holidays what they are and reminisce on what they were. #momxietymommas  #momxietytv  #momxietytvandpodcast
We cleared a 2020 Thanksgiving, well, theoretically. Now we're focused on a Christmas and a New Year the whole world is holding their breath to exhale on as we say bye-bye to 2020. (there's going to be a collective sigh heard around the World)We discuss how our Holidays went, our anxieties and momxieties held up and what we're thinking about the transition to Christmas. Get in on our drawing for our Podcast Listeners, link is here: will be on 12/11/2020.
It's a 2020 lock down Thanksgiving.  I was joined with our Marketing Maven, Amber and we sent out love to Kim, who wasn't feeling well and couldn't make this episode.We discuss how being social has caused Anxiety this year, our Thanksgiving, Black Friday shopping and family traditions.Happy Thanksgiving!!
We are joined with guest and Facebook group member Jessica Oleson as we discuss this 2020 Thanksgiving and how we are going to go about reducing our anxiety. Don't judge our Christmas moving venture off, you'll enjoy it!
Just recently, we both went to doctors appointments for ourselves. We both had blood draws. One had a girl doctor and physical, the other had an issue come about that needed to be addressed. Before we filmed and recorded, we both sat down and talked about our anxieties, momxieties and fear of "what could be" and it had us wondering. Do you get anxiety when you go to the doctor for yourself? Share your thoughts with us at or on our social media's -Momxiety TV and Podcast.
After getting a text back from my son regarding a school issue, I knew I had to look into what is causing his stress and how I can help reduce it. We asked our social media followers for some advice and we wanted to share our thoughts as well as theirs. If you have anything to add, please email us at 
School is in session in our dining rooms and as our kids participate in their daily zooms, our anxiety and momxiety skyrocket. From keeping kids focused, to keeping up with the mounting assignments, to being teacher and mom (isn't always rainbows and stickers), to not literally losing your ish with all of it.We get you momma's (and you too, Dad's!). Listen and see if you can relate!Email us at or visit our website
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