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Author: Kathryn Smith

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Truthbook goes behind the scenes of family life, with open and honest conversations about the best and the worst parenting moments, the sadness and the joy and the successes and the failures. You will let out a sigh of relief knowing it's not just you, be empowered by other peoples stories and laugh at the funnier side of family life. Truthbook will help us be more connected and less isolated, more compassionate and less envious of each other.
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Elaine Kordys shares her Truthbook with honesty and humour. We hear Elaine's reflections on two lots of lock down homeschooling & managing her daughters new found autonomy; parenting with Rheumatoid Arthritis (Arthur as she calls it); the immense pride you can feel as a parent as well as those  Cruella Di Vil parenting moments.  And we finish off with some potty talk!Elaine is from Helensburgh in Scotland (my home town) and we became friends when Elaine's daughter Molly and my son Struan were  babies and shared the same childminder.  They were kindred spirits until school age and they went their separate ways. Elaine followed her passion in helping and working with people with Dementia by starting an MSc in dementia studies in 2019 and setting up and running a wonderful series of videos of creative movement for the aged and people with dementia,  called Spin Turn Movements. The videos have been a family affair involving her daughters Robyn (7yrs) and Molly (10yrs) and her husband Myles (seen strumming the banjo in the background).Her most recent video,  April 21, was a personal one, because it marked 10 years since Elaine was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.  Arthur as she calls it, has shifted, challenged and tested Elaine.  She has now found a way to live with it, after doing a course in Holistic Health Coaching. Please reach out to Elaine (via her spin turn movement FB page) if you are experiencing similar challenges with arthritis or other types of chronic pain. As well as a wealth of experience and empathy you can be sure she will bring a smile to your face. Spin Turn MovementDeeper Yoga Thrive CourseDeeper Yoga & Thrive on FacebookElaine's testimonial for Deeper Yoga Thrive CourseLike this episode...Share with a friend 📢Write a review 💬Subscribe ✅Come on Truthbook 🎧Like 👍 Truthbook on Face bookGet in touch📧 Email me
Rosie Butler shares her truthbook about what really went on behind the scenes of what looked like an idyllic family camping trip, being a third culture child, having a natural affinity with swans and the desire to be independent from her family, just for a week...Rosie is a fellow Brit in Penguin, Tasmania, hence we became instant friends. I asked Rosie to come on Truthbook after she shared a photo of a family camping trip, that looked awesome but later over a coffee, she told me what really happened...Rosie also has a lot going on behind the scenes. At the age of 16 after, she decided to leave her parent’s home in Dubai and go to boarding school in Durham, England, to repatriate her roots.  After some colourful boarding school and uni antics she passed Occupational Therapy with a 1st. At the age of 21, she decided she was going to live in Australia. Tasmania offered the best job & visa opportunities, so she found herself living in a wee town called Penguin, (that we both now call home). Shortly after arriving in Tassie, she met Andrew, her now husband, who she has two children with, aged 5 and 3. Having had enough of working for health services, and with her ability to make bold decisions, in 2018 she set up her own OT private practice; Penguin OT. And her physio husband has recently joined this business- Penguin Physio! ( folk from Penguin love their town name and name everything after it!).  Links; this episode...Share with a friend 📢Write a review 💬Subscribe ✅Come on Truthbook 🎧Like 👍 Truthbook on Face bookGet in touch📧 Email me
On this episode, we have a clinical psychologist interviewing a clinical psychologist both of whom are a little bit daunted by this prospect, hoping that our mutual feeling of ‘imposter syndrome’ is somewhat reassuring…Louise, brings her infectious passion and wisdom to talking about step parenting, the grief when a family is separated, the difficult emotions that come with facing climate change and how we help our kids take action and not become overly anxious. And we ponder what it would be like to swap roles and be a man for the day…until we got lost and neither of us wanted to ask for ‘directions”…Louise Shepherd is an experienced Clinical Psychologist and director of The Sydney ACT Centre (ACT-Acceptance and Commitment Therapy more info on below).  She is also a mum and step mum to three girls aged 16, 9 and 7. It is her girls that have driven her passion for improving support and knowledge about step families and an active interest in climate action, acutely aware of the world they are growing up in. When I was put in touch with Louise, through a psychologist in Brisbane, she was keen to come on Truthbook, to share her experience in the hope that it will resonate with and help others. It has been a pleasure getting to know Louise as we have prepared for this podcast.Links…The Sydney ACT CentrePodcast on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy- Psychologists Off The Clock Top Five Regrets of the Dying Blog by Bronnie WareOutrage + Optimism- How to Face the Mess we’re in without going Crazy with Joanna MacyProject Drawdown-The World’s Leading Resource for Climate Solutions2040 FilmLike this episode...Share with a friend 📢Write a review 💬Subscribe ✅Come on Truthbook 🎧Like 👍 Truthbook on Face bookGet in touch📧 Email me
My ‘Truthbook’ conversation with this episode’s guest, Peter, started over a few beers at our kids class get together at the local bowls club. I mentioned my podcast to Peter as we regaled how toxic social media had been during lock down. Peter was immediately engaged, eager to share his behind the scenes, in the hope that his ‘Truthbook’ would reach out and help others. Peter works in Risk Assessment- an asset when it came to preparing for a pandemic, a hinderance when it came to managing feelings he had no control over. Peter and his wife Miledy (which can also sound like he’s saying ‘My Lady’!) have three kids spanning 8 to 13 years. We launch straight into conversation about when he first realised all was not well emotionally and that he needed professional help…Peter got his confession in early so he was let off the hook at the end! If anything in this podcast has led you to think you may also benefit from help managing sad or depressed feelings or thoughts of not wanting to be here, reach out to friends and family or seek advice from your GP or a mental health trained professional. You may also find these apps helpful…HeadspaceSmiling mindEnjoyed this episode? Share it with a friend and subscribe for more. Made you think? If you have comments you’d like to share- pop them in a review, facebook or email. I love hearing from you. Or even better, come on Truthbook- your story of how you have navigated family life, will inspire and become part of someone else’s family survival guide.  
Tasmanian author, mother and all round country girl, Rachael Treasure, tells her story of being launched from a toxic patriarchal society into single parenting, how she deals with anxiety and maternal guilt and connects with mother nature. Heads up, Rachael doesn’t hold back with her truthbook confessionIf Rachael’s reference to numnuts confuses you, check out the first episode where my husband explains all…Check out the links from the show... BSc in Regenerative Agriculture Rachael Treasure Down the Dirt RoadThe Artists Way, Julie CameronMama Gena
Christmas Special

Christmas Special


Here we are, with Christmas only a few sleeps away only it looks a little bit different this year. Thank goodness Santa is an essential worker and is COVID safe to deliver presents!So, with many of us not spending Christmas how we normally would, with family & friends, I’d like to try & connect through shared stories.  Thank you so much for sharing your words on what Christmas means to you, Santa stories and the Elf on the Shelf antics, Christmas mishaps and what Christmas will be like for you this year…This podcast is accompanied by the wonderful Pippa Reid Foster, playing a Christmas Medley on harp. Pippa is an acclaimed musician and teacher based in my home town, Helensburgh, Scotland. She has embraced lock down teaching on line (I have been getting whistle lessons in Oz over facetime!) and writing music. Here's  Pippa’s website and links to where you can buy her music...http://pippareidfoster.comMerry Christmas and I look forward to bringing more Turthbook episodes in 2021...  
Here I am chatting to Suzy- a friend and fellow podcaster. Like my audio on this occasion, we talk about how you don’t get it right every time and life is about trial and error.  And I made a promise to Suzy, when we are back in our homeland….Suzy became a friend when we met on a ski holiday and threw ourselves straight into honest conversations about mental health, as well as down the ski slopes!.  Suzy is an acclaimed writer, speaker, performer, podcaster. She is the women behind Big Juicy Creative Podcast, author of Wondering Woman; a true story of one struggling mum’s search for her inner superhero and wrote her own play ‘Ecoanxiety”.  She is also mum to Torrin 9 and Toby 12, married to Phil (a Muay Thai fighter; not Suzy’s favourite sport to watch, but she’ll take the 6 pack that comes with it!). She is an everything outdoor lover and has the lochs and hills on her doorstep living in the Cairngorms in Scotland.  Meeting Suzy is like opening a big craft box; loads going on and you can’t help but feel excited and inspired.Suzy was full of fantastic tips, good reads and listens...Suzy'sPodcast: Big Juicy CreativeSuzy's Book: Wondering Woman: a true story of one struggling mum’s search for her inner superheroThat film! Dead Poet SocietyPoem: On Joy and Sorry by Kahil GibranSuzy's son's Podcast: Blood Thirsty Battles Podcast, Toby HaworthCreativity in Schools: Ken Robinson, Do Schools Kill CreativityMindfullness Bible: Full Catastrophe Living, Jon Kabat ZinnMorning Pages: The Artists Way, Julia CameronAnd for those that want to read Wordsworth to their children, here we are…I wondered lonely as a Cloud, by William WordsworthI wandered lonely as a cloudThat floats on high o'er vales and hills,When all at once I saw a crowd,A host, of golden daffodils;Beside the lake, beneath the trees,Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.Continuous as the stars that shineAnd twinkle on the milky way,They stretched in never-ending lineAlong the margin of a bay:Ten thousand saw I at a glance,Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.The waves beside them danced; but theyOut-did the sparkling waves in glee:A poet could not but be gay,In such a jocund company:I gazed—and gazed—but little thoughtWhat wealth the show to me had brought: For oft, when on my couch I lieIn vacant or in pensive mood,They flash upon that inward eyeWhich is the bliss of solitude;And then my heart with pleasure fills,And dances with the daffodils.
I'm chatting to Kate who lived in Helensburgh in Scotland for two years back in 2017, the town I call my home. And now I live in Brisbane, the city Kate calls her home! Kate is a midwife, working with aboriginal families, mother to James (who is a proper grown up now and a semi-professional musician!), Zala her teenager and Xavier her rapidly growing up 8 year old. Her husband, Clint, had me in stitches as the first person to say ‘g’day mate’ whilst flipping a burger on the BBQ.We chat about moving your family to other side of the world, bouncing back from failure, working with aboriginal mothers and how being compassionate can help to restore us when we are feeling stretched. As well as a good dose of laughter…Although Kate, was a little worried that her dark sense of humour might not be everyone’s cup of tea! 
Susie Ranford, is multi-faceted; a PhD physicist who has naturally found herself in management roles in the engineering and renewable energy sectors. She is also passionate about running and adventure; she was the chief scientist with the British Exploring Society on expeditions to Svalbard, Greenland and Arctic Norway and has written a book ‘Scottish Trail Runs’ now in its second edition. We met ski touring, where a conversation about Susie needing some desk space led to her joining my husband’s design engineering team, 4c, and going on to manage it when we moved to Australia. She has since moved on from that role and is now a Business and Technology Development Consultant. Susie is also mum to Nina 4, and Eric 6, and married to Dougal, whose is one of the only people I know who does kite skiing, in Scotland! In my chat with Susie, we talk about her experience pf providing 24/7 care when her sone broke his femus (whilst he sat back and enjoyed hospital food, with no veggies), finding a new joy in getting outdoors with kids and the never ending disruptions that come wth parenting. You’ll also here passionate words about achieving equity rather than equality between men and women. And how Susie gets in touch with her inner child…Check out these links… Susie’s book: Scottish Trail RunningCompany she took over management of: 4c DesignWhat took Susie to amazing places in the world: British Exploring SocietyShare this episode with a friend and help me create a Truthbook community
Alana is mum to Clancy aged 8 and Genevieve 10. From early on Alana thought their development was normal, she had nothing to compare them to. After being increasingly told by well-meaning friends and then professionals in child development that they had concerns, they were diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Then later on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). Alana receives support from the National Disability Insurance Scheme, introduced in Australia in 2013, that has been a life saver for her and her family.Alana is a professional public speaker and works as a wedding and funerals celebrant. She is also a professional party starter (a title I would love to claim!). She describes herself as a ‘tragic creative’. On todays episode,  Alana talks about the thrive and survive moments of home schooling,  screen time ‘cocaine’ and what it was like being told both her kids had autism. She talks openly about her own mental health, being the mum who picked her kids up in the same pyjamas she dropped them off in, how she swings between letting it go and connecting with friends for support. And she has a confession about cheesecake, their pet chicken…Links...Alana’s Wedding Celebrant business: Disability Insurance Scheme videos from Alana explaining autismKy's StoryThings HappenAutism Sesame Street
Welcome to Ruth's Truthbook. Ruth made New Zealand her home 12 years ago, but I know a bit of her heart will always be in Scotland where we became friends through adventure. She is mum to 4 year old Oliver who melted my heart when he came flying down the hill on his balance bike shouting “I’m going tremendously fast”, married to Neil whose lack of tolerance for being in 4 walls means they are off on an adventure every weekend.  She is a town planner and after recently returning to work after a year off can see both sides of the full time mum/part time fence. Her skills have seen her being involved in redeveloping Christchurch after the earthquakes.Ruth and I talk about the joy of slowing down during lockdown and trying to hold on to that calm as life gets busy again. The bold decision to take a year off to be with her son and how returning to work has been a positive thing. We get a sense of Ruth’s drive to seek adventure when she talks about cycling the length of NZ south island unsupported, and how exposing our kids to freezing ski fields and hail storms in pursuit of adventure will hopefully build resiliency. And Ruth has a naughty secret, but how long until Oliver finds out…LinksBlog on cycling the length of South Island Variety Bikes for Kids
My first podcast interview, with Vanessa Bell 😆 Vanessa is mum to three girls; 12,11 and 8 years old. She set up her own tax business 18 months ago, after 20 years of working for someone else and a 5 year gap from working, being full time mum. Our paths crossed when Vanessa started doing the accounts for my husband and she has also supported and encouraged me setting up my own business running parent workshops.We were both nervous but soon forgot the microphones and delved into some really honest conversation. We talk about those parenting moments you wished hadn’t happened but you have learnt from, the glow you feel when you hear your child has been kind or well behaved, how she values being a working mum but at the same time feels guilty. And we discover an unknown truth about Vanessa…Links:See more about Vanessa's tax business @
Welcome to Truthbook. You have the joy of hearing my husband, Robin, interview me about Truthbook. Lets be honest, this took several takes, I wanted it done my way, Robin wanted it done his way, but I think we are both pleased with how it went. I was able to edit out Robin’s bad jokes!First truthBook with Vanessa Bell- "Parenting moments and Working Mum Guilt' on 13th SeptemberEnjoyed this, intrigued and want more...SubscribeShare with friendsGet touch  mrskathrynhsmith@gmail.comShare your truthbook photos @Truthbook Come on Truthbook; your stories could be someone else's survival guide.
Is it just me, or have you ever felt that all the other families are managing so much better than you, that other families are happier, doing more and having more fun…? I am going behind the scenes of family life, to hear the best and worst parenting moments, the sadness and the joy, the success and the failures. Hear how Truthbook is going to help us be more connected with one another and more compassionate towards one another. Subscribe ands share now and join me on what is going to be an amazingly refreshing journey into true family lives....Launching Sunday 13th September...A bit more about Truthbook...How was Truthbook conceived? What brought it to life? Why should you tune in? Looking back, the seedling of an idea was planted when I started to feel the impact of social media on how I perceived my family life. I remember taking a photo of the spiderman cake I had so proudly made for my son’s 5th birthday. I was about to post it on facebook when my husband commented ‘I thought you hated it when folk post pictures of their amazing cakes- it’s awesome, you don’t need lots of likes and comments! He was right. But I sneaked it in anyway!! I needed the endorsement of friends, to prove I was up there with cake making! Then there was the first time I experienced someone saying ‘wow, you are always doing cool stuff at the weekends! And I thought ‘what??’, no we’re not. We spend loads of weekends wondering how on earth to fill the time, arguing over who gets some time off… And I would be thinking everyone else was having an awesome weekend.Then, in my job as a Child Clinical Psychologist in a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Team, I would see family after family describing similar challenges, but all feeling isolated in their suffering, unable to tell friends and family what was really going on. I would think, if only you could meet the other families that are having the same struggles.Parents did start to meet, when I ran a workshop. The resounding feedback was how helpful and empowering it was to hear other people’s stories, to know you are not on your own. And my training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) helped me to understand the impact of this ‘happiness trap’ we are caught up in, fuelled by social media’s constant flow of happy images of family life.I started to think ‘we need an antidote to facebook’! I have seen it start to happen-there is the odd post that offers both sides of the happy family holiday. And they are well received with comments such as ‘thanks for being so honest’, ‘we need more posts like this’….So the idea was sown, but it lay dormant and my inner critic remained dominant telling me it would never happen...Truthbook was brought to life from my own struggle; catapulted from the comfort of certainty, routine and family and friends, I landed in Brisbane, Australia, with my husband and kids in July 2019. My husband’s work brought us here and it was supposed to be for a year, after which we would return to said comfort and I would return to my NHS job and career. Fast forward a year, where I experienced intense homesickness and loss of professional identity, battled with being a supportive wife and mother and pursuing my own work and passions and blamed my husband for all of this! Throw in COVID 19 which amplified isolation, left room for nothing but 100% mum and took a massive slice out of the ‘cake of life’ putting me totally off balance. I had to find something I could become passionate about, that used my clinical psychology training to regain my connection with the profession and that helped others.I hope Truthbook will give us a different perspective. When we consider what we have in common, it can promote connection and understanding rather than distance and envy. When we recognise other people’s vulnerability, we can be more com
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