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Host Chad Mueller and Rowing Coach Millsy, sit down with Shane Farmer @darkhorserowing to talk tips and tricks to rowing like a beast! ​​​​​​​​Shane is one of the top coaches within the CrossFit space for the past decade. Shane surrounded himself with the OG's of CrossFit and found an opportunity working with Concept2. Dark Horse Rowing has become the leader in the rowing industry for rowing programming and training. ​​​​​​​​The guys sit down and talk about the appeal of rowing to the masses, how to encourage more time on the rower and how endurance training can help you.Of course we have to ask about damper settings and fueling in the CrossFit Games marathon row.
Me against Myself, in this Episode we get Inside the mind of Fuel owner Greg Hetherington as he battles a torn achilles.As a Weekend Warrior, injuries are an inevitable part of being active, competing and pushing the limits with your fitness! Just ask Greg Hetherington, who tore his achilles in February playing flag football with buddies! Greg is a friend of Adam & Michelle and Owner of Fuel Training Club, our favourite place to train in Toronto! We wanted to share his inspiring story and the approach he took to get back on track after this serious injury.Greg is just like many of you:•Trains hard & pushes the limits•Has 2 kids at home•Busy career to manage•NEEDS his daily workout to help him cope....meaning that being sidelined needed to be addressed QUICKLY! In Episode #50 of the Podcast we talk to Greg about how he took ownership of his injury and the steps he took to ensure that he was going to make the quickest and best recovery possible! 
Just one week after the CrossFit Quarterfinals, our Host Chad Mueller sits down with Adam de Jong for a recap on how our LP Athletes stacked up against the best in the world in Stage 2 of the 2022 CrossFit Games Season. Chad and Adam recap the 5 high skilled and demanding workouts completed by the Athletes in 3 days, how each workout took a toll on the athletes, and how the LP Athletes stayed fuelled and ready to bring their A-Game to each workout over the course of the weekend. Finally, Chad and Adam talk about the online and in-person competitions that they are excited to compete with the LP Members throughout the next year. If you are excited to get involved with Team, Partner or Individual CrossFit Competitions then you have to tune in for this episode for the inside scoop. 
Today Chad's in the hot seat, as Coach ADJ dives deep into Chad's journey to Living the Fit Life!As we get older, we stop trying new things, we stop taking on new challenges and we get comfortable with the same old over and over again! Fitness is no different. In order to be consistent and stay motivated we need to keep it exciting. We need to push ourselves, we need to set new goals and we need to take a beginners mindset so we can continue to learn and grow. When Chad Mueller joined the LP Family in August 2014, let's just say he was in for a new Challenge. Or a whole bunch of new Challenges. Over the past 8 years lets just say he has tried A LOT of new things! Olympic Lifting, CrossFit, Unilateral Training, Hypertrophy and the list goes on. In this Episode, we talk about his journey, his challenges, his obstacles, his setbacks and most importantly everything he has accomplished and learned along the way:You’re not too old to have GoalsAlways have a Beginner MindsetBuilding your Tribe/CommunityNutrition is about KnowledgeRecovery takes timeThe Fit Life includes everyone in your FamilyTune in to gain awesome knowledge that Chad has learned about gaining weight, losing weight, building muscle, recovering from injuries and building fitness and a healthy lifestyle into his family's routine!
A long overdue episode with long-time Member Ally Galloway. Ever wonder how Ally seems to be able to reach a level of discomfort that most people struggle to understand?!?! Her and Chad talk about her secrets to unlocking your Inner Competitor! Ally started training with Coach Adam back in 2010 when she was preparing for her first year as a Varsity Hockey Player at Western University! 4 years later she was a National Champion, not long after that she was Training and Coaching at LP and now 12 years since it all began, she is the same Competitor with the same fire we saw back in 2010! In this Episode, Chad and Ally take look into what drives Ally as she continue to make Fitness, Nutrition and Competition a priority in her life. Find out more about:Her daily Training! Sometimes 1x/day, sometimes 2x/day 😲What she has learned about Nutrition over the years and the plan she is currently following.Her favourite Recovery tools to keep her body healthy and strong with all of the training and volume.And of course, what drives her to be such an inspiring competitor and how she thrives off of competition and being able to dig deep when it really matter! 



Growing up as a gymnast Sarah was told she was too bulky! She also grew up in an era where dieting and being skinny was expected for women. Olympic Lifting has helped change her mindset around being Strong & Beautiful and she is on a mission to help other women feel the same. Tune in with Chad, Sarah and Co-Host Ian Childs as the three of them talk about her journey growing up, her training, nutrition, recovery and of course her passion for helping women feel Strong and Beautiful! Sarah just missed the podium in Tokyo last summer in the 64kg weight class. She is one of the best in the world at her sport, but her journey was different than most Olympians. Tune in to hear the full story! 
Bronwyn, like many other of our LP Members grew up dedicating her life to the sport she loved. Bronwyn spent 20+ hours/week in the swimming pool training with her teammates pushing to be the best possible athlete she could be.  (Find how many KMs per week she did in pool?) Her hard work paid off in an incredible way. Her accolades are second to none - but you will have to tune in to hear what year she competed at the Olympic Swim Trials But we aren't here to talk just about Bronwyn are we  Tune in to find out how she has channelled that high performing athlete into her career, as a triathlete and now as LP's Swim Coach where she is excited to help all of you take your swim game to the next level! Tune in to find out why Coach Bronwyn is so excited to help transform your swim game and what her progressive, scalable and periodized programming will look like. Find out how she plans to help you with your form and technique and how she plans to use lots of form focus drills and tips for racing/open water swimming. Don't miss this fantastic episode with a fellow LP Member and like many of you, a former athlete who has transformed the skills and abilities that she learned through sport and has used them to fuel her success in life after sport!
"Don't give yourself permission to fail" is the motto he uses with his alarm clocks, his workouts and his life!What an inspiring episode to kick-off the New Year that truthfully felt more like a "Workshop" than a Podcast with Darryl King on Habits, Structure, Schedule and Routine! ✅From his cross Canada journey on a Road Bike after University, to Ironman 70.3 Whistler & Muskoka, Darryl King is always up for a little challenge, dare or bet 😲Our 2021 Biggest Transformation Award Winner "AKA" Athlete of the Year :-) Kicked off 2022 with an inspiring episode recapping his 5 year LP Journey with the LP Family and everything he has learned and absorbed about Training, Nutrition and Recovery! Darryl joined LP as a beat up Triathlete who was looking to build strength and get rid of his aches and pains! Before long he was hooked, training 5 days/week with the 6am Crew and feeling stronger and healthier than ever before! At 43 years old, Darryl has made his biggest transformation over the past 3 years, proving that he is getting better with age 😀In 2019 it started with Ironman 70.3 Whistler and now training with the LP Endurance Crew the crazy training schedule and journey continues! Find out some of Darryl's Secrets to Success that he hopes you can take and implement into your fitness journey as you balance the demands of family, career and fitness!
Going into the Holidays and in preparation for 2022, we have two VERY special guests on for our Holiday Edition of Living The Fit Life - EP. 43 Tune in for some Holiday Tips for your Family, Goal Setting advice for Moms & Dads, Nutrition Values and Recovery Secrets!These ladies have two very different stories and two very different backgrounds when it comes to their fitness, but what they have in common is knowing what Motivates THEM! Lindsay says "Getting my workout in is my STRESS RELIEVER. It makes me a better mom, a more pleasant leader at work and a much happier person"Kristin says "Having a GOAL is important for me. I love tracking my progress, striving for new personal bests and using the ladies around me to push and motivate me"Does this sound like you LP Fam?!?!Are you more like Lindsay or Kristin?!?!Just like you, these ladies have busy families and demanding careers and MAKING time for themselves in their crazy schedules is CRUCIAL to performing at their best as moms, partners and co-workers each and every day! In this Episode the ladies share their Secrets to Living The Fit Life in 2022 and for years to come!Learn why having a weekly schedule is their KEY to Success when it comes to consistencyLearn why having a Therapy Team has helped them overcome injury and setbacks along the wayLearn how they both have perfected their Nutrition Plan over the yearsLearn how they both approach Goal Setting and they balance Personal Goals with their busy livesLearn why Strength Training, using Supplements and LP Challenges have got them great successTune in to learn how Lindsay & Kristin have been consistently living The Fit Life for 7+ years
Today we welcome one of LP’s longest standing members and someone that proves day in and day out Age is just a number! At 62 years old, Janice Collins is in the best shape of her life running half marathons, hiking the Bruce Trail, crushing unassisted pull-ups, squats, deadlifts and living the fit life each and every day! She is all business when it comes to scheduling in her workouts, setting big goals and meal prepping for success. But all of this is done with one big smile on her face living life to its fullest.How does Janice stay motivated and committed to the Fit Life? What are her keys to success that she has built over the last 8 years with LP? Tune in here to find out:
We used to just say Food Is Fuel… But now believe that every food choice is an opportunity to direct, shape and remake our health. Our Body Composition. Our Performance. Our WellBeing.And our philosophy is that there can be a right time and place for all three of these goals as long as you manage it properly.—We just finished up one of our most participated challenges of the year - The Body Composition Challenge. And this challenge, once again, didn’t disappoint! With an average loss of 3.6% body fat and our overall leaders just crushing the last 8 weeks, you may be wondering what sort of plan got them these results…What should your nutrition priorities be if you wanted to do the same?Tune into this week’s episode where we dig into nutrition priorities and what the hierarchy of focus should be for anyone looking to make a change and keep those results.
It was incredible to sit down with the Founder of JOGA - Jana Webb to hear about the early days of JOGA, working with the Calgary Stampeders 15+ years ago and now working with NFL, NBA and other Professional Sports Teams and Players to help them perform at their best every game, every season and for their career. When we asked Jana, what about "Corporate Athletes" she laughed and said, "All the corporate athletes I know want to be treated like a pro athlete and would be offended if I changed the program just for them" 😁In other words, she knows we got big egos and we want the absolute best in everything we do! 💯JOGA is the perfect balance between a Challenging Workout that tests you and speaks to your inner athlete, with the Recovery that your Body and your Mind so desperately need to help you balance the demands of your crazy life!  ✅Tune in to learn more about the incredible benefits of JOGA for "Corporate Athletes" as you continue to strive to perform at your best each and every day for years to come.
If you want to be the CEO of your own life, then this episode is for you. Self-leadership is for anyone that wants to take personal responsibility of their life! In this episode, we sit down with Dave Inglis, Founder of Threshold Leadership and long-time “Transient” Member at LP. Dave shares some incredible stories in this episode about his own challenges he has overcome as well as some of the leaders he has helped along the way. Dave has an incredible passion and incredible gift for helping Leaders at all levels in their careers and lives create balance! He helps them prioritize their wealth, health and relationships, while working towards a life with balance and harmony so they can eventually “HAVE IT ALL”. We talk about the tools he uses with his leaders to evaluate their Wealth, Health and Relationships. We talk about Strategic Solitude and how to not only build it into your busy lives, but how to create the perfect setting to ensure that you have great success. We talk about Self-Care and how with the Multiplier Effect you can combine the things you love to do, with the things you have to do into you daily routine.We talk about how to map out your next season in life and how to prioritize what is important to you. Tune into this fantastic episode on personal development, leadership and begin your journey to become the CEO of your life, growing your wealth, health and relationships. If you loved the podcast and want to download the Triple Bottom Line Playbook - CLICK HERE
For those of you who don't know Erin, just 5 years ago she walked through the doors of LP looking to find a new gym after having her second baby. Trying to squeeze in 3 workouts/week into her family's crazy schedule. She was a newbie to the gym world learning the difference between sets and reps, barbells and dumbbells and sooo much more! Let's just say, a few years later, she has transformed her mindset and approach to fitness and health. Scheduling her workouts into her daily and weekly routine, following a plan and chasing after massive goals to push her own limits on what is possible!Erin defined herself as a mom, a pharmacist and used fitness to stay healthy for her family. She now uses fitness to set crazy goals, build self confidence and to inspire her two girls Emmy and Lexi, her hubby Chris and the rest of her amazing family and community that she has built around her! Tune in to Episode 38 to hear how Erin balances it all, finds the motivation, stays healthy and how she built a power house dream team around her to help her achieve her goals!
The LP Endurance Club made a massive debut in their first season and on this episode Chad sits down with Coach Mark and Coach Adam to talk about the growing club, Athlete Race Success, the massive Foundation Season (Off-Season) they have planned and their Goals for the 2022 Season! Tune into hear about Gravel Bike Races, Ultramarathons, Sprint & Olympic Triathlons, Run Races and of course Ironman Muskoka 70.3, Ironman Wisconsin and upcoming Races including Ironman Florida and Ironman Cozumel! Woahhhhh Learn how the Pillars of Success that we all know so well from LP have translated over to the Endurance Club to help these incredible athletes take their fitness, nutrition, recovery and all around performance and success to the next level! Accountability, Structure, Consistency, Knowledge and Preparation are the words Coach Mark uses to describe as the keys to success thus far and what will continue to take the club to the next level in the years to come!
As the kiddos head back to school, we thought it would be a perfect time to sit down with the Fittest Teenager on the Planet, Emma Lawson! In this Episode, Emma shares her tips and tricks for young athletes who love sports and have dreams and aspirations of playing sports for years to come. Emma talks about how she sets goals on a yearly basis and uses them to keep her motivated when training long hours. She shares how she builds her daily routine around her training early in the morning and after school. Find out how she balances her training, school and social life.  How she prioritizes recovery to continue to be a healthy athlete for years to come.She shares her tips around nutrition as a young athlete and what to focus on. We can all learn from the focus and discipline that 16 year old Emma Lawson shared in Season 2 Episode 1 of Living the Fit Life Podcast!Tune in here:
With 35 Episodes in the books, we finish off Season 1 of Living the Fit Life Podcast! What a year it has been learning, reflecting and growing in the areas of FITNESS, NUTRITION, RECOVERY and the X-FACTOR. We hope you enjoyed or gained some knowledge from at least one of our episodes.Check out our latest Podcast talking about our favourite episodes from this year and what September brings! We dig into our 9th Anniversary Fitness Festival and our Body Composition Challenge coming up next month!A special thank you to our host Chad Mueller and our guests: Heber, Loren Gabel, Garth, Liz, Mark, Bethany, Doc Kyle, Doc Jen, Morgan, Laura Lee, Mitch, Eddie, Brock, Ally, Ben, Travis,  Chris, Josh Wooley, Jeff & Sheena, Beth Halford and surprise host Ian Childs.We are closing the books on Season 1 and Season 2 is going to be just as much fun. You can expect 2 podcasts a month from us. And if you have any guests you would LOVE to see on the Podcast or a specific topic you would like us to cover, please don't hesitate to send us a note.
Whoop there it is!

Whoop there it is!


After only 4 months, WHOOP members improved significantly across these categories:Reduce Resting Heart Rate (RHR) by 4.4 BPMIncrease Heart Rate Variability (HRV) by 8 millisecondsDedicated an additional 41 minutes to sleep per nightExperienced injuries 60% less oftenConsumed alcohol 79% less often before bedMinimized the symptoms of exhausting travelThese results are across all WHOOP members... But what have Adam, Michelle and Chad seen while digging into this wearable technology???Listen to Episode 34 and learn a little about the WHOOP band and how all three of them have used the technology to improve their overall health and fitness!What habits have they changed since wearing the band? Listen in to find out...
We took your burning questions and gave them two minutes to answer... It has been a while since these three have been back together on the mic and a great reunion it was. Listen in for some fun and great chats/insights into the following questions:What's the highlight of your fitness journeyWhat’s the lowest point of your fitness journey?What’s your go-to breakfast?How to tackle nutrition in the cases you want to increase weight?What’s the biggest issue you see with most people’s nutrition?How do you balance volume and intensity?How to ramp back up? (vacation, covid, time off from fitness)Who’s your podium picks for the CrossFit GamesGive me 3 recommendations from any of these areas: great books, documentaries, podcasts, shows or movies you recommend of late?
Most of us don’t relate pelvic floor therapy to sport performance, but we are here today to chat with Beth Halford, Owner of KW Pelvic Health about the importance of Pelvic Floor Health when it comes to sports, performance and overall health.Like many of our bad ass Moms at LP, Beth is an amazing role model for her two young children and is crushing it in her career running her own Pelvic Floor Therapy Clinic...And not to mention she has quite the resume of athletic accomplishments...Former captain of the McMaster University women’s swimming team.3x Boston marathon (2015, 2016, 2019) 3x Ironman 70.3 World Championships  (2014, 2018, 2020). She has also completed multiple Full Ironmans with a personal best 3rd place finish at Ironman Mont Tremblant in 2019.On this episode, we help you understand more about your Pelvic Floor (part of deep core muscle group) and whether or not this area of focus could lead you to higher peak performance and overall quality of life?Hold up gentlemen - yes, this podcast is still for you. 
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