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Author: Michelle De Jong, Adam De Jong, Chad Mueller

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There's a story to tell. Not the one that explains how Limitless Performance came to be 8 years ago, but the one that dives into the LP as it is, here and now. It hasn't always been The Fit Life as we know it in this moment. It hasn't always been balanced, nutritious meals for optimal health, or a focus on sleep and recovery for maximal energy or structured training for peak performance. What is has always been, however, is continuous progression of a high performance lifestyle; one that is worth sharing. 8 years of trials and tribulations, 8 years of evolution, 8 years of revelations. Living the Fit Life Podcast drops this Thursday.
10 Episodes
If you don't quite yet have endless respect for Coach ADJ as an athlete, you will after listening to Episode 9 of The Fit Life Podcast.Chad and Adam dive into what brought him into two unique worlds of Crossfit and Endurance training, and the differences that exist between the two, including training, nutrition, recovery and "competition day" atmosphere and routine. They discuss the benefits of being a multi-sport athlete, and how you can reap them, regardless of what sports you are passionate about or involved in.Adam's experience over the years in both Crossfit and Endurance has given him the knowledge and understanding of how to adapt and transition so quickly between seasons, allowing him to remain a leader for LP members, encouraging them to push their own fitness comfort zones.And a fun little bonus question: It's evident that Adam has found a passion for both sports, but if he had to, what one would he choose over the other?
S01E08: 360 Recovery

S01E08: 360 Recovery


The original crew of Chad, Adam and Michelle is reunited to discuss the critical recovery that hits both mental and physical components to ensure you are at your best each week - and the best part? These strategies are simple to implement with little to no financial investment.Episode 8 takes us through what tool provided the alarming data that pushed Adam and Michelle to build a routine around 360 recovery, and the list of simple options they recommend implementing 1-2x a week, and how you can do the same.Points of conversation include the pros and cons of epsom salt baths, foam rolling, massage gun, reading or journaling, stretching and contrast therapy.
In this episode, Dr. Kyle Simpson, DC or "Doc Kyle" shares his passion of helping others in their journey of health, well-being and performance.While he's only been practicing chiropractic care for 2-3 years, his knowledge, understanding and professionalism is some of the best, especially in the realm of optimal performance through proactive recovery.Chad, Adam and Doc discuss what proactive recovery is and how it has become a huge component of living The Fit Life.Learn how Doc Kyle differs from other chiropractors, how he end up serving the LP community, his "Test-Retest" approach and his Recovery Tool Report Card, grading of some of the most popular and under-utilized recovery equipment that you can use at home or in the gym to make a difference in your optimal health and performance.
The Fit Life Podcast hosts their first guest!Chad, Michelle and Morgan, owner of The III, a growing food business focused on health + wellbeing, chat about the elements of nutrition and how it's related to health and performance.Right from the start, Michelle and Morgan demonstrate their different educational and experiential backgrounds, proving that nutrition has a wide scope - and while it's often assumed to be complicated, the foundation is simple, however, not always easy.The passion is evident as they discuss their top tips, what has made them individually successful in the nutrition realm, some of the biggest hurdles they've recognized in LP members and their hot take on supplements.You don't want to miss this one! Tune in here:
Chad, Adam and Michelle explain the importance of all four of the Fit Life Pillars and their components, each taking a quarter of "the pie."Together they discuss which pillars might come more naturally and why, the four streams of performance, what single stream is best for you, and finally, how to zoom out and plan your year around your goals.It's not a quick fix; it's a lifestyle, and these pillars are the foundation.
Host, Chad Mueller sits down with Adam and Michelle to discuss The Fit Life as we know it right now, including how the 4 pillars of fitness, nutrition, recovery and the x-factor have evolved and how they might be tweaked depending on what goals you are chasing.Discussion points include Adam and Michelle's journey of focusing more on optimal health, their current area of weakness, the expanded LP team of experts and how giving permission to LP members to conquer new heights has been a game changer for individuals and the LP community.
The "Performance Phase" was more than just finding success in workouts.This time became the giant learning curve that uncovered the idea of health being far more than a daily workout. This was the time of divided workouts, unfamiliar movements, strict nutrition and recovery trial-and-error.Without even knowing it at the time, this phase provided the resources that has built the withstanding values of LP today.This was the phase of redefining The Fit Life.
From school sports, to city sports, to varsity sports. What was it like growing up in sports in the 10-20 years ago? Was there an emphasis on nutrition? Did we work out specifically for our sport? Join Chad Mueller as he digs into the life of Adam and Michelle growing up as young athletes. Are they the same athletes as they are today or did things look a little different? Looking back, would they do anything different? And as they reflect on their past, do they have any advice for young athletes today?
What if you could just keep playing sports forever? Wouldn’t that be a dream! We all end our competitive sports careers at some point, whether it’s at age 20, 25 or 50 and that’s when the real fun begins. After a career of Junior, University or maybe even Pro, you have dedicated your LIFE to your Sport. And now that is gone…..the games, practices, workouts, coaches, teammates, locker room and more!We went from being an Athlete, to not knowing what to say when someone asked us who we were.We were used to training hard and eating to supplement that training. We had coaches and teammates to use for anything and everything we needed. Our life was 100% scheduled. Listen in to hear how each of us dealt with this life transition and how we followed our passion into building LP.
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