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Joseph Sudhip's Podcast (Business in 90 Seconds)

Author: Joseph Sudhip CMA, MBA, LLB

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Business in 90 Seconds is a weekly show, its an informative session for 90 seconds on innovative business models, dramatic business transformations, state of the art analogies which would help you introspect, and would help to start seeing things in a different perspective and guide you for transformation.
32 Episodes
People are dying at 40 and being buried at 80…
Episode 29 - Living by Dafault or Design, Existing or Just Living - Trav Bell - The Bucket List Coach gives his perspectives....
Episode 28 - "Two Key Factors for a Successful Business"
“Marketing using Neuroscience, three essentials” 
Which is the goal driven organ within us and how does it help for work life balance?
The three steps to SELLThe word sales has been a nightmare or a mental block for many Entrepreneurs, yes, there is always a prejudistic mindset attached to this word. Our guest  Purdeep explain sales in three simple steps, let’s hear what those three steps are. 
Episode 24, “A man without a vision shall perish” 
Episode 23, What is servant leadership and how can you transform your leadership sytle?It’s a bit long compared to my other episodes, But Dan Edds Author of “Leveraging the genetics of leadership” makes clear and intense statements about below.a)      What is a Servant Leadership?  b)     How to Transform your Leadership Style?c)      How to execute Servant Leadership in practice?d)     Impact of not executing the same.
This week I am so excited to share more insights which was shared by Dan Edds, the Author of “Leveraging the genetics of leadership” in my podcast. Last week his answer to the question was  “ What transforms an Organization”  was to transform the experience of the workfoce, well, That was a 30,000 ft answer. Let’s hear how Dan drills this down in his two-step approach.
This week I am so excited to share a greatest insight which was shared by Dan Edds, the Author of “Leveraging the genetics of leadership” about “ What transforms and Organization”. He was a guest in my podcast during last week. Let’s hear it straight from the guest.
Episode 20 – Myth about comfort zone?  Welcome to the twentieth  episode of “Business in 90 seconds” an informative session on business insights.This week I wanted to share “ a myth about comfort zone”  When we hear the term comfort zone, what comes to our mind, we think its all about being in a zone where everything goes fine, we are in a happy go lucky mood and so on.
Business Myth
Your attitude defines your altitude
Find the mistake
Ted Talks, but never listens, how Nelson Mandela became a great leader..
Welcome to the fourteenth episode of “Business in 90 seconds” an informative session on business insights.This week I have a guest in my episode, a high profile award winning publicist, I would rather mention as the King maker, the reason why I am introducing Tracy Lamourie to this show is to showcase the relevance of a publicist in business and entrepreneurship. As you all know, I am a business coach specialized in Business Model Designing, two of my fourteen business canvases are channels and communication, in this show Tracy amazingly explains how to use channels and how to communicate your story and the role played by a publicist in this.There are a lot of business insights in this entire 30 minutes conversation, do not miss this if you are in business.
Watermelon Puzzle
Episode 12 – Parking lot challenge – Solve this challenge and sharpen your business skills…
Cold Mountain effect in Business - beware of this symptom...
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