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When dealing with disability, is gene therapy an ethical solution? Can technology encourage a more equitable world? Does society truly listen to people with a disability? In this special edition, we’ll meet several authors seeking answers to these complex questions. We’ll hear their creations before learning about the inspiration behind each tale. "Who am I?" by Brian Routledge, "L’ Expo" by Christophe Poizat and "Mosaïque" by Paule Gilis were the winning entries in EPO’s writing competition on the theme disability and innovation. The contest was open to all staff and formed part of our celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the European Patent Convention. Brian’s story also won the 2023 essay competition organised by the Brain journal and is published there (link below).    "Who am I" by Brian Routledge on "Who am I" by Brian Routledge in the "Brain" Journal "The exhibition" by Christophe Poizat on "Mosaic" by Paule Gilis on
Are you a new IT or computer science graduate looking to make a difference? Are you ready to kickstart your career in an international environment?     Hear from Young Professional Metehan about his active role in EPO initiatives such as data protection in IT. Learn more about the networking and development opportunities he's enjoyed, how he's contributing to innovation and how the programme has fostered his personal and professional growth.     Applications for 2024 are now open, for more information please visit: Moderators:  Persida Jovanovic, Young Professional in Talent Acquisition Penelope Piraino, Young Professional in Talent Acquisition Guest: Metehan Malakçi, Young Professional in IT Sourcing, Risk and Compliance Loved this episode? Dive into Part I now!
Graduating in STEM and looking for your next career step? Looking to expand your international network? Now's your chance to learn all you need to know about the Young Professionals Programme, first hand, from current participants. Learn why Larisa applied to the programme, the benefits she's enjoyed most and how this hands-on experience with innovation has helped put her on the right career path. Applications for 2024 are now open, for more information please visit: Moderators:  Persida Jovanovic, Young Professional in Talent Acquisition  Penelope Piraino, Young Professional in Talent Aquisition Guest:   Larisa Turtureanu, Young Professional in Patent granting process Loved this episode? ⁠Dive into Part II now!⁠
The EPO's latest study reveals massive global advances in diagnostics and treatments, with universities and public research institutes playing a major role. Innovation against cancer is growing rapidly and the wealth of free patent information in the EPO's newest technology platform is helping scientists to make more breakthroughs.   Read the full study Read the key findings Access the Technologies combatting cancer platform   Guests:  Laurent Deleu, Patent examiner, European Patent Office   IIlja Rudyk, Senior economist, European Patent Office      Moderator:  Jeremy Philpott, Communications manager, European Patent Office 
Peek behind the curtain and learn about what goes into successfully bringing sustainable innovations to market. EPO patent examiner Edward Cooke speaks with bioscience engineering professor Johan Martens about the solar panel he co-invented which produces clean hydrogen from sunlight and moisture. Their conversation covers topics such as hydrogen energy, the UN's sustainable development goals and how Johan's invention is designed for varied climatic conditions.  More about Johan Martens
Technology can kick green mobility into higher gear but you, as an individual, can also make a move! Learn what it takes and get on board with Ben Brown and Ciara Doyle from Going Green Media and EPO patent examiner Haider Al-Taie. Along the way you will learn about the latest trends in transportation, the challenges in the road ahead and about the important impact you can make with sustainable commuting. Let's drive into a greener future together!
Join us on an interstellar adventure to explore the out-of-this-world technology that makes space exploration possible. You probably even use space technology here on Earth without even realising it! Inventor and YouTuber Simone Giertz and former patent examiner Rainer Kaysan will guide you through these fascinating inventions, careers in space and the key role aerospace innovation plays for a greener planet. Buckle up and get ready to blast off in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Interested to hear more? Here's a link to an earlier episode on technologies used in space: "Earth observation for a greener planet"
Device on. Headphones on. Press play. Game on! But… what goes into a video game? What drives innovation in hardware, software and graphics? Could you become a video game developer and maybe even change the world for the better? Join a tech expert and patent examiner for a unique look at the technology behind your favourite titles. You’ll never look at games the same again! Speakers: Patrick Mikulastik and Anne-Marie Imafidon Music by: YipYep
How are European startups using patents and trade marks to raise finance? The high failure rates of promising startups are often linked to their cashflow problems, so this a topic of critical importance for Europe’s economy. The authors of a recent study discuss their findings with regard to patents, trade marks and startup finance. Guests:           Yann Ménière, Chief Economist, European Patent Office Nathan Wajsman, Chief Economist, EU Intellectual Property Office Moderator:  Jeremy Philpott, manager in Communications, European Patent Office Access our study
Additive manufacturing (AM) is a disruptive technology coming of age. The EPO’s latest study reveals explosion in global patenting activity in 3D printing and other forms of AM, now being deployed in construction, healthcare and transport. Patent filings for AM inventions are increasing at eight times the rate across all technologies, as AM comes out of its niche as a prototyping tool and enters the mainstream at the centre of manufacturing. Moderator: Jeremy Philpott (Communications manager, EPO) Guests: Ilja Rudyk (Senior Economist, EPO) and Judy Ceulemans (Senior Expert, EPO) Download the study More about additive manufacturing on our website
Elena García Armada invented a robotic exoskeleton for children who use wheelchairs, vastly improving their rehabilitation. However, going from lab to market was no mean feat. The Spanish robotics expert had to navigate clinical testing, impress investors, learn about intellectual property and attract world-class engineers to work on her ambitious project. But seeing smiles on the faces of young patients who walk for the very first time have made the journey worthwhile. This episode is part of the Inspiring Inventors series, which looks at ground-breaking technologies and the people behind them.  Moderator: Edward Cooke, Patent examiner, European Patent Office  Guest: Elena García Armada, Co-founder and CEO, Marsi Bionics  More about Elena García Armada:
A simple cheek swab could begin a new lease on life for patients with leukaemia. Stem cell typing is the first step in matching patients with donors. Join us to learn about typing from donors, people who've conquered a blood cancer, a biotechnology expert and a PR manager at an NGO that recruits donors and supports patients. We'll also provide details on an up-coming stem cell typing drive in Munich and The Hague, one of the ways we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the European Patent Convention this year. Moderator: Sabine Lunau, EPO Communications manager Guests: Aliki Nichogiannopolou, EPO Director: DNA, peptide and cell biotechnology Andreas Böhm-Pélissier, member of an EPO Boards of Appeal Jennifer Andersen, DKMS, Public relations manager
Two scientists-turned-entrepreneurs have created the technology platform S-TIR for immunology vaccines, enabling treatments for allergies and cancer. Based on their strong patent portfolio they founded several start-up companies for product development and technology commercialisation. In this podcast they explain how IP was essential for attracting investment as well as generating licensing revenue early on. This was crucial given the long time-to-market periods that are typical in biotechnology. The EPO has recently published three new case studies highlighting the role of IP in creating businesses that are bringing technologies to market to diagnose and/or treat cancer. Download the case studies:
New energy landscapes

New energy landscapes


The latest Patent Index shows that clean energy technologies are driving a surge in patent applications. New filings in the field of electrical machinery, apparatus and energy grew by 18.2% in 2022, and battery technologies (which is a sub-field herein) grew by 48%. Our experts discuss the leading countries in this exciting field and give insights into what is driving the innovations in clean energies, including hydrogen, batteries, wind, solar and geothermal energy. Moderator: Jeremy Philpott, Communications Manager, EPO Guests: Yann Ménière, Chief Economist, EPO, and Victor Veefkind, patent examiner, EPO See
The latest Patent Index shows that the top three fields of technology – digital communication, medical technology and computer technology – alone comprised nearly a quarter of all filings to the EPO in 2022. These areas are converging to create a revolution in smart healthcare, with devices monitoring, diagnosing and even treating us without a doctor’s opinion or a stay in hospital. The experts discuss the leading applicants in this exciting field and give insights into what is driving the innovations in smart health. Moderator: Jeremy Philpott, Communications Manager, EPO Guests: Carlos Rivera Pons, Team Manager EPO, and Riccardo Carta, patent examiner, EPO  See
Sensor tech supports sustainability by delivering crucial climate data. We explore the satellite-based sensors that forecast weather, detect pollution, protect biodiversity and monitor the environment. Experts from the European Patent Office, the European Space Policy Institute and the European Space Agency dive into their recent joint study, which shows a meteoric rise of patent applications in space-borne sensing. Could innovation in space be key for a greener planet? Moderated by Tomas Hrozensky from the European Space Policy Institute with the participation of Johannes Schaaf from the European Patent Office and  Stephan Speidel from HE Space Operations working closely with the European Space Agency. See the Patent Insights report on “Space-borne sensing and green applications”  Patent documents quoted by Johannes for illustrative purposes: EP3469516B1  EP3655743B1 EP2193449B1
Innovation in hydrogen is booming, not just in production, but also in storage and applications. Current hydrogen production relies heavily on fossil fuels, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Electricity from renewable sources (wind, solar etc.), using new electrolyser technologies, herald a new era for this clean energy source. But which countries and sectors are in the lead, and what are the challenges to the hydrogen revolution? Moderator: Jeremy Philpott, Communications Manager, EPO Guests: Simon Bennett, Technology Analyst at IEA, and Yann Ménière, EPO Chief Economist See
Leading patent professionals, scientists, and academics tackle one of society’s biggest challenges: gender equality in tech careers.  This special episode, hosted by Roberta Romano-Götsch (EPO Chief Sustainability Officer), features highlights from the EPO’s recent roundtable discussions on women inventors. > Read full study or key findings > Watch all panel discussions in full
Innovation can fail in the gap between public research funding and private investment taking over, often termed the Valley of Death. But innovation culture also has a key role to play.  Services offered by the European Innovation Council and the EPO’s network of over 320 PATLIB centres spread across Europe can help entrepreneurs cross the valley safely and thrive.  Join Tom Withnell (EPO), Francesco Matteucci (Programme Manager, EIC) and Roberto Santolamazza (Managing Director,t2i PATLIB Centre, Italy) as they discuss these topics. Patent information centres (PATLIB): European Innovation Council: European Innovation Council 2023 work programme:
Do we have knowledge cohesion across Europe? How does it differ from convergence? There is vast research on cohesion policy in Europe which still has to be developed on the grounds of measurement and the links between convergence and cohesion. In this podcast, Semih Akçomak tells us how to use patent collaboration and EU Framework Project collaboration data to analyse knowledge convergence and cohesion. This episode is moderated by Catalina Martínez García, senior researcher in the Institute of Public Goods and Policies at the Spanish National Research Council. Download full research project report:
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