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In this episode, we discuss some enemies that could have been friends. Enjoy!·      2:11 Harry and Dudley. What the deleted scene here. The main benefit of this friendship would be an ally for Harry on Privet Drive. Every summer, he dreads the return and getting bullied by Dudley, but if he had a friend in Dudley instead, he might not find his summer home so horrible.·      9:12 Harry and Bellatrix. If Harry and Bellatrix were friends, the story would be very different. When she kills Sirius, would Harry begin to hate her guts like he did when she was his enemy from the start? Their storyline would be much more interesting if Voldemort forced Bellatrix to kill Sirius. We have to assume that Sirius and Bellatrix were on good terms before that which only adds another layer of complexity. This could never happen! But if it could…·      14:56 Snape and Hermione. This occurred to me because I never understood why Snape never saw Lily in Hermione as well as Harry. This is something that should have come out because though Harry is more closely related to Lily, Hermione is much closer to her at face value. It would be an unlikely friendship for sure, but it is one that could help bridge the gap of hate between Harry and Snape.19:04 Dumbledore and Voldemort. One of the most interesting parts of the Fantastic Beasts films is the relationship between Grindelwald and Dumbledore. If Grindelwald was replaced by Voldemort, how would the story change? Dumbledore would probably find the war more difficult because instead of fighting an evil wizard he’s fighting the little boy from the orphanage who is angry at the world. Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
In this episode, we discuss the pros and cons of the tri-wizard tournament. Enjoy!Topics/Summary:·      2:10 Cheating is promoted. The point of the competition is to think on your feet and adapt to any situation, but if the champions know everything about the challenges before they even stat, there is no point to any of it and the only challenge becomes who can learn the most about the task beforehand. ·      5:11 Cheating is promoted. Genius! Cheating takes the competition out of the tasks and creates and more year-round event. If cheating is part of the tradition, it only tests more skills of more low profile work that the champions may have.·      10:02 It puts the students in danger. The risk of death or injury is remarkably high and even if everyone escapes unscathed (which they didn’t) they might not come out the same as Dumbledore said. It is difficult the justify this competition if the lively hood of the students is put into the question to such an extreme degree. ·      12:35 It brings the students together. Look at Hogwarts! With Cedric as a champion, every house was united against Harry which has never happened. Something powerful enough to get three of the four houses working together is worth mentioning. And the students from Durmstrang and Beauxbatons were cheering for their school’s candidate.·      15:49 It pulls the teachers apart. They were all in uproar when Harry was chosen and they didn’t want to give Dumbledore an unfair advantage. The teachers are also all competing to get the most information to their champion. For them, the whole point is to win. That’s it.·      19:16 A huge source of magical cooperation. Ministries work together and, though they might compete, the teachers meet and judge together. The students get the chance to meet others like them from different parts of the world and learning about a different way of life. Bill met his wife! They all have a common goal and interest that can promote magical harmony. ·      23:43 So is it worth the trouble? Absolutely not. The pros outweigh the cons and the only way to get rid of all the cons is to get rid of the tournament. There are other sources of magical cooperation that the ministries can work together on and if a competition is really what the students want, there is certainly one that can be thought up that doesn’t seriously put the students at risk.Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
Top 10 Spells!

Top 10 Spells!


In this episode, we rank the top 10 spells in Harry Potter. Enjoy!Topics/Summary:·      2:23 Honorable Mention and #10 Engorgio·      5:10 #9 Incendio·      7:10 #8 Immobulus ·      9:50 #7 Protego·      12:47 #6 Disillusionment charm·      16:22 #5 Bubble Head Charm·      18:54 #4 Wingardium Leviosa ·      20:59 #3 Expecto Patronum·      24:02 #2 Stupify·      26:00 #1 ExpeliarmusHaving anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
Breakdown: Dobby!

Breakdown: Dobby!


In this episode, we break down the character of Dobby. Enjoy!Summary/Topics:·      2:12 Dobby’s role in the story. Simply put, he started out as a solution for problems and a way to move the story along, but he became someone who stood up against the forces of evil and the weights that had previously held him back for so long. It is a real shame that he didn’t have the chance to come full circle and lead to house elves to victory against Voldemort. ·       10:22 Strengths. One of Dobby’s greatest strengths is his loyalty. Harry is the person that freed him from the Malfoys and he is forever thankful and loyal to Harry for doing that for him. Because of that, Dobby is willing to do anything for Harry. This works well in combination with another strength: being a house elf. He is a field agent of sorts that can go behind enemy lines and infiltrate   places that would be otherwise unavailable to Harry. ·      15:30 Weakness. Dobby has many just like any other character, but he main weakness is being in a position that wasn’t meant to make it to the end of the story. This isn’t his fault, but he is in the perfect place to be killed. He escaped his previous life which he hated and had made it so far, and began helping the people he truly cared for. That is just the right moment to take him out, right at the point where is hurts the most. ·      19:40 How would the story be different without him? The characters that benefited from his services would have to figure out how to do it themselves. This could lead to some pretty interesting story lines. For example, Aberforth. If he couldn’t send Dobby, he would have to find a way to get into the Malfoy Manor himself. And Moody couldn’t use Dobby to get the gillyweed to Harry. Instead, he could have to find a way to get it to Harry himself. ·      24:03 What was Dobby’s defining moment? When he was first set free. Lucius handed him the sock-filled diary that Harry had given a few moments before, and Dobby was free and he didn’t hold back. He said some things that he would never before and sent Lucius flying down the hallway. This set the scene for his defiance and his drive to fight for the right people. Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
Magical Object Draft!

Magical Object Draft!


In this listener submitted episode, we discuss what objects Harry and Voldemort would choose in an object draft. Enjoy!Topics/Summary:·      2:12: The Elder Wand. Harry wouldn’t want it to use it, he just wouldn’t want Voldemort to have it. If Voldemort had been the true master, Harry wouldn’t have had a chance like Ollivander said. However, Voldemort put a lot of his energy into finding and killing the true master, so if he didn’t have the Elder Wand and didn’t worry about finding the master, he might be able to find Harry easier.·      10:58 Bellatrix’s knife. This is the very same knife that Bellatrix used to kill Dobby, and that is exactly what Harry would want to stop from happening. He was enjoying life as a free elf, defending the innocent and helping his friends. He didn’t deserve to die and Harry knew that. On top of that, the rules of magic didn’t apply as much to him, so he could be a spy for Harry and get into places that Harry couldn’t.·      15:39 The Sword of Gryffindor. Harry would choose the sword after the trade with Griphook. He wanted to have both the cup and the sword, but if it was a choice, the cup was the right one. But what could be better than having both. The sword is a surefire way of destroying horcruxes. Though it may be more difficult to get the horcruxes themselves than find a way to destroy them, having the sword and destroying them right when they find them would be the real prize.·      20:27 The Marauder’s Map. This is a no-brainer. The map is literally a map to Harry’s location. He doesn’t have to send a bunch of Death Eater’s out to find him; all he has to do is give them a location and that’s that. Outside of Harry, he also knows the location of just about everyone else. He could use it to find the hunters of his horcruxes to see how close they get.·      24:16 The Diadem of Ravenclaw. The destruction of his horcruxes are the main reason why he loses, so protecting them is a way to ensure victory. Though he might still lose the final duel and could be forced close to death like the first time he went after Harry, he would live to fight another day and plot his return.·      26:44 The Sorting Hat. After he chose the two previous items, Voldemort would be pretty much set. If he has the map and the diadem, there is no chance that Harry could win. Choosing the sorting hat and destroying it in some symbolic way would be the icing on the cake for Voldemort, truly showing his triumph over Dumbledore and the rest of the Order.  Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
In this episode, we discuss the new Harry Potter documentary about stunts. Enjoy!Topics/Summary:·      Listen to episode 205, QuizMaster: DA Edition here!·      3:14 Is it going to be happy or sad? A shown in the trailer, the day that he sustained his injury was one of it not the worst day on the Harry Potter set. This was a horrible tragedy and that isn’t going to be an overlooked fact. However, there is also a positive spin. He has such a network of family and friends, and now, though he can’t do the work that he loves, he bounced back and now enjoys life to the fullest. ·      7:40 Would the films be possible without stunts? Probably not. The stunts are the things that bring the films to life; jumping off cliffs and doing crazy things are what shows us how fantastical the world is. Combined with the magic, stunts are the core of the films. They certainly wouldn’t be the same without stunts. ·      13:45 Who is the Tom Cruise? My mind jumps to Rupert Grint. He would ask to do a stunt all by himself, and the studio would then have to train him for days to do just this one thing. He would see it as a challenge and fun activity to take up.·      19:03 What is my favorite stunt? Without a doubt, it is when Harry is hanging off the rooftop in the Triwizard Tournament as the dragon claws nearer and nearer. It is so intense and we’re really living the scene, and without the stunt of dangling from the roof and then grabbing the broom just has he falls, and putting the broom under himself and zooming away.  ·      22:36 What is the purpose of this documentary? In short, it is to shed light on the behind-the-scenes aspects of the story, as well as to give credit to a department that was integral to the creation of the films. David Holmes has a very unique path, and this documentary is going to show how much his life was affected by Harry Potter, but also how he managed to pull out of it and make the most of his life.·      26:07 Are there going to be more things like this? Absolutely! The fan base of Harry Potter is still very much alive, and there any many people out there who would be delighted to watch more Harry Potter content. There are still so many people who we haven’t seen and so many stories that still haven't been told.Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
In this episode, we test our knowledge on Dumbledore's Army. Enjoy!Summary/Topics:·      1:53 Warm Up Round·      4:21 Question 1·      7:54 Question 2·      12:36 Question 3·      16:48 Question 4·      22:12 Question 5·      25:17 Question 6·      27:47 Question 7·      30:17 Challenge QuestionHaving anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
In this episode we discuss some of the best Fred and George moments. Enjoy!Summary/Topics:·      1:58 “He’s not Fred, I am!” This scene takes place in the first book in King’s Cross station. This is a good display of banter between them, and this was one of the first examples we have of their characters. They aren’t afraid of pulling someone’s leg while making a joke. This establishes their place as the jokers of the family and puts them very close. It shows the closeness of the two.·      8:12 Gred and Forge. This scene takes place in the first Christmas as Hogwarts, showing that the twins like to tease Ron. They also know how make a good joke in passing, and the fleetingness comes across in the text. As we read, the words on the page become an image in our heads, and this scene is a fantastic example of their perfect comedic timing.·      13:16 Giving Filch a box of chocolate. Umbridge was getting close to the Dumbledore’s Army, so Fred and George had to find a way to get Filch off the scent. They gave him a box of chocolates that turned out to be less than friendly.·      16:58 Fireworks. This is my favorite Fred and George moment. It is the ultimate spit in the face to Umbridge and timed perfectly. Umbridge gets what she deserves and the school gets a good show. They depart Hogwarts in style and make a mark. Even Flitwick was happy. That was the one moment where the teachers were thrilled to say that Fred and George were some of the worst trouble makers the school had ever seen.·      23:02 The Age Line. Dumbledore said no one should try and cross the age line that he drew around the Goblet of Fire. Fred and George took that as the perfect opportunity to do just that. The gold represented a leg up for their family and a chance to get back on top. They had a dream to open up a joke shop and begin making money for themselves. ·      27:39 “But if we’re not careful we’ll have another Head Boy in the family. I don’t think I could stand the shame.” This is exactly what we would expect one of them to say. The Head Boy stands for the Administration, everything that Fred and George try and take down. Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
In this listener submitted episode, we discuss if Harry and Hermione could have ever been romantically involved.  Enjoy! Summary/Topics:·      1:31 Harry is too committed to Cho in the books. They went on actual dates and spent more time together. In the book it was more involved and long lived. They stayed together long enough to know that it wasn’t a casual thing. With Cho in Harry’s life for so long, it made it more difficult for Harry to be with Hermione. ·      9:14 Ginny and Harry had a serious relationship. By the time Harry had broken up with Cho, the time was ripe to get with Harry. And when they eventually did, it was too late for Harry’s view of Hermione to change. And the inception of Harry and Ginny also loosely marked the beginning of Ron and Hermione as well which closed all door that lead to romantics between Harry and Hermione.·      14:59 There is more detail in the book. Harry didn’t have enough brain space to deal with multiple relationships on top of all the challenges he faced with Dumbledore and Voldemort. There was just too much going on in his life in the books for a relationship with Hermione to work. ·      19:07 In the film, Harry didn’t have a nearly as involved relationship with Cho. They trade glances, they kiss, and then Cho tattles on the DA and that’s that. Short lived. After they broke up, the hole that was left in Harry’s heart could have been more easily filled by a relationship with Hermione. ·      22:08 There is less detail in the film. This gets a bit difficult to discuss because the story and all the problems are the same. There are just fewer layers for Harry and Hermione to deal with, and that might lead to an easier time getting closer together. Ron is someone who might prevent this. Ron in the film is more petty and he might not take to Harry and Hermione’s relationship as kindly as in the book. Maybe it’s written in the stars that there is no chance that they will ever be together. Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
In this episode, we discuss different Greek myths that appear in Harry Potter. Enjoy!Topics/Summary:·      2:25 The Basilisk and Medusa. Medusa has snakes for hair and the basilisk is a snake. They both petrify with their eyes. But what would happen if they looked into each other eyes? There’s no way to know for sure, but Medusa was die instantly and the basilisk would begin to petrify but would live because Medusa would die for it could turn to stone entirely. ·      8:33 Hermione. Hermione was the daughter of Helen of Troy, and there are some parallels in their love lives. Hermione of Troy was set to marry Orestes, her cousin, but during the Trojan War, she was instead promised to Neoptolemus, the son of Achilles. They got married, but he was soon killed and Hermione could marry Orestes in piece. This resembles Hermione Granger’s experience was Cormac McLaggen and Ron? No one dies, but it takes a war for Hermione of Troy to finally be with Orestes, and so it does for Ron and Hermione. Read more here.·      15:01 Professor McGonagall and Minerva. Minerva was the ancient Roman goddess of wisdom and defensive war. She also looks over metal work, pottery, and using materials for good. McGonagall did just this when she cast Piertotem Locomotor and brought the statues to life.·      18:26 Quirrell and Janus. Janus was the Roman god of beginnings and endings, gateways and entrances. He is sometimes called Janus Quirinus which also happens to be Quirrell’s first name. Janus has two heads as well, with one head telling the truth and the other not. Sound familiar?·      22:42 Fluffy and Cerberus. Cerberus was a giant three headed dog that guarded the Underworld. Fluffy is a giant three headed dog that guarded the Sorcerer’s Stone. This is a simple one. ·      24:56 Trelawney and Cassandra. Cassandra was a Trojan princess who was cursed by Apollo to be able to see the future but never be believed. That already sounds like someone we know. We also know that Trelawney has a great-great-grandmother named Cassandra. Maybe sight runs in the family.  Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
In this episode, we discuss if Harry and Hermione would have reached as great heights is Ron wasn't with them. Enjoy!Topics/Summary:·      1:53 What role does Ron play? There isn’t a single word that can sum up Ron’s role in the story. A lot of what he does is away from the spotlight, and that is also the reason why he gets into the occasional spat with Harry. He is constantly out of the spotlight in his own family, and being with the chosen one can’t help. To put words to it, Ron is a shoulder for Harry and Hermione to lean on and he acts as an ally for the day to day. Ron can also act as Ron’s therapist because of their long talks and how close they are.·      8:54 Ron’s strengths. If there are strengths that Ron has that the other two do not, then there might be a case to make. One of his strengths is his loyalty. When Goyle is destroying the Room of Requirement, Ron is the first to run after him to protect his friends. Another one of his strengths that is irreplicable is his knowledge of the wizarding world. Neither Harry nor Hermione grew up in the magical world and they don’t have the off the cuff knowledge that would give the other two the upper hand. Ron is also a helping hand to Harry as mentioned. He is a backboard for Harry’s ideas and a wall to lean on.·      15:19 Weaknesses. Ron’s big weakness is he lets the little things get in his head and trip him up. While he was camping in the woods with Harry and Hermione, Ron didn’t eat very good food and that really ruined his life. When Harry is entered into the Tri-Wizard Tournament, Ron was too angry at Harry for not telling him how he did it to stop and think how Harry would be the last person to enter.·      19:09 Would Harry or Hermione miss Ron the most? It depends which book. In the books before the trio goes off on their own, Harry is the one who would miss Ron the most because they are very close friends. When Ron and Hermione grow closer in the seventh book, Hermione might feel even worse about Ron’s disappearance because that is when they became romantically involved.·      24:41 Would they go on? Let’s split it in two parts. First, would they be able to make it through Hogwarts? Probably not. Ron is a big help to Harry in Hogwarts and he and Ron are also very close. Now, would Harry and Hermione be able to find all the horcruxes and defeat Voldemort? Most likely. Ron is important, but many of the things that he does are only a negative on the group. There are certainly moments where he isn’t the biggest help, and Harry and Hermione might make it through.Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
This week marks 200 episodes and three years of this podcast. I would not have been able to do any of this without your continued support, and for that I thank you all. Here's to another 200!Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
In this episode, we discuss some additions to the story that would help out a bunch. Enjoy!Summary/Topics:·      2:22 More accessible portkeys. Portkeys are effective, but they take too long to set up and aren’t a quick us. They take time to set up and advanced planning. If you’re running down an alley with snatchers on your tail, the last thing you’re thinking of is a portkey. How convenient would it be to have a smaller device that can be used at moment’s notice?·      7:13 Making quidditch pitches safer. Falling of your broom and falling to your death is a fairly likely outcome of quidditch, which we saw Harry do in the third book. If Dumbledore wasn’t there, Harry might have gotten really hurt. Making charms that soften the field is a great innovation, or even just stationing wizard on the ground to make sure there are no kids freefalling through the air.·      14:42 More advanced security at Gringotts. In the first book, the goblin saw Harry’s key and brough them to his vault. That seems so easy. A better system to would be to put more security in place. People would be scanning all those who enter the bank. They would have to prove their identity with veritaserum, then they would be taken to their vault.·      23:08 A secret list. A place for someone to keep their thoughts where no one could get to. Neville left a list of passwords on his bedside table, which is how Sirius got them and opened the tower. There is a lot of use for a device that would do this.·      25:29 Self-spelling wands. “We’re no closer to catching Sirius Black than inventing self-spelling wands.” Arthur Weasley said that in the third book before the Ministry caught Sirius, so if they did that, why not self-spelling wands?Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
In this episode, we put Hermione and Bellatrix head to head. Enjoy!Topics/Summary:Episode 198:·      1:03 Why these two?·      4:04 Hermione’s Strengths and weaknesses·      11:45 Bellatrix strengths and weaknesses·      19:42 Malfoy Manor duel·      24:47 Battle of Hogwarts duel·      27:43 Flat plane duelHaving anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
In this episode, we discuss what could have happened if Dumbledore joined Grindelwald. Enjoy!Topics/Summary:·      2:00 The Harry Potter story wouldn’t happen. Dumbledore is the person that sets pretty much everything in the books into motion, so without him, there is a fairly low chance that the story would play out like it did or even happen at all. Dumbledore hired all the teachers and is the one who oversees the everyday.·      6:11 There’s no Voldemort. Dumbledore was the one who went to visit Tom at the orphanage and set him on his path to Hogwarts and then into evil. Even if Tom managed to get to Hogwarts by some other method, Dumbledore was the main factor that pushed Tom at Hogwarts, so without him, Tom can shine as a star student and might not have to be Voldemort at all. ·      11:22 Hogwarts is not the same. Dumbledore was one of the greatest headmasters Hogwarts had ever seen. He put in place many different rules and ensured that it was a safe and helpful place for students and staff. And though any other headmaster would try to do the same thing, no one could match Dumbledore. And once he and Grindelwald took control of Hogwarts, there might be a descend into dark magic.·      16:57 Dumbledore and Grindelwald likely have control of the entire world, and they’re probably in a relationship. They fall out because they have a violent split of views, but if that doesn’t happen and they join with each other instead, they would become the most powerful people in the world and wouldn’t hesitate to seize control.·      21:16 Grindelwald likely has the Elder Wand. Dumbledore and Grindelwald duel in 1945 (making that event the climax of they’re rivalry) and Dumbledore wins, taking control of the Elder Wand and putting Grindelwald away. But if they never become enemies and never have a duel, there is no reason why Grindelwald can keep the Elder Wand.·      24:28 Together, they are the most powerful wizards in history. If they are both dabbling in evil, there are no morals holding them back. Dumbledore was the most powerful wizard in the world without using dark magic, so to think that he wouldn’t have anything holding them back would mean that his power would know no limits. Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
QuizMaster: Quidditch!

QuizMaster: Quidditch!


In this episode we test our knowledge on quidditch. Enjoy!Topics/Summary:·       2:56 Warmup·      4:40 Question 1·      8:51 Question 2·      14:56 Question 3·      19:54 Question 4·      22:55 Question 5·      25:56 Question 6·      29:05 Question 7·      31:42 Challenge Question: What is cobbing?Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
In this episode we discuss if I achieved my goals for my second trip to Leavesden. Enjoy!Topics/Summary:·      Listen to episode 190, “I’m Going Back to the Harry Potter Studios”·      1:14 Did I take my time? Absolutely. I was going at a snail’s pace through the entire place. I read and watched everything I possibly could and took in every piece of information that was available. I learned a lot about what I was seeing, valuing information over seeing the sights. Group after group was passing me, and an unforeseen benefit was that fact that because I was going so slow, I had some moments alone. I took my time and it paid off.·      10:42 I also went back to see the rest. It might have been almost better than the first time. Though nothing can beat the feeling of turning a corner and seeing an something iconic, though this time around it was pretty cool. A photo can’t capture seeing it in real life, so my expectations were at the level of a photo. So when I got to see it all again in real life, the magic came rushing back.·      16:02 There were some new things. I thought the opposite was going to be true, but it turned out that more had been added and open since my last visit. There were some areas outside like the greenhouses that I hadn’t seen before that were just as amazing.·      20:54 Did anything really change? Though there were some new elements to the place, the soul of the Studios has stayed exactly the same. All the things I saw last time were there in addition to the new things, and I could really see the spirit of the films despite the changes. ·      25:13 Would I go back? It’s pretty simple. Without a doubt. There is little that can top something like that and though there may be many years in between now and later, I will try my best to get back. Someday. Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
In this episode, we discuss what the story would look like if it was told from different perspectives. Enjoy!Topics/Summary:·      2:23 Ron Weasley. Ron is very close to Harry and he has seen everything Harry has. Ron has been by Harry’s side for the entire story and he certainly has his own view on things. Next to Harry, Ron is considered number two which he doesn’t like. Ron is the youngest in his family and he’s afraid that he might not be as valued as he might be. Seeing the world from his eyes would be very interesting. It would also be valuable to see his relationship from Hermione from the inside and understand this triangle better.·      8:15 Hermione Granger. If Ron’s in here, it goes without saying that Hermione should also have her story told. In the beginning of the story, Hermione was third wheeling and might have felt on the outside, and though that may have changed later on in the books, she still may have felt like Harry and Ron had a closer bond. She is also a muggle born which would have made her story more interesting. How would her parents have reacted? Many questions unanswered.·      12:56 Albus Dumbledore. Dumbledore has plans upon plans. He has a web of ideas that he has been carefully planning for many years. Someone that close to the story and someone who thinks that deeply would be fascinating to read through. We have zero idea about what Dumbledore was really thinking at any point in the story, so seeing into just one thought would be amazing.·      17:15 Severus Snape. Snape’s childhood and time at Hogwarts would be one of the most interesting things about Snape’s life. We could learn more about Snape’s motivations and why he grew up to be the person who he did. It would also be cool to see a behind the scenes on his time as a middleman for Dumbledore and Voldemort. Finally, we want to see how his feelings towards Harry changes and how he begins to see Lily more and more.·      22:07 Draco Malfoy. Draco is another character that would amazing to understand more about. He is Harry’s nemesis in Hogwarts and the one who Harry hates the most for a time. We might be able to understand more about him and his actions if we could see more of his childhood and moving into his time with Voldemort. ·      25:00 Voldemort. How different would the story be if we were to see it through Voldemort’s slits. Seeing how he rules with fear and death and where that came from would be a staple of his story. Even going as far back as to Tom Riddle Sr. days and how he grew up without love and care, and how he developed his power.Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
In this episode, we discuss if the music of Harry Potter fits the picture. Enjoy!Topics/Summary:·      Listen to episode 123, the Music of Harry Potter here!·      1:53 Yes. It is a very simple answer, so it may be better to work backwards from the answer than analyze the evidence and try to come up with an answer. We already know the answer to the question and just about every member of the fandom agrees that the score is fantastic.·      6:16 The composers knew what they were doing. The composers that worked on the films are household names at this point. They’ve had decades of experiences that all fed into Harry Potter. They also worked very closely with the directors so both of their visions could align.·      9:32 Themes. The themes in the story are really what sets these pieces apart and helps us interpret scenes. The Prisoner of Azkaban and both Deathly Hallows really stand out as using themes very well. Lily’s theme in the Deathly Hallows and A Window into the Past theme in the Prisoner of Azkaban are two themes that really stand out in both of the films that are used many times throughout the film and convey a huge amount of emotion. The music also uses silence to connect scenes like when the trio escaped Gringotts on the dragon and they jumped into the water. The music is quiet for Voldemort and for Harry which shows the connection between the two characters that we as the audience don’t even know yet. ·      17:51 The music works with the film. This comes from the composer and director working together. We can really see their working relationship and the time and money they invested into the soundtrack. It sounds like the two were developed together and work in harmony. The music doesn’t take center stage, and yet it adds a depth to the story.·      21:49 The score is magical. Yeah. What I mean by that is the score uses effects and instruments that add a certain magicality to it. We hear things that aren’t in a traditional orchestra that add a bizarre element, like the celeste used for Hedwig’s theme and all the chimes and effect. ·      25:16 We heard the score so many times, we cannot see the films with any other music. Every time we hear the music or watch the film, we’re hearing the music that we have been listening to for 20 years. It is engrained in our brains and sounds like the only music that can ever be in Harry Potter.Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
In this episode, we discuss some of Ginny Weasley's best moments. Enjoy!Topics/Summary:·      1:49 “Have you seen my jumper?”. This first scene isn’t exactly a show of strength or intelligence, but it is a fantastic benchmark for Ginny’s later relationship with Harry. It gives us good perspective to see how they started out with Ginny not being able to stay in the same room to married much later on.·      5:09 Ginny tries to tell Harry and Ron about the Chamber of Secrets. Ginny was very much outside her comfort zone and put herself out there to try and tell Harry and Ron about her secrets and her relationship with Tom. She plucked up the courage as a first year to come forward against everything Tom was telling her and tell the truth. She had the power to take the whole operation down, and even though she didn’t, if Percy hadn’t taken her seat, she just might have. ·      9:43 “Reducto!”. This is Ginny’s moment. She’s a fourth year at this point and has learned some pretty substantial magic. She goes to the Ministry with Harry, and the Death Eaters corner them. Ginny steps up and casts her mean Reducto and takes the entire hall down. It is a fantastic moment! We can see her confidence and power shine.·      13:44 Fighting Bellatrix. Ginny holds her ground ageist Bellatrix and though she might not have any chance of really beating her and Molly has to step up, Ginny didn’t run. She didn’t turn her back, instead she held her ground and fought.·      17:04 Crashes into Zacharias Smith after a quidditch match. Not only is this just a fantastic moment for her, but it shows her confidence. She came from being quiet and shy to making a spectacle in front of the entire school. She wasn’t afraid to draw eyes and make a statement. ·      21:13 Standing up to Malfoy in the bookstore. Malfoy is the big bad bully, and even in her young state, she isn’t afraid to stand up to him when he threatens her family and friends.·      24:44 Hiding Advanced Potion Making. When Harry got his hands on a dark book, Ginny didn’t like it from the beginning. She put her foot down, and even though she knows that Harry wants it, but if he keeps it the risk will outweigh the reward. If he kept the book, there was a real chance that he could have gotten hurt. He almost killed Malfoy! She saw a problem and solved it.Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
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