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Military life is full of separations, and while they can be difficult for you and your whole family, it's a great time to get extra work done in your small business. I recently experienced a TDY with my service member, Nick, and this episode goes over my top tips (and things I did wrong) during our TDY when it comes to running your small business. This is episode 130 of the Moments with an MEO podcast.In this episode, I chat about: The importance of healthy boundariesGoal setting during TDYs and other separationsWhy you shouldn't give in to hustle culture just because you're aloneThe cost of burn outIf you have tips for small business ownership and TDYs, feel free to message me on Instagram: @new_altitudesCheck out MilSO Box here:
I was having brunch with a friend last weekend and I was served two pancakes; the chef thought the first one was a little burnt. If you were at a Denny's or an iHop, they'd probably serve it to you anyway, but this chef worked at the restaurant known for their pancakes. So he still served it, he just served it with a second pancake. It was this interaction that's prompted this episode. Episode 129 of the Moments with an MEO podcast is about why it's important to own up to your mistakes, say you don't know, and just be honest when it comes to your work. In this episode I talk about: The interaction at the restaurant, and how it made me feel as a (literal) consumer.Why you should be honest when it comes to your work, and your mistakes.The power of building a trusted and well-known brand.A recent mistake I've made recently (or many) and how I have owned up to them. Like what you hear? Please leave a review on your favorite listening app or share it on your social media! I would also love to hear from you - send me a DM on Instagram @new_altitudes or @milsoboxConnect with Britt: WebsiteMilSO BoxCheck out MilSO Box here:
The last two weeks I have said no to a lot of things; but none of them were easy. In this episode, I want to help you understand that it's not easy for any of us to say no, but also to recognize that saying no is important. I said no to a few volunteer opportunities as well as some things that were bringing me income, and I talk about them a little bit in this episode, along with my decision to say no. Episode 128 of the Moments with an MEO podcast is all about the week of saying no. In this episode, I uncover: Different leaps we take as an entrepreneurHow to say no to a client or customer or inquiryWhy I chose to say no to the things I did the last two weeksWhy you should say no more often.And more! Liked this episode? Share it or leave a review! Thanks so much for your support!Check out MilSO Box here:
Have you considered adding a co-host or other partnership to your business or podcast? If you have been considering adding another head and heart into the mix, this is a great episode to listen to! Balancing mental health, expectations, and a business or podcast are very important to Jen and Jenny Lynne, the two great voices and minds behind Holding Down the Fort podcast. In Episode 126 of the Moments with an MEO podcast is all about co-hosting and business partnerships with the co-hosts of Holding Down the Fort podcast, Jen Amos and Jenny Lynne. In this episode, we chat about: Jen Amos' story as a Gold Star Daughter, and losing her dad when she was young. Jenny Lynne Stroup's passion for mental health awareness in military spouses and military families. How they became co-hosts, and how they managed expectations as well as their perspectives on how their partnership began.How best to manage expectations and go into a partnership with another. Connect with Jen Amos and Jenny Lynne Stroup: InstagramWebsiteBlogConnect with Britt: WebsiteInstagramMilSO BoxCheck out MilSO Box here:
With sites like Airbnb creating trusted brands and the cost of living rising, you may be asking yourself about rental investments. Is rental investing right for you? What goes into rental investing? Courtney Ross knows! Courtney is a military spouse who has a marketing business for short term rentals. Episode 125 of the Moments with an MEO podcast is all about short term rental investments. In this episode, you can expect to learn: Courtney's journey from climbing the C-suite ladder to starting her own marketing agency.What rental investing is and how it works. Why military families are the best candidates for short term rental property investing.What goes into being a rental owner, including marketing and ideal client work. Connect with Courtney Ross: InstagramWebsiteConnect with Britt: InstagramWebsiteLinks Mentioned: Ideal Client EpisodeFacebook Ads EpisodeBook: Building Your Brand StoryCheck out MilSO Box here:
Have you ever thought about Facebook ads for your small business? With all the algorithm changes, many of us are noticing the "pay to play" atmosphere on most social apps and are feeling frustrated. While I share a bunch of ways to organically grow and network, organic growth and methods only work so far. At some point, ads and paid opportunities will help get you that extra mile. Katie Wright recently shut down her boutique to open an ads marketing business, and so I had to bring her on to share what she knows. Episode 124 of the Moments with an MEO podcast is about Facebook ads, and tips to improve your ROI (return on investment). In this episode, Katie and I talk about: How much it costs to run ads successfully on FacebookWhere you can pay for ads, including but not limited to the normal social media platforms you're on.Why understanding your ideal client is key to successful ad campaigns, and Katie's tips to better understand them. Check out the Moments with an MEO episode on Understanding Your Ideal Client here.Connect with Katie: InstagramWebsiteConnect with Britt: InstagramWebsiteCheck out MilSO Box here:
I have gotten so many messages this month about business owners feeling burnt out and so frustrated that they want to quit, or are questioning if they should quit their business. After the second one, I was curious, and after the FOURTH one today, I knew I needed to make an episode about it. It's totally valid to question yourself, your business, and feel like a lack in sales, especially during these economical times. Episode 123 of the Moments with an MEO podcast is about whether or not you should quit your business. In this episode, I go over: Questions you should ask yourself to do some internal work when questioning if you should quit your business or not. Why people quit too soon, and a story of a real person and his uncle who learned this lesson the hard way. My thoughts on the cultural normalcy of the phrase "winners never quit". If quitting your business is a failure, or not. The five things you should focus on if your business isn't doing too hot but you're not ready to give up. Eight things to consider that will tell you it's time to quit your business. Connect with Britt: Instagram @new_altitudesWebsiteCheck out MilSO Box here:
Ashley Gutermuth is a military spouse comedian, but it's not all laughter behind her brand. Ashley has been hit by a car, cyberbullied by trolls on socials, and learned to push past it all. Today on episode 122 of the Moments with an MEO podcast, Ashley Gutermuth is sharing how to show up consistently, and how to push past the negativity and stay on top of your goals. On this episode, Ashley and I talk about: Showing up Face-to-Camera, and how she does this multiple times a day to every social media platform. How Ashley handles the negative comments, the trolls, and the mean people online, and what she does to leave their opinions off her shoulders. Running and Roombas; why Ashley runs, picks up trash, and rescues Roombas. How to keep going, even when you don't feel like the needle is moving or like people don't appreciate the work you've done behind the scenes. Ashley Gutermuth is a New Jersey-based stand-up comedian and actor. She appeared on ‘The Tonight Show’ with Jimmy Fallon where she was chosen by Jerry Seinfeld to win the ‘Seinfeld Challenge.’ In 2021, Ashley won the headliner category of the US Comedy Contest.Ashley has performed for The World Series of Comedy, The New York Underground Comedy Festival and The North Carolina Comedy Festival. She has also appeared on shows with Chris Kattan (SNL), Steve Hytner (Seinfeld) and Michael Winslow (Police Academy, America’s Got Talent) among many others.Ashley regularly posts on social media and her hilarious videos of her stand-up and life as the spouse of a United States Military Veteran have exploded to over 50 million views!Check out Ashley's Platforms: InstagramWebsiteYoutubeConnect with Britt: InstagramWebsiteCheck out MilSO Box here:
Remember when we couldn't eat birthday cake with our friends because of a pandemic? I remember. So does Karen and her (at the time) 6 year old son, who's heartbreaking virtual birthday realization prompted Karen Hetz to start a cake box company to bring birthday cake to children all across America. Throughout her journey of creating a business prompted by a gap in the market of the time, Karen has had to delicately balance everything from how to price her boxes to fit the market, and how to pivot when the gap in the market wasn't a need anymore. Episode 121 of the Moments with an MEO podcast is about pricing and pivoting, and what a new business owner can expect to ponder in both of these issues. Karen and I discuss: Starting a Covid-inspired business and how she got into and out of 2020 with a strong business connecting people together. Pricing your new product or service to fit your niche and budget restrictions. That lull in sales you can expect when you pivot and change your mission or message. Kids in STEM and how baking and cooking in general strengthens their skills and brain.Enjoy today's conversation? Don't forget to write a review and check out the links below: Karen: WebsiteInstagramBritt: InstagramWebsiteCheck out MilSO Box here:
I have had 4 clients in the last week and a half tell me that they feel stuck. They stated that they feel unmotivated, misaligned, and/or feel like they can't take that next step for some unknown reason. I have helped each of them find their own pathway out of the mud, and back on track for their business, and that's what I hope to do for you today too! Episode 120 of the Moments with an MEO podcast is about getting unstuck and back on track with your business.In this episode I discuss how I get unstuck and my favorite ways to figure things out. I also explain, with examples, 9 ways to get unstuck and why you may be feeling stuck right now. If you liked today's episode, be sure to rate/review it on your favorite listening app! Connect with Britt: InstagramWebsiteCheck out MilSO Box here:
Today's extra episode is with Jennifer Barnhill, the COO of Partners in PROMISE, which is a nonprofit organization helping to smash stigmas and tell stories around EFMP. Jennifer Barnhill is also a freelance writer with a focus on military family advocacy, a Navy spouse and mother of three. Episode 119 of the Moments with an MEO podcast is about bucking the status quo through surveys and activism. This is a special episode about Partners in Promise. Connect with Britt: InstagramWebsiteCheck out MilSO Box here:
Have you ever struggled to explain your design choices to your service member spouse? Or asked them to hide their sports collection items in the "man cave"? Curious what to do for your small business office space that's PCS-friendly? Then you'll want to tune in to this episode! Brittany Zimmerman, MEO of Bleu Bee Designs, is teaching us all about decor and adding fun pieces! Episode 119 of the Moments with an MEO podcast is all about fun and functional pieces to spruce up your military home! In this episode, Brittany and I discuss: The first thing you can do when you get to your next empty home and can't paint. The importance of multi-purposeful storage pieces and having a space and a place for everything. Where to find inspiration for unique design choices.Where to start decorating your boring office space.How to blend your style with your spouse, and how to add them in every room in a beautiful way that pleases you both. Tune in each week to hear more military and entrepreneurial stories and tips! Connect with Brittany Zimmerman: InstagramWebsiteConnect with Britt: WebsiteInstagramCheck out MilSO Box here:
Often we get told our ideal client is our past self - but what happens if your true passion and calling is for a client or customer that isn't who you were or who you are? How do you show up as an expert in an area you've never walked? How do you handle the negative self-talk around being "qualified" to be there as a beacon of leadership in the space? These questions are exactly the questions Ashley Nichole, of Life Purely Nourished, had until our MEO Retreat in Phoenix, AZ. That's why episode 118 of the Moments with an MEO podcast is about picking a niche that's not your past self. In this episode, Ashley and I discuss: Pivoting and changing up your niche, even to a niche that you haven't personally ever been part of, and the challenges that come with that.Bouncing Back - what that looks like, realistic timelines, and motherly expectations.Telling yourself no and holding yourself back because of what you expect others to think or sayAnd more!Ashley's last episode: Tune in each week to hear spouse stories and gain business insights! Meet Ashley: InstagramWebsiteHang out with Britt: InstagramWebsiteCheck out MilSO Box here:
Have you ever been curious how or what to gift a client as a small business owner? I have! While at the MEO Retreat in January we had Liz share a presentation on how to pick the perfect gift, and the power of a sentimental gift, during the retreat and I had to bring the same conversation to the podcast. Liz Sieger, MEO and Founder of Sketch And Sentiment, is a truly thoughtful and caring person. That's why episode 117 of the Moments with an MEO podcast is all about choosing the perfect sentimental gift for clients or employees, with Liz. In this episode, Liz shares with us the importance of a gift being both functional and pretty, and the power that comes with the sentiment. She also shares actionable steps to find the perfect gift on a budget! If you liked this episode, please rate/review it on your favorite listening platform! Connect with Liz: InstagramWebsiteConnect with Britt: Instagram WebsiteCheck out MilSO Box here:
When was the last time you worked on getting to know your ideal client (or client avatar) on a deeper level? When was the last time you could remember who they were, how old they were, or what their kids' names are? If you're like most of my clients, you don't check in on your ideal client too often. I recommend to all my clients that you check in on your I.C.s at least once a quarter, if not more often! Episode 116 of the Moments with an MEO podcast covers two fun Ideal Client exercises I give my clients! In this episode, I chat about: Users versus buyers, and why in some industries these may be two different people.The top 15+ questions you should be able to answer about your ideal client at any time.The T chart that I give my clients working on strengthening their social media content around the needs of their ideal client.Why it matters; when you're talking to everyone, you're really talking to no one.And more! Want to connect or ask Britt a question? Email: newaltitudesllc@gmail.comInstagram: @new_altitudesCheck out MilSO Box here:
Have you ever been curious about coding, or maybe the word overwhelmed seems to fit better in there? Today we are chatting with Julia Taylor, CEO of GeekPack, about the power and empowerment she found through teaching herself how to code, and why she chose to help over 2500+ women do the same. Episode 115 of the Moments with an MEO podcast is all about empowering yourself through a geek skill and feeling empowered to do whatever your heart calls for you.In this episode, Julia and I discuss: The power of code and other tech skills in the workforce as a military spouse, including how best a military spouse could utilize the power of a tech skill to make a long-standing career for herself.The relationship between foreign relationships and code; Julia walks me through making code sound less scary, and more of an option for anyone, even if you're not good at math.The common misconceptions around STEM fields that women have, and the stereotypes or stigmas around STEM fields that are actually true, making it harder for women to join this growing field.Her story as an American veteran turned UK military spouse!Want to be part of the experience with GeekPack? WebsiteLink to join her coding challenge (This is an affiliate link - thank you for supporting us!) Connect with Britt: WebsiteInstagram @new_altitudesCheck out MilSO Box here:
What the heck do you need to know around P.R. as a small business owner? That is exactly what I ask P.R. specialist Lyndsey Akers, milspouse and pitching Queen, in this episode. It can be challenging to figure out what to say in a pitch or how to pitch yourself, but after this episode you will have a better understanding of just how to do this. Episode 114 of the Moments with an MEO podcast is all about pitching yourself with Lyndsey Akers. In this episode, Lindsey and I discuss: The PESO model of P.R. and what the different types of P.R. areWhy the quantity of pitches doesn't matter as much as the quality and intention behind the pitches doesWhat exactly P.R. means, and how complex public relations really isLike today's episode? Keep listening for more tips, tricks and stories in future and past episodes of the Moments with an MEO podcast.Connect with Lyndsey Akers: InstagramConnect with Britt Lanza: Coaching OpportunitiesMEO Retreat InformationInstagram @new_altitudesCheck out MilSO Box here:
Have you considered starting a blog for your business? Have you been questioning if a blo gis the right next step for you? After today, you won't have to wonder! Amy, Founder and MEO of the Mama Honey blog, has a lot of great tips up her sleeve about how to start a blog; in fact, she recently published a blog post about how to start your blog in a day! That's why episode 113 of the Moments with an MEO podcast is about how to start your business blog, with Amy!In this episode, we discuss: 1. The steps to take to start your blog and get it up and running.2. The time commitment of blogs and how you can make it work even with a busy schedule.3. The difference between finding the gap and copying someone else. 4. Where to find inspiration and ideas, even if you feel like your story is already out there in someone else's blog or platform. And a lot more! Thanks so much for listening to today's episode! If you enjoyed this episode please leave a review on your listening app of choice and share it on social media! Connect with Amy Stratton: InstagramBlogConnect with Britt Lanza: Coaching opportunitiesThe latest MEO RetreatInstagramCheck out MilSO Box here:
If you've exhausted all the social media video options and you're just not feeling like your business is getting out of this slump in sales, I hope you know you're not alone and that there are other ways to promote your business or signature offering! I did a training last week inside the MEO Cache Squad (our group coaching program) on this, and I decided to share it here too! Episode 112 of the Moments with an MEO Podcast is about 12 ways to promote your business or an offering that are either very cheap or completely free! In this episode, I talk about: - Local options to grow your reach, get noticed, and start the conversation with those directly around you day to day. - Ways to promote yourself, your business, and/or your signature offering that don't take up any time at all. - One way that you may not know is actually a requirement of getting an LLC in many counties, that you may need to do legally.and more! Like this episode? Please rate and review on your listening app of choice! It would make my day and helps me get a feel for which types of content and which episodes you enjoy the most! Have a topic in mind? Want to connect about coaching opportunities? Reach out at newaltitudesllc@gmail.comCheck out MilSO Box here:
When it comes to finding the gap in the market to create your incredible entrepreneurial idea, it can be difficult to figure that out. Even more challenging? Deciding if that idea you have is actually needed in the market and if the industry already has something like it. We talk about that and more on today's episode. Episode 111 of the Moments with an MEO podcast is about finding the gap, market research and community with the founder and CEO of TAPs, Bonnie Carroll.Bonnie Carroll is an American widow who is the president and founder of the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, an organization that provides care, welfare and support to people who have lost a loved one in military service. On today's episode Bonnie and I discuss: - How to find gaps in the market- How community is so empowering and how leveraging that community can help you on your mission- How Bonnie's love story was turned into a movie- What happens when your great idea already exists...and more! Tune in every week for more episodes around military spouse life and entrepreneurship! TAPS.orgConnect with Britt: WebsiteInstagramCheck out MilSO Box here:
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