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On this episode of The All About Kids Podcast, Angie Merced and Zach discuss how she became a speech pathologist, what burnout looks like for most people, how to reclaim your time and energy, the difference between burning out and being lazy, how new SLP grads can set themselves up to avoid burnout, setting boundaries with your time, and more. Guest Bio: Angie Merced is a speech-language pathologist, life coach, and the founder of 'The SLP Burnout Coach' ANGIE MERCED LINKS:The SLP Burnout Coach: Angie: ALL ABOUT KIDS LINKSApple Podcasts: 
On this episode of The All About Kids Podcast, Dikirys Pichardo and Zach discuss how Dikirys became a Universal Literacy Reading Coach at The New York Dept of Education, healthy reading habits that children can adopt for reading, her journey as a Special Education teacher, the importance of movement and music, the future of school in a post-pandemic world, and more! Guest Bio: Dikirys Pichardo is a Special Education Teacher (CPSE), a Literacy Reading Coach, and the author of 'The EGGSciting Sleepover,' a children's book about two sassy school-aged cousins exploring different eating habits.  DIKIRYS PICHARDO LINKS:Instagram: EGGSciting Sleepover:  ALL ABOUT KIDS LINKSApple Podcasts:
On this episode of The All About Kids Podcast, Erica Fernandez and Zach discuss Erica's path to becoming a bilingual speech-language pathologist, how to build confidence as a new therapist, setting boundaries to prevent burnout, advice for new SLPs out of grad school, the best practices for networking, and more.  Guest Bio: Erica Fernandez is a bilingual Speech Pathologist who works with All About Kids.  ALL ABOUT KIDS LINKSApple Podcasts:  
On this episode of The All About Kids Podcast, Zach sits down with Haley and Melissa of Pediatric Speech Pals to discuss what it takes to get into SLP grad school, the best resources for parents and therapists, starting an SLP podcast, SLP vs. SLPA, the biggest challenges in the field of speech pathology, and more.  Guest Bio: Haley McHugh is an SLPA and Melissa Joseph is an SLP and they are the hosts of The Pediatric Speech Pals podcast. PEDIATRIC SPEECH PALS LINKS:Podcast: ALL ABOUT KIDS LINKSApple Podcasts: 
On this episode of The All About Kids Podcast, Zach sits down with Abbie Lande. Abbie is a speech-language pathologist and the owner of Upword Speech Therapy LLC which provides engaging and innovative speech and language therapy services in Indianapolis, Indiana and the surrounding area. Today, Abbie and I get into what drew her to speech therapy, helpful digital resources for SLPs, late talkers, play-based strategies for therapy, and more.  ABBIE LANDE LINKS:Upword Speech Therapy: ALL ABOUT KIDS LINKSApple Podcasts:  
The guest today is Dr. Sima Gerber, a professor of Speech-Language Pathology in the Department of Linguistics and Communication Disorders of  Queens College, City University of New York. Dr. Gerber  actually was Cathy's  teacher and Clinical Supervisor while Cathy attended the Graduate Program in Speech Pathology there.Dr, Gerber has over 40 years of experience specializing in the treatment of children with autism spectrum disorders.She​ has presented nationally and abroad on the topics of language acquisition and developmental approaches to intervention for children with challenges in language development.Dr. Gerber also has a 3 part book series out now titled 'To The Ones Who Love Me' that covers socio-emotional, language, and motor development. They're written totally from the perspective of the baby to give a window into how the baby sees the world at critical developmental points in his or her first year of life. SIMA GERBER LINKS:To The Ones Who Love Me: ALL ABOUT KIDS LINKSApple Podcasts: 
This time on the All About Kids Podcast, I sit down with Sandi Lebenns-Mosher, the ABA Program Supervisor at All About Kids. This is part 2 of a multi-part series on ABA that picks up right where we left off in episode one. You can go back to the last episode of the All About Kids podcast if you’d like to also tune into part one covering the foundations of ABA.  In part 2, Sandi and I get into the four functions of behavior, the “first, then” statement, the importance of catching your child being “good,” the 5:1 rule, and much more.  Apple Podcasts: 
This time on the All About Kids Podcast, I sit down with Sandi Lebenns-Mosher, the ABA Program Supervisor at All About Kids to discuss the foundations of ABA, Applied Behavior Analysis. We get into the fundamentals of ABA as a practice, how you can teach parents to be detectives, step-by-step examples of how to diffuse unwanted behaviors of your child in real-world situations, communication of non-verbal children, Visual learning, and more. This is the first part of a multi-part series on ABA, so make you’re subscribed to the All About Kids Podcast to not miss an episode! ALL ABOUT KIDS LINKS:Apple Podcasts:  
This time, I sit down with Jennifer Cody, an occupational therapist with over a decade of experience, and the OT & PT Supervisor at All About Kids. This is episode is the second of a two-part series on sensory diets. In this episode, Jenn walks me through how to implement sensory diets in an increasingly digital world, what to do if you are in need of a sensory diet without access to an OT, the different senses and how they are integrated into the diet, will my child outgrow her sensory issues, and more. If you'd like to reach out with a question, comment, or anything related to the podcast, you can send us an email at ALL ABOUT KIDS LINKS:Apple Podcasts:
In this episode of All About Kids, Zach talks with Jennifer Cody about the long-overdue buzz around the importance of sensory processing. Increasingly parents and teachers are recognizing the powerful impacts of environmental feedback, which is exciting for occupational therapists like Jenn, who is also a supervisor at AAK. She has devoted her career to giving kids the tools they need to recognize and manage stressors. In Part I of a two-part episode, Jenn defines and explains what constitutes a “sensory diet,” best practices, and strategies to implement. Helping every child reach an “optimal state” means meeting them where they are and tailoring a program that works not just for them but also at home and in the classroom. Working collaboratively and incorporating a realistic “diet” of activities is key. Jenn details specific programs that include activities helpful to kids – and that would very likely be helpful to anyone coping with stress, anxiety, or overload at any age or stage of life!  ALL ABOUT KIDS LINKS:Apple Podcasts: 
In this episode of all about kids, Zach talks with Jerry Rothwell, a documentary filmmaker who has made films like Town of Runners, How To Change the World, Heavy Load, and most recently, The Reason I Jump, inspired by the writings of a young non-speaking autistic boy. The film centers around the central question of the author, Naoki Higashida, ‘could you imagine how your life would be if you couldn’t say what you wanted?’  Through groundbreaking visual and audio techniques, Rothwell brings to light beautiful stories of those often overlooked and invisible in a way that leaves the viewer profoundly changed. In this episode, Jerry and Zach get into the challenges of making a film centered around non-speaking people, the unique way the audio was recorded, Jerry’s journey as a filmmaker, and more.  JERRY LINKS:Watch The Reason I Jump: Rothwell Website: ALL ABOUT KIDS LINKS:Apple Podcasts:  
In this episode of all about kids, Zach talks with Faye Miah, a speech-language pathologist whose path to helping kids is both unusual and inspiring. A native of Vietnam, she was first exposed to the world of speech rehabilitation through annual visits to her hometown by Operation Smile, an international nonprofit that provides a range of surgeries and complimentary services for people in developing countries with cleft palate and other orthodontic challenges. She saw first-hand the impacts of enabling communication, which set her on a course to acquire her specialty. Since graduating from Washington State University, she has not only evolved as a speech therapist, she has also developed unique digital materials to support her work remotely. Zach and Faye discuss her pediatric practice, the transformational impacts of her experience working with adult head and neck cancer patients, tools and tips to help both practitioners and parents adapt to pandemic challenges. As an added bonus, Faye shares a bit about how she has managed to balance her professional persona as a speech therapist with her persona as a beauty and lifestyle “influencer” with substantial social media followings on YouTube and Instagram. This is a woman with smarts, heart, and a fascinating story. Follow Faye (Instagram): Faye (YouTube):  
In this episode of all about kids, Zach talks with Dominic Trevisan, a psychologist who focuses on autistic research. Dominic shares how he became interested in autistic research and explains how the autistic mind processes information differently. Zach and Dominic discuss how the changes from COVID may impact children and people with autism, as well as the importance of facial expressions in determining the emotions of others. Dominic also explains his current research involving interoceptive signals and how they are linked to emotions.  Send the AAK Podcast an Email: Follow All About Kids Here on InstagramFollow All About Kids Here on Facebook
In this episode, Zach talks with Dr. Kathleen Keefe-Cooperman, an associate professor at LIU Post and a clinical psychologist for the Committee on Preschool Special Education in the New York City area. They discuss the joy of toddlers and the effect of COVID-19 on evaluations. Dr. Keefe-Cooperman also shares the technology gap between adults and children, common misconceptions about screen time and mistakes parents make with educational software. To close, they talk about ways to regain lost focus and the transforming power of gratefulness. Send the AAK Podcast an Email: Follow All About Kids Here on Instagram 
In this episode, Zach talks with Tao Moran, a special educator and play therapist who was inspired to switch careers by her autistic son. Tao shares the importance of early intervention and how the pandemic led to her finally understanding the benefits of embedded practice. They also discuss the importance of parent involvement and how technology can be effective, or dangerous, depending on how it is used. To close, Tao shares best practices for therapy and explains why the development of social emotional skills is more important than ever. Send the AAK Podcast an Email: Follow All About Kids Here on Instagram 
Today’s episode features Kacy Wickerson, speech-language pathologist and owner of Teach Speech Services which is a platform that teaches caregivers strategies on how to build communication skills at home. Kacy shares how she began, what therapy looks like during a pandemic, and weighs in on the relationship with parents and pediatricians. She also shares about building a social media presence as a speech therapist.Follow Kacy on YouTube (@KlassicKacy): A Free Consultation: Kacy on Instagram: Speech: Follow All About Kids on Instagram: About Kids Site: 
Our guest on this episode of the All About Kids podcast is Haley Moss, the first openly autistic lawyer admitted to the Florida bar. Haley spent her early career working in litigation before deciding to start her own business where she consults with companies on their inclusion practices and policies. She points out that many things that could be put in place to accommodate employees or customers with disabilities could, in fact, be beneficial for a broader population. She is also advocating for companies to hire more employees with disabilities and helping those that are concerned to be more educated and learn the facts before defaulting to discrimination. Haley's Website:'s Insta:'s Facebook: Speaking Podcast: Follow All About Kids: About Kids Website: 
Our guest on this episode of the All About Kids podcast is Phillipa Ross, a speech language pathologist who is completing her clinical fellowship with AAK. Phillipa shares her perspectives on the abrupt shift to teletherapy in the midst of COVID-19, discussing both the challenges and the opportunities that the digital platform present for having meaningful interactions with her clients. These current circumstances emphasize the importance of being flexible and sensitive, treating each client and each session in a unique way to best serve the clients and their families. For younger clients, Phillipa has found that building rapport with their parents and finding out what activities or characters they like goes a long way in connecting with the child. This communication channel with the parents is also important when it comes to being informed in a timely manner about cancellations or absences, which have a way of disrupting every therapist’s day-to-day. Phillipa leaves listeners with the advice to evaluate each child as a whole, not just looking at the results of a specific test, and helping those closest to the child understand how their challenges could be impacting their day-to-day habits and routines. Follow All About Kids: About Kids Website: 
Danielle Pugliese: Understanding 'Dog' Versus 'Dog' In this episode, Zach talks with Danielle Pugliese, a speech-language pathologist who spent her clinical fellow year with All About Kids. They discuss the difference between a specific dialect and a problem, how effort best measures success during a pandemic, and why agencies are not as bad as they seem. Danielle also explains strategies for intervention and the reason she’s billing in bed. Send The AAK Podcast an email:
In this episode, Zach talks with Carrie Clark, a speech-language pathologist and founder of They discuss the importance of education, the connection between support and therapy and how the coronavirus will lead to positive structural changes in the industry. Carrie also shares what bugs her about her job and what we can all do to make a difference. Carrie Clark Main Site: The AAK Podcast An Email:
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