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Author: Chris, Paul & Rachel chat about People (HR, L&D, Career Coaching & Recruitment)

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A relaxed, casual and honest review of weekly thinking from people who work with people. Giving thoughts and reflections from their weeks in HR, Learning & Development, People coaching and Recruitment. Guiding people through the full life of their career journey in a 20 minute (ish), in the style of a Friday morning coffee catch up. The PeopleTalk podcast team details are below, we are continually sharing content on our LinkedIn pages so please look us up and join the conversation. Chris Cheesman SisuPeople ( Paul Marston Eidos Consulting ( Rachel Norrington Face2FaceHR (
25 Episodes
We hit the quarter century this week with the 25th episode of the PeopleTalk podcast. Today...building trust through recruitment & onboarding, firstly is it possible and more importantly how can we do it. With the changing world of the last 18 months one trend that is shining through currently...the breaking of trust with current or past employers who have gone back on their word and how this is carrying over into recruitment processes for new how so do we build trust from the very first conversation to ensure we bring the best people in to the business and as a candidate you find the right role....and just importantly keep them!With Chris leading today, he has seen that this seems focussed around a couple of key areas currently; flexibility of working in office/remotely and talk of bonus/commission and cynicism around it being paid. So with this in mind how do we build trust with prospective team members through a recruitment process... Today we chatted about-- the moving landscape- if you are still finding your honest!- create open dialogue...and make it 2 way...this has to be right for both sides- don't follow others, be true to you and what your business needs- The opportunity to 'test' each other through a process is surprises on day 1Our key take aways as always revolve around openness, honesty and transparency of conversation 
This week we're talking about the importance of the working environment to employee performance. With the World slowly returning some degree of freedom to us....we we talked specifically around what the working environment can do to impact performance of the business through the eyes of HR, L&D and Recruitment Rachel started us off defining the 2 aspects to the working environment:Physical environment – contentedness, health and well-being, Open offices were designed for open communication, collaboration and knowledge sharingBehavioural  environment – shaping work enjoyment, working relationships & processes – influenced by leaders & managers We go on to cover a range of topics (some actually related to the title today!) including; Have we seen the trends in environment before but not on this scale? how do you define a culture if you never come together?Do some businesses want to come back in to the office but are too scared to go against the grain of flex and hybrid trends?
This week, Paul lead our conversation around the topic of 'Team Building' which saw us focus particular attention on people returning to a physical office in the coming weeks and months. We feel this is the start in a series of chats around team building , particularly around the building of blended teams, mixing those in office and those remotely joining the set up. Communication and clarity are keyExpectation setting What does 'team' mean in the businessHow to remind yourself that teams all think differently
An ongoing theme in the world of people in the workplace is that of talent. We ourselves have talked around this subject quite a bit recently. Businesses are always on the look-out for their next rising star, or are putting considerable effort to talent development within their business. We discuss this from a slightly different angle today around the question that Paul poses....Is there anything wrong with 'just' being a 'worker'?  What does it mean to be an individual that is happy with their current position, and what does it mean for a business to have employees that don't have lofty aspirations of senior leadership?As always we cover a range of views over the 20 minutes this week which included;businesses should recognise that a team needs a core of solid, stable and reliable workersAs we every sports team, we need the 'water carriers', those who don't seek the spot light and turn out 7/10 every weekIt's still ok to have a high performing culture and bring those in to the business that don't want to over achieve at every turnHow do you develop these individuals in a different way?Leaders may need to learn that some people 'just' want to be solid at their current job
What do you want to be when you 'grow up'We are back for another week of interesting conversation around people in the world of work and this week, as it is National Careers week here in the UK, we are continuing our theme of career development which has seen us cover a few areas over the past weeks including talent engagement and apprenticeships, posing the question....what do you want to be when you grow up!! National Careers Week promotes careers guidance across the UK. National Careers Week started in 2010, after a conversation about how to help students make effective choices about their future career. Now National Careers Week is a celebration of all things careers guidance, which aims to support young people leaving education and moving on to employment. Chris hosts our chat this week, telling us how he often often starts his conversations with potential candidates. When speaking to candidates for the first time, regardless of career journey or level of role, he positions a question to get people talking that always gets a laugh...I'm keen to find out what you want to be when you grow up....and most answer the same way....I am not quite sure I know! As always, our conversations jump around and we cover a range of subjects which include..The growing theme of non linear careers are now meaning the journey is always differentCareers should always be evolving, how have companies change to adapt to thisSome plan whilst others meanderThought diversity is essential in every business, we should remember this when hiringShould you let people leave as a way of them learning and welcome them back in the future? So we pose this questions....What type of career planner are you and is there a right way to do things??
Episode 20!! Today we're talking about the benefits of small teams and the (potentially negative) impact that one person can have on the performance of the team and what happens when you have an employee who isn't happy or not performing at work, they suddenly become a drain on the energy of the team, affecting morale and have the effect of a rotten apple in a fruit bowl!Today we cover a range of themes, as always, including;the benefits of smaller teamswhy a reduced report line can helpcreating diversity of thought in teamswhy do we ignore poor behavioursperformance management isn't just for managing poor performanceEnjoy this week's chat and as always please rate, comment and share if you've enjoyed! 
So,  in the UK it's #NationalApprenticeshipweek which follows on from last week's podcast when we talked about talent engagement and the benefits of young workers in business and rising stars.We were delighted to welcome our first guest!! We found just the person to talk to... the fabulous Ziggy Pindoria whose business is Aspire2Learn (   Ziggy's mission is to enable a positive change in life when starting in your career and provide continued opportunity to develop knowledge, skills and behaviours relevant to your chosen profession through delivering training and apprenticeship training.We chatted about all things apprenticeshipsWhat are apprenticeships?Best practice in terms of attracting the right people into apprenticeships and matching with the employer? (recruitment)The benefits to business and how not to do it….Ziggy has some great examples!Benefits of work based learningBenefits to employee’s and how apprenticeships can shape career pathwaysAnd as always we finished with our takeaways and top tips to developing a skilled and motivated workforce through the use of ApprenticeshipsWe would love to continue our thinking around talent development, so if you are a willing guest let us know!! 
This week Paul lead the conversation on a topic we are all hugely passionate about, identifying high potential talent and nurturing the 'stars of the future'. We were all in agreement that those in early stages of career are facing some daunting challenges in the current world...I can't quite imagine starting your first job from your kitchen table and not meeting people for months?! A topic that needs (and deserves) far more time on it (and will be covered in coming weeks) but this week we covered the following and more-How do you spot potential?What do you actually want from the hire and is an 'entry level' hire right?Picking what makes people tick in interviewDo we all just want initiative, drive and hunger at this stage of career?Make sure you are set up to support the talent properly We hope you enjoy the chat this week. We are looking to continue this theme in coming weeks, so please reach out to one us on  Linked In (links in podcast bio) if you are interested in picking an area to come and chat about
This week we chatted about our weeks just gone, each giving a main topic we are seeing lots of, which meant interesting insight and some live examples and lots of jumping around on topics...nothing new there for us!!!We covered Divergent TeamsCreating time for creativityDeveloping our networksTalent engagementSilent Zoom Meetings!Some of the content we disucssed-How to give employee morale a boost (
Time to shake off the cobwebs for our first podcast of 2021!This week Rachel took the lead to talk through the topic of resilience through leadership. A topic that becomes more relevant by the week after the last 12 months and today we tackle it from all angles with HR, L&D, Recruitment and Coaching in mind. Covering off a range of things today including-how we support our leaders through change the importance of defining what success looks likecreating learning environmentschanging shape of leadership in a remote world 
With 2020 coming to an end...a year we will not forget for the wrong reasons!!! It's that time of year where we sit and contemplate what next for the year ahead, whether that be for us as individuals, our businesses or through supporting our clients with their thinking.This week we talk through a few of the areas we feel need focus for 2021 in the World's of HR, L&D and Recruitment. The word 'bitesized' came up a lot for us during the chat and we feel gives a good start for 2021 planning...bitesized planning to allow flexibility and agility as needed, bitesized content for training, bitesized review processes for better engagement for remote teams...the list went onEnjoy our final chat for 2020 and we look forward to bringing you new and improved version of us for 2021 as we PLAN for what's coming!! Some amazing guests lined up and a full diary of content planned and as always please connect and reach out if you'd like to see any topics covered or want to come join the chat as a guest!
Our penultimate episode for the year and time to reflect. We are looking back on the 'messed' up year that is/was 2020!! We will give our 3 main takeaways and take time to reflect on how this impacts each of the areas of specialisation that we play in…recruitment, coaching, HR and L&DAs three fledging business owners we have faced our own challenges in a year of lockdowns, recessions and home schooling!! We look back at what we've learnt and the main areas we would encourage our listeners to reflect on ahead of planning for 2021 (more on this in Ep 15)We were all in agreement that positive mindset remained crucial away from our main areas of thought and thankful that we came together and found the PeopleTalk podcast! 
This week we talk about how a flexible benefits programme can help businesses to recruit, retain and invest in personal development of their employees.Having a flexible benefits programme in place is a way of an employer providing choice to their employees in the benefits that they want or need to suit their personal circumstances or lifestyle choices.  Everyone is different, with different needs and wants so, having an element of choice in relation to benefits can be valuable.  Employees feel valued and cared for. However, few businesses have truly flexible benefits schemes in place with core benefits that the employee is unable to opt out of. So, today we chat about our experiences of flexible benefit packages and the direct effect they can have in their worlds or recruitment and people development
There is a famous saying that says the beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you. Ensuring you maintain a learning mindset is something that requires constant focus and nourishment to make sure you don’t lose it. The importance of the learning mindset is not only that it may be a key personal motivation,  but  more and more people are assessing you on your continued development, especially when it comes to seeking new employment. So today we would like to dive into today how we can actively engage our learning mindset why it is so important to do so and give you some insight in to how we do that for ourselves.
This weeks discussion is focussed around what makes the 'perfect' candidate if in fact they actually ever exist! We will look from both sides of the table and give thoughts, ideas and suggestions.We throw some  of Chris, Paul and Rachels views and opinions, get each others thoughts as experienced HR/L&D professionals but also as business owners who are going through recruitment themselves.This sessions is aimed at causing some reflection and help to those who may be leading or going through recruitment processes currently around the World.Chris leads us through his thoughts on the following points from his 15+ years of global recruitment experience getting comment from the guys on each-1. Take guidance2. Know what you want3. STOP with these old fashioned interviews.....please!!4. Open up 
With Rachel taking turn to host this week, she took inspiration from a talk she heard at the CIPD Virtual Conference this week in the UK. She heard Mo Gawdett speak about emotional intelligence, vulnerability and happiness, focusing on how we find 'happiness'. He talked about the fact that it’s ok to show emotion in the workplace but it’s how you manage and deal with the emotion that matters, which is something we all know first hand throughout 2020 which has challenged us all in different ways.  Showing that you're 'human' in the workplace as a leader gives you a voice to be heard and trusted in the workplace. So using this as our focus today we explored what we feel the current 'Workplace' looks and feels like and what people are expecting now in a World that has seen, and continues to see, unprecedented levels of change. As always, please find us all on social media and join the conversation, we'd love to hear your thoughts.
#9 Another lockdown?!?

#9 Another lockdown?!?


We use this weeks chat to reflect on another UK lockdown, how this may impact our sectors and give insight on our current work, trends and themes across HR, L&D, Recruitment & Coaching.What did we cover?Furlough Update (UK Job retention scheme) Never forget to keep your teams engagedPeople are recruiting- how to prepare on both sides of the fenceInvesting in your people is more important than everAs always, this was done in our own unique relaxed way with Paul hosting this week
We seek  support and guidance in so many other aspects of our lives,  our health...PT's, physios etc financial planners, travel, home why not more in terms of taking control of our own careers and personal development?This week we chatted through coaching & mentoring...starting with the differences and giving views on where we feel they are best used, trends we have seen lately in uptake and some really good thinking on how they can be used to strengthen engagement with your teams.
With many businesses coming towards the end of their performance review cycles, meaning review time...this year we are seeing businesses responding in different ways...delaying, shifting the way in which they are done or cancelling them all together.We chat about how the current World has exacerbated how in-flexible and antiquated some methods are and the need to be more agile way of managing performance where continuous communication, objectives are continuously reviewed. If you don't look after your best talent it goes without saying that others will be very keen to do so! Plenty of referencing of some great content in this area so make sure you follow us on Linked in to pick up on us posting them. 
We chat about how the benefit of personalised development and how the current situation has impacted L&D activity, the challenges  and more importantly the opportunities that it brings.The discussion was a reflection upon how important it is that businesses are not only developing their people, but how important it is that they look to personalise employee development as much as they can.We could have talked for hours about this subject, what we are seeing, the opportunities it brings, SME v's Big Corp environments, L&D as a retention and attraction tool plus plenty more!!
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