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Colors of InfoSec Podcast

Author: Asif Ahmad & Christina Morillo

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Do you want to "break-in" to infosec/tech but have no idea where to start? Are you tired of all the advice with little to no direction? Join Asif Ahmad and Christina Morillo as they demystify what it means to navigate a career in information security and enterprise technology, as people of color. If you've been looking for practical advice, tips, and lessons learned, this is the podcast for you. Twitter: @colorsofinfosec
9 Episodes
Ep 8 - In this Season 1 finale episode, Asif and Christina catch up with COI listeners and discuss: Why they went dark since election week and what they have been up to.Election week chaos, exhaustion, new beginnings & other changes. The challenges of working from home for working parents.Suggestions on how to cope, including self-care.Our 2021 resolutions and some of what we are hopeful for.Season 1 shout-outs and wrap up. Thank you so much for rocking with us this s...
Episode 7 - Security with Grace with special guest and InfoSec Leader, Charles NwatuIn this extraordinary episode, we chat with Engineering Manager, Corporate Security & Security Technology at Netflix, Charles Nwatu (@charles_nwatu) about all things DFIR, Risk, Communications and so much more. We talk about: His start in Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) and move into Risk Quant, Compliance Engineering & Automation. Recommendations for getting started in DF...
Episode 6 - Security, Privacy, and a lot of ** with Tazin Khan Norelius. In episode 6, we're chatting with our first guest to the show, cybersecurity specialist, empath, and critical thinker Taz (@techwithtaz). With over 10 years in the security space, Taz works to bring mindfulness into Cyber Security while making noise around the lack of consumer data ownership and privacy. We talk about:The importance of consumer awareness and education relative to security, data privacy & tech ethics....
Episode 5- The State of the Union (The Colors of InfoSec Podcast Recap)In this recap episode, Asif and Christina talk about recent news, their goals for starting this podcast, a recap of episodes and discussions, how they feel the podcast is going, and the future (yes! to more infosec topics). ResourcesAsif - What is a tabletop exercise?'s - blog (recent news) Thi...
Episode 4- Ethical Responsibility in Tech & The Social DilemmaAddiction to social media is a feature, not a bug.In episode 4, Asif and Christina dive into persuasive technology, growth hacking, tech ethics, and share their perspectives on 'The Social Dilemma' documentary on Netflix. ResourcesThe Social Dilemma [on Netlfix]: Persuasive Technology Lab:'s response to the...
Episode 3- Mentorships vs SponsorshipsIn this episode, Asif and Christina discuss the reality of traditional mentorship and sponsorship for techies of color, the differences between both, corporate programs feeling forced, and why folks of color don't have mentors or sponsors. Resources1. Mentor vs Sponsor - The Memo: What Women of Color Need to Know to Secure a Seat at The Table by Minda Harts
Episode 2 - The Calculated Chaos of the InfoSec PipelineIn this episode, Asif and Christina dive into the all so popular pipeline issue, they discuss how poor job descriptions and flawed interview processes contribute to the perceived shortage of InfoSec professionals and also provide practical suggestions on how to navigate these systems. Track: Too much iceArtist: Young Kartz via Follow us on Twitter - @colorsofinfosec
Episode 1 - Intro In this intro episode, Christina and Asif chat about the intention and inspiration behind the Colors of Infosec Podcast. They touch on who they are, how they met, & insight into some of the challenges they see within the tech and information security industry. Track: Too much iceArtist: Young Kartz via 
Episode - Trailer

Episode - Trailer


Introducing the Colors of Infosec Podcast! Join Asif and Christina as they explore a variety of topics across tech and infosec, provide practical advice, and share lessons they have learned throughout their 4 decades in the tech industry as people of color.Subscribe to be notified when the first episode dropsTrack: Too much iceArtist: Young Kartz via 
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