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The Shit No One Tells You About Writing

Author: Bianca Marais, Carly Watters and CeCe Lyra

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This is a podcast for emerging writers who want to improve the quality of their work and learn more about the publishing industry. Your one host, Bianca Marais (the bestselling author of 'The Witches of Moonshyne Manor') interviews authors, agents, editors and just about anyone and everyone who's involved in bringing a book to market. She's joined by her cohosts, literary agents Carly Watters and CeCe Lyra from P.S. Literary Agency, who read and critique query letters as well as opening pages in their Books with Hooks segment. Expect good advice, honest insights, and a few laughs along the way.
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In today’s episode, we’re rolling out a new format wherein our guest authors will help Bianca, Carly, and CeCe critique submissions. We’re starting with Carly’s client, Mai Nguyen, author of Sunshine Nails. In this episode, we discuss great query letters; YA word count ranges; world building and personal experience with the built world; creating conflict for characters; character motivations; passion vs ambition; creating books that can cross borders in terms of setting; the right place to start; emotionality vs narration; knowing where to add lots of detail and where it’s not necessary; and anticipation in the character.Find us on our socials:Twitter: @TSNOTYAW @BiancaM_author @carlywatters @ceciliaclyraInstagram: @biancamarais_author @carlywatters @cece_lyra_agent @ the_shit_about_writingFacebook: @tsnotyawWebsites:,, and www.cecilialyra.comMore information about Mai can be found at She's on Instagram @bymainguyen and Twitter @bymainguyen.Go to HelloFresh dot com slash tsnotyaw16 and use code tsnotyaw16 for 16 free meals plus free shipping! Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
Today's episode is sponsored by HelloFresh. Go to HelloFresh dot com slash tsnotyaw16 and use code tsnotyaw16 for 16 free meals plus free shipping!In today’s Books With Hooks segment, Carly and CeCe each critique two submissions, discussing query length; having enough of a hook; writing style in a query letter; confusion vs curiosity in a query letter; explanatory vs curiosity seeds; putting the hook up higher in a query; starting with dialogue; and fantastic first lines and opening pages. After which, CeCe chats with Chanel Cleeton, author of The Cuban Heiress, about POV; being a plotter or pantser; Chanel's different phases of writing; the research process; and writing successful dream sequences.Find us on our socials:Twitter: @TSNOTYAW @BiancaM_author @carlywatters @ceciliaclyraInstagram: @biancamarais_author @carlywatters @cece_lyra_agent @ the_shit_about_writingFacebook: @tsnotyawWebsites:,, and www.cecilialyra.comChanel can be found at and on Instagram at @chanelcleetonAdvertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
When Not to Give Up!

When Not to Give Up!


In today’s Books with Hooks, Carly and CeCe are joined by special guest, Traci Thomas from The Stacks podcast for a special segment focusing on non-fiction. During the segment, they discuss surprising readers in the first chapter; specificity in memoir; comping non-fiction and memoir; the use of humor in an overview; and the general layout of an overview.After which, Bianca chats with Meg Tady, author of Super Bloom, who reads the query letter that landed her own agent. Meg also reads and critiques a listener's query, discussing stakes and specificity; making main character's likeable enough for readers to root for them; the art of description; writing a book within a book; and telling yourself 'yes' every day.Find us on our socials:Twitter: @TSNOTYAW @BiancaM_author @carlywatters @ceciliaclyraInstagram: @biancamarais_author @carlywatters @cece_lyra_agent @ the_shit_about_writingFacebook: @tsnotyawWebsites:,, and www.cecilialyra.comTraci can be found at and on Instagram at @thestackspodMeg can be found at and on Instagram at @megtadyAdvertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
In this short bonus episode, Bianca pays tribute to the bravery of Coceka Lubobo, a young woman who ended a serial killer's reign of terror in Orlando, Soweto.Special thanks go to:the immensely talented English actress, screenwriter and film producer, Katharine McEwan, for narrating this episode.the brilliant singer and songwriter, Daphne Willis, for composing the music for the piece.the incredible South African artist, Manuela Gray, for composing the art work.You can find them on Instagram at:@kathatinemcewan@daphnewillismusic@manuelagrayAdvertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
This episode is brought to you by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try at and get on your way to being your best self.In today’s Books with Hooks, Carly and CeCe each critique two submissions and cover topics like voice-y queries; using direct and specific terms in a query letter; selecting the right comps for the right reasons; having the query letter match what’s in the opening pages; close third-person POV; having a short and tightly written query; dual timelines vs backstory/flashbacks, series; sneaky prologues; passive framing of the hook; activating your story; and synopsizing the manuscript in the query letter,After which, CeCe chats with Jenny Jackson, bestselling author of Pineapple Street and Vice President and Executive Editor for Knopf. During the segment, they discuss Jenny's choice of POV characters; writing backstory; the use of a prologue and an epilogue; being an editor and an author; and Jenny's advice for emerging writers.Find us on our socials:Twitter: @TSNOTYAW @BiancaM_author @carlywatters @ceciliaclyraInstagram: @biancamarais_author @carlywatters @cece_lyra_agent @ the_shit_about_writingFacebook: @tsnotyawWebsites:,, and www.cecilialyra.comJenny can be found on Twitter at @JennyeJackson and on Instagram at @jennyjacksonpineappleAdvertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
In today’s Books with Hooks segment, Bianca and guest agent, Rachel McMillan, discuss the importance of social media presence; tailoring your queries to specific agents; putting your best content forward; and word count expectations.After which, Bianca chats with Caroline Kepnes, author of the YOU series, about the charming façade of serial killers; how she created her own major in college; how Joe Goldberg is a fascinating contradiction; getting inside Joe’s head; the intentionality of setting; making a villain vulnerable; how to feel what your character would feel; writing physicality; early readers and unlikable characters; and giving a villain backstory to make readers empathize.  Find us on our socials:Twitter: @TSNOTYAW @BiancaM_author @carlywatters @ceciliaclyraInstagram: @biancamarais_author @carlywatters @cece_lyra_agent @ the_shit_about_writingFacebook: @tsnotyawWebsites:,, and www.cecilialyra.comRachel can be found on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter: @rachkmc and at www.rachelmcmillan.netCaroline can be found at, on Instagram @carolinekepnes and on Twitter @carolinekepnes.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
In today’s Books with Hooks segment, Carly and CeCe discuss descriptive specificity; comping to famous writers; sensitivity when describing mental health and mental illness; picking the correct comps; the importance of interiority to dual narrative experience; and choosing titles that work best for you.After which, Bianca chats with J Ryan Stradal, author of Saturday Night at the Lakeside Supper Club, about his path to publication; being a good literary citizen; standing your ground with setting; having setting inform plot elements and character; outlining multi-POV and multi-timeline novels; flashback vs separate timelines, starting a book with a theme; knowing the ending and starting far away from it; how you learn from each book that you write; and advice for emerging writers regarding querying agents.Find us on our socials:Twitter: @TSNOTYAW @BiancaM_author @carlywatters @ceciliaclyraInstagram: @biancamarais_author @carlywatters @cece_lyra_agent @ the_shit_about_writingFacebook: @tsnotyawWebsites:,, and www.cecilialyra.comMore information about J Ryan can be found at He's on Twitter @jryanstradal and Instagram @jryanstradal.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
In today's bumper Bonus Episode, in an incredibly emotional interview, Bianca talks with Carol Major, author of the memoir The Asparagus Wars, about the difference between cerebral writing and visceral writing; the reliability of memory; the importance of being intentional; allowing the reader to become a part of the story; creating meaning for the reader (not just the memoirist); why people read memoirs; the journey of finding the meaning of your story while writing it; dealing with the potential fallout after publishing a memoir; writing with integrity; and the awards Carol has won.Carly and CeCe are joined by Andrea Guevara, an author branding expert, to take your questions, and in the process discussing acceptable word count; social media presence; the concept of stakes; querying for feedback; examples of novels that excel in interiority; red flags for agents; the journey to publication; defining your genre; and pen names.Bianca chats with Patti Callahan Henry, bestselling author of Surviving Savannah, Becoming Mrs. Lewis, and The Secret Book of Flora Lea, about how much heavy lifting the first line, paragraph, and pages need to do; omniscient POV in the opening chapter; knowing how to open a book; drawing on myths and legends to spark a story; writing on a line level; the gardening vs architecture of writing a story; ensuring both past and present timelines have a story-forward plot; and writing a book within a book.Finally, Bianca chats with Emilie Sommer from East City Book Shop and RJ Witherow of Parnassus Books as they give comps recommendations.Find us on our socials:Twitter: @TSNOTYAW @BiancaM_author @carlywatters @ceciliaclyraInstagram: @biancamarais_author @carlywatters @cece_lyra_agent @ the_shit_about_writingFacebook: @tsnotyawWebsites:,, and www.cecilialyra.comCarol can be found at can be found on Instagram at @brand.strength and @theandreaguevaraPatti can be found at She's on Twitter @pcalhenry and Instagram @pattichenry.Parnassus Books can be found at and on Instagram at @parnassusbooksEmilie can be found at @emiliegsommer on Instagram and East City Book Shop can be found at Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
This episode is brought to you by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try at and get on your way to being your best self.In today’s Books with Hooks segment, Carly and Cece each critique two submissions, discussing pitching literary vs upmarket fiction; naming non-POV characters in a query letter; head-hopping, interiority and emotionality; mentioning sensitivity/authenticity readers; writing about cultures that are not your own; world building in historical fiction, world building and specificity in a fantasy query letter; having surprise in the opening pages, quiet novels, upmarket fiction, and line-level writing; and Carly suggests a prologue!In today’s Books With Hooks segment, we try something different! Bianca critiques query letters while guests Maggie Giles, author of The Things We Lost, and Lindsay Maple, author of Not Your Basic Love Story, critique opening pages of romcoms which are the genres they write in. In between, they discuss their own work and advice for writers. They also share their successful query letters with our Kofi monthly supporters!Topics covered include genre blending; the hook in a query letter; skipping over the mundane; turning a trope around to surprise the reader; misfired meet-cutes; surprise in the opening chapters; mentioning character names in opening pages; having the protagonist alone in the opening pages; how to figure out the central conflict; how to keep raising the stakes; carrying conflict into act II; starting out as an indie author and then getting an agent; a shoutout to Rising Action Publishing Co.; and advice for emerging authors about community and indie publishing.Find us on our socials:Twitter: @TSNOTYAW @BiancaM_author @carlywatters @ceciliaclyraInstagram: @biancamarais_author @carlywatters @cece_lyra_agent @ the_shit_about_writingFacebook: @tsnotyawWebsites:,, and www.cecilialyra.comLindsay is on Instagram @lindsayraemaple and on Twitter @LindsayRaeMapleMaggie is on Instagram @maggiegiles_ and on Twitter @maggiegiles_Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
In today’s Books With Hooks segment, Carly and Cece each critique two submissions, discussing tongue twister titles; putting a fresh spin on feminist issues; first lines that could be doing more; differentiating your own writing from original stories in retellings; ensuring important details are clarified in a query letter; making sure there’s a reason for having two heroes in a story; what happens when interiority and emotionality are missing from the pages; setting a story against the backdrop of a major world event; ensuring the plot points are in a dominos set-up; making sure the storyline is about the protagonist, not the major world event; and weaving in emotionality to offer context on characters in a subtle, superb, organic way. And CeCe requests a full manuscript!After which, Bianca chats with Bonnie Garmus, internationally bestselling author of the publishing phenomenon, Lessons in Chemistry, about her “overnight” success; the almost 100 rejections she got during querying; why not to write a 700-page novel for your debut, the grieving process during querying; writing a love letter to science and scientists; the universal appeal of a novel like hers, structure, timeline and the opening pages; writing omniscient POV well and including an animal’s POV; knowing when to listen to critique and when to stand your ground; and the difference between curiosity seeds and pause pebbles. Find us on our socials:Twitter: @TSNOTYAW @BiancaM_author @carlywatters @ceciliaclyraInstagram: @biancamarais_author @carlywatters @cece_lyra_agent @ the_shit_about_writingFacebook: @tsnotyawWebsites:,, and www.cecilialyra.comBonnie can be found at She’s on Twitter @BonnieGarmus and Instagram @bonnie_garmus_author.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
This episode is brought to you by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try at and get on your way to being your best self.In today's Books with Hooks, Bianca, CeCe, and Carly discuss a successful prologue; 'showing' weather rather than telling; being specific about your genre in order to find the right agent; the concept of a 'telling' prologue; breaking the 'fourth wall'; the need for an antagonist in a memoir; and storytelling as seduction.After which, Bianca interviews Ella Berman, author of Before We Were Innocent, during which they discuss Ella's latest novel; balancing focus on the plot and the characters; writing dual timelines; being intentional with your POV choices; making your reader theorize; and knowing your characters' psyches.Find us on our socials:Twitter: @TSNOTYAW @BiancaM_author @carlywatters @ceciliaclyraInstagram: @biancamarais_author @carlywatters @cece_lyra_agent @ the_shit_about_writingFacebook: @tsnotyawWebsites:,, and www.cecilialyra.comElla can be found on Instagram at @ellamberman Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
In today's Books with Hooks segment, Bianca, Carly, and CeCe discuss keeping names in a query to a minimum; an 'excellent' query with opening pages that have almost no notes; the importance of having movement in opening pages; a three POV query letter; CeCe meets a prologue that she likes; using a third person bio; and the effective use of weather in opening pages.After which, Carly chats with her client, Jane Healey, author of Goodnight From Paris. They discuss her path to representation and publication; winning writing contests and anonymous pitching; having a long-term relationship with editors at one publishing house; how much is too much research in historical fiction; keeping the plot moving forward while building a historical world; knowing where to start the story when writing a real person’s life into your novel; author’s notes; her advice for writers seeking to publish; and historical happy hour!Find us on our socials:Twitter: @TSNOTYAW @BiancaM_author @carlywatters @ceciliaclyraInstagram: @biancamarais_author @carlywatters @cece_lyra_agent @ the_shit_about_writingFacebook: @tsnotyawWebsites:,, and www.cecilialyra.comJane can be found at and on Instagram @healeyjane. Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
In today's Books with Hooks, Carly and CeCe discuss the line between YA and adult historical fiction; category mashups; plausibility of plot points; mentioning side characters in query letters; considerations when writing for younger kids; and the importance of emotionality in the pages rather than the query letter.After which, Carly chats with her client, Andrea Dunlop, author of Women Are the Fiercest Creatures, about shapeshifting manuscripts; cutting passages and the battle with backstory; the realness of characters; how to know when your book needs a prologue; exploring different stories and forms; empathy in writers; the challenges of writing nonfiction; what is valued in a publishing partner; and some rapid-fire questions. Then we get to hear an excerpt from the audiobook for Women Are the Fiercest Creatures!Find us on our socials:Twitter: @TSNOTYAW @BiancaM_author @carlywatters @ceciliaclyraInstagram: @biancamarais_author @carlywatters @cece_lyra_agent @ the_shit_about_writingFacebook: @tsnotyawWebsites:,, and www.cecilialyra.comAndrea can be found on Instagram at @andreadunlop and her website is  Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
Writing About Trauma

Writing About Trauma


In today’s Books With Hooks, which is our 100th segment, Carly and CeCe each critique two queries, discussing comps; clear and compelling inciting incidents; plausibility; interiority and emotionality; the beginning, middle and end of memoirs; balancing tension and the mundane in a memoir; including social media handles with signatures; YA vs Adult; the right type of prologue; using swear words; and a request for a full manuscript!After which, Bianca chats with Eden Boudreau, author of Crying Wolf: A Memoir, where they discuss writing about trauma; emotional support for writers of trauma; her unconventional path to publication; creative writing mentorship; the beauty of small presses; adding the moments of light when writing about traumatic experiences; structuring a memoir; and finding the right place to start a memoir.Find us on our socials:Twitter: @TSNOTYAW @BiancaM_author @carlywatters @ceciliaclyraInstagram: @biancamarais_author @carlywatters @cece_lyra_agent @ the_shit_about_writingFacebook: @tsnotyawWebsites:,, and www.cecilialyra.comEden can be found on Instagram @edenboudreau and on Twitter @edenboudreauAdvertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
In the latest Books with Hooks, Carly and CeCe each critique two queries and discuss pitching only one genre; having a solid reason that a story takes place in near-history; POV changes within a single chapter; when a query sounds more like a synopsis; opening with a daydream; sucking the agent in with curiosity and tension; needing to be the best in a busy category; using an elevator pitch; dialing down the setup and characterization details in a query; and which character readers connect to first in a multi-POV novel.After which, Bianca chats with Grady Hendrix, author of How to Sell a Haunted House, about the horror genre; how horror can open up conversations about the darker side of death and how we process it; what it is about the south that lends itself to gothic novels; horror genre conventions and tropes; establishing a stasis; writing what you know; writing the antagonist; and why it’s important to have humour infused along with the dark stuff.This episode is brought to you by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try at and get on your way to being your best self.Find us on our socials:Twitter: @TSNOTYAW @BiancaM_author @carlywatters @ceciliaclyraInstagram: @biancamarais_author @carlywatters @cece_lyra_agent @ the_shit_about_writingFacebook: @tsnotyawWebsites:,, and www.cecilialyra.comGrady can be found at, on Twitter @grady_hendrix, and on Instagram @gradyhendrix.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
In today's Books with Hooks, Carly, CeCe, and Bianca are joined by listeners Marnie and Karisa. In the process, they discuss the importance of stakes in a query letter, even if it's literary; immersing yourself in place; the concept of 'historical' YA; the difference between YA and coming of age; how to set a scene; connecting specific plot points with the hook; and why interiority is important.After which, Bianca chats with, Deepti Kapoor, author of Age of Vice, about building buzz for a book ahead of time; planting curiosity seeds and leaving them hanging for many pages; a story’s structure and experimenting with form; her drafting process; letting characters develop naturally; when plot devices feel artificial; social commentary in novels; using different POVs to give more information about other characters; and introducing a bit of humour to balance the challenges characters face.Find us on our socials:Twitter: @TSNOTYAW @BiancaM_author @carlywatters @ceciliaclyraInstagram: @biancamarais_author @carlywatters @cece_lyra_agent @ the_shit_about_writingFacebook: @tsnotyawWebsites:,, and www.cecilialyra.comDeepti can be found on Instagram @deeptikp. Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
In today’s Books with Hooks, Carly and CeCe critique two queries each, discussing strong hooks; coincidences; describing a character indirectly; grief, day-to-day, and voicey-ness in the pages; submitting polished queries, character observations tying in with their story-forward intentions, characterization, covering a long time period in a story, what a frame narrative is, clarifying genre, vagueness, having a protagonist who’s both observant and self-aware, and plausibility. Plus a serious attempt is made at making someone sing.After which, Bianca chats with Hank Phillippi Ryan, author of The House Guest, wherein, they discuss succeeding in an industry that is increasingly difficult to thrive in; the importance of a thick skin and taking constructive criticism; the pacing in Hank's novels; a non-linear timeline within chapters; Hank's starting of her novel with a solitary character; and Hank's advice for reframing your query letter.Find us on our socials:Twitter: @TSNOTYAW @BiancaM_author @carlywatters @ceciliaclyraInstagram: @biancamarais_author @carlywatters @cece_lyra_agent @the_shit_about_writingFacebook: @tsnotyawWebsites: www.theshitaboutwriting,, and www.cecilialyra.comHank can be found at @hankpryan on Instagram and Twitter, and at www.hankphillippiryan.comAdvertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
In today’s Books with Hooks, Carly and CeCe critique two queries each, discussing catchy titles; voice-y and specific details in queries; using line breaks; grounding readers in the scene; using opportunities for interiority; the emotional entryway technique for any genre; ensuring a unique hook to make your story stand out in a sea of similar stories; the web effect of characters and plot points; and strong pacing.After which, Bianca chats with Charlene Carr, author of Hold My Girl, on getting representation and the journey to publication; self-publishing; the worthiness of non-Giller winning writing; Charlene's latest novel; the Canadian setting of Charlene's novel; and having an agent from a different country.Find us on our socials:Twitter: @TSNOTYAW @BiancaM_author @carlywatters @ceciliaclyraInstagram: @biancamarais_author @carlywatters @cece_lyra_agent @the_shit_about_writingFacebook: @tsnotyawWebsites: www.theshitaboutwriting,, and www.cecilialyra.comCharlene can be found at @charlenecarrauthor on Instagram and at www.charlenecarr.comAdvertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
In today's bumper Bonus Episode, Bianca chats with Amy Tector, author of three novels which have all been released in the last year, including Speak for the Dead, now available this month. They discuss finding and prioritizing writing time; rewarding ourselves for hitting our goals; working on Scrivener; respecting your work as a writer (and having others respect it); setting brain boundaries; how not writing can help your writing; how to get un-stuck when the words aren’t coming; and the importance of accountability.After which Carly and CeCe take your questions, discussing submitting parts of a WIP to journals; finding an editor; Goodreads reviews for comps; how much to share about one's career goals in a query; having a novel concept that is very similar to something that is already a bestseller; social media when querying; writing characters involved in well known institutions; advances for debuts; and deciding on the 'right' POV.Bianca then chats with Jennie Nash, CEO of Author Accelerator, about wise investments in the writing process; writing goals and the “getting picked” skills; the core reasons why people write; the Blueprint Method; when to get a book coach; how to find the right book coach; and book coach fees and options.Finally, Bianca chats with Emilie Sommer from East City Book Shop as Emilie gives comps recommendations.Find us on our socials:Twitter: @TSNOTYAW @BiancaM_author @carlywatters @ceciliaclyraInstagram: @biancamarais_author @carlywatters @cece_lyra_agent @ the_shit_about_writingFacebook: @tsnotyawWebsites:,, and www.cecilialyra.comAmy can be found at, on Twitter @amy_tector, and on Instagram @amytectorwrites.Emilie can be found at @emiliegsommer on Instagram and East City Book Shop can be found at www.eastcitybookshop.comJennie and Author Accelerator can be found on Instagram @authoraccelerator, Facebook @authoraccelerator, and on Twitter @authaccelerator. The website is www.authoraccelerator.comAdvertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
In today’s Books With Hooks, Carly and Cece co-critique two queries, discussing showing how the protagonist is propelled on their journey; dealing with major dramatic questions and stakes; dense query letters for well-worn tropes; surprises and predictability in the opening pages; line edits and synopsis-like queries; reactive protagonists vs giving your protagonist agency; “soft” women’s fiction; movement in the opening pages; and having an obviously bad love interest in the beginning of a story.After which, Carly talks with author Rebecca Makkai, author of I Have Some Questions For You, about creating a fictional podcast for her story; dealing with social media as an author and in your book; chapter lengths; judgement of authors and of characters; boarding school settings, adding real life trauma situations to fiction; and tackling the messiness of life in novels. We also play you an excerpt from the I Have Some Questions for You audiobook.This episode is brought to you by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try at and get on your way to being your best self.Find us on our socials:Twitter: @TSNOTYAW @BiancaM_author @carlywatters @ceciliaclyraInstagram: @biancamarais_author @carlywatters @cece_lyra_agent @ the_shit_about_writingFacebook: @tsnotyawWebsites:,, and www.cecilialyra.comRebecca can be found on Instagram @rebeccamakkai and on Twitter @rebeccamakkai. Her website is Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
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