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In this new approach to performance, it is the individual we look closer at. The high performer. Their back story, experience, knowledge and the tools they've mastered in order to create their reality. This platform is designed to get up close and personal. Sharing moments that we wouldn't normally get to hear. Stay tuned as we dive deep into great questions, unlock new ideas, and share insight to what makes this particular person unique in their success. Welcome to The High Performers Platform.
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A must listen for anyone wanting to push boundaries and defy the odds. An incredible story and conversation on so many levels. The journey to become a BMX legend, building a legacy and creating a foundation in what was once considered a "males" sport is truly amazing. Learning what it takes to bounce back from a near fatal accident. How mentally challenging it is to participate at the Olympic games, and why we should always stay true to our selves, never give up and chase your dreams. Instagram: BMX Scholarships: Can B Book:’s Website: Instagram: Youtube:
Such a privilege to listen and learn from someone with such an incredible skillset and ability.Danielle Weber is an Australian artist based in Melbourne. Danielle's passion and love for her craft is evident through her diverse range of styles and quality of work.An incredible chat with the underlying theme of a true entrepreneur.By establishing your passion and purpose, you can play the long game, put in the work and learn to create pure magic whilst finding joy and inspiring others.Danielle's Artwork:’s Website: Instagram: Youtube:
This is one awesome interview with an incredible human being. Bubs' work rate is second to none, but i'm sure you'd figure that out by looking at her playing career and Football CV. Was a pleasure hearing your views, what it's like to make it, stand in goal with 100km/h ball being kicked at you and having to literally throw your body on the line. Your resilience, attitude and perspective is super inspiring.Soo many take homes for anyone and everyone. A very special story we feel privileged to share. Oxidate’s Website: Instagram: Youtube:
Was great to catch up with Western United's #10 Steven Lustica before the A-League season starts up again. We actually used to play together back in Canberra for Canberra Deakin.  A great trip down memory lane. Hearing how Steven progressed through his career is a very insightful story. Imagine signing a pro contract for Hajduk Split? Then to make your debut against Fc Barcelona?So many great take homes for players, parents, and coaches. A great discussion on the importance of looking after your body. Focusing on the right types of training and mastering the basics. Steven Lustica: Football:’s Website: Instagram: Youtube:
A very special episode, where two brands align with our first official sponsor, The Unknown. The Unknown Barbershop, owned by a close friend of mine, Harry Noon is a fantastic Melbourne based brand.Tune in to listen on how Harry became the Unknown, where barbering started for him, his journey, travels and. experiences. Some great moments of importance, learning to focus on the now, creating mystery and intrigue, staying accountable and making sure we push on, even when feeling down. The Unknown’s Instagram: The Unknown’s website: Oxidate’s Website: Instagram: Youtube:
We were fortunate enough to catch Emma whilst she’s overseas in France. Discussing her journey from first signing in the W league at age 15, making her debut as a Matilda and winning 2 championships with Melbourne city. Touching on the most recent signing at FC Fleury, hearing about the move across the globe to continue following her dream. In this episode we unpack a variety of awesomeness that we can all relate to and draw from. Emmas positive outlook, her work ethic and sheer determination is beyond inspiring. This episode is a must listen for anyone with aspirations to make it to the top, find out what it takes to become a Matilda, or a person looking to maximise the most of their daily routines and life. We discuss positive outcomes if staying true to yourself and your gut instincts. Emma’s thoughts on what makes a good coach. We talk about players ownership, individual performance, Life lessons and moments of truth and vulnerability. This is such a great episode and we can’t wait for you listen in.Emma’s Instagram: Emma x Oxidate Performance: Oxidate’s Website: Instagram: Youtube:
"You've got to pay to play". Find out what it takes to push limits and boundaries in pursuit to pull off a worlds first trick. Prutti shares insight on working through months of rehabilitation, thinking out side the box towards approaching sponsors and some really valuable knowledge towards vulnerability, gratitude and mindfulness.Turn the volume up, tune in, and  learn what it takes to stay sharp, focused and accountable whilst on your climb to the top, even if you’re currently out injured.John Prutti’s Instagram: Performance website: Instagram: Youtube:
On todays episode we welcome Dr Daniel Kirkbride.Daniel is an Osteopath | Strength & Conditioning coach from Melbourne, who began his coaching journey in 2014 and graduated from RMIT in 2018.He is the owner of Williams Landing Osteopathy & Performance in Melbourne and Director of Principles of Rehab & Performance, which is a private online certification for allied health practitioners and personal trainers.This is such an informative episode. Diving deep into the human body, covering topics like anatomy and physiology but not like in the text book. We unlock recovery systems and their strategies, discuss injuries and understand them from a different point of view. Talk pain and diagnosis, the processes in which Daniel follows and teaches to many coaches and practitioners across Australia. This episode is a must listen. Learning Dr Daniels processes, a lifetime of study and work, and we’re bringing it to you live in just over an hour.Dr Daniel Kirkbride's website: https://www.drdanielkirkbride.comDr Daniel Kirkbride's Instagram: Performance website: Performance Instagram:
Welcome to The High Performers Platform.In this new approach to performance, it is the individual we look closer at, the high performer. Their back story, experience, knowledge and the tools they've mastered in order to create their reality. This platform is designed to get you up close and personal. By diving deep into great questions, unlocking new ideas, and sharing insight to what makes this particular person unique in their success.On todays episode we welcome a very special guest Adam Jelic. Founder and Managing Director of Mi Goals.Since the launch of Mi Goals in 2010 Adam has been empowering people to be the best they can be by helping them to get clear on their goals, stay focused and think big.We couldn’t think of a more perfect fit for podcast number one. It is Adams passion towards sharing his knowledge that is super inspiring, by helping others to unlock their true potential and live the life of their dreams. Learn what it takes to have a vision, set measurable goals and achieve them. We are all very capable of achieving amazing and spectacular things, sometimes it just takes a little inspiration and guidance. Brought to you by Oxidate Performance Goals like, share and follow. Tune in each week on Monday mornings, available for download on iTunes and Spotify.
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