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Author: Robert Nordlander, CPA, CFE

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Hosted by a former white-collar criminal investigator, this weekly podcast seeks to find the best tools, practices, opportunities, and people to answer your questions about fraud and forensic accounting. Every week is a conversation with an expert in the fraud or forensic accounting industry who has a story to tell, ideas and wisdom to share, successes to inspire, and failures to confess. Where can you find the right credentials for your career? Where can you find the right training for you and where you want to be? What opportunities exist in the anti-fraud industry? What software or technology is available to help you in your career? If you are asking these questions, this podcast is for you.
37 Episodes
Stephen Griffin is an author, former CPA, and private equity investor.  As an investor, he had a front row seat in the forensic accounting investigation that led to uncovering a multi-million dollar financial statement fraud scheme of Legacy Global Sports. this episode, we discuss:The growing industry of sub-collegiate sportsHow a forensic accounting investigation uncovered a multi-million dollar financial statement fraud schemeThe key takeaways from the collapse and bankruptcy of Legacy Global Sports
Wow!  The Fraud Fighter Podcast is one year old already.  The podcast continues to grow in downloads, with the total downloads currently over 1,600 cities in over 100 countries.  The podcast is going to published twice a month for the near future.As a celebration of the one year anniversary, I am reposting the top downloaded episode in the last 12 months - Jeffrey Robinson, a best selling author.  I hope you enjoy it!Thanks for your continuing support of the podcast.  As a listener, you make this podcast worth every minute.
Ian Mitchell is a 20 year veteran in fighting fraud in banking and consulting.  He is the found of The Knoble, a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting human trafficking.  He is also a singer and songwriter. this episode, we discuss:The importance of data analytics in preventing fraudWhat skills are needed in data analyticsHow data analytics is fighting human traffickingThe future of data analytics in fighting fraud
Richard Zuckerman was the Acting Assistant Attorney General for the United States Department of Justice, Tax Division.   He is currently a partner with the business law firm, Honigman, in Detroit, Michigan. this episode, we discuss:The importance of the DOJ Tax Division in criminal and civil tax mattersInternational tax evasion schemesHow an accounting course started his career to becoming an assistant attorney generalThe battle of attrition that the IRS is facing
Don Doles is a former USDA-OIG special agent and Josh Howard is former federal prosecutor.  Along with other federal agents, Dole investigated a multi-million crop insurance fraud scheme in eastern NC with over 60 defendants.  Howard was the federal prosecutor on the investigation before he left to become a defense attorney with Gammon, Howard & Zeszotarski. this episode, we discuss:How crop insurance fraud is committedHow a multi million dollar fraud scheme was uncovered in Eastern NCThe difficulties of prosecuting crop insurance fraudAnd how the crop insurance market is supposed to function.
Joe Minni is an Assistant United States Attorney with the Asset Recovery and Financial Litigation Unit (FLU) for the Eastern Judicial District of Pennsylvania.   The FLU is the collection arm of the United States Attorney's Office.  In this episode, we discuss:The role of the Financial Litigation Unit (FLU)How the FLU collects on various federal judgementsWhat assets and income that the FLU can collect
As a former special agent with IRS-Criminal Investigation, Robert Nordlander reviewed many Suspicious Activity Reports.  Compliance Time podcast interviewed Robert Nordlander about how these reports are used in a criminal investigation, what makes a great report, and some stories about bank compliance working and not working.
Scott Harkey is a Senior Financial Crimes Prosecutor with the NC Conference of District Attorneys.  He travels throughout North Carolina to prosecute white collar investigations.  Forensic accountants are used as expert witnesses for the prosecution. this episode, we discuss:The role of the NC Conference of District AttorneysThe role of forensic accountants as expert witnessesThe characteristics needed for a forensic accountantHow financial crimes can affect vulnerable populations
Dr. Scott Grob is a subject matter expert for ACAMS.  He was previously interviewed in  Episode 14 about the CAMS credential.  While working in Hong Kong, he experienced illegal wildlife and natural resources trade.  In this episode, we discuss:Why investigating illegal wildlife trade is importantThe financial effects of illegal plants and wildlife trade to societyThe training and resources available to identify this problemACAMS-WWF (free training) Ending Illegal Wildlife Trade Guidance Group / ECOFEL report Traffic research
Jarod Koopman is a special agent with the Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation.  He is currently the Director of the Cyber Crime Unit for the IRS-Criminal Investigation.In this episode, we discuss:The role of the Cyber Crime Unit in the IRSWhy the Cyber Crime Unit is vital to the IRS’s missionSome of the success stories of the Cyber Crime UnitThe importance of innovation
Matt Line is the Special Agent in Charge of the Charlotte Field Office at the Internal Revenue Service-Criminal Investigation.  He is responsible for the day to day operations of the criminal investigations in NC, SC, and TN.  He oversees approximately 100 special agents and professional support staff. this episode, we discuss:The role of IRS criminal investigation in tax complianceThe criteria of a good criminal investigationWhat are the best characteristics of a criminal investigator.The various specialized duties available to IRS special agentsThe typical day of an IRS special agent
Benjamin Bain-Creed is an Assistant United States Attorney responsible for Asset Forfeiture in the Western District of North Carolina.  As part of the prosecution team, he ensures that the asset forfeiture program is implemented in according to federal law and prosecution policy.In this episode, we discuss:The various types of asset forfeitureThe difference between seizure and forfeitureThe decision making process when an asset is seizedWhy asset forfeiture is important in the judicial systemWhat happens when an asset is forfeitedHow victims are repaid from asset forfeiture 
Robyn Shaw is a CPA, CFE, and owner of Facts & Figures Forensics, PLLC, a forensic accounting firm in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  She was previously a forensic accountant as a financial analyst with the Colorado’s 4th Judicial District Attorney's office.  She has worked on over 40 criminal investigations.www.factsfiguresforensics.comIn this episode, we discuss:How Robyn joined the District Attorney’s office as forensic accountantThe criminal cases she investigated as part of the prosecution teamThe difficulties of opening her own forensic accounting firmHow she now markets her forensic accounting services.
After 20 years as a special agent with the Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation (IRS-CI), Robert Nordlander decided to start a new chapter in life.  He left the agency in mid-March to start a forensic accounting and tax resolution firm called Nordlander CPA, PLLC.www.nordlandercpa.comIn this episode, he discussed:The various investigations and opportunities he had during a 20 year tenureWhy he decided to leave IRS-CI How the podcast helped change his outlook on forensic accountingWhat is on the horizon for the new firm
Heather Culp is a law partner with Essex Richards in Charlotte, North Carolina.  She focuses on bankruptcy and commercial litigation.  She is frequently hired as a receiver. this episode, we discuss:The difference between bankruptcy and receivershipThe role of a receiverThe role and need for a forensic accountant in a receivershipThe critical skills and credentials needed for a forensic accountantHow forensic accountants should market themselvesThe value of mentors and sponsorsBook recommendation:The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande
The Fraud Fighter Podcast has produced 20 episodes.  The podcast has been downloaded from 75 different countries in 700 cities.  It continues to grow thanks to listeners like yourself who are interested in fraud and forensic accounting.  From the last 20 episodes, I summarized the key takeaways I had from the 20 guests.Communication is vital, both written and oral.There are many opportunities for self-employed forensic accountants.The key to marketing isn't necessarily skills, but relationships.Once a level of success is achieved, people want the intangible benefits of helping others.Credentials are key to being an expert witness.There are many people who need forensic accountants.If you have enjoyed this podcast, please leave a review on your favorite podcast directory.  Your review helps these directories recommend this podcast to others.
Scott Hogue is currently the Director of Global Investigations at Walmart.  In his previous career, he was a special agent with the Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation.In this episode we discuss:How Scott chose forensic accounting and fraud investigations as a career.The different areas that Global Investigations oversee at WalmartThe qualifications needed to be a good investigatorThe steps needed to be an investigator at a large retail storeWhat retail investigators focus onThe public corruption case that he is most proud of.If you have benefited from this podcast episode, please subscribe to the podcast on your favorite podcast platform.  Also, leave a review because that helps in the search rankings so others can find it.
Chrissie A. Powers, CPA/CFF, CFE, CVA is the owner of Powers Forensic Accounting, LLC located in Columbus, Ohio. She left a regional accounting firm that shut down their forensic accounting services niche and decided to start her own boutique firm.https://www.powersforensic.comIn this episode, we discuss:How she got started in forensic accountingWhy she started her own forensic accounting firmThe value of a CPA license and CFE credentialThe importance of books and conferences in growing her firmBook recommendations:“Frankensteins of Fraud: By Joseph T. Wells“The Expert Witness Marketing Book” by Rosalie Hamilton“How to Market Your Expert Witness Practice Evidence-Based Best Practices” by James J. Mangraviti, Jr; Steven Babitsky; Alex Babitsky“Who Moved My Cheese?” by Spencer Johnson, MDIf you have benefited from this podcast episode, please subscribe to the podcast on your favorite podcast platform.  Also, leave a review because that helps in the search rankings so others can find it.
Kevin Greene is a retired special agent with the Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation.  After 27 years of experience in federal criminal investigations, he and another retired federal agent started Eagle Intel Services LLC, a private investigation firm.www.eagleintelservices.comkgreene@eagleintelservices.comIn this episode we discuss:Using technical equipment to gather evidence in an investigationHow an investigation shut down the trading between the United States Federal Reserve and SwitzerlandThe value of a mentor in investigationsThe most valuable skills needed to be a successful investigatorIf you have benefited from this podcast episode, please subscribe to the podcast on your favorite podcast platform.  Also, leave a review because that helps in the search rankings so others can find it.
Kevin Hanff spent over 22 years as an  IRS special agent.  He is now the Chief Information Officer for Integritas³, a forensic accounting and compliance company.  He discusses the basic software needed to operate a forensic accounting firm. this episode, we discuss:How information is transferred from bank statements to analyzeThe software that he uses as a forensic accountant to analyze bank transactionsHow the information is compiled, sorted, and analyzedHow the report is linked to show its supporting evidenceIf you have benefited from this podcast episode, please subscribe to the podcast on your favorite podcast platform.  Also, leave a review because that helps in the search rankings so others can find it.
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