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Listen to this audio reading of our CEO/Founder Michelle Khouri's latest article about why podcasting is so different than any other medium, and why it's especially important as a medium that drives nuance and conversation. Click here to read the article on our blog, and make sure you subscribe to On the Wavelength for the latest think pieces, tips, and more from FRQNCY Media.
Forget everything you know about case studies, and listen to our immersive storytelling experience about FRQNCY’s role in producing InCharge with DVF. From podcast producer support and on-location recording to liaising with Spotify, FRQNCY was truly InCharge with DVF's podcast partner. Pro tip: put your headphones in for a killer audio experience 🎧
Listen to this audio reading of our CEO/Founder Michelle Khouri's latest article about why feminine leadership is just plain good for business. 📈 Click here to read the article on our blog, and make sure you subscribe to On the Wavelength for the latest think pieces, tips, and more from FRQNCY Media. 🎧
Bold colors, disco collages, and vintage photos. FRQNCY Media's new brand is equal parts embodiment of its evolution, ode to the history of sound, and manifestation of the team's eclectic personalities, backgrounds, and tastes. Listen to the final episode of this miniseries to learn about what the bold new brand means to us, and why we hope it brings you joy.
Listen in as FRQNCY Media Producer Enna Garkusha joins Founder & CEO Michelle Khouri to reminisce about FRQNCY's evolution, including a highlight reel of some of our proudest production moments from "Hidden Voices," "InCharge With DVF," "Raising the Torch," and Coca-Cola's "Total Refresh," and more. Listen to more of our work at
When FRQNCY Founder & CEO Michelle Khouri first hired Jessica Olivier, now FRQNCY's Lead Content Strategist, for her company prior to FRQNCY, they set in motion a magnetic domino effect they could never imagine would lead them to where they are today. Over three years later, and two years after FRQNCY's founding, Michelle and Jessica reminisce about their most treasured moments along the way, and recognize just how powerful it is when a group of purpose-driven people join forces for a common mission.
Two years ago, FRQNCY Media made its debut. Now that we’re coming out of our sophomore year, we’ve gained a greater sense of FRQNCY and of ourselves as a team. We’ve wholeheartedly acknowledged our challenges and our gaps, while more confidently embracing our strengths. As a result, the FRQNCY of today is a fuller expression of the vision we had for the company two years ago.  "Behind the Wavelength" is a four-part series featuring our Founder & CEO Michelle alongside FRQNCY OGs Jessica Olivier (Lead Content Strategist) and Enna Garkusha (Producer) about some of the milestones and never-before-shared memories that have shaped FRQNCY into what it is today. You'll also get an inside look at the new brand, its meaning and how it reflects the future of FRQNCY by paying homage to its past. It’s time to meet the new FRQNCY.
DonTaé Hodge is one of FRQNCY Media's all-star sound engineers. He is a master at recording both on-location and in-studio sessions, with an ear impressively attuned to the nuances of sound. DonTaé received his Bachelor of Science in Recording Arts from Full Sail University. Based in Atlanta and originally from the British Virgin Islands, DonTaé's first love is music.
Becca Godwin is the executive assistant to FRQNCY Media's CEO, associate producer of The Cultured Podcast, and all-star researcher on the content strategy team. Becca grew up in Jacksonville, FL — yes, the city skewered as "a lawless swamp-scape" on NBC’s The Good Place — and managed to make it out with zero firework-related injuries, only one questionable tattoo, and a healthy love for life's absurdities. After high school, she hightailed it to the opposite end of the Sunshine State, where she received a communications degree from Florida International University in Miami. After an engagement to a charming musician (now her husband) brought her to Atlanta, she furthered her education with a Master of Arts in Communication from Georgia State University. She's an impassioned journalist whose work has been published in outlets such as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Miami Herald, Vice’s Thump and Creative Loafing Atlanta.
Enna Garkusha is a creative, a master multitasker, and a self-proclaimed “over-analyzer” - three characteristics that suit her well in her role as FRQNCY Media’s producer. She is responsible for managing the day-to-day workflows for many of FRQNCY's productions. A Southeastern Emmy-nominated producer, Enna started her career in the media industry in 2014, with experience that spans live broadcast, sports marketing, and digital video production. Enna is a cat mom and a plant lady who enjoys watching old Seinfeld reruns and true-crime documentaries. Born of Russian immigrants, don’t be surprised if you hear Enna drop a “Da” or “Nyet;” she doesn’t want to let her Russian get rusty. Enna earned a M.A. in Mass Communication and B.A. in Journalism from Georgia State University.
Jessica Olivier has always been a purposeful workaholic. Fueled by passion and creativity, her story includes graduating from America’s first acting school, the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City, as well as graduating from Georgia State University Summa Cum Laude in Film and Video. From there, her academic career evolved into employment in the film and television industry working with major productions such as The Vampire Diaries and the Emmy winning Years of Living Dangerously. She has served on the Board of multiple nonprofits, including the multinational IS Foundation, of which she also served as a director. FRQNCY Media is now the home sweet home to her intentional creativity and strategic mind. As FRQNCY’s content strategist, Jessica joyously deep dives into clients’ podcast potential with thorough research and tailored market analysis. Jessica lives in East Atlanta with her podcast-loving husband, her (often Instagrammed) two adorable children, and her overemotional pitbull, Pompeii.
Michelle Khouri is the CEO & founder of FRQNCY Media, host of The Cultured Podcast, and executive producer for Total Refresh, Raising the Torch, and several podcasts in development. Michelle has felt a deep connection to the world of sound since she was a toddler. She was a trained singer and musical theater performer before working in A&R for Interscope Records for a short stint. A decade-long career in marketing and communications unfolded before she founded FRQNCY Media, a first-of-its-kind company that seeks to democratize high-quality and intentional podcast production. Since opening for business in 2018, FRQNCY has worked with Coca-Cola, Apple, the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Diane von Furstenberg, Grady Hospital, SalesLoft, and many others.
A vision. A mic. And a message. That’s all it takes to podcast, right? Maybe at the bare minimum. But there’s nothing bare or minimum about us – or you, for that matter. FRQNCY Media a first-of-its-kind podcast production company that meets you where you are – whether you want to produce a podcast yourself or need a full-service production partner. We’re producers and strategists, journalists and artists, realists and idealists, and introverts and extroverts with one thing in common: a deep passion for high-quality and innovative audio.
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