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Interviews with Muslim community members and educators who we can learn from, be inspired by, and ask questions directly. Topics that we cover center around Islamic education include learning the Quran recitation, tajweed and tafsir, dawah, Arabic, and practical ways to apply Islamic values to our everyday life. For more information, visit us at
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According to Business Insider, Muslim consumers spend upwards of $2 trillion dollars on services that support their faith. Whether it’s modest clothing, Islamic home décor, or halal food, there is a growing demand for products and services that cater to an Islamic lifestyle. Known as the “halal economy,” conventional markets are tapping into the Muslim dollar. Stores like IKEA and Target now sell Ramadan décor, while Nike and lululemon offer sport hijabs. This is all good news for Muslim...
One of Allah’s beautiful miracles in nature, one of His beautiful names, Al-Wadud, love, is now the billboard for a lifestyle that we received a serious warning against in the Quran. For those living in the West, this month of June marks a massive media event called ‘Pride Month.’ A month that not only recognizes the LGBTQ+ movement but is something we see everywhere. Whether it’s a simple trip to a store that has a huge display and looks very inviting to children with the rainbow clothi...
Come learn about Aafiyah Healing from the founder and director, Zuhair Girach.Aafiyah Healing is a natural healing modality that focuses on breath and body-mind awareness.Visit us at IQRA Network to learn more about our Islamic courses.To learn more, sign up for our Islamic studies classes.Support the Show.Thanks for listening! Follow us on Instagram and Twitter.
Dr. Afshana Haque, marriage and family therapist, will join us for an eye-opening discussion and insight into strengthening Muslim marriage. In these troubling times, with increasing divorce rates, let's renew our faith and reap Allah's mercy as our beloved Prophet (saw) taught us, "When a husband and wife look at each other with love, Allah looks at them with mercy." [Bukhari]Visit us at IQRA Network to join our Islamic studies Fiqh class that discusses marriage in Islam and marriage rights ...
As a homeschooling mom to her four children for over 13 years, an educator, writer and scholar of children’s literature, Ms. Autumn Allen is our distinguished guest in our next webinar. Join us for an enlightening discussion about homeschooling and learning how kids can thrive this school year.Visit us at IQRA Network to receive a free assessment and a study plan to study Quran, learn Islamic Studies (Aqidah, Fiqh, History etc.) and learn Arabic online.To learn Arabic, sign up for our Tajweed...
In this episode, we invite Mr. Timur Muhammad Mirza, an Arabic instructor at the Islamic Center of Irvine, California. Mr. Mirza was born in Hyderabad India and has a Certification in Arabic Grammar & Morphology from the Arab Academy in Egypt. He will be sharing tips and advice on how to master the Arabic language for non-native speakers. You can also subscribe to his ArabiQuraan youtube channel.Visit us at IQRA Network to receive a free assessment in Arabic with a customized study plan.T...
In this episode, Dr. Meraj Mohiuddin, an American physician and author of REVELATION: THE STORY OF MUHAMMAD discusses his book and the impactful life of prophet Muhammad PBUH.To get a copy of the book, please visit us at IQRA Network to receive a free assessment to learn Quran online and to learn Arabic with a customized study plan.To learn seerah, sign up for our seerah classes.Support the Show.Thanks for listening! Follow us on Instagram and Twitter.