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A platform to share stories and plant seeds of social change

BLYNKT Issue 1 "Family" is now available: http://www.blynkt.com/issues.html
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"Seek out strong women to befriend, to align yourself with, to learn from, to be inspired by, to collaborate with, to support, to be enlightened by." Following Madonna's speech on feminism, BLYNKT editor Lei seeks out a strong woman this week to speak about feminism, design, and work and life in Berlin. Dora is currently working as an independent graphic designer in Berlin. Check out Dora's work on her website: https://www.dora-works.com/ You can read Dora's article "Can I have it all?" here: https://medium.com/@dore_more/can-i-have-it-all-1090ad7c1bf4
This week BLYNKT editor Carly Dee speaks to Maryah Converse, author of "Say Praise God!" which appears in Issue 2 of BLYNKT Magazine. They speak about Maryah's time in Jordan as part of the Peace Corps, the current rise in Islamophobia and Maryah's hopes for a more peaceful coexistence. You can read more of Maryah's work on her website: https://bymaryah.wordpress.com
Issue 2 of BLYNKT Magazine "Individual/Society" is here! Carly and Lei are reunited on the BLYNKT podcast this week to introduce the new issue. The call for submissions for Issue 3 on the topic of "Body politics" is open now! Listen to find out what's in Issue 2 and the ideas behind our next issue coming this Fall. Read Issue 2 online: http://www.blynkt.com/magazine.html
Happy Sunday! Felix Henke from Beyond Art joins Lei on the BLYNKT podcast this week to speak about a social art project he initiated with Deepak Tolange, a contributing photographer of BLYNKT. Beyond Art originated from Deepak’s documentary, Dust (2016), which is about child labor in Nepal. In 2017, Felix and Deepak returned to Nepal to give the children masks and cameras with donations they received from the Beyond Art community. Support Beyond Art: https://www.facebook.com/Beyond-Art-1157925227605016/ If you are in Berlin, you can also check out Felix and Deepak’s exhibition at 48 Stunden Neukölln from 23-25 of June.
This week on the BLYNKT podcast, Lei has a heart-to-heart conversation with Benjamin Lawrance Miller, who is an English professor at Queensborough Community College (CUNY), about writing and creative communities. Ben also speaks about his experience of living in the woods in his early twenties, which inspired his piece, "Failing Thoreau in the Year 2000" (featured in BLYNKT Issue 2). To learn about the curious connections between the woods and creative writing, listen to this week's BLYNKT podcast!
This week Chinese American anthropologist and filmmaker, Beina Xu, discusses and reads her dystopian story "Walter." Beina and Lei also talk about Asian diaspora, identity politics, documentary filmmaking, and their love-hate relationship with New York. All on this week's BLYNKT podcast!
"For me the most interesting thing about the theater is that it creates the possibility of an encounter." This week on the BLYNKT podcast, Lei is in conversation with Argentinian director and playwright Lola Arias. Her play, Atlas des Kommunismus, will be showing at the Gorki theater in Berlin in April and May, 2017. Don't miss out! To see Lola's play: http://www.gorki.de/en/atlas-des-kommunismus
Writer and philosopher Nicola Tams joins Lei on the BLYNKT podcast this week to talk about literary community, the creative process of writing non-fiction, cultural integration in Germany, and the idea of starting a literature movement in Berlin! Read her poetic piece on Istanbul, "Istanbul: Belated vision and feline melancholy," on the BLYNKT blog: http://www.blynkt.com/blynkt-blog/istanbul-belated-vision-and-feline-melancholy
Episode 30 (Malik Crumpler)

Episode 30 (Malik Crumpler)


We are delighted to have poet and rapper, Malik Crumpler on the BLYNKT podcast this week! You can read some of Malik’s poetry in Issue 2 of BLYNKT magazine “Individual/Society” which will be published in the Spring. If you can’t wait until then, Malik will be reading us his political piece “Consolation Prize” on this week’s podcast. As if that wasn’t enough, he also shares a sample of his forthcoming album “iAncient” with us, which will be available soon on Def Pressé. Enjoy! Photo by Scott Benedict (http://www.scottbenedict.com)
Jenny Yu, the founder of StudioYU, joins us on the BLYNKT podcast to share her experience of becoming an artist-entrepreneur in the art world today. Coming from an immigrant family, Jenny tells her journey as an independent artist trying to own her own art work by helping other striving artists do the same as well. If you are an independent artist and interested in joining Jenny's non-profit organization which helps artists promote and sell their works internationally, you can submit your work here: http://www.studioyu.org/
In the first episode of 2017, Carly Dee and Q Lei did a roundup of 2016. We talked about what we have accomplished with BLYNKT the past year, Brexit, the election of Trump, and how these political events made us more determined to build a platform for the rational voices of people. Listen and find out our new year's resolutions! If you have a good story or new year's resolution to share, write to us at contact@blynkt.com
This is the second episode of "What do university students think about the election" series. Jin, a senior in literature at Princeton and international student from Hong Kong, and Lei chat about the 2016 election from international students' point of view. Jin also shares her reflections on becoming an academic in these turbulent times.
Lei interviewed a student of hers at Princeton University, Helena, about the election. What does the election mean for the students? How does it affect their life at Princeton and their vision of the future? Helena and Lei also discussed the class-based sorting system at the university. This will be the first of a three-episode series of "What do university students think about the election?"
Yingkit Chan, a PhD candidate at Princeton University and a contributor of BLYNKT, presented on "Neighbors and Refugees in Singapore." This is an excerpt from the conference "Without Borders?" which BLYNKT co-hosted at Princeton University.
"Without Borders?" is part of the collective effort to address some of the important questions pertaining to human rights, the rights of mobility, and racial discrimination in the history of global integration and immigration. This week on the BLYNKT podcast, we will play an excerpt from the BLYNKT co-hosted event. Greisa and Rodrigo from United We Dream, the largest immigrant organization in America, shared with us their personal stories of growing up in America as undocumented youths. Support the mission of United We Dream: http://unitedwedream.org/
Lei is joined by her colleague and one of BLYNKT's contributors, Ying-kit Chan, on the BLYNKT podcast this week! BLYNKT is delighted to co-host "Without borders? Globalization & the Refugee Crisis" on the 25th October at Princeton University. Kit and Lei chat about their incentive for encouraging more discussions on the global refugee crisis. If you are free and in the New York area tomorrow, do come join us in the one-day conference! The event is free and open to the public. The program of the event can be found here: http://eap.princeton.edu/events/without-borders-globalization-refugee-crisis?ct=t(Newsletter_10_19_201610_19_2016)
To celebrate the launch of Issue 1 of BLYNKT magazine, Carly Dee reads “Daktari” a short story written by Alan Girling. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did! You can read the original here: http://www.blynkt.com/uploads/6/9/3/6/69367363/blynkt_issue1_family_.pdf We will be reading further pieces from Issue 1 in the future, make sure you subscribe so you don't miss out!
Carly and Lei chat about their new favorite TV series, Grace and Frankie! What is it like to be back in the dating scene when you are older? Why is there a lack of media coverage of older people and their romantic life? Do our profit-driven societies marginalize older people? All will be covered in this week's BLYNKT podcast. Enjoy!
In this week's BLYNKT podcast, Lei is joined by independent journalist/filmmaker Matthew Cassel. Matthew is the director of the recent documentary "The Journey to Europe," which covers the story of a Syrian father who traveled all the way from Istanbul to the Netherlands to reunite with his family. You can watch the six-part documentary on the New Yorker website: http://www.newyorker.com/topics/the-journey-from-syria-documentary Matthew's other journalistic work: http://justimage.org/
Has our society become more moralizing or more conveniently so due to the Internet? This week on the BLYNKT podcast, Carly Dee and Q. Lei discuss the phenomenon of public shaming on the Internet and Jon Ronson's publication, So You've Been Publicly Shamed. Again, we are thinking of starting a book club on BLYNKT. Book club, no book club?
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