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The Ghosts That Haunt Me with Eve Evans
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The Ghosts That Haunt Me with Eve Evans

Author: Forever Haunted Podcast

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Amazon's Horror author Eve S Evans brings you The Ghosts That Haunt Me with Eve Evans. Have you ever been haunted? Had a paranormal encounter? On this show I interview multiple people who have experienced something unexplained. Paranormal Investigators, Authors, and numerous others who simply have had a harrowing ghostly encounter. Join me in my journey to seek answers.
10 Episodes
On today's show I interview author Ambrose Ibsen. Ambrose has numerous published novels, as well as some short story collections and series. Ambrose delves into a few haunting experiences his parents have had in homes that they have lived in. We talk about his horror novels, where he gets his inspirations and what new releases we can look forward to in the near future.
Today's episode was quite the paranormal journey. Wendy joined me on today's show and during the editing process I caught 6 EVPS. Some chilled me. Head over to my facebook page or instagram to hear the episode teaser with the EVPS.
On today's show I talk with author Shawn Taylor. He dives into some of his experiences on haunted ships, Queen Anne's Academy and more. We talk about different entities and demons and play several EVPS. He gives me a sneak peak on his upcoming Sci Fi novel as well.
On today's show I interview medium, John Metts. Also known as John Wolf. John currently offers readings. You can find him on facebook - John Wolf. John delves into some terrifying experiences in his childhood involving demons and spirits. We talk about his gift and the man who currently haunts the house he lives in now.
Today's guest is blogger Lindsay. She recently just started a new blog, She talks about her experiences with the paranormal, ouija boards and a creepy out of body experience.
Today's guest is paranormal author Kelly Martin. She is an international #1 best selling author in horror, paranormal, contemporary, historical, young adult, and mysteries. Kelly discusses something she hasn't ever before... what occurs at home in her haunted house.
Today's guest talks about The Infamous Bridgewater Triangle, his haunted 1700's house, and several years of unexplainable paranormal experiences. Carlston delves into his history in TV and investigating and the one exploration that went awry.
On today's show I interview author Kevin Killen about ghosts, EVPS, haunted battle grounds and much more. Stay tuned for 40 years of Kevin's ghostly tales and when to expect his next release!
Today's guest is Samantha White. A fellow ghost huntress and empath, Samantha delves into some of her exploits as well as why her home may be haunted. Listen closely for some EVPS and interesting discussions on the paranormal and beyond.
Today's guest is David Habben, a tour guide at the Idaho State Penitentiary. He is a former paranormal investigator with Big River Paranormal (formerly the Idaho Spirit Seekers) and a former paramedic. David talks about his creepy experiences on investigations as well as tours at the prison.
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