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First Touch and Salt Cast, name a more iconic duo. RLCS caster Demar "Dazerin" Williams, CRL champion Tyler "Tbates" Bates and RLCS pro player Raul "Roll Dizz" Diaz join Matt and Johnny to talk about all things Rocket League. Podcasts, speedy regions, kickoffs... you bet they have an opinion on it. Enjoy the most stacked episode of the Salt Cast!⏰ Timestamps0:00 Introduction0:48 The saltiest First Touch member4:05 Why First Touch works so well6:41 Hate comments9:36 First Touch's origin story12:38 The future of First Touch20:40 Guild vs. NA super team26:52 The fastest regions49:58 Upcoming players and comms1:00:45 Underrated gameplay1:22:20 Kickoff strategies1:26:27 Favourites1:29:40 Team, Demo, Ranked: NRG1:32:07 Team, Demo, Ranked: Sandrock Gaming1:34:52 Team, Demo, Ranked: Team BDS1:38:20 Team, Demo, Ranked: NA super team1:43:27 Team, Demo, Ranked: Vitality1:47:17 Team, Demo, Ranked: Guild1:52:02 Hot takes2:03:22 Content creation2:08:19 OutroWHO IS SMELLSWORTH:Full time streamer. Food main. I eat, drink, and game on the internet.SEE WHAT I’M INTO:💌  My weekly newsletter of things I like -🍕  Pizza Party Discord:⌚  TikTok -📸  Instagram -🐦  Twitter -🎮  Twitch -🤝  LinkedIn -😋 MY FOOD CHANNEL - stream myself eating food, drinking wine, and talking about the things I just ate or drank. Come be hungry with me.
Dillon "Rizzo" Rizzo has been a pro player since 2016, and has recently stepped down from professional play to be a full-time content creator. In this episode of the Salt Cast, the Rocket League legend tells about all his retirement plans, his experiences as a pro, and he shares his thoughts on everything from LAN events to team managers. He might not be on the field with Chicago and Jknaps, but we're going to see him a lot more on Youtube and Twitch!🍕  Pizza Party Discord:​⌚  TikTok -​📸  Instagram -​🐦  Twitter -​🎮  Twitch -​🤝  LinkedIn -
Ashllxyy (Ashley) beats the best 1v1 players with just one hand. Being born with one arm makes his journey through Rocket League and life different from anyone else on the 1v1 leaderboards. Since the Rocket League community discovered his talent, he's been streaming more and inspiring people with physical disabilities. He's only 15 years old, but he's got a lot to say!⏰ Timestamps0:00 Introduction1:11 How Ashllxyy uses his controller5:34 Prosthetic arms7:50 Getting into Rocket League and streaming10:54 Control schemes and playing with your feet16:36 The hardest mechanic for Ashllxyy17:53 The mechanics of 1v122:54 Inpiring others24:34 Everyday life32:39 Streaming39:49 Toughest match-ups in 1v141:51 Good and bad comments43:25 Widechamp Round: Favourites46:43 Widechamp Round: team, demo, ranked50:56 Widechamp Round: hot take53:58 Troll sounds on stream58:11 OutroWHO IS SMELLSWORTH:Full time streamer. A hungry gamer. I eat, drink, and game on the internet.SEE WHAT I’M INTO:💌  My weekly newsletter of things I like -  🍕  Pizza Party Discord: ⌚  TikTok - 📸  Instagram - 🐦  Twitter - 🎮  Twitch -🤝  LinkedIn -😋 MY FOOD CHANNEL - I stream myself eating food, drinking wine, and talking about the things I just ate or drank. Come be hungry with me. TALK TO SMELLSWORTH:The best way is to tweet at me or come to my live streams on Twitch and tell me about something delicious.
Since the day the game came out, Jack "Corelli" Collier has been embedded in Rocket League. From pro player to caster, from Rival Series to a staple on the RLCS broadcast - Corelli talks about how he established himself in the scene in this episode of the Salt Cast. Enjoy the episode!⏰ Timestamps0:00 Introduction0:59 Getting sweaty6:48 Running out of gas11:44 Buying a pc to play Rocket League15:32 Streaming19:15 Corelli's pro career: teaming with Rizzo30:29 Getting into commentary40:50 From Rival Series to RLCS51:21 Hate and criticism59:02 Casting consistency1:04:51 The Grid for FaZe Clan1:10:25 Iconic casting moments1:20:04 Twitch and Twitter1:22:20 Widechamp Round: Favourites1:25:56 Widechamp Round: Hot take1:30:27 Widechamp Round: Team, demo, ranked1:40:07 Outro[
🍕 Pizza Party Discord: a gamer and a streamer, Caitlin "Ravena" Reed had to overcome the inequality that women in gaming deal with, and she's determined to fight that injustice everywhere she sees it. Her content and her participation in initiatives like WCBC and Goals For Change, make her an inspiration for the entire Rocket League community. In this episode, Ravena talks openly about her life with autism, and what her logical mind sees in Rocket League. With such a well-spoken guest on the Salt Cast, you're sure to enjoy it, and learn from it too!🔴 Live:​​🐦 Twitter:⏰ Timestamps0:00 Introduction1:24 Inequality5:27 Ravena's origin story12:14 Going back in time to dominate16:19 Starting streaming20:33 Improving as a streamer and as a person28:15 Asperger syndrome42:28 English accents and autism49:50 Methodological Rocket League55:04 Increasing the size of the field56:19 WCBC: fighting injustice1:04:40 Sexism in streaming1:14:07 Inspiring girls1:18:53 Honesty1:21:44 Widechamp Round: favourites1:31:18 Widechamp Rounds: team, demo, ranked1:41:44 Widechamp Round: hot take1:53:54 Outro
🍕 Pizza Party Discord: "Lethamyr" Robitaille went from playing six RLCS seasons for Denial Esports and Ghost Gaming, to full time content creation for Spacestation Gaming. He knows Rocket League through and through, and talks about it all on this episode of the Salt Cast. Enjoy!🔴 Live:​​🐦 Twitter:⏰ Timestamps0:00 Introduction2:20 Introducing Lethamyr6:01 Picking up a car and freestyling10:02 Lethamyr getting robbed at McDonald's13:30 Cash and cards15:07 Universal language16:49 How Lethamyr got into gaming and Rocket League22:18 Getting good at League of Legends23:17 Lethamyr's way of thinking about Rocket League25:14 Brains vs. mechanics28:25 Getting in trouble for Road to SSL31:53 Taking a break from making maps33:14 A healthy work ethic41:36 The future of Rocket League43:21 Making maps in Rocket League46:38 Outro
🍕 Pizza Party Discord: starting a career in Rocket League esports as a clueless 15-year-old, to surviving the whirlwind of criticism as an RLCS caster - Isaac "Turtle" App has done it all. In this episode of the Salt Cast, Turtle opens up about his struggles along the way, and how he's figuring out what he wants to do with his passion: music production. Enjoy the episode!🔴 Live:​​🐦 Twitter: in Audio⏰ Timestamps0:00 Introduction1:49 Internet service providers5:21 Roaches in the apartment10:00 Getting a dog13:27 Getting into Rocket League17:31 Going pro and causing drama22:07 Taking Ls at RLCS Season 2 Worlds32:26 Playing on Rogue and Team Dignitas40:47 Screaming and sprinting down the street42:59 Filming for Dignitas45:57 Casting is hard50:26 Hiphop as a creative outlet57:20 Turtle's road map1:01:21 Music production and insecurities1:05:21 Imposter syndrome for esports casters1:10:32 Caster criticism1:19:01 Widechamp Round: favourites1:21:02 Widechamp Round: team, demo, ranked1:24:02 Widechamp Round: hot take1:26:00 Outro
🍕 Pizza Party Discord: one of the most analytical minds in Rocket League, John "Virge" Willis wants to show a different side of Rocket League esports. Behind the scenes, he's a driving force behind the success of Dignitas. In this episode of the Salt Cast, Virge takes us through his life as a coach, and shares his views on trash talk, work ethic, and how to improve as a team. Don't miss his insights, and enjoy the episode!🔴 Live:​🐦 Twitter:⏰ Timestamps0:00 Introduction1:34 The American stock market2:44 Rocket League titles for coaches4:20 Starting a career in coaching12:32 Virge in the spotlight: playing against F217:07 Misconceptions about coaching in Rocket League23:45 The state of Rocket League coaching25:51 Sharing coaching secrets29:37 A day in the life of Virge33:52 Dropping AztraL and picking up Joreuz39:45 Play style clashes and mechanical players43:24 1v1 excursions45:30 SMUG trash talk in RLCS?49:18 Showing comms on the RLCS broadcast51:32 Widechamp round: favourites53:34 Virge's fine system54:13 Widechamp Round: team, demo, ranked58:48 Hot take: rule 1 is locking heads1:03:02 Outro
🍕 Pizza Party Discord: a 1s main, now Version1's newest asset: Robert "Comm" Kyser, formerly known as Communism™, comes on the Salt Cast to talk about how it feels to be a SMUG champion. He gained Twitter fame by tilting Lachinio off the face of the earth, and now he's back to roast the whole of EU Rocket League by simply ignoring its existence. Enjoy the episode!🔴 Live:🐦 Twitter:⏰ Timestamps0:00 Introduction2:03 Losing in game 5 to Spacestation Gaming3:25 RLCS best of 1 single elimination5:03 Grid match-ups6:09 Thank goodness for Liquipedia7:44 Why Comm used to go by Communism9:30 How Comm got started in Rocket League10:36 Comm's first showmatch15:00 Getting into competitive 3v316:24 The struggle to get into RLCS19:44 Best memories from before RLCS X22:08 Teaming for Pirates and Spyder for the Fall Split23:49 Getting an offer from Version126:46 1s mains in RLCS34:04 Playing with Gimmick and Torment35:49 Being coached by Fireburner37:32 Ranked vs. pro competition39:52 Changes in the RLCS format43:03 Johnnyboi's showmatches got Comm into Rocket League44:35 Chances for new players to go pro47:19 Comm's dream team50:23 Being a SMUG champion53:08 Biggest 1v1 rivalries53:48 Comm and Jbot tilting Lachinio ( Widechamp Round: favourites1:01:17 Widechamp Round: top 5 most mechanical pros1:02:25 Widechamp Round: top 5 least mechanical pros1:05:13 Widechamp Round: team, demo, ranked1:09:30 Does Comm know any EU teams?1:13:08 Widechamp Round: team, demo, ranked1:14:43 Hot take: NA is better than EU1:19:32 Outro
🍕 Pizza Party Discord: the very beginning of Rocket League esports, Linus "al0t" Möllergren has been around to compete and to shit talk his teammates. He's got the banter, he's got the biceps, and he's got a lot to talk about with Matt and Johnny on this episode of the Salt Cast - from signing to shady orgs, to the funniest Rocket League pros. Enjoy the episode!🔴 Live:🐦 Twitter:⏰ Timestamps0:00 Introduction1:45 1v1 against Mognus3:09 Matt and Al0t meeting at RLCS Season 1 finals4:17 Teaming with Turbopolsa and Dogu5:47 Vogan, camera shake and adapting9:14 An all-swedish roster with X3MW12:05 Vogan coaching Al0t12:56 The good old days15:36 Turbopolsa banned from the TeamSpeak17:22 Gfinity tournaments with prize money19:25 Al0t on Fireburner's stream20:25 Going pro in the first month24:19 Dogu retiring, teaming with Metsanauris and Mognus26:43 Signing shady orgs vs. playing for free29:44 Getting complacent when signed to an org32:23 Sore losers34:05 Most fond memories35:28 RLCS Season 4 finals37:02 LAN atmosphere43:57 Replacing Metsanauris with gReazymeister46:08 What went wrong in Season 6?47:52 Great stats for Al0t in Season 748:13 Getting 5th in Season 852:57 Speed as a teammate55:27 Current team and streaming59:50 Living in the woods and getting ripped1:02:29 Playing WoW and Rust1:07:35 Widechamp Round: Favourites1:10:21 Widechamp Round: team, demo, ranked1:15:53 Widechamp Round: top 5 funniest pros1:19:26 Widechamp Round: top 5 least funny pros1:23:00 Outro
🍕 Pizza Party Discord: "Kash: Cannon has the most made up sounding rap name for a Rocket League Pro that I've ever heard. Is that his real name? I doubt it. When we recorded this episode he hadn't deceived me in Rust and stolen my bolt action with a 16x scope on it. Now that we live in a post-RL Rust world, Kash is my enemy and I hope things go poorly for him, generally speaking. Enjoy the episode!🔴 Live:🐦 Twitter:⏰ Timestamps0:00 Introduction0:55 Joining and leaving Notorious Legion Esport4:59 Moving from PlayStation to PC7:49 Gaming history before Rocket League8:31 Getting good at Rocket League10:12 The importance of new mechanics15:34 Sports and games outside of Rocket League16:01 Getting ready to compete in Rocket League + 6Mans17:11 Mechanical players20:33 Format changes in The Grid22:09 Tryouts for many teams23:44 Changing vs. staying on a team26:11 Redemption: a last minute team29:36 Playing 1v1 to get better at 3v330:55 Rocket League skill cap vs. other games33:56 The perfect game of Rocket League38:31 3v3 strategy vs. mechanical ability41:49 Taking it to the next level45:25 Widechamp Round: favourites48:39 Widechamp Round: team, demo, ranked52:30 Widechamp Round: top 5 most mechanical players54:12 Widechamp Round: top 5 least mechanical players56:41 Who would Kash want to play in SMUG?57:20 Revealing a SMUG 5 player1:03:07 Outro
🍕 Pizza Party Discord: attracts a large audience on Twitch, with her outgoing personality and engaging Rocket League action. She is affiliated with G2 Esports, and hosts The Grid for G2 as well. In 2020, she participated in a challenge to stream every day for a year, and with the hard work came great success. She talks about her life as a streamer and as G2 Rizzo's girlfriend, and shares her experiences with all the different quirks of social media. Enjoy the episode!🔴 Live:🐦 Twitter:⏰ Timestamps0:00 Introduction1:20 Playing on wi-fi2:46 Starting to stream on Twitch5:50 Athena's early stream setup7:16 Scuffed production quality9:47 University and dropping out14:42 Traveling as a streamer16:08 Missing out on Norway18:46 Dating a Rocket League pro25:46 The dark side of dating a Rocket League pro30:55 Getting recognized close to home32:06 How Johnnyboi met Markydooda35:20 Being a female streamer40:18 Putting in the work42:18 Support from the viewers43:40 G2 Grid viewing parties49:37 Winning the GameHERs award for Top Player of the Year50:48 Inspiring women53:47 Goals as a content creator58:15 Plans for the future1:03:18 TikTok: the weirdest social medium1:08:51 Widechamp Round: favourites1:13:56 Widechamp Round: team, demo, ranked1:21:44 Revealing SMUG 4 players1:33:02 Outro
🍕 Pizza Party Discord: "Arsenal" Lateef Taylor Jr is an established force on Spacestation Gaming, only two years after he took the NA pro scene by storm. Arsenal went from grinding 6Mans to finding himself qualifying for the Rival Series with The Peeps. He might sometimes struggle with his mentality, but when he's in the right mindset, his team is in the conversation for the best team in NA. On this episode on the Salt Cast, Arsenal discusses the communication on SSG, the flow state, and the upcoming SMUG 4 matches. Enjoy!⏰ Timestamps0:00 Introduction1:07 Getting prejumped and breaking monitors3:40 Arsenal's beginnings and 6Mans promotions6:14 Discovering the RLRS7:40 Teaming with retals11:23 Starting on SSG17:05 Content creation21:00 Retals on SSG22:32 Multiple Arsenals25:33 Rivalry with NRG27:16 jstn: best player in the world?29:42 Rivalry with Team Envy30:49 Arsenal's role on SSG33:03 SSG's unique team comms35:38 Music to vibe to38:20 The loudest players on SSG39:48 Food choices43:51 1v1 abilities in 3v349:54 Arsenal vs. retals51:00 Getting in the flow state:tm:54:54 Arsenal in SMUG?57:10 Book recommendation: The Inner Game Of Tennis1:02:18 SMUG 4 predictions and reveals1:07:47 retals trash talking1:09:19 SMUG 4 reveal1:12:59 Widechamp Round: favourites1:15:18 Widechamp Round: team, demo, ranked1:27:16 Follow Arsenal on Twitter and YouTube1:29:43 Outro
👃 Get all my content sent to your inbox: https://smelly.afGarrett "GarrettG" Gordon talks us through the highlights of his impressive career. He has been to every RLCS LAN, so there's a lot to discuss. The legendary GarrettG has teamed up with many other legends over the years. He started off with Turtle and Moses on Orbit eSports, and then moved on to play on NRG, which he's been signed with for almost four years now. Picking up jstn, Turbopolsa and most recently SquishyMuffinz were all big events in his live as a pro player, but of course nothing can top the grand finals of Season 5 and 8. Can GarrettG be persuaded to challenge Turbopolsa for a SMUG match? Find out in this episode of the Salt Cast.Links🎮Twitch →🐓Twitter →
👃 Get all my content sent to your inbox: https://smelly.afMaello "AztraL" Ernst gives us a look behind the scenes at the French scene in this episode of the Salt Cast. At a time when no RLCS team took a chance on bubble players, Dignitas kickstarted AztraL's career at the highest stage. AztraL is a talented 1v1 player who made his way into the 3v3 esports, where he now plays with Ferra and Chausette45 on Oxygen Esports. His aggressive and mechanical playstyle makes his opponents fear and respect him. The best Belgian Rocket League player to ever play the game talks about the ups and downs throughout his career with Smellsworth and Johnnyboi_i. Enjoy!Links🎮Twitch →🐓Twitter → Podcast with Johnnyboi_i🧂 The Salt Cast on YouTube: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: the web: https://podcast.saltmine.ggWho dis?It's ya boy Matt "Smellsworth" Ellsworth, media titan and carb lover.⏰ Timestamps0:00 Introduction0:42 Bumps and demos2:38 The most tilting gamemode4:17 The best gamemode to freestyle4:47 Playing 1v1 in the early seasons6:58 Getting started with Rocket League8:54 Funny stories with Fairy Peak! and Chausette4511:20 Fairy Peak! playing Pokémon11:47 Taking Rocket League more seriously16:06 Getting picked up by Dignitas23:02 Playing on Dignitas25:20 Coach Virge helped with mental issues26:15 SMUG player reveals30:35 Learning on Dignitas32:31 Playing versus Jessie36:11 Are the pros playing enough?40:43 Joining Oxygen43:20 Patience to improve45:23 Different format, different playstyles52:26 Salt Mine history56:16 Toxic reputation1:04:10 Twitch Rivals1:05:41 Widechamp Round: Favorites1:10:43 Widechamp Round: team, demo, ranked1:16:24 Announcing the SMUG 3 Main Event1:21:46 Outro
🍕 Next, Joreuz the 1v1 god on the Salt Cast:👃 Get all my content sent to your inbox:📝Episode NotesOtto "Metsanauris" Kaipiainen plays for Team Endpoint in the RLCS X, as the seasoned RLCS veteran alongside RelatingWave and virtuoso. The Finn made it to the RLCS in Season 3, and has been grinding his way through professional Rocket League ever since. He managed to finish in the top three at the World Championships of Season 4, 5, and 6. He joins the Salt Cast to talk about his journey as a player, the lack of toxicity in the Scandinavian countries, EU vs. NA, and SMUG 2.This episode, we also leaked a SMUG 2 player who had not yet been announced. The second Salt Mine Underground event will take place on the 25th of November over at Make sure you don't miss anything by signing up for the email list at for alerts on all the content that we're making available for you.🔗LinksTwitch → →⏰Timestamps0:00 Introduction1:18 EU vs. NA drama2:30 Ranking toxicity in Nordic countries10:38 Scheduling the podcast stream12:47 The early days of Metsanauris20:08 Scrims versus FlipSid3 Tactics22:44 RLCS Season 3 Playoffs: FlipSid3 vs. Resonant Metsanauris and Mognus: the best 2v2 team?28:15 Difference between competitive and ranked 2v229:00 Work ethic and comparing hours played31:59 Team environment on Endpoint33:06 Success with Mognus and Al0t34:02 Experiences from the Gfinity Elite Series37:14 Living in London39:27 Long hair40:29 Getting benched after Season 547:41 Teaming up with Remkoe and EyeIgnite49:00 Beating Cloud 9 at RLCS Season 6 World Championship Winning Eleague56:27 Salt Mine Underground announcement1:00:27 Airdribble bumps 1:02:44 Highlights of the year for Metsanauris1:04:32 Salty scrims in EU1:05:27 FIFA1:06:09 Lifespan of Italians1:07:15 Boring Finnish accents1:08:26 Finnish pro players1:10:44 Weight loss and getting in shape1:18:42 WideChamp Round: favourites1:20:36 Heavy Car Bug1:22:56 WideChamp Round: favourites (continued)1:23:48 WideChamp Round: team, demo, ranked1:30:43 BDS vs. SSG1:32:48 EpicToastie and Scottish accents1:33:52 Thank you and goodbyes1:34:53 Outro
Watch live every week at The young Rocket League prodigy & mechanical genius has taken Rocket League esports by storm. He discusses his recent matchup with Fairy Peak in the Gold Mine and his upcoming match Salt Mine Underground. It was a real treat chatting with Joreuz as he has an incredible mind for the game. Enjoy the episode.  Be the first to know when all of my new content drops: https://smelly.afRetweet ya boy at:
Watch live every week at on YouTube: Gaming is a Rocket League team with three star players that can pop off at any time, and our guest Retals is one of them. He's got opinions and they are not hard to get from him. In the episode things get spicy when we talk about pro hours, team drama, the top egos in NA & EU Rocket League esports, and how he almost went to play in Europe! This episode has everything, enjoy it. Be the first to know when all of my new content drops: Retweet ya boy at:
Watch live every week at  Wow, what an episode. The 4-time Rocket League world champion joins us and doesn't mince any words for his fellow RL pros. Turbo tells us all about pros without enough hours, what it's like to have won 4 RLCS championships, getting kicked from teams, and how much better NA is than EU. This is one of the most entertaining episodes we've had. Enjoy it my friends! Be the first to know when all of my new content drops:
Watch live every week at is a banger episode of the Salt Cast where we are joined by Senzo from SandRock Gaming. SRG the top team in the Middle Eastern region who's shocked the scene by claiming victories over top EU teams like Team Vitality, Dignitas, and Team Singularity. Senzo tells us all about his start in Rocket League, how his teammates all met each other, and what it would mean to be able to play in the RLCS. Be the first to know when all of my new content drops: https://smelly.afRetweet ya boy at:
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