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Whispers of the Supernatural
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Whispers of the Supernatural

Author: Shane McDowell

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Christopher Reed and Shane McDowell discuss reasons for belief in an age of skepticism.
9 Episodes
Shane and Chris discuss the possible validity of the accounts of miraculous events. Contact us at
Shane and Chris discuss archeological discoveries in relation to what's found in the Bible. Do archaeological discoveries confirm or disprove the Bible narrative? Is the Bible fable or an historical account? Contact us at
Shane and Chris discuss the Bible's medical advice vs. those of other ancient texts. How do these ancient manuals hold up to what we know from modern medical science?Contact us at
Shane and Chris discuss different criteria one can and should apply to texts that claim to be inspired by a divine power.Contact us at
Shane and Chris discuss the Bible's account of creation and compare it to known science. 'yowm' – New American Standard Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, Hebrew Dictionairy (La Habra, California: The Lockman Foundation, 1981) p. 1529,9171,133473, us at
Shane and Chris discuss the implications of living in a universe with a clear starting point. Contact us at
Shane and Chris discuss various aspects of the universe we live in, how we came to be, and what those factors may or may not imply. us at
Shane and Chris delve into some basic yet important principles of logic. How do we know what we know? How do we know we've thought about something correctly? The answers to these questions are more important than you may think. Contact us at
Episode 1 - Introduction

Episode 1 - Introduction


Shane and Chris begin exploring and unpacking some aspects of Chris' journey that brought him to where he is today, a life fueled by belief. hopeww.orgContact us at