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Author: Nelson Jordan

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Each week, Nelson Jordan interviews real freelancers, online business owners and entrepreneurs as they battle the #hustle culture to build a profitable business and life full of meaning. Make sure to subscribe for new episodes each week.
29 Episodes
Nelson is joined by Ali Abdaal to discuss getting the most out of the content you create, building a YouTube channel, growing your online course or business, and much more. Ali is a doctor and YouTuber who has successfully grown his YouTube channel to 1.5M subscribers.Topics Include:ProductivitySelling online courses or programsGrowing a YouTube channelRepurposing contentAnd other topics...[2:11] - How Ali finds the time to be a doctor AND a YouTuber.[6:08] - How to make quick progress on a new business or project – niche first, then expand.[8:32] - One tip for growing your business or project – start thinking about repurposing your content earlier![13:19] - Tips for growing your YouTube channel.[25:58] - Thoughts on sharing revenue numbers as a YouTuber.[31:53] - Longevity as a YouTuber and capitalizing on your success.[39:33] - The YouTuber Academy and what Ali has learned from teaching live cohorts.[44:41] - Picking a price point for your online course or offering.RESOURCES MENTIONED:aliabdaal.comAli Abdaal YouTube
Nelson is joined by Gaby Silver to discuss how being let off forced him to make the shift from employee to business owner and how this empowered him to live his best life for himself and his family.Topics Include:Being rewarded for the value you create as a business ownerLiving a values-first lifestyleThe uncapped earning potential of a business ownerFlexibility in schedule and in lifeAnd other topics...[1:18] - Gaby's transition from his dreadful day job to starting his own business.[11:52] - Gaby discusses his religious beliefs and observations, and how working from home supports him in living his best life.[23:21] - Gaby shares how his relationship with his children changed after making the transition to working from home.[35:35] - Reflections on the freedom Gaby has found running his own business and how it has empowered his family to live from their deepest values.[38:09] - Earning potential as a business owner.[45:16] - Reaping your true value as a self-employed person, and the relationships you build.[53:37] - Nelson shares how his flexible work schedule allows him to do better work and live more meaningful days.[01:00:19] - Turning it on and off. Capitalizing on your most productive hours.RESOURCES MENTIONED:
Nelson is joined by Elise Dopson to discuss breaking into the copywriting market, being your own teacher, and taking advantage of the opportunities available to you as a freelancer.Topics Include:Increasing your ratesNiching in a particular skillDifferences between freelancing and traditional jobsWork-life balanceAnd other topics...[2:51] - Nelson prefaces one of today's topics–money, and talking about money as a business owner. Elise shares her story with listeners.[8:41] - Developing your skill as a writer. Can universities effectively teach copywriting for marketers? Do you need a degree to get started as a writer?[15:13] - How to transition from a job into freelance work.[21:10] - Focusing on a specific niche that you enjoy working in–becoming an expert.[30:10] - Thinking about money as a freelancer. Why freelancers SHOULD earn more money than their employed counterparts, and why freelancers should think of their work as a business.[35:35] - Understanding your value as a freelancer and finding ways to communicate that value to potential clients.[50:37] - Raising your rates as a freelancer or business owner.[57-16] - The “get it while you can” attitude. An opportunity today doesn't mean an opportunity tomorrow!RESOURCES
In today’s episode, Nelson is joined by Raj Goodman Anand to discuss core tenets of business management, from niching your services, to client relationships and more. Raj is the founder of the content writing company Goodman Lantern.Topics Include:Building a remote companyNiching your offeringsInvesting in your businessOperating a values-centered organizationAnd other topics.[0:42] - Nelson introduces today’s guest, founder of the content writing company Goodman Lantern, Raj Goodman Anand.[7:06] - Why Raj set up his company to be remote from the beginning, and how this reflects his personal values.[12:44] - What it means to have a productized company, and how to implement it.[17:12] - If you can’t delegate a process to someone else, you don’t understand the process as well as you should.[24:45] - Why you need to understand your client’s vision and to secure a long-term commitment from them to truly do exceptional work.[29:15] - Long-term business investments versus short-term business investments (e.g. SEO versus paid advertising).[39:05] - Niching down on your core competencies rather than trying to offer a variety of services.[48:22] - Communicating your values, and hiring people who share those values as a remote company.[54:43] - Female representation in business, and other closing thoughts from Nelson and Raj.RESOURCES
In today’s episode, Nelson is joined by Greg Heilers to discuss his journey as a digital nomad, lessons learned while growing a remote company, and balancing work and life as a business owner and father.Topics Include:Moving to ChinaPros and cons of the digital nomad lifestyleShifting from the freelancer to business owner mindsetCultural sensitivity as a content writerAnd other topics.[0:53] - Nelson introduces today’s guest who shares how he found his way to living in China[7:28] - Greg’s background in farm work and conservation projects.[17:02] - Transitioning into living in a new city immersed in a new culture–Beijing.[22:00] - The truth about being a digital nomad.[30:10] - The mindset shift from freelancer to business owner.[38:44] - Mistakes made early on as a new business owner, and lessons learned.[46:25] - Getting more traffic to your website–discussion on SEO and related topics[1:00:05] - Cultural sensitivity, hiring, and employee training.[1:04:10] - Work-life balance. Starting a family as a company founder.RESOURCES
Nelson and Dylan Ogline discuss pivotal insights they’ve had in growing their businesses, what it takes to scale your business, the future of work, and more.Topics Include:Client expectations and boundariesControlling your inbox, so your inbox doesn’t control youBorrowing proven systems and frameworks, rather than creating your ownThe changing landscape of workAnd other topics[0:47] - Nelson introduces today’s guest Dylan Ogline, founder of the digital marketing agency Ogline Digital.[4:57] - How setting clear client expectations and procedures empowered Dylan to scale his business from five to seven figures.[11:30] - Copying proven systems from people who have achieved your current business goals, rather than trying to set up everything on your own.[15:58] - Nelson and Dylan share major epiphanies they’ve had on their journeys as business owners.[24:26] - The most important skill to cultivate for ANYONE who is working from home.[35:50] - How Dylan got into coaching and teaching digital marketing to other entrepreneurs.[44:35] - How COVID is shaking up work expectations, and the future of work.[1:01:55] - Closing thoughts from Dylan on the changing nature of work, and how we can prepare for the future.RESOURCES MENTIONED:https://www.oglinedigital.com
Nelson is joined by entrepreneur and founder of, Jaryd Kraus. Jaryd shares with listeners an epiphany he had that empowered him to ditch his day job AND skip the grunt work of building a new online business from scratch.Topics Include:Ditching your day jobStarting an online businessBuying an online businessThe power of mentorshipAnd other topics...[0:53] - Nelson introduces today’s guest, entrepreneur and business guide Jaryd Krause.[7:19] - Setting income goals. How money provides freedom, and the opportunity to support others.[16:06] - The decision to ditch the job. How taking himself out of his regular environment led Jaryd to a life-changing epiphany.[26:35] - Narrowing your focus when starting an online business, and why feedback is the breakfast of champions.[33:50] - The epiphany that finally allowed Jaryd to break away from his day job and move fully into working online.[35:12] - Assessing the value of an online business.[44:48] - The value of building relationships with mentors.[54:00] - Finding connection when working from home. Making friends, sharing knowledge.[58:29] - The entrepreneurial mindset–forging your own path to accomplish your audacious goals.[1:06:58] - Last words and closing thoughts from Nelson and Jaryd....RESOURCES MENTIONED:
Nelson is joined by Farah Nanji to discuss overcoming adversity, and finding alternative paths. Farah is a DJ, journalist, TEDx speaker, founder of Regions Racing, which is a business that explores leadership lessons from F1, and the host of the producer of the Mission Makers podcast. Topics Include:The impact of COVID on the music industryFemale representation in music and sportsFinding alternative paths when facing physical limitationsPerforming as an artistsAnd other topics...[0:37] - Nelson introduces today’s guest Farah Nanji. Farah discusses her career as a performing artist in the music industry.[7:38] - The impact of COVID on performing artists like Farah.[12:12] - How Farah got involved with F1, and how she’s managed her battle with dyspraxia.[17:02] - Finding alternative paths when facing physical limitations.[22:18] - Accessibility for women in male-dominated sports like F1.[30:03] - How seeing people that look like you in a given population, whether athletes or politicians, informs our ideas of what’s possible for us.[37:08] - How does one measure progress in a creative field like music when there may not be a tangible finish line to cross?[42:32] - Representation of women in the music industry. The pay gap in the music industry.[51:00] - Farah’s vision for the next few years, and closing comments.RESOURCES
Nelson is joined by Shaaz Nasir to discuss digital transformation in government, academic, and business spaces. Shaaz is currently the Director of Digital Transformation for Microsoft's Digital Advisory Group.Topics Include:Digital transformation during COVIDFighting biases in systemsReimagining citiesClass mobility in the USAnd other topics...[1:19] - What is digital transformation, and who needs it?[7:58] - Tesla’s example of what digital transformation can do for a company–a technology company that builds cars.[11:33] - Shaaz provides concrete examples of digital transformation projects he’s worked on.[23:45] - How COVID has pushed digital transformation into hyperspeed.[34:46] - Americans work a lot of hours, but are they actually more productive?[47:33] - The truth about class mobility in the United States.[57:45] - Reimagining cities and how they provide for their populations.[1:00:10] - Fighting against biases–logics versus emotions.[1:01:17] - Closing thoughts–what changes can we expect to see over the next few years?...Resources
Nelson is joined by Dayana Mayfield, a SaaS copywriter and business coach who has worked with companies such as Drift, TravelPerk, and StoryChief.Topics Include:Earning six-figures as a freelancerThe pros and cons of UpWorkNiching, vertically and horizontallyWhy you need to master the art of cold pitchingUsing systems to get the most out of your VAAnd other topics...[1:29] - How Dayana launched her business and began earning a six-figure income.[5:32] - Addressing the myth that you can’t earn a high wage as an artist or creative.[8:32] - Getting started in the freelancing space. The pros and cons of UpWork.[13:50] - To niche or not to niche, a question many of us must grapple with at some point.[19:32] - Are you leaving money on the table? Horizontal versus vertical niching, and expanding your scope of work.[32:03] - Why you need to start cold pitching, and how it can grow your business.[39:54] - Mastering the art of cold pitching through processes and systems.[50:39] - Pitch and Profit, Dayana’s newest business venture exploring digital PR.[53:22] - Hiring a VA that pays for themselves and supports you in taking your business to the next level.…Resources Mentioned:
Nelson is joined by the CEO of Shortlist, David Schneider. David has been working remotely his whole life and has started several remote companies, including Shortlist and Ninja Outreach.Topics Include:Traveling as a remote workerSoftware development and remote teamsEthical considerations when hiring remote employeesTracking key indicatorsPersonal habits–lifestyle considerationsAnd other topics...[1:45] - David shares his background with the audience, and discusses his work as the CEO of Shortlist.[8:23] - How traveling the world inspired David’s career trajectory.[11:46] - Why the nature of software development lends itself to building remote teams.[19:10] - Remote work and the freedom to travel.[24:42] - Thinking about and providing benefits for remote employees.[27:43] - Ethical considerations when hiring remote workers. Engaging employees about work satisfaction.[32:07] - Measuring growth, tracking key indicators. If you are not going to do anything with the data, why bother tracking it?[36:03] - Personal habits, lifestyle curation as a remote worker.[45:22] - Closing remarks. How you can connect with David.…Resources Mentioned:
Nelson is joined by Myrna Schommer to discuss marketing for small business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.Topics Include:- The importance of email systems- Diversifying your skillset- Fear based marketing strategies- Dumping bad clients- The relationship between marketing and business management- And other topics......[1:33] - Why should business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs be interested in working with a marketing consultant?[12:43] - Is it possible to scale an eCommerce business without having a strong email marketing system in place?[22:27] - What is the typical relationship between a marketer and a small business. Monthly retainers, commission, pay per deliverable, etc?[34:24] - Taking on challenges and diversifying your skillset.[38:55] - Addressing fear based marketing strategies. Why do we use them, and are they ethical?[48:06] - Dumping bad clients.[50:55] - Do people usually hire a marketer because they want a problem solved, or because they can’t figure out what their problem is?[56:08] - How marketing fits within the broader skillset of business management.RESOURCES MENTIONED:
Nelson is joined by Marco Robert, a management consultant for management consultants, to discuss the four keys to success every “outlier” entrepreneur must cultivate.Topics Include:- Why systems make or break businesses- The four keys to success every entrepreneur needs to cultivate- Confronting false beliefs- Modernity versus post-modernism- Knowing thyself- And other topics…RESOURCES…[0:58] - The difference between businesses that thrive and businesses that fail is their processes and systems.[3:02] - Building systems in creative disciplines. Borrowing systems from related and unrelated fields.[8:10] - First steps a business owner can take to understand the systems they have in place, and the systems they’ll need in the future.[13:20] - The four keys to success that every outlier entrepreneur has.[16:20] - Are people born outlier entrepreneurs, or do they learn to become one?[29:01] - Know thyself, and understand the world.[37:38] - When your beliefs don’t map onto reality, and the modern versus post-modern conflict.[45:02] - Why becoming an outlier entrepreneur is step one in building a successful business. Developing the four keys to success concurrently.[51:27] - Marco discusses his current projects and forthcoming book.[53:21] - Closing remarks from Marco and Nelson.
Nelson is joined by David Angel, the Sales Angel, to discuss how freelancers and business owners can take their businesses to the next level by honing their sales skills.Topics Include:- Sales as a skillset that anyone can learn- Why you need to track your sales numbers- Work life balance- Setting clear expectations and boundaries- David's sales course- And other topics....[02:34] - David shares his background, how he got started in sales, and why sales is a skillset that anyone can learn.[13:48] - How freelancers can sharpen their sales skills, tame their inner critic, and land more clients.[20:13] - Why you need to track your sales numbers, and how to use these numbers to build a system of accountability.[23:30] - How to deal with the lack of barriers between work and personal life when working from home.[30:58] - How to set and communicate clear boundaries with people in your life when working from home.[39:54] - David discusses his online course that will teach you the sales skills you need to take your business to the next level.[47:58] - Closing thoughts from Nelson and David.RESOURCES MENTIONED:
Nelson is joined by Lavinia Losub of to discuss how we can refine our offerings and find great team members.Topics Include:- Transitioning to the digital nomad lifestyle- Growing a remote business- Refining your offerings- What to focus on when hiring- Vetting potential job candidates- And other topics...[3:28] - Lavinia discusses how she transitioned to the digital nomad lifestyle[7:48] - Living and working in countries that aren’t on the typical digital nomads list.[11:22] - Lavinia dives into her business background and the services her company offers.[17:07] - How to grow a remote business.[22:25] - How to decide what services you should and shouldn’t offer as a freelancer. Are you a swissarmy knife, or a hyper specialist?[32:23] - Adapting during COVID.[38:18] - Things to focus on when adding members to your team. Attitude and behavior vs hard skills.[45:21] - How do you find out if your job candidates have the attitude and behaviors you are looking for before hiring them?[55:08] - What options are available to us when vetting candidates that go beyond the traditional interview style hiring processes.[01:01:08] - Closing thoughts from Nelson and LaviniaRESOURCES MENTIONED:www.liv.it
Nelson is joined by fitness coach and nutrition expert Max Cathcart to discuss how we can level up our physical fitness and stick with our health goals.Topics include: building a health and fitness routine when working from home, common pitfalls to avoid when addressing your physical health, creating a schedule that you can stick to, developing self-discipline, prioritizing nutrition, and other topics.…[00:32] - Nelson introduces today’s guest, Max Cathcart, who shares how hockey led him to dive deep into the world of fitness and nutrition.[06:47] - How to stay on top of your health and fitness as a sedentary freelancer or entrepreneur who spends most of their time at home.[10:14] - Start with nutrition. This will always be the biggest game-changer.[16:38] - Max breaks down his approach to working with new clients, and how they approach fitness and nutrition together.[18:11] - Common problems people face when trying to make lifestyle changes to improve their physical health.[27:13] - There are no shortcuts to self-discipline. It has to come from within, no one can give it to you.[30:22] - Tips for building up self-discipline, and habits that can support us along the way.[34:31] - Observations Max has made about his most successful clients.[39:02] - Why an accountability partner or coach will elevate your game to the next level in any discipline.[47:25] - What is the number one thing people living a sedentary lifestyle can do if they have a specific health goal like losing weight?[51:56] - Diversify your interests to avoid burnout and maintain energy while living a high-intensity lifestyle....Resources Mentioned:
In this episode of Working From Home, Nelson connects with Liam Carnahan from Inkwell Content. Liam is a content strategist and SEO specialist who had just decided to go travelling when the COVID crisis struck.Topics of conversation include: initial struggles in transitioning to the freelancer workflow, benefits businesses gain by collaborating with freelancers, the divide between white-collar and blue-collar remote work opportunities, finding community as a freelancer, and other topics.Resources Mentioned:[5:15] - Liam’s early ambitions to embrace the freelance lifestyle and the struggles he faced.[7:57] - What inspired Liam to attempt working from home for a second time later in his career.[9:56] - Hiring a business adviser to support the transition. “This is the number one resource that freelancers don’t talk about enough, but that everyone should use.”[13:58] - Traveling through Asia as the business starts to take off in early 2020. The arrival of COVID, and the crisis that ensued.[22:13] - Nelson’s experience of being quarantine with family during COVID.[27:59] - The benefits of business owners receive when collaborating with freelancers.[32:10] - The divide between white-collar and blue-collar jobs and the ability to work from home.[33:43] - Finding community as a freelancer. The willingness to be outgoing and to seek out people that may want to connect. Joining online communities.[39:26] - Transitioning from landing clients at in-person events and through public speaking to finding clients digitally.
Nelson connects with author and comedian Ralph Jones. Ralph has written for publications such as The New Yorker, The Guardian, GQ, Vice, The Observer, The Telegraph, New Statesman, Jezebel, and Esquire.Topics include: how to make your own luck, framing stories when pitching to publishers, Ralph’s writings on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, differences in writing feedback for different mediums, thoughts on ego, and other topics....[4:54] - Balancing different interests when working in diverse fields. Finding common threads.[11:35] - The role of luck in achieving success. Maximizing your luck by producing a large volume of work.[14:53] - Balancing the production of short-form and long-form content creation, and the value of both.[19:53] - Avenues for comedians to receive quick feedback on content.[24:27] - The difference between writing for an audience when someone else is presenting your content (e.g. copywrite for a website) and writing for an audience when your name is attached.[29:55] - Being honest about what drives us. Recognizing the positives that can come from ego.[32:14] - The importance of framing when pitching your stories to publishers.[38:00] - Ralph’s interactions with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.[44:08] - Ralph’s book How to Skim a Stone.[57:28] - Closing remarks. How to connect with Ralph.Resources Mentioned:
Nelson is joined by Brenden Kumarasamy, host of the MasterTalk YouTube channel. Brenden works with individuals from CEO’s to schoolchildren to help people live more fulfilling lives by mastering the art of communication.Topics include: differences between online and offline communication, why public speaking is the keystone skill in all of your relationships, where to focus your energy when building a presentation, the mindset of world-class speakers, tactics for becoming a better speaker, and other topics.[0:47] - Breden discusses his YouTube channel MasterTalk, differences in online and offline communication, and how to think about communication as an art form in an increasingly online world.[6:06] - Why mastering the delivery of your guest introductions is key when interviewing guests for an audience.[10:24] - Start with the beginning and endpoints of your presentation and build inward from there. Practice your introduction and conclusion 100 times![15:01] - How would your world be different if you were a world-class speaker? How would your relationships, both personal and professional, change?[17:17] - Tactics for becoming a better speaker, and the random word exercise.[22:30] - Tools freelancers can utilize to improve their pitches to potential clients. Doing the work that most people won’t do to earn the results most people won’t achieve.[25:29] - Mindset tricks you can employ to become a better speaker.[31:17] - How to create more conversations even in the midst of COVID.[40:16] - Modern education, and the possibility of offering a curriculum that focuses on communication skills.[45:00] - Differences in teaching school-aged kids versus C-suite executives.Resources
Nelson is joined by Rachel Liu to discuss how to design services for clients that balance the complex needs of individuals and institutions.Topics of conversation include: principles of service design, considering consequences both up and downstream from the specific feature you are crafting, cultural difference in work expectations around the globe, the challenges of engaging an audience in the age of distraction, strategies for retaining new skills, and other topics....[1:53] - The principles of service design and the type of work Rachel does.[5:44] - Types of problems people bring Rachel and how she employees service design principles to solve them.[11:15] - Thinking in terms of first, second, and third-order consequences when designing systems for clients.[15:47] - How COVID is impacting our education systems. Creating services that meet the needs of institutions, teachers, and students.[22:10] - Cultural differences and expectations when collaborating with remote teams from around the world.[27:10] - “It’s not about duplicating your experience at the office. It’s about rethinking what you are trying to accomplish and how digital work can support you in doing that.”[32:31] - The danger of increased productivity leading to more hours worked, rather than an increased quality of life in the context of working from home.[39:34] - Difficulties sustaining engagement in the age of social and digital media.[46:35] - Learning how to learn. Educating students to become learners. What could an education system deliver that is of higher value than this?[50:17] - Strategies for learning new skills. Spaced repetition, sensory engagement.Resources
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