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Author: Sherman Tylawsky

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A young American patriot and George Washington enthusiast, Sherman Tylawsky welcomes you from the nation’s capital for lively talks about pressing issues facing America and her allies, so you can learn to apply the first President’s unifying principles anywhere and anytime. Discover how the core values of Washington and the Founders were woven into the fabric of American society. Learn the ways a free people can heal internal divisions, cultivate economic prosperity, and protect civil liberties for future generations. Sherman Tylawsky is an aspiring statesman who grew up learning U.S. history and politics inside and outside of the classroom. Now, he invites you to experience President Washington’s pillars of patriotism, civility, faith, education, national unity, and fiscal responsibility in this brand-new podcast. You will hear fascinating stories and discussions about civics, culture, history and politics that any America-loving listener from across the planet can enjoy. This non-partisan podcast is a remarkable mix of solo shows, interviews and special guests that gives you a great boost of freedom! Subscribe now for the Founders' lasting wisdom heard around the world!
63 Episodes
During the American Revolution, there were some unlikely friends in Great Britain who sided with the colonies. Find out how one largely unknown Member of Parliament found courage to oppose the policies of George III and his Westminster allies.Support the show (
In this ever-changing environment for American schools, what are the root causes for the education struggles facing inner city students? Via Kentner talks to us about her experiences in mentorship and how good policies and initiatives can help students can find the right path for their education.Dream Beyond Website: and Growth Podcast: Via online at:Insta: @viakentner,  @missoxfordoh2020, & @graduatingandgrowthLinkedIn: Olivia KentnerSupport the show (
While now commonly known for the beer company namesake, Samuel Adams is one of the most vocal American revolutionaries in U.S. history. But his methods of influencing the Patriot cause may surprise many. Regardless of his varying depictions in historical accounts, Adams was an influential man whose career shaped the foundations of the American political system.Support the show (
From the steps of the U.S. Capitol to the plains of Nebraska, one can find hundreds of thousands of FFA students across the nation engaging in academic and practical agricultural education. How does this unique American institution embody the American agricultural sector and live out its values of service and education? 2020-2021 National FFA Secretary Anna Mathis joins us this week to share how the service and activities of countless FFA students and staff are cultivating the next generations of leaders and public servants in American agriculture.National FFA Officers: out Anna's blog! the show (
With approximately 12,000 proposed amendments to the U.S. Constitution, there are bound to be some constitutional long shots that never made it to the final document but have made it to this week's episode. In the wake of Constitution Day, learn what the 5 of the most unique proposed amendments in American history may tell us about the bizarre fabric of American political history.Support the show (
America has been a nation that strives to push the frontiers of innovation and discovery. What is the 21st century vision for American leadership by the U.S. Space Force? An historian, author, and Associate Professor, Dr. Brent Ziarnick discusses the significance of space power theory and the "blue water school" of space power as well as the vision of America's strategy beyond the frontiers of space.Check out Dr. Ziarnick's books below!Developing National Power in Space: A Theoretical Model21st Century Power: Strategic Superiority for the Modern EraTo Rule the Skies: General Thomas S. Power and the Rise of Strategic Air Command in the Cold WarFor more on the Space Force, take a listen to Episode 18 featuring Eric Sundby and Nick Cartwright!Support the show (
William Whipple was a New Hampshire native who imagined himself as a longtime, successful merchant. But things certainly took a different turn. What did this successful merchant do to help defeat a top British general's invasion plans and ensure French support for the Continental Army?Support the show (
It has been a wonderful first year of the Friends & Fellow Citizens podcast! The unwavering support from family, friends, Patreon supporters, listeners, and guests is truly remarkable. This week, we are reflecting on the past year and celebrating this incredible milestone with highlights and special guests as we look forward to Year 2 of Friends & Fellow Citizens. Stay tuned for more content and listener benefits coming soon!Check out our first three guests' profiles, episodes and sites below!Denzel JohnsonLinkedInEpisode 2: Moments of U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle EastEpisode 26: The First Presidents' Day SpecialPat Yaro LinkedIn YaroPolitics BlogEpisode 4: Sailing the Transatlantic Ocean of PoliticsEpisode 28: The COVID-19 Impact on European Healthcare SystemsChristian PiñeiroLinkedInEpisode 6: America on the Move! A Legacy of American TransportationEpisode 24: Public Transit's Rough Ride During the PandemicMusic Credits:Hopeful Freedom - Asher FuleroAmericana - Aspiring by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist: the show (
In 1845, President John Tyler ratified the first U.S. treaty with China: the Treaty of Wanghia. Almost 180 years later, this little-known treaty is a tough lesson on how China views the U.S. and why the CCP willingly takes advantage of U.S. trade and technology for its dystopian ideology. Learn how the first U.S. Minister to China and a Secretary of State made incomplete assumptions about Chinese philosophy and why Chinese history and culture should matter in U.S. foreign policy decision making.Support the show (
Within the American federalism system, public service cannot be solely concentrated in Washington, DC. It is the public service bond among locals that can bring people together at times of political division. This week, McKenzie Graham joins the show and shares about her extensive experiences as a young leader serving her community in Volusia County and her fellow Americans across the Sunshine State.Be sure to FOLLOW McKenzie on Instagram (@mckenzie_g)!Support the show (
When people hear "Josiah Bartlett," they may think of the U.S. President Josiah "Jed" Bartlet from the popular TV show The West Wing. But what about the ancestor of this fictitious but impressive U.S. President? In the second episode of the Sacred Honor Series, earn more about the New Hampshire Founding Father who left a lasting legacy on American medicine and the founding of the United States.Check out the first episode of the Sacred Honor Series here!Thumbnail credits: thefamouspeople.comSupport the show (
Social media has undoubtedly changed the way people interact. Amid debates about its usage and effects on the cultural fabric of our nation, proper education about social media is a top priority.  Social media influencer Britain Bennett joins us to share her story and how her initiatives help young victims of bullying and encourage parents to be a guiding force in children's social media use.Check out the resources below to learn more about Britain and her platform!Instagram: TBH: Britain's email: Support the show (
This week, we learn how the little-known case, Jacobson v. Massachusetts, can provide lessons and insight on the importance of upholding representative democracy and balancing public safety and civil liberties.Support the show (
In 2001, the comedy film Legally Blonde starring Reese Witherspoon made its debut in American theaters and became a major hit in the U.S. and across the world. 20 years later, the movie's cultural legacy still lives on as more and more women have joined the legal profession over the years. The reigning Miss Broward County USA, Heather Lee O'Keefe is a 24-year-old lawyer, entrepreneur, television host, and volunteer for multiple charities. This week, she shares her career aspirations and how her life experiences have inspired her to pursue a career as a female leader in law, journalism, and politics. She also shares her perspectives on notable topics about law and media and how they relate to the principles of national unity and civility.Check out Heather's website at and follow her on Instagram @heatherleeokeefe to learn more about her work, community service, and latest updates!Support the show (
Welcome to the first episode of the Sacred Honor Series! To begin this new series, we learn about how this signer went from wealthy businessman to the presiding officer during the adoption and signing of the Declaration of Independence.The Sacred Honor Series will cover each of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence and how their life experiences relate to the six pillars of Washington's Farewell Address and contemporary times. Packed with exciting stories and fun facts, episodes are released every four weeks and released in the order which the signers actually signed the Declaration. SUBSCRIBE today and hop onboard this new, exciting chapter of the Friends & Fellow Citizens podcast!Thumbnail portrait: John Hancock portrait by John Singleton CopleyCredits to Massachusetts Historical SocietySupport the show (
This past weekend, Americans around the world celebrated the 245th birthday of the United States of America. This week, U.S. Army veteran and 2020 congressional candidate Wesley Hunt shares the value of patriotism and putting country first to make the great USA a better country for our future prosperity.Check out Wesley's website at!Follow Wesley on social media!Instagram @wesleyfortexasTwitter @WesleyHuntTXFacebook @WesleyHuntTXSubscribe to Wesley's new podcast In the Hunt on its website and on your favorite podcast app!Listen to Wesley's episode with Joe Rogan here and watch the 2020 Texas Reloaded ad!Support the show (
This coming Sunday marks the 245th birthday of America and anniversary of the Declaration of Independence signing. Sherman performs a public reading of this historic document as part of a tradition that dates as far back as July 8th, 1776.Be sure to stay tuned for the debut of a BRAND NEW SOLO SERIES on July 12th, 2021!I wish you all a very Happy Independence Day, and may God continue to bless the United States of America!Support the show (
As America emerges into post-COVID recovery and growth, education opportunities should evolve, grow, and reach more Americans amid changes in the workforce and workplace. This week, Sherman invites Hannah Tabor, a PhD student specializing in Higher Education Administration at the University of Florida, to hold a conversation together about issues facing higher education after a global pandemic.Learn more about Hannah's work on her LinkedIn page!Support the show (
For our first Flag Day episode, we remember the ideals represented by the American flag and the journey that this flag has been on for more than 240 years. Amid contemporary turmoil and divisions, we can stand for the flag of stars and stripes and share our faith in America's ability to fight for goodness wherever and whenever.Support the show (
Higher education should be a prime forum for free speech and civil discourse. But in recent decades, there has been little to no room for students of all perspectives to express opinions and debate ideas freely. The host of the Freeborn & Liberty podcast, Dan Freeborn joins us this week to share what is happening in higher education and why this matters to Americans from all walks of life.Website: Freeborn and Liberty PodcastTwitter: @Free_LibertyPodFacebook: @freebornandlibertySupport the show (
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