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Let's talk about the embodiment of the five senses and how connecting to the body is the key to healing, transformation and manifesting your desires. In this talk we explore the senses and our disconnect to the body as well as the deep attachment we have to our story and our conditioning and I talk about how connecting to the body will allow you to release that.Watch on Youtube:
In this episode I chat with my friend Jess Hartwig about life and life coaching. Jess shares why she went into life coaching and what it means to her to support people in leveling up their lives.Follow Jess on Instagram: on Youtube:
Ashley is a personal trainer, body worker and all around amazing human. Ashley and Kristina talk about Ashely's unique inspiring and healing way of approaching fitness and nutrition in a industry that is driven by toxic fads and ideas about the body and body image. Check out this honest talk about our relationships in the world today and the relationships with ourselves and our own bodies when it comes to health and self care.Follow Ashley on IG:'s Website: The Hive Collective: out the show on Youtube:
In this video Kristina talks about how manifesting is more than just trying to attract what you want through affirmations and self talk. Have you noticed online how many spiritual people and people in the self help community are spiritually bypassing?? And why Kim K isn't wrong when she says "you've got to work".....BUT it's not what you think.Watch on Youtube: 
In this episode Kristina speaks with fellow podcaster and truth seeker Christy Pritchard about podcasting, spirituality and the rabbit hole of our current world situation. This is a great conversation with between two women with different journey's who are both searching for answers in what feels like very murky waters.Both Christy and Kristina are passionate about what they believe and dicuss their points of view in this fiery episode.Here's How To Find ChristyYoutube: This Episode On Youtube:
In this episode I am talking about how trauma affects us each differently and what the effects of the last two years may have had on you and your individuality.  In this short talk I am giving you a deeper understanding of not only your own behaviour but the choices and behaviours of others. Also offering you an opportunity to tune in differently to your own inner truth and how to listen to yourself more deeply.Watch the epsiode on YouTube Here: Me On IG Here:
In this episode Kristina chats with yoga teacher Melissa Krieger about their own journey's into yoga and their own mental health challenges and how yoga has played a part in working with those issues and practice has changed over time.  Check out this latest episode and see what you think?Connect with Melissa: the Interview On Youtube: 
In this episode I have my very good friend and special guest Sarah Bingham where we chat about our friendship, food & nourishment. Plus we have a very special announcment about our future plans together.If you want to check out Sarah and get to know her more and keep up to date on what she is offer next you can follow her on IG the show!
Creating Affirmations

Creating Affirmations


Our words have a lot of meaning and how we speak them into the universe can have an affect on that.  In this episode I talk about creating affirmations that are powerful and meaningful to help you embody and attract what you want to manifest.Check out the full Youtube video here:
New Year Intentions

New Year Intentions


Are you creating resolutions or getting ready for a challenge this New Year? How about creating intentions? Are you prepared for long lasting changes or are you just starting another diet this January.Let's talk about intentional living and how to get aligned with your future rather than just doing the same old thing and getting caught up in another cycle.
Connecting To Desire

Connecting To Desire


A short talk about how to connect to your desires through the heart space and understanding how  to address blocks around your desires but deeply tuning in.  Check out this episode on YouTube:
Welcome the first episode of Season Two of The Goddess Conjurer Podcast, this season  will be packed with lots of amazing guests and you can now check out show on YouTube check out the links below.  Here is the latest episode of the show with my guest Linda Parmar. Linda is a Certified Professional Recovery Coach & Certified Money Coach listen to Linda's story and our chat about sobriety, money and recovery as woman in this crazy wild world.Check out the show on YouTube: with Linda:
A better late than never episode about real courage in a world that looks at emotions as weak.  An oppurtunity to look at yourself and your daily choices in the role you play in this world as we know it.  
Women Supporting Women

Women Supporting Women


Lets talk about what women supporting women really means and why it can be so hard to do.  Plus a chance to understand why it is so important we start supporting each other the way we should.  Learn what my #Fem_PowerChallenge is and why you might want to take part!! 
In this episode I discuss how I have had to accept the darkest parts of me to let the old parts of me die and leave my victimhood behind as I move forward in having a more authetic and fulfilling life.  How  accepting that perfection does not exist in anything including image and relationships and getting beyond that has made me happier.
Another discussion about body shame and how we are raised with diets as a core belief to our values, this time I am joined by Body Positivity Coach Heather Jacobson former dieter and personal trainer. Join us as we discuss our views on culture and societies influences on the way we see our bodies and why we stay stuck on the wheel of body shame and diet culture.
Why Sobriety Is Queen

Why Sobriety Is Queen


In this epiosde I share a part of my journey to sobriety and my beliefs around why I wanted to get sober and who and what has inspired me along this path.  These are my reasons why Sobriety Is Queen....I hope you enjoy.
In this episode I wanted to share why I wanted to become a sexual empowerment coach and what my journey as a sexually empowered woman looks like.  I am sharing how I was not always sexually empowered and lived with a lot of shame around sex and my body and lived under so many rules of how I was supposed to behave and what that looks like for women.
Join me as I talk with my friend Nicole from Nicoles Vibe Tribe in a morning conversation about Nicoles journey down the spiritual path, motherhood, career, 2020 and accepting our good.  Nicole is a local Vancouver Island girl with a huge passion for life and for helping people be their best.  Find Nicole at @nicolesvibetribe on InstagramFind Me (Kristina) @the_goddess_conjurer
Listen in to Part Two of The Season Of The Witch and in this eposide of The Goddess Conjurer Podcast Kristina is chatting with friend and fellow Sex, Love & Relationship Jen from Ritual Lust. Tune in and listen to Kristina and Jenn talk about shadow work, their own personal journey and all the amazing programs Jen is offering through her Italian Shamanic heritage and unique practice.Learn the truth about embracing your darkness and honoring yourself and your own journey where ever you are at.If you loved the show and want to learn more or to work with Jen or Kristina check out the links below.Find Jen at  or @ritualust on InstagramFind Kristina at or @the_goddess_conjurer on Instagram
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