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Tofauti means 'difference' in Swahili. Crista Cullen MBE, Kenyan-raised and third generation conservationist is leveraging her position to help raise awareness within the conservation arena. The series will bring together a network of individuals united in their passion to make a difference. Authentic and eloquent, and driven daily to leave the world a better place, the series will leave listeners in a more positive place to know how to help, and help them understand the real issues on the ground with precision and realism. Guests include: renowned British Broadcaster, Clare Balding OBE
14 Episodes
Africa's is known for its extraordinary wildlife and conservation efforts. Because of weak rule of law, this is under threat.  African lawyers are toiling to address the problem but there are issues of resources and capacity that undermine the ability of prosecutors to prioritise wildlife cases alongside all of the other serious criminal matters that they have to deal with.In this podcast, we gain exclusive insights from criminal barrister,  Shamini Jayanathan who gives us a unique insight into the challenges - and some of the solutions -   based on her experience working with lawyers and in courtrooms across Africa. Here she explains why a more holistic approach to criminal justice is required if we are to succeed in the fight against wildlife crime. Inspiring positivity together....Together we make Tofauti.Support the show (
Richard Moller is a born and bred Kenyan and is reputational for his hands on approach to wildlife conservation. He has held roles within Lewa Conservancy becoming the Chief Conservation Officer, worked with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust all culminating in 15 years of extensive experience in this field. Richard then set up the Tsavo Trust ones of Tofauti's valued partners, and he holds a honorary wardens position with the Kenyan Wildlife Service. Richard and Crista discuss the gritty truth of the Tsavo Conservation area where both of us share such passion, the super tuskers elephants with over 100 pound ivory on either side and human-wildlife conflict that so deeply affects all areas of conservation. The 10% fence plan is an initiative that our two organisations are piloting in a hope that together this can bring about lasting change for communities and wildlife on each others door steps. This is a must listen.Inspiring positivity together....Together we make Tofauti.Support the show (
Charlie co-founded the charity Tusk Trust which HRH The Duke of Cambridge is an active Royal Patron.Charlie and Crista have known each other for many years, as a board member capacity for Galana Wildlife Conservancy (GWC) whereby Tusk supported GWC as a vehicle to get funds to source. Crista has admired Tusk's impact on the ground and understandably Tofauti has partnered with similar conservationists in the landscape. Charlie offered a very honest account of Tusk's growth, and the trust that he has with his partners executing the work on the ground. His love of Africa is deeply engrained from a 'Cairo to Cape' trip from his 20's and has since grown to working with numerous projects on the ground here in Africa. The fundraising vehicle that Tusk has become in the conservation space also has to be admired, and this podcast offers a real and descriptive account for those of you who may not have had the privilege of visiting Africa yet.Inspiring positivity together....Together we make Tofauti.Support the show (
As a specialist in the primate field, Johannes gives us a detailed insight into his extensive research and work to help the Gorillas and other primate species. The battles much like all within the conservation landscape are very real, and when you bring human conflict in some of the war-torn countries where you find some of these species the complexities of the battles become more extensive. Population expansion, and people living on the boarders of the National parks on the breadline leave little sympathy for the animals that are within and everyone understandably is fighting for survival. With the pandemic's effect on tourism further compounding the issues, it is a tough world for everyone right now. But there is hope with people, like Johannes, fighting to save these beautiful creatures. This is definitely a place to visit when it is safe to do so.Inspiring positivity together....Together we make Tofauti.Support the show (
Alice Bromage is such a committed person to the cause, as an army officer she learnt and honed so many of the skills that rangers need out in the field. Having had extensive experiences through volunteering,  Africa got under her skin and she now works with the Black Mambas - the only all-female anti-poaching unit based in the Kruger Park, South Africa. She gives an honest and real account of some of her experiences of working with a female only team, as well as some of the genuine dangers and things to look out for when in the field. From the bush babies, to the bush grannies, wanting the Mambas to be effective not politically correct with a drive for independence not dependence. Give it a listen you won't be disappointed.Inspiring positivity together....Together we make Tofauti.Support the show (
Paolo, a third generation Kenyan, was brought up with conservation all around him in a quaint fishing village off the coast of Kenya. His mother, Nicky, driving Turtle Watch which has supported oceanic endeavour off the coastal parts of Kenya for as long as we can remember. Paolo's insight is through the lenses of the tourism partners around the continent, offering adventure and experiences like no other through his co-owned operation 'Africa Born'.There are not many people who have jobs that Crista is genuinely jealous of,  but the sights and scenes that Paolo has witnessed and his recounts are some of the most beautiful to have blessed the earth. The effects of the pandemic have understandably affected the tourism trade here on the continent, but Paolo's positive and willing attitude gives us all encouragement that once tourism returns, a lifetime will not be enough in order to capture it. When travel is safe, please do come and visit us, it will be something to remember forever.Inspiring positivity together....Together we make Tofauti.Support the show (
Richard Bonham knows the Amboseli ecosystem like no other, having operated there since the 80's, he grew Big Life Foundation from humble beginnings to now a sizeable operation spanning across 1.2 million acres in Kenya and additional 400,000 in Tanzania (1.6 million total).Admired for being willing to try new adaptive ways to engage people into the broader solution, Crista discusses with him the Predator Compensation Program which offered an economic incentive based approach to mitigating the human-wildlife conflict incidences that plagued the region. Richard also setup the Massai Olympics to stop the cultural effects on the predators in the area, which have seen a dramatic redemption to previously existing numbers.  A new way to support the people, offer them a platform and partnership to bring about lasting change for all.Inspiring positivity together....Together we make Tofauti.Support the show (
Listening to Dr Winnie Kiiru you cannot help but be inspired by the real nature of the discussion. Winnie is a passionate African woman who wants the people to be at the very core of the solution. Her spirit animal is the elephant and she has studied elephant behaviour for decades. She recounts her journey which she fell into as a researcher with the Kenyan Wildlife Service, to being offered an opportunity. She assesses the complexities of the issues on the ground in areas such as the Amboseli National Park which is where she does a lot of her work now, saying that if we do not act now places like Amboseli will be lost forever. We need to re-strategise and think outside the box in order for Conservation to survive, and she is one lady that has and will continue to dedicate her life to the efforts of this cause. It is a truly inspiring listen.Inspiring positivity together....Together we make Tofauti.Support the show (
Ian Lemaiyan is a committed and humble guy, climbing the ladder from a volunteer with the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) at the Nairobi National Park Orphanage, to becoming the 'Rhino man' at Lewa Conservancy (flying for Northern Rangelands Trust), and now to being one of the pilots back with the KWS. His passion for wildlife species is infectious and he goes into detail about the identification process of Rhinos and how this so so important for their survival. He has taken to the skies to have a greater impact on wild places and the natural world, now based out of Meru National Park, and he talks of the beauty that his job offers as an enabler. His story is inspirational, and he quite frankly is not finished yet!Join us with Ian, you wont be disappointed. Inspiring positivity together....Together we make Tofauti.Support the show (
David, as an oceanic specialist, gave an insight into the world of coral reefs degradation, the bleaching effects that climate change has done to the seas and how that has affected other species. He shares a detailed account of his work, and how we must act now if we are to start to counteract the growing compounded issue. We were blissfully joined by the cicadas in the trees giving a gentle humming sound and this was disrupted by a sudden crash of a palm tree branch falling, along with the resident hadeda wanting to get involved. All offering their insight into what we need to start doing if we are to combat this degradation together! Inspiring positivity together....Together we make Tofauti.Support the show (
Ian is known for his lifetime contribution to wildlife conservation. He pioneered, with some able support, the Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT) which now consists of 39 conservancies in the Northern Frontier of Kenya. The unique element is that they are all community owned and indigenously run, enabling opportunities to the local people to be the masters of their own destinies. Ian recounts an inspiring story of the growth of the NRT, and why he feels that organisations such as Tofauti are able to help some of the bigger conservation efforts around the continent.This is a podcast series for anyone who wants to make a difference in wildlife conservation and actively be part of the solution, no matter who you are or where you are.Inspiring positivity together....Together we make Tofauti.Support the show (
In this episode Tofauti Founder, Crista Cullen MBE talks with renowned British Broadcaster, Clare Balding OBE about how we can make a difference.  (Tofauti means 'difference' in Swahili.)Clare has been pivotal in our journey with Tofauti since its inception in 2018, by offering her time and effort as our MC at both our Conservation Balls, and also taking the time to visit some of the Tofauti Foundation projects out in the field in Kenya.  She tells the tale of how she learnt so much by actually getting on the ground and seeing and understanding the issues, and why she is so keen to be a part of making a difference.  Clare gives an honest account of her visit to Kenya,  wildlife conservation and the African landscape from a UK perspective. This is a podcast series for anyone who wants to make a difference in wildlife conservation and actively be part of the solution, no matter who you are or where you are.Inspiring positivity together....Together we make Tofauti.Support the show (
The Tofauti Pod Series teaser features Tofauti Founder, Crista Cullen MBE with renowned British Broadcaster, Clare Balding OBE.  Tofauti means 'difference' in Swahili and was founded in England as a charity operating across the African continent. Series coming early 2021. Make sure you listen right to the end of this short episode for an entertaining impersonation that will guarantee a laugh. This teaser introduces the entire series where Crista interviews some leading figures in grass roots African conservation,  as they get to grips with the layered and difficult task of preserving some of the most critically endangered species and habitats on the planet. This is a podcast series for anyone who wants to make a difference in wildlife conservation and actively be part of the solution, no matter who you are or where you are.“People drive change, and those who are closest to the front line understand it the best. The Tofauti Pod Series enables us to question, debate and discuss the various conservation methodologies. Listening to the specialists enables us to better understand the complexities, detail and effort that goes into helping wildlife species and communities alike. The discussions are direct, meaningful, and very real and I genuinely feel honoured to have been able to have been part of these discussions” – Crista Cullen MBEInspiring positivity together....Together we make Tofauti.Support the show (
Tofauti Podcast - What an Olympic Champion did next.Be virtually transported into the African wilderness with the beautiful sounds of the natural bush. This episode is narrated by Gai Cullen, Crista's mother and set on the banks of a dam in Athi River, Kenya.Support the show (
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