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Welcome to Point Connect, Point Richmond's only live call-in radio show for neighbors, by neighbors. We bring daily neighborhood news, information, and weather to the residents of Point Richmond, CA, so our neighbors can stay safe inside during the California stay-home order. Call-in line: 510-730-3088.
328 Episodes
So, you're waiting for the Johnson & Johnson one-shot vaccine. You'll be waiting for a bit. And what if you've had that vaccine? What should you do? We've got it all.
We have numbers, and we have something to feel good about. Our vaccination progress is way ahead of schedule. We can't fully relax until we're at 100% but the headway we've made is showing results, if only by comparison to other places.
Slow news day, but we have some stuff, including a new app from the CDC that allows them to track your post-vaccine symptoms.
What do you do at the almost-end of a pandemic? Save a lighthouse!
Some interesting developments in the post-COVID economy. CSU doesn't mandate vaccines, not because of health but because of potential lawsuits. And we've got news from around the Point about some of our favorite businesses.
Finally! A slow news day. No major annoucements locally, so we're looking at the rest of the nation, which in some parts is in the throes of the fourth wave. We look at why it's happening and how this wave is so different from the other three.
Orange tier, Baby. Not sure why, but it's happening. And we have news from around the town, state, and the nation.
I'm calling it now... we're starting to surge. And it's not just us.
We have EXCLUSIVE (!) details about how CCHS is doing with the vaccination effort, how many new vaccines are posted, and what days the most amount of appointments are added.
Happy April Fools? Did someone fool ya? We don't serve up anything fake here; only real details on how our appointments are doing and how the rest of the state is doing how that everyone over 50 and older is eligible for a vaccine.
It's day one of cage-free, free-range vaccine hunting. How are you doing? Did you get one? If so, you have a card. Now what to do do (and not do) with that little slip of paper that rules your life?
Vaccinations now open to all age 16 and older. But there's a lot you won't read in newspapers. We have the skinny on what that means for you, when new appointments are posted, and why you don't want to wait. This isn't over... it's the beginning.
If you're eligible for a vaccine and you haven't made an appointment, do it tomorrow! The flood gates are about to open, and you want to be in front of the tsunami.
It's the week wrapup show, we've got neighborhood positivity rates and news about a new record we hit (a good one). Also, if you've got your vax appoinment this week, don't do this one thing!!
It's a grab bag of news and information from all over, but the critical news is how we can't let our guard down. We have details on the new variant that's officially now in the Bay Area.
We now know when we'll all be eligible. And it's not that far off. We have details out of the state when all restrictions on vaccines will drop. Also news for renters and BART riders.
Why are we open for everyone 50 and older while other counties are cancelling appointments? We got a glimpse into why CCHS has been so successful. And we got (both) answers to yesterday's Mystery Theme.
There's three Bay Area counties heading to the yellow tier this week. No, not us. But soon. And vaccinators get freebies across the country.
Great news! If you're over 50 and live or work in Contra Costa, YOU CAN GET A VACCCCCIIIINNNNNEEE! We tell you how to improve your chances and what the vaccine process feels like. All the tips and tricks are here!
It's Saturday, and it's GORGEOUS out there. Soak up the sun. We have your weekend numbers, the positivity rates by neighborhood, and lots of good feels.
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