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Our last show. Everything must end, and despite the surge, I'm returning back to the office next week. We wish a bittersweet goodbye. It was an honor, truly, to spend a pandemic with you.
It's (theoretically) the LAST mystery theme for Point Connect. Wahhhh!
Internet out

Internet out


I wish I was coming back to you after the Christmas break with good news. I am not.
It's Christmas Eve, so we're taking a holiday on COVID numbers and intead focusing on the cheer of the season.
It's Christmas Eve Eve, and the numbers do not look great. You may want to rethink your get-togethers.
Internet is a wonderful thing. Seriously, you never really miss it until you don't have it. We catch you up on what's going on with omicron and its march across California.
No show today, internet down. But I have a quick bit of news. Go get your home tests.
It's heeeere. This time officially. And it's not just here. It's everywhere now. Crazy numbers in the US. Now the wait begins to determine how bad it's gonna get.
Ending the week with some "not horrible" news about Omicron and tips on how to get together safely this holiday season.
Numbers are rising, and not the good ones.
The wind's a-blowin, the hills a-snowin', the hail (may be) a-fallin'. It's a wild weather day, but we're cozy with our numbers and news. And the Tyson-stumpin' Mystery Theme.
The last few hours of the vaccinated going maskless. What exactly are the requirements of the mask mandate, and not a moment too soon because... Itttt'ssss heeeeere....
Hope you didn't toss your masks, because theeeyyy're baaaaack.
Enjoy the dry streets. It's the last you'll see it for a while.
Cold enough for you? It's gonna be even colder. And wetter.
Boosters now for 16 year olds and up, and it looks like Pfizer booster *may* be necessary to fight Omicron. And we have a new restaurant in Point Richmond. We have a lot of news (two days' worth).
It's a day that will live in infamy, plus 80 years. This Mystery Theme celebrates a seminal day in history and the day that Richmond, as we know it, was made.
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