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Down The Dillhole -TTRPG Actual Play Homebrew
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Down The Dillhole -TTRPG Actual Play Homebrew

Author: Down The Dillhole

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A long time ago, there was a homebrew D&D campaign lost to the ravages of adulthood and obligations. Like so many, this universe was eroded by time, distance, and the desire of its inhabitants to have a sex life. But a new age has begun, and the far reaches of the multiverse no longer hide in the shadows. The limitless possibilities of reality are within reach to those who seek adventure and discovery; or those who just have terrible luck. A dungeon master long thought extinct has risen. Four PC's are summoned to embark on a journey which will likely be less about glory, power, and fame and more like a flushing toilet. Listen in as they riff, rant, role play, and roast each other. Heck, sometimes they actually roll dice!
58 Episodes
As Donal is extracting the drake egg from under its mother, "Daddy" approaches to defend the nest. Severely outgunned, the party is headed for battle against a hard-hitting opponent, Donal calls upon his ancestors, and Steve continues to send crossbow bolts into the surrounding countryside.
Signs of the hill giant hunting parties' activities points to a location of a struggle, with the smell of a recent kill in the air further ahead as Gnora continues to find a path through the foothills which keeps them away from the giants. A possible reason for why so many hill giants worked in concert is discovered, while Oberon contemplates the prospects of searching a prison purse.
Seeking a detour, the party attempts to avoid the hill giants lying in ambush. Off through the woods to the east, they test their hand at a new fate. Gnora's hard work to keep the travelers safe is paying off.
Our intrepid adventurers set out from Rockwell with their carriage, headed East. Loaded with supplies and utility magic, off they go to reach the Swamp Temple of Thoth in their quest to rescue Brian Quicksword: Defeater of Skarek, and founder of the Adventurer's Guild. 
It's a supermarket sweep this episode as the party gears up for their journey to the, now canon, Swamp Temple of Thoth. Given a blank check for mundane gear and a discount card for magic items, they pack up their wagon and are bound for Eastward travel at sunrise the next day. John Candy and Billy Crystal could not, unfortunately, commit to a guest appearance.
A festive time in the city as the lunar tide celebration has the citizenry dancing and singing in the streets. Upstairs in the mage tower at the Sedgewick Academy, Gremmel has his own seasonal tidings to share with the group. Great presents, and promise of great rewards are proffered to our heroes as they accept a quest to rescue the long lost hero, Brian Quicksword.
In the final minutes the home team is ahead, but Gob takes a hit as he sets a block for the kicker. The offensive line pushes downfield as the receiver gobbles up yardage. Busy with the center pushing them around, the defense doesn't see the QB come in from the side and put them on the ground.
Late in the game the team faces an unexpected player as they close in on their objective. Our heroes have the ball, but an unexpected blitz from the secondary puts the kicker down. A loose ball of a halfling QB is scooped up by the center as Oberon runs an end-around past a stammering defense.
In a bad parody titled "Bridges of Stirges County," our adventurers step out across brimstone to reach the scintillating corridor which leads to the magical battery-like orb they seek. A scandalous tryst, as one stirge meets one gnoll and risks his relationship with his partner and mate--oh, wait.. Never mind. Donal smashed her to bits.
Into the labyrinth they go to reach the guardian chamber. Magics which cause the labyrinth to constantly shift make map keeping impossible. Wandering monster tables will be utilized. Fluids will be collected. And Gnora has a close call...
The party finishes up with Gremmel and heads to spend some of their hard-earned coin. Next step is to travel below the city to retrieve the orb. Some special security measures must be taken in order to ensure the adventurers' survival as they head into the belly of the undercity.
The party returns to Rockwell with the wererat Chauncey Greeble (aka Nebuched) and 2 of his minions in tow. It is the moontide celebration in Rockwell as the group ties up their loose ends: Gnora gets her grill, and the boys fill out their TPS reports back at Guild HQ.
Trapped upstairs in the secret chamber, the party is holding deadly gas at bay with a moist tarp. Wracking their brains over the solution to the exit-gate puzzle, reason is favored over raw experimentation. An inspired Gnora trusts her gut and steers the conversation towards retracing their steps in Winterlawn manor.
A puzzle or problem often requires a bit of experimentation in order to gain understanding of possible solutions. Gob happens to be an eager experimentalist, slapping random signs and buttons with 'practiced' hand. Even in failure can knowledge be gained, provided you live to employ it...
With time to kill until the Royal escorts come to transport the captive criminals, the party gains entry into the secret room beyond the warded wall. Donal, seemingly at random, selects one of the dragon emblems and recites the last line of his childhood lullaby.
After managing to collect a number of valuable items from the manor, the party's looting is halted when the Sheriff arrives. They cooperate with him and recount the night's activities, while his traveling companion offers some assistance in deciphering the warded doorway in the manor's 2nd-floor office.
The party is doing their best 'Supermaket Sweep' before the long arm of the law arrives to secure the manor and investigate. Hackwreath is called upstairs to take a look at the magical wards and sigils on the wall found in the office. Finding passages written in the Draconic script but unable to read the language, the group may require the aid of experts.
Victory for the party as all foes are dead, down, or deserted! Oberon & Hackwreath stabilize the dying foes while the rest hold guard over them. With local justice swiftly approaching, the window for "less-than-legal" compensation is closing fast.
Finally, the end of combat is in sight. The party has connoitered at the manor, and the battle seems to be going their way. Well, they aren't dead yet...
Deep into combat and seeming to make little headway against some strong heals, the party reassembles after splitting up in town. Dust monster on his heels, Gob does his best Obi Wan Kenobi and takes the high ground.
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