Discover5 Talents Podcast - Passive Investing, Cashflow, & Wealth Creation in Commercial Real Estate
5 Talents Podcast - Passive Investing, Cashflow, & Wealth Creation in Commercial Real Estate
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5 Talents Podcast - Passive Investing, Cashflow, & Wealth Creation in Commercial Real Estate

Author: Abel Pacheco

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Welcome to the Passive Investing, Cashflow, & Generational Wealth, 5 Talents Podcast! Your host Abel Pacheco interviews the top commercial restate investors and industry experts so you can learn from their experiences. If you’re an investor, a high W-2 earner, a tech or sales professional wanting to invest in real estate without leaving your current profession & without managing properties yourself… Then this podcast is for you! Or… If you're already investing in real estate part-time, and want to become a full-time investor, then this podcast is for you TOO! You will learn a ton! On the 5 Talents Podcast, you will learn from real-life multifamily investors and other real estate professionals who will stretch your mind on what’s possible and share their blueprints for success.Your host Abel Pacheco is a 12 year veteran in real estate investing and invested in 865 doors himself. He is a Principal/General Partner in 400+ doors, and a passive limited partner in 465 doors. In his professional career, he led teams of 60+ individuals to "10x growth" of $57MM in yearly acquisitions. He is a servant leader, who gives back through his podcast, webinars, and meetups. Abel combines his passion for real estate investing, his professional successes, faith, leadership, and core beliefs to serve the investment community. Abel has also served his local church for nearly 10 years as a deacon and finance board member. If you are on a journey to obtain financial freedom through multifamily real estate investing and want to learn other real multifamily investors, multi-millionaires, industry experts, and others who can help you on the way, then this is the podcast for you. We want to add as much value as we can to our listeners on their path to financial freedom.
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Monika Jazyk and Lucy Moy are passionate about helping other people building generational wealth through real estate, but first and foremost, they are proud moms of their children. Monika and Lucy join us today to break down the power of networking, the true meaning of wealth building, and the steps taken by successful real estate investors. You’ve probably heard about the true meaning of wealth for Monika and Lucy because it has been mentioned by a renowned personality already. Let’s listen to Monika and Lucy to learn the true meaning of wealth-building! [00:01 - 06:20] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know Monika Jazyk and Lucy MoyProud momsPassionate real estate investors [06:21 - 18:08] The Power of Networking Why learning too much keeps us back according to MonikaFocus on one strategy at a time insteadListen to our interesting exchange about networkingThe success of your network is your success too![18:09 - 31:02] True Meaning of Wealth Building Listen to Lucy to avoid the Shiny Object SyndromeAre you sure you don’t have money to invest?Listen to MonikaThe true meaning of wealth building[31:03 - 37:24] What Sets Apart Successful Investors Monika talks about the services of Real Property Investments Connect with Monika and LucyLinks belowDon’t miss their reminder for real estate starters! [37:25 - 42:27] Closing SegmentWhy investors don’t progress in real estate Final words from usTweetable Quotes: “Our true success was not achieved until we stopped and focused on one strategy at a time.” - Monika Jazyk“My most successful clients are actually not investing the traditional way.” - Lucy MoyResources mentioned:Monika’s book: Real Estate Mistakes: Our Mistakes, Your SuccessTony Robbins------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Monika on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Reach out to Lucy on LinkedIn. Visit Real Property Investments and their Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube pages. Guest email: and Connect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
“Son of a pimp and an orphan.” These words will greet us when you search JeVon McCormick’s name on Google. And he’s not shy about it. JeVon joins us in this episode to talk about the role of mentors in our lives and the life pillars we should surround ourselves with. He also shares some tips for leaders to establish a culture that leads to successful businesses.  Let’s listen to JeVon and learn more about company culture! [00:01 - 05:35] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know JeVon McCormickPublishing giantRenowned speaker [05:36 - 16:23] Put People First Always From JeVon to JT and back to JeVonFinding his identityThe importance of diversity in a companyDon’t miss JeVon’s leadership advice! [16:24 - 26:35] Serve Your Own PeopleJeVon talks about the “tribe culture” in his companyHow he handled the D’s and F’s on his grade sheets Why mentors are important, regardless of the industry [26:36 - 32:03] Share Your Mistakes The best mentors do this thingWe talk about the power of owning your own story [32:04 - 39:30] Find Your Pillars Don’t believe you’re averageJeVon tells us how Take these steps to find your pillars in life[39:31 - 46:33] Closing SegmentHe talks about the services his publishing company offers   Connect with JeVon. Links belowFinal words from JeVon and meTweetable Quotes: “I learned more from my mistakes than any of my successes.” - JeVon McCormick“No one works for me. People work with me. I’m no one’s boss.” - JeVon McCormickResources mentioned:Nassim TalebDavid GogginsRackspaceLorenzo Gomez IIII------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow JeVon on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Visit Scribe Media and their Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube pages. Connect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
Work hard, but make your money work harder for you. That’s what Adam Doran and I have talked about in this episode. We already know real estate can be a valuable source of passive income, but Adam will tell us why life insurance can make our real estate investing better--or specifically, more profitable. Adam is a wealth advisor at Prevail Innovative Wealth Strategies, helping clients build sustainable, tax-advantaged wealth and long-term income. Before jumping into real estate, he was a police officer for 16 years. Let’s listen to Adam and know why life insurance and real estate go hand-in-hand! [00:01 - 06:19] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know Adam Doran His path to real estate after 16 years as a police officer[06:20 - 15:45] Investments of Wealthy People Where do wealthy people invest their money?He recalls his first year working in real estateAdam tells us the perks of multifamily [15:46 - 27:55] Term vs. Whole Life Insurance The good problem to have in real estate for AdamTerm insurance vs. whole life insurance Adam weighs in How to leverage your insurance policy A tax-efficient vehicle to build your family legacy [27:56 - 37:22] Tax-Free Non-Reportable Retirement Income How to build a foundational capital strategyAdam explains Here are creative investing ideas from Adam you should hearHow to get tax-free income in your retirement[37:23 - 40:30] Closing SegmentConnect with Adam. Links belowFinal words from Adam and meTweetable Quotes: “A lot of the real estate investor clients I work for, family legacy is a big piece.” - Adam Doran“Frankly, tax-free money that you don’t have to report to the IRS as an income in retirement trumps money that you have in a 401(k)...” - Adam Doran------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Call 913.548.1447 to connect with Adam or follow him on LinkedIn. Visit Prevail Innovative Wealth Strategies and their Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube pages. Guest email: Connect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
The daily lives of a real estate developer and investor have some overlaps, but there are key differences that distinguish them from each other. Scott Choppin, Founder of the Urban Pacific Group of Companies, will walk us through his journey as a real estate developer and talk about a new housing innovation called Urban Town House, from which they have a historical internal rate of return of 22.66%. Let’s jump into the episode and listen to the daily life of a real estate developer![00:01 - 07:24] Opening SegmentWho is Scott Choppin?His path to real estate [07:25 - 22:12] Setting Yourself Apart From The Rest Why entrepreneurial skills should be learned earlyScott explains The difference between a real estate developer from an investorHow he makes himself different from other developers [22:13 - 36:44] Creating Stories with Social Impact Scott talks about his approach in real estate development How Scott discovered what he calls a “social impact story”Don’t miss Scott’s tips to choose your market [36:45 - 43:02] Finding Networks of Capability What are “networks of capability” and why should you know it? GET A FREE ebook from ScottLink below Connect with Scott. Links below[43:03 - 52:14] Starting in Real Estate Successfully Real estate developer or real estate investor?Scott will help you choose Should you be an intern for free?Scott weighs in [54:15 - 54:50] Closing SegmentFinal words from Scott and meTweetable Quotes: “Get a mentor, be an intern, or do a joint venture.” - Scott Choppin“Learn from other people’s mistakes...avoid your own.” - Scott ChoppinResource mentioned:Apartments.comCraigslistZillowCoStarLinkedIn article: 6 Ways to Build a Career in the Real Estate Development BusinessMichael BlancCutco------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Scott on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Visit The Urban Pacific Group of Companies to learn how Scott’s team implements the Urban Town House innovation! FREE ebook from Scott here.Guest email: choppin@urbanpacific.comConnect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
Steeve Breton is the Founder of Velocity Capital, LLC, which guides real estate investors to financial freedom with quality investments and education. Like me, Steeve had worked in the information technology space before jumping into real estate. He will talk about this successful jump and how you can do it too, his unique approach in real estate investing, and the steps you can take to make the most out of this industry. Let's listen to Steeve and learn how to retire from work with real estate investments! [00:01 - 05:57] Opening SegmentWho is Steeve Breton?His transition from IT  to real estate [05:58 - 17:06] Real Estate Syndication  How to be successful in a real estate syndicationWhat you can do when you syndicateFind a property and build your team at the same time Steeve tells us how Ask yourself, “What value do you bring?”[17:07 - 27:57] The Most Valuable Asset Steeve’s motivations for trying to make as much money as possibleWe talk about the most valuable asset you can haveHow he applies his IT skills to real estate [27:58 - 36:34] Numbers To Find in a New Market What to look for in a market before investingSteeve’s criteria for choosing the right partner Build relationships better with these tips Connect with Steeve. Links below[36:35 - 44:18] Opportunities Before Offers Don’t miss Steeve’s tips for real estate investors! When do you need a mentor? Why you should say “yes” more oftenOpportunities > offer [44:19 - 46:18] Closing SegmentFinal words from Steeve and meTweetable Quotes: “I just wanna make as much money as possible, not necessarily for the love of money, but more about ‘what can you do with that money?’” - Steeve Breton“The more grateful you are, the more good things come.” - Steeve BretonResource mentioned:RackspaceData USAUS Bureau of Labor Statistics USA.comBestPlaces------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Steeve on LinkedIn and Facebook. Visit Velocity Capital to learn how Steeve’s team can help you attain financial freedom with real estate. Guest email: steeve@velocitycap.comConnect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
Real estate runs in Shannon Robnett’s blood. He belongs in a family involved in real estate--5 generations now--and continues to pay it forward in the last 40 years, focusing on the multifamily and industrial spaces as a developer. His decade’s worth of experience in real estate led him to participate in over $200 million in construction projects including fire and police stations, schools, and industrial and mini storages. He didn’t do all this by himself, and that’s what he’s going to talk about today. Let's listen to Shannon to know how to get started in real estate syndication! [00:01 - 06:14] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know Shannon Robnett5 generations in the real estate College is an option, not a be-all, and end-all[06:15 - 17:06] The Ultimate Value-Add We talk about the “ultimate value-add” in real estate What you should do if you want to bring a value-addShannon wants you to remember this real estate advice [17:07 - 30:23] A Community of Multifamily Syndicators Shannon talks about his approach in real estate He gives interesting insights about real estate partnerships Don’t focus on everythingShannon’s tips to start investing in real estate [30:24 - 40:44] Success in Real EstateThe belief that you can succeed in real estateConnect with Shannon! Links belowShannon shares 2 books you should read![40:45 - 44:35] Closing SegmentFinal words from Shanon and meTweetable Quotes: “If I get people involved in the project to do what I don’t do or do what I don’t like to do, then maybe it’s gonna help me.” - Shannon Robnett“If you’re the smartest guy in the room, you’re in the wrong room.” - Shannon Robnett“The world is changing, but real estate [is not].” - Shannon RobnettResource mentioned:Book: Rich Dad Poor DadApartments.comGrant CardoneBook: Never Split the DifferenceBook: Money Master the GameBook: The Richest Man in BabylonJim Rohn------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Shannon on his website and social media pages: LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Listen to this podcast.Guest email: shannonrobnett@gmail.comConnect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
Chad Wittfeldt only started in real estate four years ago but has done over 350 units already.  He doesn’t stop there though. Currently, he works as a brand development consultant who helps businesses take the next level and turn them into brands that convert. Today, he will talk about this creative 4-step process to attract investors. If you think that you should be trustworthy first, then you need to listen to this episode. Let's listen to Chad and know the steps to attract investors and build a brand that converts! [00:01 - 04:44] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know Chad WittfeldtHow a mountain biker led him to real estate [04:45 - 14:23] From Chasing to Attracting The 2 main components of syndication for ChadHow to pivot from chasing to attracting clients Chad shares his interesting approach in looking for partners [14:24 - 25:47] The Steps to Attract Investors We talk about the importance of having avatars The 3 steps to take for people to invest in youHe tells us why he enjoys brand development [25:48 - 31:56] The Power of Automated Emails Are you ready to build a brand that converts? Reach out to Chad on the links belowChad gives his thoughts about the power of automated emails [31:57 - 35:18] Closing SegmentChad’s parting advice for youFinal words from meTweetable Quotes: “If you’re trying to speak to everybody, you’re gonna end up speaking to nobody.” - Chad Wittfeldt“If you’re not sharing anything about your life, your passions, your hobbies, your goals outside of real estate, you’re missing a huge audience that you otherwise would connect with.” - Chad WittfeldtResource mentioned:RackspaceAdam Adams------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Chad on LinkedIn and Facebook. Check out BlueSpruce Holdings and their Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn pages. Guest email: chad@realbluespruce.comConnect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
Forrest Corral serves as the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) for Praxis Capital, responsible for investment strategy, acquisitions, and dispositions of the company.As the CIO, he has managed to convert more than 3,000 multifamily units into condominiums, which is only one of his many achievements in his over 25 years of experience. Today, he joins us to talk about the steps he’s taking to add tons of value to his company and to the industry in general. Listen to Forrest and learn how he’s buying billions of dollars of multifamily! [00:01 - 06:46] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know Forrest CoralA “financial mercenary”He talks about his humble beginnings in real estate[06:47 - 16:08] Build Generational Wealth Why “timing is everything” for ForrestDo you want to build generational wealth?Real estate is a way to goThe secret to starting your real estate career[16:09 - 28:27] Find the Available Data Forrest shares their approach to look for deals The metrics you should consider when looking for markets The role of natural disasters in driving up real estate demand[28:28 - 40:10] Don’t Always Rely on Gut FeelingHow Praxis Capital leverages the skillsets of its members Don’t trust your gut feeling all the timeForrest explains Are you planning to buy new multifamily deals?Here are Forrest’s advice for you What he means by “buy and watch”[40:11 - 49:52] Closing SegmentThe foundation of success and reason for failure for Forrest  Connect with Forrest! Links belowFinal words from Forrest and meTweetable Quotes: “If anybody is thinking about being in this business, it’s just about starting and it’s about not giving up.” - Forrest Corral “You could be lucky some of the [time] but you can’t be lucky all the [time] with your gut. You gotta look at facts” - Forrest Corral Resource mentioned:Ernst & YoungBrian BurkeBook: The Hands-Off Investor------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Forrest on LinkedIn and Instagram. Check out Praxis Capital, Inc and their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages. Guest email: forrest@praxcap.comConnect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
Welcome to the Season 1 finale of our show! In this special episode, we have Grant Cardone, the leader of the 10X Movement. Grant helps people all over the world to learn strategies that 10X their businesses, 10x their income, and 10x their lives.He drops a ton of golden nuggets for passive and active investors and shares his experience in building a million-dollar business from scratch for the reality show, Undercover Billionaire. Let’s listen to Grant and learn how to build a million-dollar business in 90 days!  [00:01 - 05:48] Opening SegmentThank you for listening to our 100th episode! More to come on our second seasonLet’s get to know Grant Cardone[05:49 - 15:49] Go Big On Your First DealWhat’s Grant doing right now? The most important number in real estate for GrantNot the cap rate, ROI, IRR, or interest rate Don’t miss Grant’s advice for passive and active investors! Why your first deal should be big[15:50 - 22:59] From Zero to Million Dollars in 90 DaysGrant wants you to ask this question ‘“What is the deal?”The partners you should look for in a dealHow Grant brought impact to an entire industry Building a million-dollar business from scratch[23:00 - 24:48] Closing SegmentConnect with Grant! Links belowFinal words from meTweetable Quotes: “The first deal you should do, you should invest with somebody who’s done deals.” - Grant Cardone“Keep growing, folks! Keep growing, keep dreaming, keep thinking big. 10X, man.” - Grant CardoneResource mentioned:ClubhouseJ.P. MorganBlackstoneEquity ResidentialGreystarGreystone------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Grant on his website and follow him on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Guest email: info@grantcardone.comConnect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
Brian Burke is a 30-year real estate investor, a public speaker, and the author of “The Hands-Off Investor: An Insider’s Guide to Investing in Passive Real Estate Syndications.”He has used his decade’s worth of experience in real estate to lead Praxis Capital, Inc., a vertically integrated real estate private equity investment firm that combines entrepreneurship and institutional infrastructure in their approach. Brian joins us today to share his real estate journey and talk about this specific investment vehicle to raise capital. Listen to Brian and learn more about blind pool funds! [00:01 - 04:59] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know Brian BurkeHow did he end up in the real estate space? [05:00 - 13:36] Building a Track Record and Reputation How Brian and his team managed the pandemic in 2020 The reality about multifamily investing for BrianAre you a passive investor? Listen to Brian’s pitch about his new book! [13:37 - 28:52] Knowing Blind Pool FundsBrian breaks down the blind pool fund Brian’s “ridiculously simple” step to get started in real estateHe talks about his approach in building partnerships[28:53 - 38:21] Growing Naturally in Incremental Steps His transition to multifamily syndication Brian shares how he has grown their company Connect with Brian! Links below[38:22 - 45:06] Closing SegmentWhy you should sign up for BiggerPockets Final words from Brian and meTweetable Quotes:“You have to do something that you can actually accomplish and use that as a stepping stone to the next thing that you’re gonna accomplish.” - Brian Burke“Don’t find a duplicate of yourself as a partner. Find somebody that brings something you don’t.” - Brian BurkeResource mentioned:The Real Estate Syndication ShowBrian’s book: The Hands-Off InvestorBiggerPockets BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast‬------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Brian on LinkedIn and Instagram. Check out Praxis Capital, Inc and their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages. Guest email: brian@praxcap.comConnect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
Grab the chance of learning from an underwriting expert by listening to today’s episode. Our guest for today is Rob Beardsley, Founder, and Principal at Lone Star Capital. Rob is also the voice behind the Capital Spotlight podcast and the author of the number one book on multifamily underwriting, “The Definitive Guide to Underwriting Multifamily Acquisitions.”   Listen to Rob and learn how to underwrite multifamily acquisitions better![00:01 - 04:36] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know Rob Beardsley He walks us through his path to real estate[04:37 - 10:10] The Best Time to Learn in Real Estate Rob’s secrets to acquiring $100 million in real estate Why Rob love real estate investingListen to his reasons!When is the best time to learn in real estate?[10:11 - 20:12] Underwriting Process Simplified Are you an introvert planning to invest in real estate? Here’s Rob’s advice for youRob has learned real estate faster with these strategiesRob breaks down the underwriting process in real estate[20:13 - 34:41] Underwriting Multifamily Acquisitions How to underwrite multifamily acquisitions Here’s why you should read Rob’s bookRob talks about this underrated topic you should knowHe gives his insights about the exit cap rate[34:42 - 44:02] Preferred Equity Rob talks about the different approaches to preferred equity The 2 reasons investors seek preferred equity[44:03 - 47:21] Closing SegmentConnect with Rob! Links belowFinal words from Rob and meTweetable Quotes:“...really the best way to learn is when things are tough.” - Rob Beardsley“Rules are good rules but they also are made to be broken.” - Rob BeardsleyResource mentioned:Joe FairlessBook: Rich Dad Poor DadBook: The ABCs of Real Estate InvestingArticle: Six Secrets to “Juice Up” Your UnderwritingArticle: The Preferred Equity Manifesto------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Rob on LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.. Check out Lone Star Capital and listen to Rob’s podcastGet a copy of Rob's Underwriting Model for FREE here. Guest email: rob@lonestarcapgroup.comConnect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
"There has to be something more..." Anthony Pinto has always known that he will not stay in the Navy forever. What he didn’t know was the path he would take after his service. He started looking for a job where he can apply his work ethic, earn passive income, work flexible hours, and travel around the world whenever he wants.This led him to co-found Mission First Capital, a real estate fund for accredited and non-accredited military investors. Currently, he is the Principal and Co-Founder of Pinto Capital Investments and the voice of The Lessons in Real Estate Show. Listen to Anthony and learn the real estate options available for military investors! [00:01 - 05:56] Opening SegmentWho is Anthony Pinto? His path from the military to real estate [05:57 - 17:13] The Stability of Multifamily  The hardest part of starting in real estate for AnthonyHow did he overcome it? The stability of multifamily according to AnthonyHere’s a book that Anthony wants you to readHe tells us why [17:14 - 27:05] Military Lessons Applicable in Real EstateHow did Anthony realize he could not do real estate alone? He talks about this career-defining event he attended The military lessons applicable in real estate for Anthony [27:06 - 40:24] Real Estate Advice for Military Investors Listen to Anthony’s real estate approach! How Anthony is looking for military investors Anthony breaks down the Regulation A+ Fund[40:25 - 46:29] Closing SegmentConnect with Anthony! Links belowStarting in real estate? Here’s Anthony’s advice for youFinal words from Anthony and meTweetable Quotes:“Multifamily is a relatively stable asset class...Everyone needs housing to survive” - Anthony Pinto“Take an assessment of what you have to offer. That can be something like setting up a website or you go with social media.” - Anthony PintoResource mentioned:Book: Rich Dad Poor DadBook: Set For LifeBiggerPocketsMichael BlankVinney Chopra Joe FairlessMatt FairclothNeil Bawa------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Anthony on LinkedIn and read his blog posts. Check out Pinto Capital Investments and their Facebook and Instagram pages. Also visit Mission First Capital online and listen to his podcast.Guest email: anthony@missionfirstcapital.coConnect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
Our guest for today is Hengjiang Mu, Co-Founder of All States Capital Group, LLC. All States Capital is a leading commercial and multifamily real estate investment company that buys distressed properties then adds value to them. Their value-add approach is called the ASCG Model, which Mu happily breaks down for us in this episode. Let’s dive right and learn the secrets to transform distressed assets into value-add properties! [00:01 - 05:21] Opening SegmentWho is Hengjiang Mu? His path to real estate from China [05:22 - 12:06] The Secret to Get Started Mu talks about this business model that worked for himHe lays out his steps to learn real estate from scratchThe 3 keys to start in real estate for Mu[12:07 - 26:44] A Proven Business Model The strategy that can make investing easier and less risky? Mu explainsMu tells us why real estate is a team sport Mu breaks down their process to buy distressed value-add properties[26:45 - 31:35] Creative Financing Tips Why Mu loves creative financing deals How to respond to deals that didn’t work [31:36 - 34:59] Closing SegmentConnect with Mu! Links belowFinal words from Mu and meTweetable Quotes:“You don’t need to know everything to get a start. There’s nothing like a perfect time to start [in real estate].” - Hengjiang Mu“Commercial real estate is nothing like a one-person show” - Hengjiang Mu------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Mu on LinkedIn and Facebook. Visit All States Capital Group LLC to learn more about their work.Guest email: mu@ascgus.comConnect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
Our awesome guest for today is Bryan Underwood, Principal of Responsible Real Estate, Inc. He joins us today to talk about his real estate investing approach, which has helped him acquire over 1.5 million square feet of self-storage space now valued in the market at $200 million.A man of faith, Bryan serves God by leveraging the opportunities in real estate to help other people. His purpose in life motivated him to follow a real estate approach that sounds so common yet so extraordinary. Are you ready to learn his approach? Listen to Bryan and learn more about responsible real estate investing! [00:01 - 06:43] Opening SegmentWho is Bryan Underwood?He shares this career-defining apprenticeship[06:44 - 16:59] A Memorable $50,000 The lessons that Bryan learned from his first deal Byan recalls when he finished 22-month schooling in 13 months He tells us how to work with and learn from a tough mentor [17:00 - 27:59] 2 Properties from 2,000 Deals Byan talks about their family business Bryan breaks down the “deal flow” and why you should know itThe 2 things that keep people from taking action [28:00 - 37:57] Response AbilityWhen should you move on from your current job?Bryan weighs in Bryan breaks down the approach of Responsible Real EstateYou might be interested in Bryan’s current ventures  [37:58 - 42:47] Closing SegmentConnect with Bryan! Link belowFinal words from Bryan and meTweetable Quotes:“If I’m not growing professionally if I’m not growing spiritually if I’m not growing with my wife and my family…it’s time to move on.” - Bryan Underwood“I need to go do what God’s calling me to do...and that’s GROW.” - Bryan Underwood------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Bryan on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Visit Responsible Real Estate and their Facebook and LinkedIn pages to learn more about their work.Guest email: bryan@responsiblere.comConnect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
Publish. Promote. Profit.™ Wall Street Journal bestselling author Rob Kosberg has been doing this for a living ever since he exited real estate or, in his own words, ever since real estate exited him. Rob joins us today to break down the process that helps his clients transform from being an expert into bestsellers. Let’s dive right and learn how to write a book and grow your business! [00:01 - 07:55] Opening SegmentWho is Rob Kosberg His path and exit to real estate [07:56 - 17:45] Dave Ramsey on SteroidsRob’s big break after real estate Rob’s experience in writing his best-selling bookHow to be the hunted instead of the hunter[17:46 - 29:26] The Road to a Bestselling Book  A TED Talk formula to apply in a bookThe importance of these 2 C’s in book developmentThe worst advice according to Rob [29:27 - 36:09] Publish. Promote. Profit.™Rob’s “Publish. Promote. Profit.™” programConnect with Rob! Link below[36:10 - 40:00] Closing SegmentThe beauty of documenting stories Final words from Rob and meTweetable Quotes:“If you want ultimate credibility, it’s not enough just to have a book. You want like a legitimate bestselling book.” - Rob Kosberg“One element of what we do is about helping people to write a book not for ego but for their audience to position them as an authority or as an expert....” - Rob KosbergResources mentionedEvander HolyfieldKevin HarringtonRob’s book: Life After DebtDave RamseyBook: Wheelbarrow ProfitsJake & Gino------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Email to connect with Rob. You can also connect with him on his personal website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Visit Best Seller Publishing to learn more about their work.FREE ebook from Rob! Check it out here. Watch out for his next books! Connect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
We’re now close to 100 episodes, and a common takeaway I’ve been getting from our guests is this: real estate is a team sport. Arturo Borges, our guest for today, only echoes that takeaway by sharing with us the secrets that helped him build his ideal team in real estate. Arturo is the Vice President of Business Development at Propfolio Management, a vertically integrated property, and asset management firm with $800 million in assets under management. Together with his partner, he started the first-ever real estate show in Spanish, Se Habla Real Estate, which aims to educate the Hispanic community in the United States about real estate investing. Let’s listen to Arturo and learn how you can build your real estate team! [00:01 - 06:49] Opening SegmentWho is Arturo Borges?Arturo’s career-defining book[06:50 - 15:51] Earn What You Want to HaveDon’t miss Arturo’s secrets to start his real estate careerThe lessons he learned to be successful in real estateArturo breaks down property management and asset managementHow to marry technology and real estate according to Arturo [15:52 - 27:50]Be Transparent, Earn Trust If you see these qualities from a property manager, avoid themArturo shares his mindset you’d want to follow tooHe shares this interesting insight about time[27:51 - 35:49] Build Your TeamThe secrets to building your ideal real estate teamHow creativity and outside-the-box thinking helped Arturo Arturo’s advice for passive investors[35:50 - 39:38] Closing SegmentConnect with Arturo! Link belowFinal words from Arturo and meTweetable Quotes:“Life doesn’t owe you anything. In life, you get what you get out of it.” - Arturo Borges“We’re always underestimating what we can do. Always.” - Arturo Borges“Time is not a matter of ‘if.’ It’s a matter of ‘when.’” - Arturo BorgesResources mentionedBook: Why We Want You to Be Rich------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Email to connect with Arturo or call 305.785.5594. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn and Instagram. Visit Propfolio Management to learn more about their work. Let’s watch their real estate show!Connect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
An 8-word sentence has done a lot more for Kavitha Baratakke than any other real estate advice she’s heard before. She will join us today to talk about those words and how they might also help you in your real estate journey. She will also break down her process that helped her acquire 2,200 units as a limited partner and 1,200 units as a general partner. It involves a few risk-taking strategies and her mindset to look for investors. Tune in now and learn from Kavitha the right mindset in investor relations! [00:01 - 05:59] Opening SegmentI introduce Kavitha BaratakkeHer journey to real estate [06:00 - 16:05] Say No When Needed How to build an emotional connection with moneyAre you a general partner? Kavitha has a reminder for youThe habit that Kavitha wants you to learn[16:06 - 23:33] Pay It Forward Kavitha’s interesting thought about “paying forward”Different from “giving back”The other investment vehicles you can try [23:34 - 34:24] Opportunity to Invest Kavitha recalled the time he met her mentor Reframe your mindset on looking for investorsYou’re not asking them for moneyConnect with Kavitha. Links belowListen to Kavitha’s tips to start as a general partner [34:25 - 36:56] Closing SegmentLearn from Kavitha! Link belowFinal words from Kavitha and meTweetable Quotes:“Money comes and money goes… You just have to think about it as a resource that you can create and you can lose sometimes and you have to be okay with it.” - Kavitha Baratakke“Invest in yourself. Invest in your education.” - Kavitha Baratakke------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Email to connect with Kavitha or call 512.659.6129. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook,and Instagram. Visit Cherry Street Investments and their social media pages: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.Learn from Kavitha through her webinars. Check out this link. Connect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
Age is just a number, and our guest for today just proves it. Adrian Salazar, at 25 years old, already accomplished a lot in real estate, highlighted by his current portfolio of almost 9 million dollars in commercial real estate assets.His investing approach is something that new investors should follow: The more deals you close, the more experience you will gain. How can we close more deals then? By saving the most precious resources we already have.  Tune in now and learn from Adrian the secrets to save yourself time, energy, and money in real estate! [00:01 - 09:27] Opening SegmentI introduce Adrian SalazarHis road to the real estate space[09:28 - 14:49] Passion and Purpose How long before Adrian made his first deal?Adrian talks about his passion and purpose[14:50 - 20:59] Always on the LookoutThe tactics from single-family that Adrian applies in multifamily Don’t miss Adrian’s advice on starting in real estate! 150- or 12-unit? It doesn’t matterListen to Adrian’s approach in real estate right now[21:00 - 32:43] Time, Energy, and MoneyWhat does SYSTEM mean for Adrian? Here’s Adrian’s advice for passive investorsKnow who you’re investing with The most important asset in real estate[32:44 - 42:26] Hedge Fund Listen to Adrian’s plans to start a hedge fund All people should have at least one piece of real estateHow to find new investorsThe best real estate partners have these qualities [42:27 - 50:01] Closing SegmentConnect with Adrian. Links belowDon’t miss Adrian’s parting words! Final words from meTweetable Quotes:“Get in and you’re gonna learn so much. It’s very hard to lose money in real estate. You have to really buy wrong. Even if you break even, you made money.” - Adrian Salazar“Leverage other people’s projects.” - Adrian SalazarResources Mentioned:Jim RohnTony RobbinsRobert KiyosakiBob ProctorNapoleon HillDevin ElderBlackstoneZoomSecrets of the Millionaire MindThe Magic of Thinking BigThink and Grow RichHow to Win Friends & Influence PeopleRich Dad Poor Dad------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Email Adrian at or call him at 210-624-9001. You can also connect with him on social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Visit Optimum Buyers to learn more.  Connect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
Here’s a fellow ex-IT guy that I would like to welcome to our show for today. Ruben Dominguez served as an executive for several Software as a Service (SaaS) companies before diving into the real estate space. He founded Totem Capital Group and co-founded Apartment Educators, helping people understand real estate better and guiding them to invest in the space successfully. Today, he shares his humble beginnings in real estate, his motivations for leaving an already lucrative position in the information technology world, and the mindset that led him to more than 50 million dollars in real estate and over 600 units. Let’s jump into the episode and copy Ruben’s mindset in real estate!  [00:01 - 04:17] Opening SegmentI introduce Ruben DominguezRuben’s “why” in real estate[04:18 - 16:54] BRRRR Strategy Ruben walks us through his transition from IT to real estateRuben’s 2 biggest lessons he’s applying in real estateThe first one is about honestyWhat do you think is the other one? He talks about the BRRRR Strategy[16:55 - 26:16] Mentorships and Partnerships What’s Ruben doing right now? Ruben suggests a story you should readHe tells us the importance of mentors and partners[26:17 - 40:03] The Right Real Estate MindsetRuben talks about the services offered by Apartment EducatorsHe shares the inconvenient truth about real estateThe right mindset in real estate for Ruben[40:04 - 47:45] Closing SegmentConnect with Ruben. Links below. What’s next for Ruben? Ruben’s real estate advice for couples Final words from meTweetable Quotes:“Be as truthful as you can with your customers.” - Ruben Dominguez“Deals don’t happen. Deals are made.” - Ruben Dominguez“If you think you can’t do it, you’re not gonna do it.” - Ruben DominguezResources Mentioned:RackspaceBest BuyDevin ElderTony RobbinsBook: Psycho-CyberneticsClubhouse------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Ruben on LinkedIn or email him at or Visit Totem Capital Group and Apartment Educators to learn more about their brilliant work.  Connect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
Our awesome guest in this episode is my fellow Texas native, Robert Arzola. Robert is the Director of Capital Markets for JLL Capital Markets, a world leader in real estate that incorporates an entrepreneurial spirit in their services and a consistent member of the distinguished Fortune 500 list.Today, Robert tells us the beauty of investing in multifamily and the secret to know if you’ve already met the best broker for you.Let’s jump into the episode and learn the qualities of the best real estate brokers! [00:01 - 09:49] Opening SegmentI introduce Robert ArzolaHis path to real estate The power of asking questions[09:50 - 17:04] Multifamily Industry’s Performance Now Robert talks about multifamily investing in San Antonio, TexasWhat’s the buzz word in real estate now for Robert? The importance of large datasets in decision making on real estate [17:05 - 26:16] Notes for New Buyers Robert drops some tactics to get a listing Where to look for a property if you’re a new buyer?Robert shares his communication approach with new buyers [26:17 - 40:10] The Best Brokers The behind-the-scenes of working with brokers The beauty of multifamily as told by Robert The best brokers have these qualities[40:11 - 48:38] Closing SegmentThe questions buyers should ask the brokers Connect with Robert. Links below. Final words from meTweetable Quotes:“Everything is negotiable and that’s the truth.” - Robert Arzola“If after the conservation [with the broker] you can explain [the deal] to your know they know their stuff .” - Robert ArzolaResources Mentioned:Marcus & MillichapNational Multifamily Housing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Call Robert at +1 210 839 2042 (telephone) or +1 956 251 3282 (mobile). Connect with him on LinkedIn and Facebook. Visit their company’s website then learn more about their work in San Antonio, Texas here. Interested to deepen your knowledge on capital markets? Check out their capital markets page.Guest email: with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
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