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If you’re following us for quite some time now, you may have noticed the incredible growth that we’re able to achieve on our social media platforms. The truth is that we didn’t do it ourselves. There’s a person behind this growth, and we invited her today to drop some golden nuggets you can apply in your real estate business. Meet Chonetell Reaume. Since 2019, she has been helping business owners grow their businesses through social media management, social media consulting, and coaching. Many owners still believe that social media platforms are only for personal content, not realizing that they can be leveraged to connect and build sustainable relationships with their target audience. Tune in now and learn from Chonetell the ways to grow your business with social media![00:01 - 05:21] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know Chonetell ReaumeWhat people should know when they visit your socials [05:22 - 10:39] Using Social Media For Business GrowthWe talk about the power of social media to expand your reachUse social media for your business the right wayHere’s how A beautiful social media page is not enough [10:40 - 15:03] Engagements in Social Media Real estate investors can benefit from leveraging social mediaListen to our exchangeHow to communicate your purpose and value using social mediaAre you engaging the right people in social media?[15:04 - 25:51] Where To Post Your Content It’s not enough to share about your personal lifeHere’s Chonetell’s adviceA reliable resource to create content for your social mediaShould you be on all social media platforms? [25:52 - 30:15] Calling People to ActionHave your social media platforms work for youHow to do it?The power of the call to action Why you should build an email list [30:16 - 34:24] Closing SegmentConnect with ChonetellLinks belowFinal words from Chonetell and me Tweetable Quotes:“You just have to know your audience and where your audience is.” - Chonetell Reaume“We have to have these [social media] platforms work for us, and not us working for these platforms.” - Chonetell Reaume  Resources mentionedCanva------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Chonetell on LinkedIn and Instagram or check out Design By Tellie to know more about her work! Guest email:   Connect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
If you still think that you need to work hard to earn more money, then prepare yourself to get your mind blown. Today’s guest is a firefighter for 16 years until he found himself investing in commercial multifamily real estate. Now, he advises and mentors emerging and growing commercial real estate companies.Dave Seymour takes a break from his post at Freedom Venture Investments to talk about the mindset and skills that helped the company complete $300 million in transactions. He will also share some practical tips for passive investors to maximize their return on investment. Tune in now and learn from Dave how to make your money work for you![00:01 - 06:43] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know Dave SeymourDave’s “biblical” story The things that impress Dave in a business [06:44 - 16:01] A Life-Defining Commercial The lesson that Dave unlearned to make more money He talks about this defining moment through a TV commercial Surrounding yourself with the right people[16:02 - 27:37] Pulling People Smarter Than You The main difference between results and no results Dave talks about his shift from single family to commercial multifamilyHow he and his partner decided to “go big” in real estate [27:38 - 38:30] The Rule of 72 The first advice Dave always shares with passive investors Dave breaks down the “Rule of 72”Why challenge the velocity of capital [38:31 - 44:52] Closing Segment Dave gives us a sneak peek about the services they offer Connect with DaveLinks belowFinal words from Dave and me Tweetable Quotes: “We’re stewards of other people’s capital. I enforce, reinforce, double-enforced due diligence.” - Dave Seymour“You don’t have to know everything before you do something.” - Dave SeymourResources mentionedIndividuals to followJack CanfieldTony RobbinsWalter NovickiBook: Chicken Soup for the SoulJ.P. Morgan------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Dave on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram or call 7819224418. Check out Freedom Venture Investments if you want to target niche assets that are overlooked by institutional sponsors but can offer superior returns.Guest email: Connect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
Maurice Philogene remains in the W2 world even if he has been earning six figures of passive income for quite some time now, and the reason might surprise you. That is why we invited him to take a quick break from his investing and philanthropic endeavors and come over our podcast. Maurice will talk about the various freedom principles through real estate, which help his clients build their legacy and live their best life. Tune in now and learn the principles of freedom through real estate from Maurice![00:01 - 04:55] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know Maurice PhilogeneWhy he chose real estate for investment [04:56 - 10:06] “A Generation Breaker”The only real asset according to Maurice The benefits of real estate you should know nowMaurice’s blueprint he learned from his family [10:07 - 20:57] Working and Investing Maurice breaks down “systematic patience”Why he is still working despite earning 6-figure passive incomeHe shares some practical tips for passive investorsWhere to start? [20:58 - 30:45] What Your Purpose Should Be Goal-setting in real estate as explained by Maurice You will fail in real estate if this is your purposeWhy he is travelling around the world [30:46 - 35:17] Empowerment in Real Estate Investing Why Maurice feels empowered investing in real estate Connect with Maurice Links belowHow do we grow as people? Maurice explains [35:18 - 41:17] Closing SegmentThe freedom principles that Maurice is advocating for Final words from Maurice and me Tweetable Quotes: “Fear is just a lack of knowledge. That is all that it is.” - Maurice Philogene“ of the best ways you can do is get to know people around the world and it has given me a sense of empathy for everything and everybody.” - Maurice Philogene------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Maurice on LinkedIn and Instagram. Do you want to achieve wealth and the freedom to live life well? Visit Quattro Capital now!Guest email: Connect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
Rod Khleif never went to college and even experienced flipping burgers just to buy clothes. His determination to succeed and the simple act of visualizing his goals did wonders to him, leading to 2000 homes and 24 businesses he has built in his 40-year career.Rod talks about the importance of goal-setting and doing it the right way. His brand of goal-setting is not like writing a New Year’s Resolution you will definitely forget by February. Tune in now and learn from Rod how to set your goals the right way![00:01 - 05:42] Opening SegmentDon’t fear failure, but fear this[05:43 - 16:50] Learners are Earners Rod walks us through his journey when he arrived in the United StatesHis net worth grew by $17 million while he was sleepingLearners are earners[16:51 - 26:20] Goal Setting Exercise The importance of a “time limit”Make your goal painful[26:21 - 35:22] Visualizing Your Goals The importance of a vision board in achieving your goalsThe more important stuff than real estate according to Rod[35:23 - 45:04] What Will Really Make You Happy Surround yourself with the right people [45:05 - 48:25] Closing SegmentConnect with RodLinks belowFinal words from Rod and me Tweetable Quotes: “Whatever your interest, wherever they lie, get around other people that want the same thing.” - Rod Khleif“Fear regret much more than you fear failure.” - Rod Khleif Resources mentioned:Individuals to followNapoleon HillSarah BlakelyJim CarreyDemi LovatoDale CarnegieZig ZiglarTom HopkinsTony RobbinsBooks to readThink and Grow Rich Top Five Regrets of the DyingRich Dad Poor DadThe ABCs of Real Estate Investing------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Rod on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Check out this website to learn more about his work. Guest email: ATTEND his next bootcamp on 22-23 May 2021. Start here.TEXT the code MULTIFAMILY to 72345 for a discount on your registration fee!Listen to his podcast, The Lifetime Cashflow Through Real Estate Investing PodcastDONATE and help Rod’s charity activities! Text TINYHANDS to 72345Connect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
Can you analyze information like a hedge fund manager? Jason Raznick believes you can, and he’s here to tell us how. Jason is a passionate entrepreneur and the founder of Benzinga, a content ecosystem translating information into easily consumable content.Jason’s team at Benzinga aims to help individuals make better-educated decisions through the content that they consume.Let’s listen to Jason and improve our decision-making![00:01 - 05:15] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know Jason RaznickWhat’s his mission? [05:16 - 15:03] Growing a Successful Business Jason walks us through the process of starting BenzingaGrow your business with these tips from Jason What successful investors do according to Jason [15:04 - 25:54] Investing Your Money Jason shares his thoughts investing you should not miss Listen to Jason’s advice on why you should invest despite the risks The importance of taking action NOW [25:55 - 30:33] Closing SegmentWhat you should never do in investing Connect with JasonLinks belowFinal words from Jason and me Tweetable Quotes: “A business is just a collection of people building together to create a solution to solve problems.” - Jason Raznick“All you have to do to get a job somewhere is show value.” - Jason RaznickResources mentioned:ReutersDan GilbertKevin O’LearyDave PortnoyCathy WoodWarren BuffettMark CubanGary Vaynerchuk------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Jason on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Achieve financial freedom with the right information at Benzinga! Guest email: Get updated with stock market news and alerts with Benzinga Pro!Have a real estate story to share? Email! Connect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
Real estate investing offers the potential for creating generational wealth for your family. However, this potential will be only realized with the right mindset, expectations, and skillset. Bill Ham, Chief Operating Officer at Broadwell Property Group, joins us in this episode to talk about how to create generational wealth the right way and the 3 pillars of real estate you should know. As you start your real estate journey, you may be drowned by the hundreds of tabs in the Excel sheet and the millions of dollars you need to consider. Well, real estate is not as complicated as you think it is, and Bill will tell us why.  Tune in now and learn how to create generational wealth![00:01 - 05:34] Opening SegmentI introduce Bill HamHow he went from flying airplanes to taking off real estate deals [05:35 - 15:48] Shaping Your Entrepreneurial Mindset Early Bill’s “Aha!” moment in real estate How his childhood shaped his entrepreneurial mindset Don’t miss Bill’s sneak peek on his business model[15:49 - 26:29] Creating Generational Wealth The biggest mistakes in creating generational wealth His tips for general partners you should not missA limited partner’s guide to real estate investing Bill’s interesting suggestions [26:30 - 38:05] Underwriting a Deal You don’t need a couple of years to grasp real estate Why you should learn the basics of real estate underwriting Real estate is not as complex as you think it is[38:06 - 47:59] 3 Pillars of Real Estate Connect with Bill Links below3 pillars of real estate you should knowBill gives us a sneak peek of his bestselling book, Creative Cash [48:00 - 50:14] Closing SegmentFinal words from Bill and me Tweetable Quotes: [Real estate is] a very very difficult business to accomplish with no partners and no investors and without using other people’s money.” - Bill Ham“Legacy wealth is held in skills, not in real estate. Legacy wealth is held in information, not in business.” - Bill HamResources mentioned:Marques OgdenJake & GinoBooksBill’s book: Creative CashHow to Win Friends & Influence People------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Bill on LinkedIn and Facebook. Check out Broadwell Property Group and add performing multifamily properties to your portfolio!Guest email: Connect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
Veena Jetti has leveraged her exposure to real estate in her younger years to acquire billions of dollars in real estate assets and build a firm specializing in creating unique opportunities for investors.Veena, Founding Partner of Vive Funds, joins us in this episode to talk about her creative strategies in retaining clients and growing their investor lists, which all point to her dream of making Vive Funds the “Chanel” of the real estate space. Listen to Veena and kickstart your real estate journey now![00:01 - 04:59] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know Veena Jetti Her path to real estate investing Veena’s strategy to million dollars in deals [05:00 - 16:18] Blind Pool FundsHow Veena’s team retains their clients What you should know about blind pool funds She talks about her very first deal [16:19 - 26:59] Kickstarting Your Real Estate Career Listen to Veena’s story about motherhood and real estateDon’t miss these tips from Veena to kickstart your real estate career! What happens when you’re raising capital?[27:00 - 39:26] The “Chanel” of Real Estate Investing How to find investors according to VeenaThe “Chanel” of real estate investing Key points to consider when you are a passive investor [39:27 - 44:00] Closing SegmentConnect with VeenaLinks belowFinal words from Veena and me Tweetable Quotes: “If you’re not comfortable with the deal or you don’t understand it, don’t invest in it.” - Veena Jetti “Depending on who your avatar is, you’re gonna want to talk to them in a certain way.” - Veena Jetti Resources mentioned:Nic McGrueElectronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Veena on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Find unique opportunities tailor-made for your portfolio with Vive Funds!Guest email: ENROLL in Veena’s 6-week course on passive investing! Start here. Connect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
What’s the most important formula in multifamily investing? I’m sure you have some formula in mind, but this one from Robert Martinez might just be the only thing you need to know. This formula has helped Robert and his team to acquire assets worth $420 million, living up to their name as the rockstars of real estate investing. Robert drops by to unveil his secrets, his creative strategies, and the practical tips you can take now to start your real estate journey. Tune in now and listen to our conversation with the Apartment Rockstar![00:01 - 06:53] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know Robert MartinezThe Apartment RockstarHis path to the real estate business [06:54 - 18:14] Real Estate is for Everyone...Even for Introverts Why invest in yourself first? The key to real estate education according to Robert Can introverts succeed in real estate?Listen to Robert [18:15 - 30:29] The Most Important Formula in Multifamily The 2 non-negotiables of Rockstar Capital Robert talks about his unique approach to managing his team What’s the most important formula in multifamily investing?Listen to Robert [30:30 - 42:05] Creative Strategies in Finding Deals The number 1 reason your tenants leave you Robert’s creative strategies to find and fund deals Find your passion to make real estate work for you[42:06 - 47:46] Don’t Stay in the Status Quo Connect with RobertLinks belowDo you want to change your life?Listen to Robert[47:47 - 49:06] Closing SegmentFinal words from Robert and me Tweetable Quotes: “Real estate can be an amazing, lucrative career just like any business opportunity, but if you don’t properly prepare’re gonna fail.” - Robert Martinez“If you’re looking to change your life, you gotta do something to change your gotta take a risk here and there.” - Robert MartinezResources mentioned:Grant CardoneJeff HoffmanGary VaynerchukPricelineGamesoft------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Robert on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Experience rockstar living with Rockstar Capital!Guest email: /  Connect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
You can be anything you want to be, just like Brent Barcus who is a musician and a real estate investor at the same time. Playing in two different fields, Brent was able to find an intersection where he could apply his networking skills in music events to close deals in real estate. He also leaves us with a couple of practical tips you can do right away to begin your real estate career. Tune in now and learn real estate from a musician![00:01 - 04:56] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know Brent BarcusAudio producerImmersive Mixer & Sound DesignerReal estate investor [04:57 - 14:43] A Real Estate Skill in the Music Industry Brent tells us how he manages his personal life and real estate business He shares his experience playing for the music industry Why he never looked back to school [14:44 - 26:09] Networking is a Must Brent breaks down his very first real estate deal How to network like a musician Brent shares how he learned real estate from podcasts [26:10 - 37:02] Real Estate Investing and Playing in a Band Real estate partnerships are like bandsBrent tells us why Why invest in multifamily according to Brent Brent’s advice to start your real estate investing journey [37:03 - 41:30] Closing SegmentConnect with BrentLinks belowFinal words from Brent and me Tweetable Quotes: “The scalability of having multiple doors, I just think there’s so much upside to that.” - Brent Barcus“Just be a sponge, just soak it up and if you’re really invested in learning more about commercial multifamily real estate...go to events” - Brent BarcusResources mentioned:Individuals to followShania TwainKenny LogginsElton JohnDC TalkThink Multifamily PodcastThe BRRRR Method------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Brent on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Check out i65music to learn more about his work. Guest email:   Listen to his podcast! Connect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
Danny Calafell believes not everyone is meant for entrepreneurship, but that does not mean employees cannot create generational wealth. Danny also talks about in this episode the mindset you need to come into the entrepreneurship space--regardless of where you come from--and the skills required to improve your business. He then shares some reminders before investing in real estate or any investment platforms because having money in your bank account, even if that’s worth $1 million, is not enough anymore.    Let’s listen to Danny learn how to be an entrepreneur![00:01 - 05:36] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know Danny CalafellEntrepreneurSales ProSpeaker[05:37 - 16:19] Connecting with the Best People Danny talks about his professional boxing careerHe breaks down his approach in networking with people Why he picks his network carefully Danny shares how he landed a career in the entertainment industry [16:20 - 26:29] The Number 1 Struggle of Businesses Danny talks about his first real estate deal He shares the struggle of needing to lay off people The number 1 struggle of businesses according to DannyHow to address this struggle [26:30 - 35:27] The Keys to Success Wherever You Are Some general investing advice from Danny you should not miss The new middle class according to Danny Do you want to be successful in your chosen field?Listen to Danny [35:28 - 43:02] Closing SegmentConnect with Danny Links belowWhat you should realize about entrepreneurshipFinal words from Danny and me Tweetable Quotes: “I always wanted to be around the best because I knew they would bring the best out of me.” - Danny Calafell“Watch who you get your information from and watch who you’re around.” - Danny CalafellResources mentioned:Grant CardoneFloyd MayweatherSony MusicDef Jam RecordingsUniversal Music Group------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Danny on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Dominate your business and sales and increase your income by visiting his website.Do you want to learn more about sales? Check out Triworld, Inc. Guest email:  Connect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
Yosef Lee has summarized the many ingredients to be successful in multifamily investing into 3 key secrets. He joins us in this episode to talk about these secrets and guide us through his journey that led him to $5 million in commercial real estate investing while becoming the Managing Principal at Syndicro & Partners Capital. How he overcame the language barrier as a South Korean immigrant first then the mindset challenge he faced as a law student were impressive feats that should be recognized. He reminds us to not just trust the process, but also love it. Multifamily is a long game and best played as a team. Tune in now and learn the 3 keys to success in multifamily investing![00:01 - 07:32] Opening SegmentFrom South Korea to the United StatesYosef’s inspiring journeyWhy he went to law school[07:33 - 17:46] Taking Action in Real EstateYosef talks about how he found his purpose The life-changing book of Yosef [17:47 - 27:11] Investing in Multifamily Deals Why invest in multifamily right away?Yosef’s practical tips to start multifamily investing [27:12 - 37:28] Successful Multifamily Investors Do These Things The 3 keys to success in Multifamily What you should know about underwriting a deal Why you should be proud of being a  “newbie”[37:29 - 45:12] What Happened in Those Memorable 2 Deals? Why Yosef loves real estate syndication What is a stabilized property?[45:13 - 45:33] Closing SegmentFinal words from Yosef and meTweetable Quotes: “If you choose to go to multifamily directly, go for it, but remember, you gotta be very patient, you gotta fall in love with the process of learning, finding, and eventually bringing it to the finish line.” -  Yosef Lee “You gotta know how to find [the] right partner.” -  Yosef Lee Resources mentioned:BookRich Dad Poor DadThe ABCs of Real Estate InvestingOther resourcesBiggerPocketsUNESCOSamsungJake & Gino------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Yosef on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Lay the cornerstone of your financial freedom by visiting Syndicro & Partners Capital.Connect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us: Abel@5TCRE.comSupport the show (
Here to offer a different brand of real estate investing is Bryce McKinley, Founder of REI Results LLC. He has closed over 8,000 deals already, working on at least 200 transactions every month. His secret is his 5-step process to every conversation, which he says can be applied in any industry. We often hear that we need to find our “why” to keep going in whatever goals we’re aiming for. Bryce disagrees. We are also usually advised to attend real estate meetups and talk to people. Bryce doesn’t agree either. He will share in this episode why he does not believe in these pieces of advice and instead offer a practical solution to get people to do what we want them to do. Let’s listen to Bryce and learn his 5-step process to a successful conversation![00:01 - 06:09] Opening SegmentHow Bryce’s team is doing at least 40 deals in 5 markets a month[06:10 - 19:06] Growing in Opportunities Why he jumped from corporate sales to real estate What separates Bryce from other sales gurus?How he overcame some legal battles in his life[19:07 - 34:12] A Different Kind of Real Estate Why serving people is important for BryceBryce is willing to give his mobile number to strangersYou don’t need to go to real estate meetups[34:13 - 49:47] 5 Steps to Every Conversation - Real Estate or Not Warm-up with FORMWhat does FORM mean? Bridge the gap and pay attention to how you ask questionsLearn Bryce’s RAQ technique Close the conversation then warm up with FORM again [49:48 - 56:49] Closing SegmentConnect with Bryce Links belowThe 3 Principles of Bryce’s life Final words from Bryce and me Tweetable Quotes: “I believe that you don’t go to opportunities. You grow to opportunities.” - Bryce McKinleyResources mentioned:Other resources in this episodeCraigslist CutcoThe OODA Model------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Bryce on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube or get in touch with him at 1-844-394-3393. Join the REI Results Academy and learn how to be successful in real estate!Guest email:   Flip homes in just 5 hours! Start here. Find a solution to your real estate needs with EveryHouseWhy join Bryce’s Academy? Your answers here.Connect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
What are you going to do if you arrive in a new country with only 200 dollars in your pocket? Seshue Velpuri knew what to do then. The right mindset helped him survive a new country with a new culture and a new environment. This mindset, which emphasizes the idea that life is not a “success” every time led him to a fruitful real estate career now spanning almost two decades. Listen to Seshu and get real returns from your real estate investments![00:01 - 05:03] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know Seshu Velpuri The mission of The AMR Group [05:04 - 15:25] Why Real Estate His journey from India to the United States The challenges he faced and how he overcame themWhy invest in real estate?Listen to Seshu[15:26 - 25:56] The Right Mindset in Real Estate A reminder from Seshu you should not miss Listen to Seshu’s approach in commercial real estate How his team is adjusting to the COVID-19 situation [25:57 - 35:19] Commercial Real Estate Investing The disadvantage of investing in the commercial real estate Seshu gives us a sneak peek of a commercial retail business plan We break down the Debt Service Coverage Ratio [35:20 - 43:04] The Numbers to Consider Don’t miss this quick coaching session with Seshu! What tools does Seshu’s team offer? Connect with Seshu Links below[43:05 - 44:51] Closing SegmentFinal words from Seshu and me Tweetable Quotes: “Majority of the people, they don’t want to fail. The problem is they do not want to fail and they want everything to be successful, but that’s not gonna work. It’s not the real world.” - Seshu Velpuri “It’s not about doing business or anything. It’s sharing the knowledge among the community.” - Seshu Velpuri Resources mentioned:WATCH OUT for Seshu’s analytics tool here. Check out Homes of Rockies on Facebook.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Seshu on LinkedIn. Get help in your sales, listings, asset management in real estate by checking out The AMR Group!Guest email: Connect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
Willie Mandrell has been in the Boston real estate market for more than 13 years now. He has leveraged his knowledge and experience of the area to acquire a personal real estate portfolio worth over $10 million currently. Willie joins us in this episode to talk about why you should invest in real estate as soon as possible, the creative ways to invest in this space, and the secrets to having a continuous cash flow in your pockets. Listen to Willie and learn some cash flow secrets![00:01 - 06:11] Opening SegmentWhy cash flow is his priority Why you should invest in real estate now [06:12 - 16:15] The Power of the Self-Directed IRA When can you retire? Listen to WIllie’s story Willie tells us the power of the self-directed IRA What wealth-building is like for Willie [16:16 - 25:51] A Different Type of Passive Investing Here’s why you need to scale according to Willie What you should know about the after-repair value Willie talks about his creative real estate approach [25:52 - 37:51] Why Delegate Your Tasks You don’t have to be part of the real estate investment Why delegating tasks in real estate is a mustTake a sneak peek into Willie’s daily operations[37:52 - 46:17] Closing SegmentThe lesson from McDonald’s you should not missFinal words from Willie and me Tweetable Quotes: “The hardest for people to delegate and trust other people, but if you’re going to scale, you absolutely have to do it.” - Willie James Mandrell“If you have a piece of property that’s sitting around and you have a substantial amount of equity within that property, you can go right now and go get a home equity line...” - Willie James MandrellResources mentioned:Our previous episode with Sharon Lechter: Co-Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad - 2 US Presidents Advised, 10+ Bestselling Books; Assets Are SexyThe BRRRR MethodBookRich Dad Poor DadRich Dad's CASHFLOW QuadrantThe E-Myth Revisited------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Willie on LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. Turn your underachieving properties into high-yielding investments with The Mandrell Company. Guest email: GET A FREE 30-minute consultation with Willie. Start here. Connect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
We always say that the United States of America is the Land of Opportunity. It offers a lot of opportunities even for non-US citizens. Ava Benesocky and August Biniaz from CPI Capital join us in this episode to share creative ways to invest in the US real estate space while you are living in Canada. They answer some common questions, including those related to double taxation. Their personal mission is to educate Canadians about passive investing, helping them create wealth through real estate. Tune in now and learn how to invest in the US from Canada![00:01 - 06:05] Opening SegmentThe challenges and opportunities they saw in real estate [06:06 - 15:32] Real Estate Investing in Canada and the US Ava and August walks us through the real estate investing in Canada How they decided to jump into the US real estate investing [15:33 - 26:00] Real Estate Education for Canadians The reality of investing in real estate in CanadaAva and August talks about their educational platform[26:01 - 36:11] Benefits of Real Estate Investing Don’t miss their personal projections about US real estate investingHow to avoid double-taxation according to August and AvaWhat next for Ava and August?[36:12 - 42:37] Closing SegmentListen to their advice to create wealth successfully Connect with Ava and August Links belowFinal words from us Tweetable Quotes: “Diversification is a great way to have your investment portfolio that’s helping you build your wealth…get your money working for you while you sleep.” - Ava Benesocky“I always wish health, wealth, and happiness on my loved ones and friends and associates. It all doesn’t matter if happiness is not there.” - August BiniazResources mentioned:Our previous episode with Dan Handford: 4,800+ Units in Syndication Deals and $275M Portfolio Value Maximizing Systems and PlatformsJeremy Roll------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Get in touch with August on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. Connect with Ava on LinkedIn. Learn why multifamily investing is a lucrative endeavor! Check out CPI Capital.Guest email: & Are you a Canadian planning to invest in real estate? Check out the Canadian Passive Investing Academy!Invest in Ava’s next multifamily deal. Start hereInvest in August’s next multifamily deal. Start here.Subscribe to their newsletterConnect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
Mauricio Ramos is a Managing Member at de Medici Group. He has been a full-time entrepreneur and investor since 2016, jumping from real estate to the construction industry in pursuit of financial freedom.Mauricio has applied the lessons he learned to creatively finance his real estate deals and build a portfolio of 1,000 doors worth millions. He joins us in this episode to talk about his successful real estate business and the lessons and mindset that guided him along the way. [00:01 - 05:02] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know Mauricio RamosFull-time real estate investorAccredited investorHis journey from Mexico to the United States[05:03 - 13:51] Creative Financing: What Is It? Mauricio shares his journey from construction to real estateThe difference between single family and multifamily Learn more about creative financing from MauricioHow to raise capital? [13:52 - 23:54] Why You Should Consider Real Estate InvestingWhy you should invest in real estateFinancial freedomTime freedomMauricio gives us a sneak peek of his daily life as an investorJoin the ride![23:55 - 33:29] The Reality Behind Active Investing Are you an active investor?Don’t miss this part of our discussionDo you want to reverse-engineer Mauricio’s process?Follow this mindset Still thinking about starting your real estate journey?Here’s Mauricio’s advice for you [33:30 - 37:41] Closing SegmentConnect with MauricioLinks belowThe foundation in everything that Mauricio is doingFinal words from Mauricio and me Tweetable Quotes: “Take action. Just go do it. Don’t be afraid” - Mauricio Ramos“Real estate is so forgiving that even if a lot of things go wrong, you’ll still breakeven when you sell, and the learning experience, it’s [invaluable].” - Mauricio RamosResources mentioned:Our previous episode with Mauricio’s business partner, Adrian Salazar: Save Yourself Time, Energy, and Money in Real EstateRich Dad Poor DadRich Dad's Cashflow QuadrantGrant Cardone Benzinga------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Mauricio on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Check out de Medici Group and get yourself a group that can help you acquire value-add multifamily properties all over the US! #InvestDifferently Guest email: Connect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
Brian C. Adams is the President and Founder of Excelsior Capital, leading its investor relations and capital markets arms. Already a 10-year superstar in the real estate space, Brian and his team have acquired properties worth over $400 million. You will be surprised to know that such an amount will be normal to you only if you do this business right. He will also look back on how he started his journey. Brian was not born in the real estate space, but he was able to succeed here. Listen to Brian and start raising millions in real estate![00:01 - 04:50] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know Brian AdamsA real estate superstar 10 years in real estate [04:51 - 15:06] Raising Millions of Dollars: Is It Possible? Brian breaks down the blind pool fund You don’t need to be born in real estate to invest in real estateBrian tells us howOrdinary people can raise millions of dollars Listen to our exchange[15:07 - 25:14] Talking with Prospects Brian talks about the importance of listening in this businessThe 3 main solutions that Excelsior offers Brian’s simple but creative trick to filter your prospects [25:15 - 35:16] Investing in Real Estate the Excelsior Way Operating a fund is already a businessBrian explainsBrian talks about their approach to investingOperating on the sell sideAvoiding this inefficient buyer poolHe shares the challenges they face and how they overcome them [35:17 - 41:11] Closing SegmentScale your real estate business with these tips from Brian Connect with Brian Links belowFinal words from Brian and me Tweetable Quotes: “The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to be empathetic with the needs and the problems of your logical investor base.” - Brian Adams “Instead of leading with your ego...spend time talking to the hundred people that might realistically give their time and resources to you and understand what their problems are.” - Brian AdamsResources mentioned:BlackstoneBlue Man Group------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Brian on LinkedIn and check out Excelsior Capital to start your real estate journey!Guest email: REACH OUT to Brian to access his 30-minute presentation on real estate investing.  Connect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
Esther Reizes-Lowenbein is your resident matchmaker in the real estate industry. She works with investors who are looking to buy, sell, or invest specifically in commercial real estate, finding the deals that suit their needs. Esther stops by our podcast to share her creative approaches in finding the “right match” for her clients and the reasons you should invest in real estate now.  Listen to Esther and meet your perfect match in real estate![00:01 - 03:41] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know Esther Reizes-LowenbeinRealtorInvestorSyndicatorReal estate matchmaker [03:42 - 12:31] Growing in Real Estate What’s Esther doing today? Why Esther shifted from residential to commercial real estate The challenges in investing in real estate Listen to Esther [12:32 - 22:00] Matchmaking in Real EstateEsther talks about the importance of commitment in this business Education and networking are important tooShe shares some tips to find and close deals Don’t miss this! How does matchmaking in real estate work? [22:01 - 30:49] The Reality of Real Estate Investing Investing in real estate vs. saving in a bankEsther weighs in Patience is a virtue in real estate Esther tells us why Set your expectations and be ready for everything[30:50 - 36:55] Closing SegmentConnect with EstherLinks belowEsther shares her biggest wins in her personal life and real estate career Final words from Esther and me Tweetable Quotes: “Just the fact that people can put their money into an investment versus leaving it in a bank and make so much more money in their investment is a huge thing to think about. It benefits everybody” - Esther Reizes-Lowenbein“[Real estate is] beautiful. It’s amazing. It’s great. So many benefits. But you have to know, you have to be ready for everything.” - Esther Reizes-Lowenbein------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Esther on LinkedIn and Instagram. Check out her website to learn more about her work. Guest email: Connect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
We have the privilege of talking with the top broker in the New York and New Jersey area. Jason Horowitz, Broker of Record at Triforce Commercial Real Estate, joins us in this episode to talk about the crucial roles of brokers in real estate. He also discusses his unique approach to real estate brokerage, which prioritizes relationships and quality over money and quantity. Tune in now and learn the secrets of a top real estate broker![00:01 - 05:12] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know Jason HorowitzTop real estate broker in New York/New Jersey The primary mission of his team at Triforce [05:13 - 15:30] Investing in Real Estate  Why naming their entities is a big deal to Jason Here’s why you should invest in real estate according to JasonJason talks about his unique approach in building his team [15:31 - 25:20] For The Sun to Never Set… Jason walks us through the daily operations of TriforceWhat many brokers don’t realize about the real estate industry He shares the story behind Triforce’s vision statement [25:21 - 35:08] Quality of Deals Over Quantity Quality over quantity in making dealsJason tells us why What frustrates Jason in his work? Jason’s observations on the changes in the modes of communication[35:09 - 42:20] Closing SegmentThe human element in real estate Connect with JasonLinks belowFinal words from Jason and me Tweetable Quotes: “We like to add value in as many different ways as possible to be an asset to our clients.” - Jason Horowitz“Nothing special happens overnight.” - Jason HorowitzResources mentioned:Safe Harbour GroupHSC Management CorpAnthony Iemmello------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Call or text 845 323 9177 to get in touch with Jason. Connect with him on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Check out Triforce Commercial Real Estate and get the most personal commercial real estate service out there! Guest email:  Listen to their podcast!Connect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
David Davidenko and Julia Bykhovskaia are huge fans of Tony Robbins. However, they’re not fans who are simply inspired. They are fans who take massive action.David and Julia will join us in this episode to trace back their journey to real estate, the actionable steps that new and experienced investors can take, and the right mindset that led them to build a million-dollar portfolio from nothing. Tune in now and learn how to acquire over 4,000 units in 5 years![00:01 - 08:58] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know David Davidenko and Julia BykhovskaiaTheir journey from their home country to US real estate[08:59 - 20:09] How to be Successful in Real Estate The determinants of success for David and JuliaMassive action is crucial Julia talks about jumping from a regular job to real estate[20:10 - 32:20] Invest Passively in Real EstateAre you planning to invest passively in real estate?The importance of having the right mentor Here’s why you should network in this business [32:21 - 41:46] Invest Actively in Real EstateDo you want to be an active operator?Tips for new operatorsAdvice for experienced operatorsConnect with David and JuliaLinks below[41:47 - 46:19] Closing SegmentWhat David would not advise to investorsCan you balance active investing and other endeavors?Listen to Julia Final words from usTweetable Quotes: “If you want to grow, if you want to develop, if you want to succeed, you just have no choice. Go outside of your comfort zone.” - David Davidenko “The mindset is the most important thing, getting to this mindset that, ‘Yes, you can.’” - Julia BykhovskaiaResources mentioned:Book: Rich Dad Poor Dad Individuals to follow:Tony Robbins Joe FairlessRod KhleifBrad SumrokNeal BawaMichael Blank------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with David on LinkedIn and Facebook. Reach out to Julia on LinkedIn and Facebook. Check out Sunrise Capital Group and start your multifamily investing journey! Guest email: & Connect with me: 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (
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