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PortfolioCast is the podcast brought to you by The Portfolio Collective. For our first series, we'll be spotlighting different portfolio professionals and their journeys for you to listen and learn from.
8 Episodes
Episode 8We interview Edward Goodchild on:staying endlessly curious,keeping kindness at the heart of your actions,how to determine your own narrative,start with an idea, andwillingly embrace failure.At his heart, Ed is an enthusiastic innovator and perennial entrepreneur. On top of building the Zendht Venture Studio, he is an independent adviser, board chair, forum moderator and charity trustee.
Episode 7 We interview Anthony Main, on:fuelling your entrepreneurial spiritdisconnecting to create better balancenetworking consciously, even onlinesharing, and keeping it human, and little pivots, not full 180s.Having started his work with a portfolio career, Anthony has gone on to create The Distance, an award winning App agency, and is now looking back to his portfolio roots to carve out the next chapter. 
Episode 6We interview Cara de Lange, on:creating your own schedule to avoid burnoutlockdown and the acceptance commitment methodgetting perspective on loneliness dialling your career up and downand how it takes a tribe.With her career foundations in business administration for global organisations including Google, Cara has taken her Mental Health advocacy to the next level, continuing her portfolio career as a wellbeing and business consultant, founder, author, and change maker.
Episode 5We interview Leila Rastegar Zegna, investor, philanthropist, and founder of Kindred Capital VC, on:how to approach success intrinsically, living a portfolio life, not just working in a portfolio career,work-life integration, not balance,using your competitive spirit as a driving force,prioritisation and balance with intention.Leila’s career has been formed with hardworking roots whilst reaching innovative and entrepreneurial heights. Whilst balancing the management of venture funds worth millions, she is also a philanthropist who believes in portfolio life over portfolio work
Episode 4We interview Steve Chambers, Urban Planning and Transport expert on the importance of:selling yourself as an expertsaving time for self promotioninvesting in yourselffinding your own way in, and creating success in new opportunities.Steve is an advocate for charities of all sizes involved in the built environment and sustainable transport sectors. Whilst leading policy and campaigning roles, his portfolio career also includes being a lecturer and media spokesperson.
PortfolioCast Episode 3We interview Tina Orlando, Coach and Counsellor to executive professionals on:how where you start is just the beginning, not the end,career pivot - the creation of her communication agency,why she became an executive coach,juggling a portfolio career with a family,and never underestimating the importance of your network.Having co-founded a strategic business communications firm in New York, and worked at some of the best-known global companies, Tina has built a portfolio career using this foundation to brand, coach and counsel executive professionals.
PortfolioCast Episode 2We interview Hannah D'Souza, Integrative Psychotherapist and Counsellor on:What led her to a portfolio careerHow specialising can create more opportunitiesFacing misconceptions in order to work wherever, wheneverLearning to never settle, and to plan aheadHaving confidence to stay with the uncomfortable feelingHannah is an Integrative Psychotherapist and Counsellor, whose portfolio career has allowed her to gain varied and international experience counselling, mentoring and caring for children and adults in both private and organisational environments.
PortfolioCast Episode 1We interview Ben Legg, CEO and co-founder of The Portfolio Collective on:- What is a portfolio career?- Why he started The Portfolio Collective- The benefits of a portfolio career- Who would suit a portfolio career- How it has changed his lifeBen is a former COO of Google Europe, global technology CEO, McKinsey consultant and soldier. He now helps entrepreneurs to reinvent themselves and society.[ysPzjDrTKZvcd3Xyv5wZ]
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