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After the break up of a long term relationship, Simone Milasas asked herself the tough questions about what she was really looking for on a romantic level.  Simone explains to host Sami Lukis why she's now looking for a 'creationship' rather than a relationship and how she came to the realisation that committing to herself was way more important than committing to another person.
Professional Matchmaker Louanne Ward has identified the 8 people you're likely to meet on dating apps.  Host Sami Lukis chats to Louanne about which ones to avoid and which ones are worth your time.  Louanne also has some great advice for approaching the delicate question of vaccination status when you meet someone new.
Breakfast radio host Bianca Dye shares her life on air with her listeners, but how does that affect dating, relationships and the men she meets?  In this episode, host Sami Lukis catches up with her old friend Bianca to find out how she's going to date differently after becoming single again at 47.  They also chat about grieving after a breakup, 'celebrity' dating apps and whether you can ever really blame your career for not having kids.
Therapist Rachel Voysey chats to host Sami Lukis about the challenges of extended lockdowns for singles and people who live alone. They discuss drinking, binge watching, single parenting and the pros and cons of dating during lockdown.  And Rachel explains why you should think twice before choosing your single bubble buddy.
Self-described (former) ‘serial dater’ and ‘dirty man whore’ Phil Brandel shares his thoughts about where women go wrong on the dating scene.  He also explains why men send unsolicited dick pics and why he thinks marriages should come with renewal dates.
Are good guys really so hard to find?  In this episode, 'Your Dating Bestie' founder and professional dating mentor Elly Klein tells us where all the good men are.  Elly also shares her secrets for romantic success and explains to host Sami Lukis what women can learn from men, when it comes to looking for love.
Michelle is attempting to  ‘consciously uncouple’ with her ex-partner after a long term relationship.  Mish chats to host Sami Lukis about their breakup rules, how she’s managed to fast track her healing and they discuss her experience with using dating apps for the first time.
56 year old single mum Jane, chats to host Sami Lukis about remaining hopeful of finding love again, despite being divorced three times.  Jane shares her emotional journey through divorce, death, infidelity and Covid loneliness.  Jane also opens up about feeling like a failure after three unsuccessful marriages and why she feels like a piece of her is missing when she’s single.
There’s plenty of criticism about the gaslighting on display in the current season of “Married At First Sight” and concerns that it's triggering viewers and victims of domestic abuse.  Former MAFS contestant Natasha Spencer joins host Sami Lukis to talk about her own traumatic experience with domestic abuse and to discuss whether gaslighting and this kind of disgusting behaviour should be shown on reality TV.* Please note: This episode includes discussions about physical and emotional abuse and domestic violence.  If this raises any concerns for you, please contact Police on 000 or Lifeline on 13 11 14. 
This mini-episode is an extension of a conversation in the previous episode - about the idea of asking your partner if they would like comfort or solutions when they're having a bad time.  Host Sami Lukis explores this 'relationship saver' with our resident Psychologist Rachel Voysey.  Rachel explains how we can use this technique in all of our relationships - with friends, family, colleagues and romantic partners. 
Host Sami Lukis chats to 37 year old Nabil about growing up in a Bangladeshi family where arranged marriage was the expectation, and his parents' reaction when he told them he wanted to pursue a love-connection instead.  Nabil also shares his experiences as a 'negligent-dater' and a reluctant 'multi-dater' and he has a brilliant observation about why men send dick pics.
Dating Strategist and Professional Matchmaker Louanne Ward explains to host Sami Lukis why she thinks hook-ups have replaced dating and ‘recreational dating’ has replaced relationships – and where that leaves people who are still looking for a serious commitment.  Louanne also explains why she believes 90% of people using dating apps aren’t satisfied with the process and why women should think twice before saying, “I don’t need a man”.
Host Sami Lukis recently wrote an article about 56 year old single mum Robyn, who believes it’s a ‘gift’ to be single again in middle age.  Now Robyn joins Sami on the podcast to talk about why life after divorce was a great time to reinvent herself, her mid-life sexual awakening and why she despairs of men in her demographic.
Psychologist Rachel Voysey chats to host Sami Lukis about 'Divorce Month' and why so many couples decide to separate in January.  Rachel provides valuable tips about knowing when it’s time to get divorced and how to soften the blow if you know that’s where you’re heading.  They also discuss the biggest mistakes people make when they decide to separate and how to move on and stop obsessing over your Ex.  This is an episode to share with your unhappily married friends.
Divorced dad Doug speaks to host Sami Lukis about the suggestion that divorced men might make better husbands, second time 'round.  They also chat about Doug's experience as a speed-dating coach and they explore the idea that men and women are driven by and looking for very different things, when it comes to dating.  
Geoff doesn’t believe in the concept of 'The One'.  In fact, he thinks the idea of looking for another person to ‘complete’ you can make you very unhappy.  Geoff and host Sami Lukis discuss whether marriage and monogamy are unrealistic and outdated concepts and why we should consider appreciating the value of short term relationships instead.
After overcoming all kinds of challenges with singledom, fertility and marriage, Tiffany Villaluz decided to create her own dating site - "Date My Friend" - to help other singles find their match.  Tiffany chats to host Sami Lukis about her own emotional romantic journey and she shares some valuable tips for meeting genuine people and keeping yourself safe when online dating. 
We’re re-releasing some of our most popular episodes from Series 1 in an uncut format, so you'll get to hear even more from your favourite guests.We kick off with Therapist Katie Eden Todd, who believes many people fall into toxic “cellmate” relationships because they’re trying to heal emotional wounds from their childhood. Katie shares valuable tips with host Sami Lukis about how to find a genuinely compatible "soulmate" relationship and she explains why you should always “go where you are celebrated, and not just merely tolerated”.
Host Sami Lukis chats to 54 year old Melbourne firefighter and eternal bachelor Paul, about the common perception that he’s a commitment phobe because he’s never been married or had kids - and whether or not he could ever really settle down. 
After a 17 year relationship, single dad Mark decided to jump straight back into dating, even though he knew he wasn’t emotionally available for any serious, meaningful connections.  In this episode, Mark chats to host Sami Lukis about what he calls ‘experimental dating’, where that leaves the women he meets and why he calls himself a ‘hopeful unromantic’.
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