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Author: Rachel Rozen & Hiiro Prince

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We focus on candid, sincere and vulnerable conversations that put a spotlight on mental health, sexuality and gender, lifestyle and everything in between. The Getting Jewcy experience is raw and completely unscripted. WE RARELY EDIT ANYTHING OUT. We get to know our guests behind their public image, so that you can get to know them beyond their Social Media presence. Follow us on Instagram @getting_jewcy, on Facebook @gettingjewcy and WATCH our podcast episodes on YouTube @ Getting Jewcy with Rachel & Hiiro. *Theme music by Matcha Dacha.*
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In this episode we get a dose of the Menzies! Chris Menzies, self love advocate and personal trainer, joins us from North Vancouver, BC, Canada. Chris has lived many different lives and has worn many hats: husband, father, personal trainer, LGBTQ+ ally, behavioral change specialist and 100% DILF… hmmm…. Hiiro… really?? lol!Chris dives into his story of growing up and about what a positive impact his father has had in his life. His dad bravely came out to his family as gay when Chris was 13, and at an early age taught Chris the importance of being true to yourself. Chris has been on a path of health and wellness both in body and mind ever since then. It’s a part of the driving force behind why recently he’s been able to leave a “secure and predictable” job he had for many years and enter into self-employment, specializing in fitness and behavioral change.Chris also speaks openly about how he’s navigated a breakup with his partner during the beginning of the pandemic, and how they’ve been coparenting 2 young sons with great respect and love.He also speaks to his commitment of morning routines and the benefits of personal practices, including affirmation, intention setting and self reflection. Chris is a gentle and compassionate human that radiates light and clarity. He’s passionate about self development and about sharing his own progress with his clients, in the hopes they thrive along with him!Chris’ Links:Instagram (@chrismenz)Email - chrismzies@gmail.comGetting Jewcy Links:WebsiteWatch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
Do you need a spot of sunshine today? Yes? Then this is your episode. Shawn Antonio joins us from Los Angeles and he had us at his infectious laugh… and his hat! Shawn is a celebrity life coach, author, and motivational speaker. He’s coached everyone from A-list actors to people who are housing and financially insecure and trying to rebuild their lives. Shawn has risen above and has shined his beautiful smile through some very tough, and shall we say unbelievable experiences. Such as dying… twice, and being wrongfully accused of the most horrific thing you can be accused for, and spending time in jail because of it!Shawn's enthusiasm for life and boundless happiness is electric and infectious. Shawn has always been passionate about advocating for people and has spent many years on his own self improvement and personal growth.This is truly and episode not to be missed. Meeting Shawn only a short while ago has already enriched our lives. Thank you for sharing YOU Shawn! And let's all live our best lives!Shawn’s Links:WebsiteInstagram (@shawnantoniolifecoaching)Want to Text/Call Shawn? He gives free consults! 310-428-5017Getting Jewcy Links:WebsiteWatch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
*You can catch our 1st chat with Jeff in our very first episode with a guest, recorded 1 year prior, on episode 2!*We come full circle with our first ever guest and Jewcy (and hunky) Mensch, Jeff Grace! Jeff is a man of many gifts including teaching yoga from a swimmers specific lens, an advocate for mental health and bi-polar disorder, and amplifies the benefits of coaching/development to further your pure potential.One big update since Jeff's last visit... he moved to Sweden 🇸🇪  with his wife, so he joins us from across the ocean! Jeff reflects on his progress both personally and professionally and shares with us the processes of his mental health through transition (and what advice he gives others going through some big life altering changes). We also chat about the cultural differences between Vancouver, Canada and Sweden, including ways he was able to quickly find Community in his new home.We're always grateful to Jeff for sharing his stories of being a mental health warrior! He truly takes his life by the horns (or balls?) and is constantly working on being an advocate for himself, always getting the assistance he needs and teaching others to do the same.Oh… and Jeff just happens to be Jew-ISH too. lol!**Trigger warning** This episode includes some discussion on mental health. The discussion comes from real life experience, and might be sensitive to some listeners. We hope this episode opens up the dialog more when it comes to the stigmas that still exist surrounding mental health.If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, please call the Canadian Suicide Prevention Service at 1-833-456-4566. We also have a website resource below for those who are needing help navigate their mental health challenges. With love and light, Rachel & Hiiro. Mental Health Links:Mental Health First Aid CanadaSupport in CanadaIn Crisis in Canada? Please call 1-833-456-4566. In the US, please call 1-800-273-TALK (8255)Jeff's Links:WebsiteInstagram (@swimmingspecificyoga)Jeff Grace on the Stand Up for Mental Health StageGetting Jewcy Links:WebsiteWatch This EpisodeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
In this episode of The Last Sip, where we squeeze out that last drop of the convo, our chat revolves around the comparisons that people are making about the vaccine passports in Canada. We realize this is a very hot and controversial topic and it's not our intension to hurt anyone who finds this particular episode. We aren't always so serious with our content but...One comparison in particular has really hit a nerve with us and we felt the need to talk about it. There are some people out there comparing the vaccine passport to the Holocaust. We are grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, and we felt it was important to challenge this hurtful and disrespectful comparison.Incredulously, there have even been protesters who are against the vaccine passport wearing yellow stars... yes, the same symbol the Nazis made Jews wear during the Second World War. A statement made by Eta Yudin, The Montreal Holocaust Museum's vice-president, mirrors our sentiments ever so eloquently... “The appropriation of yellow stars by these protesters trivializes the Holocaust and the lessons learned. The yellow star was a symbol of the repression of the fundamental rights of Jews in the context of a genocidal project to exterminate the Jewish people. We should all be shocked".To respect the the history of the Jewish people and to not undervalue the extreme, unthinkable suffering that was endured, we ask you to please PAUSE first, and have a really deep think about whether it's fair to compare the vaccine passport to the Holocaust.On a lighter, appreciative note... We're so happy you found us! In order to continue making Jewcy content for you we'd love if you'd Subscribe, Like, Comment, Share, Tag, Save, Post, Review, Tweet, Toot, Tit, Tat...Getting Jewcy Links:WebsiteWatch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
We're still Jewcing, not to worry seedlings! After a little summer recharge, your Jewcy Duo is joined by current Hell's Kitchen 'Young Guns' chef, Trenton Garvey! Trenton is the executive chef of The Blue Duck in Missouri, USA and comes from humble roots in Arkansas, USA.He openly shares his experiences with us growing up in a challenging household and how certain hardships forced him to grow up quickly and take action to move to St Louis, Missouri with his dad and brothers. Trenton was first introduced to working in a kitchen at KFC and became fascinated and determined to learn the science behind their pressure cooked chicken. We were blown away when Trenton shared with us that his grandfather worked directly with the colonel himself!Learn about Trenton's journey from KFC to The Blue Duck to Hell's Kitchen in just a few short years! He also touches on his aspirations of continuing to mentor other chefs, his advocacy for paying it forward to other chefs in development and his discipline with keeping his work all about the kitchen... cooking his heart out, nothing more/less.This dialogue was very heart felt and down to earth. We can't wait to see what Trenton gets up to in the coming years, as you can just tell he has a very bright future!Trenton's Links:Instagram (@chef_trentongarvey)Hell's Kitchen on Fox (USA)Hell's Kitchen on CityTv (Canada)Getting Jewcy Links:WebsiteWatch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
We welcome artist and author Kira Leigh (they/them) to the podcast to share their new LGBTQ+ sci-fi trilogy, Constelis Voss! The series opens on a dystopic planet-sized ship in the far future, where a very advanced android receives a personality file from the 90s. He is the only one of his kind. This is fiction that exists to analyze politics of power (and act as a crash course in media literacy/crit).Kira talks about key subject matters that are relevant to the current and future generations, especially regarding non-binary and non-conforming humans that courageously blur the lines of tradition and status quo. They explain about their growing up and history with artistic expression, which evolved into anime and illustration, plus written content.  Kira says they make art like breathing and plays way too many video games (which we have a chat about as well)! Be sure to support Kira in their endeavour to make the world more inclusive and non-conforming.Kira's Links:WebsiteConstelis Voss Volume 1 on AmazonInstagram (@windows95calculator)Getting Jewcy Links:WebsiteWatch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
We get personal with Vancouver, Canada artist Margaux Wosk (they/them) and discuss many subjects around mental health, autism and disability activism. Margaux shares their self discovery journey and navigating how they identified they were autistic only a few years ago at the age of 28. They also explain how society and businesses may appear to be inclusive of autistic folx and those living with learning disabilities, while this may not be the reality.Margaux is also a talented artist/designer and independent small business owner of the Etsy Shop, Retrophiliac (link to their shop is below)! They create their own designs inspired by their own experiences with autism, neurodiversity and the LGBTQIA2S+ community, and put them onto wearable art such as pins, necklaces, garments and more. They talk about the programs and support resources that exist to assist people like Margaux to have an equal opportunity at being a successful entrepreneur.This truly is an inspiring and colourful 'real-talk' edition of Getting Jewcy! Oh and did we also mention Margaux is also a fellow M.O.T?! :)Margaux's Links:Etsy ShopWebsiteInstagram (@retr0philiac)Getting Jewcy Links:WebsiteWatch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
*First, we apologize about the quality of Rachel's audio, as she was recording from a different environment than usual and had a poor internet connection!In this episode we connect with Hell's Kitchen Season 19 winner, Chef Kori Sutton! Kori is a very established chef, who has been a leader in the culinary world in Mexico and Los Angeles, USA. She has appeared on multiple reality food TV shows and is the creator of Mama Kori Salsa - soon to be launched online (link below).Learn all about Kori's extensive culinary background and about her fight in establishing herself as a strong female force in her industry in Mexico, while also raising her son single handedly!Also, Kori fills us in on her experiences in television and her successful run in Hell's Kitchen.Kori's Links:Mama Kori SalsaInstagram (@chef_kori_la)Getting Jewcy Links:WebsiteWatch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
In this episode of The Last Sip, where we squeeze out that last drop of the convo, we talk PRIDE. We chat about our relationship with PRIDE and the symbolism it has for our own lives. We also dive into the politics of PRIDE within corporate businesses and marketing.Lastly, we Last Sip on dating apps and how prominently they have broadened the net for LGBTQIA2S+ folx.As always, we're so happy you found us and in order to continue making Jewcy content for you we'd love if you'd Subscribe, Like, Comment, Share, Tag, Save, Post, Review, Tweet, Toot, Tit, Tat...Getting Jewcy Links:WebsiteWatch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
CATCH PART 1 WITH JASMIN IN EPISODE 34!Jasmin Parkin of Mother Mother, the internationally successful Vancouver, Canada based band, graces us with her kind and humble presence again! What an exciting time for Mother Mother, as they just made their television debut on The Late Late Show with James Corden AND are about to release a new album on June 25th!We get to chat with Jas about what these last few months have been like for her and the band, as they have finally and deservingly have become more of a household name after many years of performing together. There's a new generation just discovering their profound sounds and lyrics, which has catapulted them into a nearly sold out international tour and has gotten the attention of higher profile names in the entertainment industry, such as James Corden.We have a very sincere and vulnerable conversation with Jas about not just music, but also about lifestyle and surviving and thriving during the pandemic.We are so proud of you Jas!Jasmin's LINKS:Personal Instagram (@jasminparkin)Mother Mother Instagram (@mothermothermusic)Yoga ClassesGetting Jewcy Links:WebsiteWatch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
Welcome back to our 'water cooler' chat. Are you anxious about reintegrating into a post-pandemic society and you feel that your baby steps towards reintegration are being overlooked? Well, you're not alone and we acknowledge your wins (however small they may be). In this episode we dive into this, as well as squeeze the final drop out of a convo about coffee, mental health, lifestyle and Hiiro's healthy obsession with Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty!As always, we're so happy you found us and in order to continue making Jewcy content for you we'd love if you'd Subscribe, Like, Comment, Share, Tag, Save, Post, Review, Tweet, Toot, Tit, Tat...Getting Jewcy Links:Watch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
CHECK OUT PART 1 WITH DONOVAN IN EPISODE 41!Welcome back Donovan Mahoney! The last we spoke with Don he had just gotten off the streets and was on his way to back to life. We continue our dialogue with Don about multiple subjects, surrounding hatred amongst humans and marginalized communities. He opens about his childhood and being adopted, the history of his Indigenous ancestry and the correlations in his progression to current life. We are thankful Don chose Getting Jewcy as a platform to discuss his views on the recent horrific discovery of remains of 215 Indigenous children, who were buried at the former Kamloops Indian Residential School in BC, Canada. He speaks out about this and how we as people of privilege can be advocates and amplify the message further.Donovan’s LINKS:Instagram (@donovanpee)Instagram (@holisticsobercoach)YouTube (Donovan Patrick Mahoney)Getting Jewcy LINKS:Watch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)NEED HELP?BC Substance Use ServicesCrisis Centre BC, CanadaCrisis Services CanadaCrisis Services USAResource to Find a Therapist
CHECK OUT PART 1 WITH NICK ON EPISODE 39!He's back and saucier than ever! Chef Nick Peters Bond returns to gab and squeeze the juice with us about... well... what didn't we banter about?!The Jewcy trio exchange a witty dialogue about life and everything between, more about Nick's professional and personal lifestyle, being able to wear the hats of a father, husband and business owner, living with the media after Hell's Kitchen and the love that is his daughter.We share some genuine giggles about random topics, but we also learn about some challenges Nick has had to overcome leading up to the beginning of the pandemic that have put him on the path to a healthier and happier lifestyle!We'll be cooking together sooner than you think (given the physical distance between us), as soon there will be an Instagram Live uploaded to Nick's account where he virtually gives us our own private lesson!Nick’s LINKS:Instagram (@chefnickpetersbond)YouTube (Commanding Your Kitchen)Kitchen to Aisle CateringGetting Jewcy LINKS:Watch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
Hiiro's Naturopathic Doctor and founder of Evoke Integrative Medicine, Jason Marr, stops by for an informal dialogue about medicine and healthy living in today's day and age. Jason has a wealth of knowledge and experience with supporting patients in both the Western and Eastern medicine fields with a love for aiding in mental and emotional wellness.He looks at the "whole picture" of as a framework to support his patient's well being and from there, sets them up for success long term. Jason has been a true champion to Hiiro's recovery from stage 2 adrenal fatigue, leaky gut syndrome and anxiety/depression. He also offers multiple modalities through acupuncture, IMS and cold laser therapy, which Hiiro has greatly benefitted from.We get into the nitty gritty with mental health and the pandemic, how a Naturopathic practice is now versus pre pandemic and how Jason has adapted.Acquire some tips and tricks for your own health and lifestyle!Jason's LINKS:Jason's Instagram (@drjmarr)Evoke's Instagram ( Jewcy LINKS:Watch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
We learn all about the wonderful world of film, TV, entertainment and delve into the resilience of Ingrid Nilson. Ingrid is a multi faceted individual who started in the movement arts as a dancer and evolved into teaching yoga.She is also a voice-over actor, most successfully known as the voice of Maud Pie in the animated series, My Little Pony and the voice of Raspberry Torte in the animated series, Strawberry Shortcake! Ingrid is also a voice-over coach for Vancouver, Canada's On the Mic Training school. She opens up and touches on several subjects ranging from her commitment to sobriety for 4 years and counting, being adopted and navigating her upbringing.This is a heartfelt and touching dialogue that we know will touch many people. We thank Ingrid for blessing us with her time.Ingrid's LINKS:Instagram (@ingridanilson)Mental Health Resources / Volunteer Opportunities: & Addictions Resource: Jewcy LINKS:Watch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
Chef Mary Lou Davis, Hell's Kitchen Season 19 runner-up rejoins us! Phew... now we can say where she placed in her season.Check out her 1st episode (#26) with us that was recorded just before season 19 started airing in the US.Mary Lou gets Jewcy about her process before, during and after production. She explains her highlights and the moments that helped her grow as a better chef and human, how her brand and media platforms quickly grew and how she is moving forward with her projects. Mary Lou remains humble, down to Earth and fairly unfazed by her quick rise to Instagram fame; a true testament to her character and talent.She also catches us up on her visit to Las Vegas for the Hell's Kitchen finale and provides a little anecdote about a certain relationship that you'll just have to wait until the end of the episode to hear...We love Mary Lou and love San Antonio!!  We can't wait to visit there one day.Mary Lou's LINKS:Instagram (@geeksandgrubs)Instagram (@coffee_andconcealer)YouTube Channel (Geeks&Grubs)WebsiteGetting Jewcy LINKS:Watch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
Leo Flowers joins us from San Diego, California to discuss the power of being an overall genuine human. Leo is a man of many talents. He is a stand-up comedian, a podcaster and has an M.A. in counselling/psychology. Leo hails from Chicago, and has also been a substitute school teacher and is a former D1 athlete!Leo speaks about being secure with being a generalist at times in his life when it's been needed. He's candid about his own struggles with mental health and how important it is to forgive and be kind to ourselves, by getting out of our own way and surrendering. Leo has performed his stand-up in several comedy tours in North America. No two shows are ever alike, as he’s always attacking the issues of the day and revealing personal anecdotes. Infusing stand up with storytelling, Leo captivates audiences of all demographics.He currently lives with his Jewish girlfriends (yep, there's that in comment... lol) and opens up about how they met and how having a background in psychology helped their relationship through Covid. Leo has a suicide prevention podcast called Before You Kill Yourself, where he interviews other mental health experts, comedians and best-selling book authors as they destigmatize mental health and teach you how to thrive! He's also working as a Life Coach, coaching individuals who are thriving, prosperous and successful in their careers & finances, but suffering in their relationships.There are so many takeaways from Leo Flowers and a blossoming you could say...Leo's LINKS:WebsiteInstagram (@leoflowers2000)FacebookYouTubeGetting Jewcy LINKS:Watch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
We catch up with our good friend Ashley MacInnes. Ashley is a member of the trans community and is a talented and successful Chiropractor and Sports Performance Therapist on the North Shore of Vancouver, Canada. She is a mother to 5 children and has been through an incredibly inspiring journey, leading her to becoming her truest self.Ashley openly shares her experiences of how she navigated through her transition, what her triumphs were and continue to be, as well as what she's doing to be an advocate for the next generation of trans youth.This is the first time Ashley has opened up about her coming out story in this way on our platform, and there are many takeaways from our discussion about humanity and inclusivity. We couldn't be more grateful to Ashley for sharing her story, message and friendship with us.And honestly, she is a kick-ass Chiro, so if you're in the Vancouver area, she's accepting new patients!Ashley's LINKS:WebsiteInstagram (@ashevolved)Getting Jewcy LINKS:Watch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
The very humble and soft spoken Brian Carew flows in to introduce us to the realm of holistic movement, breath-work, Movement Flow theory and how he finds balance in life through a dedicated daily morning and evening routine. Brian is a BC, Canada native and a recently retired respiratory therapist. The wisdom and grace Brian has is one of a kind and he expresses himself poignantly, especially when it comes to establishing his own social media presence and how it has helped to engage his communities.Brian explains how he initially explored movement and briefly touches on the foundation of Yoga, which took different paths into chi gong and capoeira, eventually to Movement Flow and being one of the primary trainers for new participants. Brian offers his movement and mindfulness services virtually and is always happy connecting with his community.Enjoy this chill and introspective tea/coffee chat!Brian's LINKS:Instagram (@carew_movement)Movement Flow WebsiteGetting Jewcy Links:Watch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
#SickNotWeak - Michael Landsberg (veteran TSN personality) drops by to kvetch all things mental health. Toronto, Canada based, Landsberg founded SickNotWeak as a hashtag, which grew into a movement for increasing awareness for GAD and depression, while using his sports networks as a baseline to grow it from. Learn all about the different strategies and skills Michael has developed over the years to fight his own mental health battles, and how he is helping corporate culture overcome its' stigmas when it comes to mental health in the workplace.Michael has been a prominent figure in Canadian sports journalism since the early '80s and has continued to host his own show from his home during these Pandemic times. And you can also catch his documentary, “Darkness and Hope: Depression, Sports and Me" on, which earned a Canadian Screen Award nomination in 2013. Links to Michael's documentary and to his SickNotWeak movement are below.The commonality that brought us even closer during our chat is being Jewish! By the end of the episode Michael is schooling us in Yiddish....oy vey!!Michael's LINKS:SickNotWeak WebsiteSickNotWeak on Instagram (@sicknotweak)"Darkness and Hope: Depression, Sports and Me" DocumentaryGetting Jewcy Links:Watch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
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