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Author: Dr.Purushothaman

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Dr.Purushothaman [LivingInWellbeing], (Visionary & Director, Centre for Human Perfection, a Centre par Excellence for Mind Programming & Applied Life Themes), M.B.B.S; D.T.M&H; MS; PhD (Psycho) is currently working as a General Surgeon, Spiritual Scientist, Positive Psychologist, Life & Happiness Coach, Positive Health & Wellbeing Trainer, Mentor, Motivator, Master Mind Programmer,A Writer & Consultant to various National & International Organizations.
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The World Health Organization states that oral diseases are the most prevalent non-communicable diseases on the planet.Read & Listen More
Productivity is the capability of an individual or group to bring forth results using knowledge, acumen with a will to achieve.Read & Listen More
It’s true that you need to re-think your diet when you have braces on. But did you know that eating foods rich in vitamins is a wiser choice?Read & Listen More
Learning good habits is not an easy task. But once you develop new good habits and new behaviour you must make sure that you to follow it regularly. Read & Listen More
Anyone who's had LASIK eye surgery or researched it knows the procedure is quick and recovery appears to be almost as quick.Read & Listen More
Mobility is the trait that segregates the animal-kingdom from the Plant-kingdom. Man is the only creature that moves with a thoughtful purpose.Read & Listen More
Fibromyalgia hand pain is a chronic medical condition which causes stiffness, pain, and fatigue in the hand muscles.Read & Listen More
To live a healthy life you have to do some physical workout. By keeping your body fit and healthy you can face any challenges in life.Read & Listen More
My birth name is Jean-Marc and I was born and raised in the South of FranceRead & Listen More
Some often, when I talk or deal with others, I walk into an epicurean world where I become demanding and dictate terms of life for the others. I have often wondered why this happens; though it lasts a few very moments, for sure, it does happen. Is it an affliction? Am I neuroticRead & Listen More
There are many healthy habits men and women should follow to improve their quality of life and to lead a healthier lifestyle.Read & Listen More
We like to first do the things that we enjoy. And, we leave behind the things or pay very little attention to things that we don’t like or enjoy doingRead & Listen More
There is no doubt that travelling is good for health, perhaps travelling is good for the soul.Read & Listen More
Self-improvement is a constant process. Everyone wants to bring changes to their lives that will help them improve their lifestyle but often struggle.Read & Listen More
The fear of not being included in a group is called social anxiety disorder or social phobia. ARead & Listen More
This above line is words of a narcissist who thought that he and he alone could win the detrimental war against Napoleon.Read & Listen More
A persistent and unjustifiable fear of loud noises is recognized as phonophobia. In such cases, loud noises and alarming sounds cause distress and anxiety to a person.Read & Listen More
Society has no meaning for them, for they do not know or realise the world around. They have no plans of escape, but beat time until darkness sets inRead & Listen More
Nervousness is a normal thing which can affect all of us. It happens when the body fells that something is going to happen.Read & Listen More
Developing good habits is one of the best ways of living a healthy lifestyle. But developing good habits is not as simple as it sounds.Read & Listen More
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