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Welcome to a brand new depth of life school conversation connecting the open minded with the well educated. If we are smart, lessons learned through 2020 will be more about making human connections and not so much about pretending we live with perfection. There is a web that connects us all along the sacred path of success and that is what this podcast will share with you. Join Dr.Lisa and her global guests as they discuss what makes humans move past fear ,decide to connect, run or lead like we do. How gaining a sense of self , bigger that our human ego can positively impact everything from career satisfaction, relationships, health, money, pain, power, and social roles. Understanding this dance between our potential as sacred and our limits as humans is the key to getting us through the difficult awakenings we can expect in the gap between the comforting wisdom of the old life we knew and the uncomfortable ignorance of a new one. Join the conversation.
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Have you recently learned something about yourself and past relationships through heartbreak? If so then today's episode 22 of The Evolving Human Show will help you see the sides of divorce no one really openly speaks of, the gift of heartbreak pain, and relationship dysfunction! In today's Round Table Talk I held space to speak to three people from all walks of life and culture, about the impact of intimate relationships.  We discuss:  The emotional costs and gains of divorce/separation How the choice to divorce or permanently end the possibility of romantic recovery impacts someone's self-view and worldview around the subject of human compatibility and self-worth or core values. How we deal with rejection and communication difficulties Special shout out to our open and honest guests Roze Merditaj, Thomas Hauger, and Steve Fiano who joined in this important human-to-human discussion. It takes courage to share the most vulnerable moments that make us wiser.  You can reach out to any of us on Linked in if you resonate with our story or have a professional need we can serve.  Lissette Alvarez-Holland ( Host) CEO of Mind-Body Enterprises, LLC. I enjoy coaching and consulting with spiritual, purpose-driven, career-established women. My company is focused on personal development and start-up support taking modern-day medicine women from an employee midset into an enterprise lifestyle. Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Mompreneur Strategist & Thought Leader on Women’s Equity through the intersection of Health, Wealth + Biz Leadership.Steve Fiano, CEO of Fortans, Inc.  Experienced entrepreneur and corporate manager in the water/wastewater and chemical industries who is adept at P&L management, software & technical equipment product management, project management and implementation, building distribution networks, training and focusing sales staff, business development, and marketing technical & software solutions to GPO (Group Purchasing), industrial, municipal, oil & gas/energy, and utility marketsRoze Merditaj, Commercial Credit Analyst at Fulton Financial Corporation and creator of Drops of Knowledge focused on  Business Strategy and helping individuals and businesses obtain the necessary resources to thrive.Thomas Hauger, Data Director/GIS Director at South Carolina House of Representatives experienced in building Apps, Macros, Web User Forms, Machine Learning Algorithms, and Developing Code from Scratch. 
What do the men have to say about their circles evolving out of this crazy period of change? In this Episode 21, I had the pleasure of hosting two Entrepreneurial men with distinctly different lives and backgrounds around our Evolving Human roundtable to discuss how they are getting back into their own grooves with others in life, where their business minds needed to go, and how they are holding space for so many different evolving human relationships. On today's panel, we have the intersection of three holistic healers trying to reconnect with clients, family and friends.  Trevor Ling, PT, DPT, MBA, ATC/L, COMT, Astym-cert is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Small Business owner of Peak Potential Physiotherapy and Wellness with his wife Amanda in Collierville, TN. They are parents, life partners, and co-owners navigating the full spectrum of attitudes in their rehabilitation client's population around masks, safety, and dealing with pain that is now more Mind and Body than ever before in their practice.  Trevor is big on manual approaches to care and strong on traditional academia is a blend of cultures, and is Christian. Jonathan Troen is a well-lived spiritual person. He is joining us from Austin Tx and is a yoga instructor/ Love based Life coach. He serves on the Board of Directors for Mindful Valley and the Mindful Business Institute. He trains individuals and facilitates group workshops on creating true success in your life, including a life filled with joy and abundance.  He also is co-founder and Chief Inspiration Officer for the organic snack company OM Snacks. Jonathan's eclectic background started in the media/entertainment business, followed by a period of introspection and career path realignment and then there is me, your resident typical type A grown into science nerd Doctor of PT, Certified Yoga Therapist and Women's Health professional now post major uplevel through a divorce and been working on my relationship with me! Listen in to these guys really demonstrate how we can come together around empathy and self-awareness that is practices in our hearts.Show Resources Reach out to me and give me some feedback on the show or suggest to be a guest at with the pitch of your Evolving Human story! Reach out to Trevor via   (p) 901-316-5456 and check out his co Authored Wellness Book with Amanda HEREReach out to Jonathan via and read about his Self Love Revolution Masterclass ASAP! Join The Mind Body Brand Academy Fastest Way for Women in The Healing Arts to Have a Life They Love Working in a Career They Crave
 If you are struggling with the length of this pandemic and the changes in your everyday circles, this is The Evolving Human episode of medicine for you.  Today we're talking about: Taking personal responsibility for breaking down some relationships that need to be let go of. Masks and the concern of our denied voiceThe massive re-identification of self this is and what an opportunity to redefine yourself and stat again but not from scratch because of the global experience. How each of us is shifting gears and saying, " Okay, so what we've got the pandemic, how are we going to go back to living some semblance of life's life. And with that conversation, how do we go back into the conscious relationships with everyone." To contact the Panel Helen Gardiner-Parks is the nutrition coach who listens. She owns Wellness Revealed Nutritional Therapy and is certified as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. You can read her blogs at Reach Helen at About Ana Marinho is a physical therapist, mind-body coach, and intuitive healer. For over 13 years, she has been empowering clients to transform emotional/physical pain into overall well-being by using self-healing techniques, mind-body connection, and neuroscienceBe Healthy with Ana - Connect your Body, Mind and SoulAbout Carrie Jeroslow:Author, relationship coach, and soulmate expert, Carrie Jeroslow, helps people go from heartbreak to soulmate by sharing the secrets to finding and maintaining empowering, fulfilling relationships.  carriejeroslow.comBook : Why Do They Always Break Up With Me?About Allie GreeneAllie Greene is a somatic movement educator and movement specialist in Pittsburgh, PA. Her mission is to share movement as a means of building confidence, better health, and a positive relationship with herself. She believes we all have a right to feel at home in our body, mind, and spirit.www.somamovementalliegreene.comStudio:  www.eqpittsburgh.comAbout Krystal Holm  Krystal believes  If you don’t need it, use it or love it, it’s clutter but whatever type of clutter it is, it’s the thing that’s holding you back from the results you want to achieve. Get Krystal's Free Gift  : declutteryourmindset.comFacebook: Cheryl Fenner Brown Cheryl specializes in yoga therapy, mudra, pranayama, yoga Nidra and chanting for people with chronic conditions and cancer survivors in Raleigh, Durham. Yoga classes, workshops & courses: training & mentoring: Yoga for Cancer Resources:
Introducing A New Show Format! What do you get when you decide to have more of a Clubhouse app feel to your podcast by bringing together a group of strangers or friends each week? That's what I've been moving towards for the evolving human show and this first series is focused on the question... "Where do we go from here? Post-Pandemic Pandemonium"So every month I will bring a new topic of conversation to the panel and we will explore the same question through a mini-series feel and a new masterminding group point of view. My goal is a return to the art of holding space for a real conversation is really what I'm trying to reproduce for you and you get to be a fly on the wall.  This episode's panel includes: Pamela Crane is a certified yoga therapist and business owner. She actually is the owner of Interoceptive Performance out on the west coast of the United States and she, like me, is a certified yoga therapist ( C-IAYT) who teaches heart-centered entrepreneurs how to stop suffering from imposter syndrome and provides them with evidence-based continuing education and mentoring.  Crystal Holm is coming in as a Fung Shui designer and clutter expert, which is kind of cool. So she's looking at environmental spaces and where do we go from here in our environment. And then the last woman rounding out this panel today is ...Allie Green.  Allie is a somatic movement educator and she's also a business owner as well.  She brings in her work with applied polyvagal theory and somatics so that's looking at the stress response in our bodies and working with or through the body for the experience. This is where you hold the idea of the body keeps the score so in this episode we're coming at this conversation, "Where do we go from here" in the idea of getting our lives back on track. I think we came up with a really nice conversation around the ways we are coming home to ourselves because of the pandemic and the positives around the global reset.  I'd love to hear your feedback. Like what you hear? To become a guest on the roundtable send your pitch and bio to To reach out to any of this episode's Evolving Human Show Panel : Host: Dr. Lisa Alvarez Holland: Instagram @drlisahollandpt   Tik Tik and Clubhouse @lisaahollandAlternate Podcast: Owning HER Health Podcast  ____________________Allie Greene:  Website www.somamovementalliegreene.comStudio www.eqpittsburgh.comInstagram @somamovement_allie Greene______________________Krystal Holm: Free Gift  : declutteryourmindset.comFacebook: Crane:   Website The Yoga Pro Phone: 501-952-2950Email
Today' Evolving Human is Chief and Holistic Health Coach Extraordinaire Emileigh Kozdas of Vessels, Vials and Vines Seems the diet talk out there in Canada is just as confusing as here in the USA. We chat about the move from one diet to another with a legion of fans fighting about their plans over another is enough to make of these health coaches head spin on today's evolution of the war against and for food. I can just imagine what it feels like for the average person just trying to get healthy. Your physician is likely not going to help. Unfortunately most physicians are not trained in nutrition, let alone supplements and the power of food. Your physical and mental health therapist is a toss up depending upon their functional medicine training.So health coaches are popping up left and right to fill in the gaps and Emileigh found her way in through helping the world of Diabetes not keep her clients down. HERstory...Emileigh cured her lifelong migraines through her gut. Listen in for the story....It convinced her that her love of food could be brought to a new elevation of making people smile from the inside thus Vessels, Viles and Vines was born.Learn the meaning of  her unique name and how it blends her cooking courses and gut healthy eatingDiscover what helped Migraines melt away in ways the pharmaceuticals never could. Get some clarity on what is going on behind the scenesGet access to her 7 day Free menu plan to kickstart the processTo get in touch with Emileigh and get 7 days of FREE Healthy Menus on a path to gastric wellness contact her for Holistic Health Consulting at 514-497-9597 The Mind Body Brand Academy Fastest Way for Women in The Healing Arts to Have a Life They Love Working in a Career They Crave
Maya Angelou is quoted as saying, " A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing..."I believe that Maya's sentiment is true about a woman in harmony with her work, her talk, in doing the everyday things she does like putting together a nourishing meal for her family and in finding a groove in her relationships if...And this is a big IF...  ONLY IF SHE IS FEELING WHOLE AND HEALTHY And nothing demonstrates the essence of a woman more than the way she wears her clothes which is why I was excited to get a little closer into a conversation with NYC based holistic stylist, Elysha Lenkin . So what the heck is a holistic stylist? We get into that in Episode 16 but once you listen in I think you will probably start asking..."Why the hell was I not filling my closet with a mind, body and soul focus to begin with!? "As a former fashion editor turned personal stylist, Elysha has styled shoots for well-known brands, celebrities and publications including Carrie Underwood, Serena Williams, Tina Fey, Verizon and O, The Oprah magazine. Now Elysha focuses is on helping  real women  feel unforgettable in their clothes so they show up brighter in their lives.In this episode : Hear how Fashion is going to redefine who we are post pandemicHow Elysha is bringing yoga off the mat to get women looking lean, less mean and very , very , keen on being who they areHow she is making her years helping Fashion Models and on Oprah Magazine Shoots straight to your closet virtually world wide.  Where you can get started with a Closet Makeover for FREE starting June 1st 2021!!!  GET ON BOARD .... How to Get Your Closet Set up for The New Earth of Post Pandemic Living. Elysha's weekly fashion tips are available to binge on now over on Instagram @Elysha_NYCJune 1, 2021 Starts the challenge....and Join her Closet Shopping Collective To Get into her most recent Closet Challenge ASAP  visit her website Of just tip toe into your taste : 5 Ways To Flatter Your Body Shape so you stop worrying about what you're wearing, and start loving how you look!And as always if you think you are one of my evolving humans or have a round table theme for a future show email me what you think at Join The Mind Body Brand Academy Fastest Way for Women in The Healing Arts to Have a Life They Love Working in a Career They Crave
This is a Bridge Episode and I have a fun new idea to include you all in the conversation!!! This episode is less than 10 minute ( 8:40 to be exact) so listen in especially if you are a visionary human, someone that loves to talk about life and human behaviors and or open to discussing why you are not futuristic in your point of view and views on metaphysical  quantum physics and evolutionary things.  You are invited to be a guest! I want to make The Evolving Human an audio round table sometimes and use it to get us back to the power of the mastermind, as intended before business gurus took over the term to only mean blueprints and seven figure sales. After the intro I give you the details and the way you can submit your ideas and basically try out to be a guest over on the EH show's Instagram page The other option is to join the stage in one of my Pop Up "Evolving Human Podcast Guest Search" Rooms which I am going to be holding several times of the day on several days of the week searching for some great round table guests during the months of June, July and we shall see how it goes in need for August. So since it is a limited time and a great way to get together be sure to connect and follow with me over on my ClubHouse Bio and ring the bell on the bio page so you get a notification.   ( DM me over on IG if you need an invitation-- I have a few more!!!)  
Welcome Back to The Evolving Human Show where we are speaking today with The Queeen of Midlife Mojo -----Jill Kaufman Lebofsky, The Midlife Mojo Master I have to admit, I intended this to be an Owning HER Health Podcast Episode but after listening back to where the conversation went, I felt this was actually an evolving woman conversation and in that, an evolving conversation about midlife and modeling the second half of our years as the ones where vitality and impact can soar. Jill Lebofsky’s focused mission in life is to be the champion for midlife women and helping them to look and feel their best during their midlife years. As the Midlife Mojo Master Coach, Jill has helped over 2,000+ women over 40 gain control over their physical, emotional, sexual, hormonal and spiritual wellbeing. Her clients and community have seen results of happier marriages, increased self-confidence, stronger, fitter bodies and more purpose-filled lives.Amongst her accomplishments she is ...An Amazon best-selling author of two books, “No Sweat It’s Just Menopause! Eating, Exercise and Essential Oils For A Healthy Change” and “Melt The Midlife Middle: A Beginner’s Guide For Women To The Intermittent Fasting & Essential Oils Lifestyle”. Featured in national magazines and on podcasts and is a public speaker on the topic of midlife women’s wellness. Educating and supporting women globally, with her various midlife classes and webinars both in person and online. Jill truly understands the importance of bringing women together around this important topic of thriving during the midlife years and does so through her special events, retreats and private online Facebook community, the “Midlife Mojo” group.Jill’s overall philosophy on women’s wellness and living your best life can be summed up in a simple 3-step approach: Eat Well, Move More, Use Oils.To reach out to Jill please contact her today via – Join Midlife Mojo private Facebook Group – HER website and store to purchase books and products Grab her free start up e book resource  “The 25 Most FAQ’s About Intermittent Fasting For Women Over 40”
Today we have Carrie Jeroslow as our Evolving Human conversation starter! Carrie is living her present days engaged in life as an Author, Relationship Coach and Soulmate Expert. Her new book Why Do They Always Break Up with Me has been a #1 Amazon seller with an accompanying course and coaching opportunity where Carrie goes through the deep inner original wounds that affect so many relationships. Carrie Jeroslow, helps people go from heartbreak to soulmate by sharing the secrets to finding and maintaining empowering, fulfilling relationships. She has previously worked as a Director for Blue Man Group, a massage therapist and an energy healer and currently owns a combination vineyard and winery in Yadkin Valley, NC. The one constant in her life has been her own path of self-discovery. She has helped many clients create profound life changes using her strategies and shares in this episode: How she manifested the love of her life by , coming full circle from owning a broken heart and reading a book by Marianne Williamson to writing her #1 best seller on relationships with Marianne as her mentor.The changing energetic dynamics of relationships she has come to defineHer experience with energy healing and taking the steps to define her original wounds of self and how someone can move past itWhat key stumbling blocks she finds so many of her client's subconsciously attract that are stopping their own long lasting love  Introducing the idea of conscious relationships and soul mates that are not life long partners.  Reach out to Carrie directly via carrie.jeroslow@gmail.comRead her book and get a signed copy now  at  "Why Do They Always Break Up With Me? on Amazon Get Social with Carrie InstagramFacebookLinkedInHere's Yoga Therapy Business School
Could your company use a little zest? That is the number one question you will be asked when you enter into the mission of today's guest. Michal Levison is a speaker, engagement expert, the author of two Amazon five-star cookbooks who is using her coming full circle in event planning, food and marketing to become a leader in the Growing Healthy Communities revolution. Michal and her team empower individuals, businesses and communities to reconnect to food, cook together and return to the communal meal in order to achieve more fulfilled, productive, healthy and happy lives. In this episode Michal and I speak about: The importance of shared meals for productivityHer evolution into a woman of impact and how she ended up taking her youthful times cooking with her elders into becoming a two time Amazon best seller , serial entrepreneur in many industries and one of 400 leaders selected for the Facebook Communities Summit in 2019. How French children are way ahead of American  kids in connecting the dots between academics,  food, social economies and healthcare systems. Where Seasoned Moments, her company is poised to start a Revolution for Healthy Communities. To learn more about Michal and work with bringing her work into your life: Www.seasonedmoments.com The Mind Body Brand Academy Fastest Way for Women in The Healing Arts to Have a Life They Love Working in a Career They Crave
What is the status of Yoga Therapy coming out of a Global Pandemic? Is this the Accelerated Evolution of a Young Yoga Therapy Profession? In this episode we continue to weave in the importance of nurturing all facets of building new relationships with the current state of business in the practice of yoga. Rebecca Sebastian my guest is the owner of Sunlight yoga studio in Iowa and chairs a non profit bringing the business of yoga to compromised populations. With the pandemic numbers on the rise, the business of yoga and the world of entrepreneurship as an option is rapidly evolving the profession called yoga therapist. Rebecca Sebastian is a woman who was determined to make yoga her way of earning a living for her and her young son.  She is moving yoga therapy into the professional spotlight in Iowa through her non profit and whatever her yoga studio shift becomes. We speak of the vision that can take anyone with a boutique studio or health center, well into many new opportunities next decade. In this October 2020 discussion we got into a lot of ideas on where the professionals in the yoga industry may need to look to grow in order to rebuild as many small studios have been decimated and those surviving moved online. The chat gets into: The study of self as the foundation of relationship building Lessons to head from other health provider paths and well as ways to shift the perspective of 2020 into vision that hosts lots of opportunity. Rebecca’s take on yoga as a modality of choice for a genetic condition and progressive dysfunction as a young woman. The curvy path she took into yoga teaching as a single mom who decided to turned working yoga gigs into a way to support her career and financially support her small family and evolve into a CEO yoga therapist of choice, studio owner. We discuss a mental paradigm shift into making your 40’s your favorite decade by creating business changes, new relationships and leaving the employee mentality. How to begin to translate the spiritual work into our careers and business ideas. The bliss of business for a modern world. Why we in the yoga world, especially yoga therapists need to stop apologizing for wanting to be financially stable and prosperous through the ways we service others. How Rebecca envisions yoga professionals showing up in the world as professionals. Especially during COVID and post pandemic recovery. Ideas for getting creative with ways to cover expenses and accommodate the pivots of the time. Get Access to her and her services world wide at Email her directly at
Lee Majewski is a long time yoga instructor turned guide to healing and Certified Yoga Therapist from Canada. Her journey from Radio to Founding Director of The Yoga for Health Institute is one of following an inner guidance into the power of herself and her new beginnings. According to her website , The mission of Yoga for Health Institute is to provide yoga based therapy programs which educate and empower our clients to transform their lives and improve the quality of their well-being.In this episode we discuss the unique relationship humans have with dis-ease and their own wellbeing.Her October Retreat for cancer wellness is almost sold out. Visit the website for details on all the opportunities for this great program that dives into your relationship with health regardless of the place on the path with Cancer. Explore Lee's Programs and Book via the website  - www.yogaforhealth.instituteBonus Materials : The discussion on the Yoga Therapy as a Whole Person Approach to Health book - 
Episode 9 dives into the relationship between entrepreneurship and our most intimate relationships being at risk of strains. Cory Rankin and his wife JoJo have been in transition from healing bodies to healing families. Their company R Family Strong, helps married entrepreneurs keep their marriage and business alive by strengthening the relationships in parenting and marriage. Cory began his journey as a physical therapy student but life called him elsewhere. He and Jojo have become foster parents and relationship coaches deep in their own relationship with faith and he shares a a beautiful evolving story. Subjects: CommunicationFaith and FellowshipFamily EntrepreneurshipContact Cory via Linked in Grab his affirmations and services via his website His books are available on Amazon 
 This episode introduces my second series that is focused on The Evolving Human Relationship. Thank you for your patience on getting this next batch of episodes out. I will be publishing all of them over the next month finishing around Thanksgiving which is the perfect time to have worked out some relationship leadership skills. This episode speaks of what to expect and the books I mention are available below. The 5 love Languages : Gary Chapman Overcoming UnderEarning: The five-step plan to a richer life by Barbara StannyHold On to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers by Gordon Neufeld and Gabor Mate'Understanding the Messages of Your Body: How to Interpret Physical and Emotional Signals to Achieve Optimal Health by Jean- Pierre Barral Transforming Stress for Teens : Heartmath Institute 
Small Business Owner Kate Hartman struggled with depression and anxiety, ADHD, addiction, emotional and sexual abuse from a partner. She describes her journey into the healing arts as "just a vague sense of disconnection that I couldn’t quite place" and found herself on a walk into entrepreneurship after several years on her own journey healing on and off a yoga mat. After 6 months or so into her own private somatic healing practice, COVID-19 hit and she made the choice to shut down even before she had to. Over the initial weeks she attempted to pivot to group and other means of supporting her work but found herself not finding a way to make the business work and decided to bring her yoga into her business and just allow herself to be still, and rooted. In this episode we discuss how it was the best thing she could have done to get her aligned with the work of healing social traumas she now sees as a backbone to her workWe dig into the business of of bringing social justice under the work some yoga therapists are primed to do as Kate believes "The person is political " and so the practice of yoga has to be. This episode links the connection between:Deep inquiry of self into Racism, Consumerism, gender Relations and business building through social entrepreneurship. Here is the Natasha Stovall's article mentioned that inspired her Whiteness on the Couch:  And Sacred Economics (you can actually read the book for free on this website):   To contact Kate and become a client or learn more about her evolving model of a yoga practice reach out at view all her offerings and learn more about Kate and watch her evolve visit The Mind Body Brand Academy Fastest Way for Women in The Healing Arts to Have a Life They Love Working in a Career They Crave
Welcome, everyone to this 6th episode of the evolving human podcast. I'm Dr. Lisa Holland and really excited to introduce you to a brand new depth of conversation about the issues that are the web of our life and personal growth stories. As we are being born again to 2020s not so subtle demand we grow up. So welcome to this week's evolving human show. We are going to take it up a notch and go a level deeper with the beautiful Marcia D. Banks Harold, who is holding her own amongst the COVID storm.Dr. Lisa: "As I as put on my Instagram, sometimes we find ourselves in a little bit different path and 2020 if it's taught us anything is you have no control of the outside. What can you do on the inside but lovely Marcia is like me, we're in the world of yoga, we just kind of getting set up and we're so happy we could be breathing.And I'm really happy to have her because she's doing work that is going to so be needed now. Not only as a businesswoman pivoting herself, but there's so much trauma, so much drama, so much work to be done in, in populations that maybe did not have the practitioner as wise in trauma sensitivity, or as as adapting of it for different body types and things like that. "Marsha: "Awesome. Well thank you so much for having me here today. I am in Alexandria, Virginia. I'm the owner of pies fitness yoga studio. I really came into yoga because I'm an electrical engineer. And being a woman of color, a black woman in engineering, I met a lot of traumatic experiences in my life. ( See Transcript for full conversation) In this conversation we discuss: How a black woman who works as an Electrical Engineer by day found herself becoming a yoga therapist. How COVID has made her an even more flexible business ownerWhere the shift took her and her communityHow she moved from a poverty/ charity mindset to a sustainable business mentality for greater social impactThe depths of where trauma sensitive and corporate yoga as a therapy and overall stress management system can take human capitalFor more information on Marsha and all her great offerings discussed, visit sure to check out her upcoming Teacher Training Sept 2020Join The Mind Body Brand Academy Fastest Way for Women in The Healing Arts to Have a Life They Love Working in a Career They Crave
Hey everyone. I'm Dr. Lissette Alvarez Holland and I am excited to welcome you to the evolving human.This podcast is going to push some buttons in the happy go lucky world of yoga teaching and therapy. If COVID is going to have lasting traumas and stories on top of all that 2020 has brought forth in isolations and social as well as economic unrest then the studios and teachers will need to be available and sustaining and caring for themselves. Period. So as I like to go right below the surface of many of the superficial conversations that people are having. Buckle up for this episode.IN EPISODE 5 I have number two of four conversations on the yoga of business and this pivot we're taking in 2020 with COVID. Chat begins at the 1:00 markMado Hesselink runs a business coaching and teacher development company that speaks authentically about finding your voice, planning lessons,  self care and business development for yoga teachers and yoga therapists.  With the chaos in America and the yoga industry back in March and April 2020, Mado got a chance to put her ideas and experience coaching better self leadership in yoga teachers for over a year already to work . We discuss...The lessons and practices in running a business and how it is the best yoga out there. The chaos of March/ April 2020 behind the scenes in the world of yoga The Yoga off the Mat and how yoga teachers and therapists can embrace itThe gaps in a majority of teacher trainings and how Mado attempts to fill itFinding comfort in creating a more than sustainable business and being spiritually inclinedWhere the future may be going in this industry and how to make sure what you are doing today is for that!So onto this episode. Feeling inspired to take action? Have some questions for the guest? Want to take some notes? Bookmark The Evolving Human Conversation page and Download the full transcript To listen to Mado's podcast and see if her messages and training fit your needs Click HERE To reach out to Mado Hesselink and take a look at her Resources and coaching services Visit Mado's Website This episode is Sponsored by Mind Body Brand Academy where women in the healing arts join together live 2x a year for an 8 weeks brand immersion that moves each member closer and closer into the sacred success they'll absolutely love to live aligned with. 
The Yoga of Business Series: My First COVID Pivot Episode kicks off with Cheryl Fenner Brown C-IAYT, E-RYT 500, YACEP, Holy Fire® Karuna® Reiki Master Cheryl and I get into so many ideas about the potential for Yoga Therapy and so many business ideas for you that I highly recommend you download the transcript. Cheryl Fenner Brown is a micro business yogapeneur practicing yoga Therapy and like many hands on small businesses, she just had her entire 18 month old business cancelled with the lockdowns 6 months ago! Cheryl says yoga found her in 2001 as she suffered from chronic back pain and became instantly enchanted by the practice.  Now her students appreciate her deeply educational approach to her classes and therapy that weaves anatomy, philosophy, asana, mudra, chanting, pranayama and yoga nidra together for a well-rounded experience. When COVID locked her out of most of her contracted revenue Cheryl jumped online as most were going to and began to evolve into the business she is running now, six months later still looking to deliver sessions online through her membership site as well as store. Since she specializes in: Working with people over 50People with Cancer People with structural injuries and ailmentsWe discuss: The Pivot and ChaosWhere we see the yoga therapy industry making a BIG mistake Great ideas for moving your therapy business online immediatelyHow healthcare has changed to support more yogaWhy self care in and out of work needs to be the first wealth All of Cheryl's great resources for teachers to become better and serve the bigger Post COVID clients. Be sure to grab Cheryl's Free 7 day challenge below.Cheryl: "Yeah. It's been interesting to see the modalities of care of healthcare and even medicine that have changed over these past months. Things like acupuncture and massage and some kinds of like, I'm a Reiki practitioner as well.  I also do Thai yoga Reiki. I can do on zoom. There's a way to do distance Reiki, but all of those hands on modalities, they are stuck right now...I think it's amazing. It'll be amazing to see how that can be pulled in. As people start to physically go back to work, there's going to be a lot of workers that have been enjoying things from home, and they're going to want to keep doing that. So I think that for corporate America, it would be very smart of them to say, Hey, let's hire a yoga teacher... "Download the entire transcriptGet Cheryl's Challenge and Access Resources It was really important for Cheryl to continue to support her clients without putting them in extra dangers so online was the most logical way to roll. www.yogacheryl.comBonuses Click Cheryl's Free 7-Day Self-Care Challenge:Student Resources: Resources: for Cancer episode is sponsored by The Mind Body Brand Academy. You are only 8 weeks from a calling you crave and a life you love and earn from. Join The Mind Body Brand Academy Fastest Way for Women in The Healing Arts to Have a Life They Love Working in a Career They Crave
In this episode I introduce you to a spiritual capitalist's conversation? What? Blasphemy right? No! and that is one of the biggest mental blocks stopping yoga therapists from being the leaders in how we merge the social, physical, mental. emotional and financial healing conversations. Join me as I introduce this idea and the four women who will be showing you their take on making a COVID pivot holy this year, how it helped them and the varied way they are demonstrating a conscious capitalism and spiritual minded business under one niche of the healing industry. Join the Facebook Community Conversation. HERE on my Podcast page.If you are working on the personal side of things first, I have some life and wellness coaching options specifically designed for the energetic anatomy and mentality of a midlife woman moving into a transitional alignment with her future self.You can learn about those by joining my Spiritual life coaching practice email list at where you will be first to hear about my new Ethos Membership this Fall, The next Mind Body Brand Academy Live session and get the latest Evolving Human Show. I can offer you positive emotional distancing by getting you the hell off angry social media ! Little by little I see humans needing to take an energetic break. Even me and I am accepting it. If finding healthie circles and joining those together is your style, welcome to the party. That means cutting way down on social media and way up in ways to socialize human to human as close as we can be! My SolutionsMy show page will have your previews and link to our chat page. My intention is for this podcast to become an interactive chat and show mixed into one Evolving Human community. Follow the show page and send your questions for me or the guests Live Q & As and IGTV bonus chats HERE  Join The Mind Body Brand Academy Fastest Way for Women in The Healing Arts to Have a Life They Love Working in a Career They Crave
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