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I met Dan and Marwan in business school way back in 2006!They have since founded Veridian Ventures to help angel investors to make smart decisions on early-stage companies. In the conversation, they offer some extremely valuable advice on both how to choose investments but also to start-ups looking to secure funding.Please like, subscribe, and review as appropriate!The video version of the conversation is here: on Veridian Ventures:Veridian Ventures is an angel syndicate offering carefully curated investment opportunities to our network of Investor Members. Veridian’s partners invest in each opportunity introduced to Veridian’s Members.At Veridian they focus on innovative early-stage companies in the UK with strong growth and profit potential. Their steady flow of quality deals, combined with a methodical and thorough diligence process, enable us to identify superior investment opportunities.One of the core values of the Veridian partners is to challenge and support ambitious and talented entrepreneurs, helping them to turn their potential into results. Their partners draw from a wealth of expertise, connections and investment experience to help start-ups raise capital, develop growth strategies and navigate the challenges of a rapidly growing business.Website
Hot off the back of winning a place in the "Top 50 women in Tech in Norway" I interviewed Lisa about her path, her insights into the startup world and investment.Please like, subscribe and review as appropriate.Video version of podcast is here:Transcript is here: Lisa: Serial entrepreneur, executive manager, and experienced international non-executive board member now crossing into the investment world to advise startups to get the right kind of capital to grow their companies. Her expertise is in scaling international software product development for B2B and B2C.Her experience spans large, complex, international technology projects that bring together business leaders, engineers, product teams and others, to rapidly implement best in class solutions. She has worked on products built for the North American, European, and Asian markets, with on the ground experience in Southeast and South Asia.Key moments:@5:20 – What is product management?@10:30 – what are start-ups actually doing?@16:30 – Lisa’s pathway – what part did luck play and what was deliberate?@35:00 – testing out Kickstarter at its early days and some great kickstarter advice@41:40 – How to handle the pressure of start-ups@47:00 - European start-up and entrepreneur scene versus silicon valley@51:00 - Has Silicon Valley lost its edge?@59:44 – Lisa outs herself as not a ‘fail’ believer 😉@01:07:00 Lisa talks about women in tech@01:17:22 – Yet more great advice regarding an early stage company from LisaTranscript here:
Fitness, motivation, jokes and a dog.. that's his strapline but Mark is in the process of amassing a diverse and engaged following. He posts videos about his fitness journey with his intended outcome being 'above average'.However, consistently achieving 'above average' has of course meant that he is now facing some challenges of being quite a bit more than 'above average' in certain things!So we cover his life, his journey and touch on some interesting points around inspiration (what it should mean to be inspired) and also mental health.To check out the video version of this podcast please click here (and feel free to like, subscribe etc etc!): follow Mark's channel please subscribe here: him on instagram here: out more about my Win Building podcast and journey here:
Dr. Giorgio Iemmolo - Polyglot and linguist - Transference of knowledge and applying diverse knowledge to businessYet another ex-colleague at EF Education First, Giorgio currently manages the academics for the non-english speaking language schools around the world. He spends his days switching between his multiple languages in order to operate as a truly global citizen.I hope you enjoy this episode.Please find Giorgio here if you want to connect: and subscribe to the youtube channel here:
Olav is an expert in education. He realised at an early age the benefit of changing habits and processes to enhance his educational experiences and fortunately for us, he then wrote about this.He has the best selling book "Super Student" and has recently released his latest book, co-authored with Barbara Oakley (one of the world's leading experts in education) "Learn Like a Pro".You can find Olav everywhere online but you should definitely check out his EDX course (free version is great too!) here: go buy his books here: conversation was recorded walking through the beautiful Frogner Park in our hometown of Oslo, Norway. I didn't manage to capture any video footage so this video is simply stock footage of Oslo (enjoy!)
This week I talk in-person to Göran Winblad. He has a youtube channel dedicated to running, he is a video producer, a coach and an all-round great human! He has also (since recording!) become a father to twin girls! Subscribe to his youtube channel here: out this conversation in video on my channel (and subscribe!) here: Göran introduces himself05:07 Göran’s competitive background and philosophy on ‘winning’11:04 How does a competitive nature play out in “normal” life?13:14 How does Göran target “success” in youtube?17:12 What has been the toughest part in your journey?25:00 Habits – Running every day32:30 Who are your biggest influencers?36:30 Finding balance40:10 How to get good at something42:00 How does one coach orienteering?45:45 Göran sneakily turns a question back at me!
Sandy Kusano - Human potential coachPlease check her out and support her work... she is awesome!Website: Tok: please check out my website (you might already be here!) - especially come support Mental Fitness Mondays - - Sandy introduces herself@05:35 - Her love of travel@08:49 - Why she got into coaching@13:11 Retraining your brain@19:23 How to avoid "freezing up"@26:28 What tools to use to help people understand themselves better@30:18 How to recognise when you're brain is being hijacked@31:38 Change "Why is this happening to me?" to "Why is this happening FOR me?"@37:43 "Fake it til you make it" discussion@41:23 Sandy's new podcast
An EF legend. Ming talks about trade-offs, especially related to motherhood and business, drive and creative intelligence.The audio version of the podcast is here:Please like, subscribe and all that lovely stuff!You can se all about Ming in Wikipedia here: here: her, and her sisters books are here:Sassparilla's New Shoes - Ling Looked In The Mirror - One Day We Had to Run - - Ming Introduces herself (audio quality not great)@04:21 Ming talks about her professional life (audio quality fixed)@06:50 Ming shares her thoughts about 'Winning'@09:00 Trade-offs - especially work-life balance and motherhood@13:45 Drive - Ming's version of ambition and hunger@16:00 Creative intelligence@19:50 What problem are you trying to solve
What an inspirational man. Husband of yet another former boss of mine and general all round awesome human. We talk about his growing up in Mozambique and the influences that he has had in his life, his focus on humanitarian causes and well-being and he shares some excellent ideas for helping yourself too.You can find out more about Martin here: or follow him on Linkedin (I recommend this!) here: you for listening.Please like and subscribe and also follow us on the youtube channel here: - Martin introduces himself@00:03:06 - University and work@00:07:40 - Being a humanitarian@00:18:14 - Being a capitalist and a humanitarian@00:22:10 - What role does money play in motivation?@00:23:40 - What do you geek out on and what does motivate you?@00:27:20 - Martin's well-being story@00:29:40 - Mondays.. why you need to love them@00:33:40 - Who influences you?@00:37:40 - Nick talks about why he does the podcast@00:39:40 - What are your learnings from parenthood?@00:43:10 - We talk phone/screens addiction@00:47:40 - Martin's philosophy on achieving and succeeding@00:50:14 - Nick reflects on curiosity@00:50:40 - Habits and wellbeing@00:54:27 - Martin's advice to aspirational people@00:55:40 Martin and Nick close with short discussion on success and failure
Gregg helped grow and lead the England Touch Association over 10+ years and became the first professionally paid position in the sport in the Northern Hemisphere.His energy and hard work ethic have helped the sport grow hugely across the UK and Europe and alongside this he has been a highly competitive player and an engineer!Time stamps:2:22 – Gregg Introduces himself12:34 – Gregg shares his philosophy on winning18:04 – Nick talks about ‘the moment’ just before stepping out and executing21:24 – Gregg talks about feedback and leadership25:04 – Gregg talks about organizing huge events – Euros 201827:24 – How did England Touch grow?31:29 – Gregg’s Touch playing career33:34 – Ethics and Touch40:54 – High Performance and talents and skills53:34 – Gregg’s new company ‘On the seven events’
A very special guest coming in live from inside his electric taxi in London. We discuss the Knowledge, Uber and other factors affecting the world of London taxi drivers.Subscribe to his channel and like the vids: couple of my favorites:London Taxi Driver PLAYS Go Cabbies! GB: Driver SMASHES London Geoguessr Record!:'s website for Tours etc: can catch the video version of the conversation here: - Tom introduces himself04:40 - The Knowledge06:47 - How Tom passed the Knowledge10:34 - Tom's book12:44 - Addressing weaknesses18:18 - Uber27:30 Taxi unions and price considerations33:24 - Are their changes on the horizon in the trade?37:00 - What's on the horizon for Tom?43:02 - A dilemma for Transport For London46:10 - Wrap up and goodbyes47:55 - Tom's final words of wisdom
KC is another great friend of mine who I worked with in EF and he shares about his life and development over time.You can find KC here on linkedin and share some positivity!: can find the video version of the podcast here: notes:00:00 - Nick intros show01:42 - Nick Intros KC03:42 - KC intros himself08:30 - KC talks identity14:20 KC talks diversity and inclusion19:00 - Nick and KC talk Lego minifigures and different personality traits21:27 - KC talks about changing first impressions or perceptions over time as you become more senior28:10 - "Since leaving EF have you noticed changes in the way that you were once perceived?"31:45 - KC talks about authenticity as a professional35:45 - KC talks about people who are pushing too hard to be perfect and how important it is not to set yourself too high bars39:00 KC talks about Asian education and the pressure to be the top and whether he sees changes43:35 - Nick talks about the value of understanding competitiveness that comes alongside the extremely competitive style of education45:00 - Reflection on the negatives towards the same style of education47:30 - KC talks about his life with EF, leaving and structuring his job hunt59:14 - KC Shares his advice and final positive words
A conversation with a friend and another former manager and colleague. Matt's honest and insightful post on Linkedin (see here: prompted me to reach out and ask for a chat.We discuss how, as a manager and leader, he has navigated the challenging times of COVID whilst working for an international education company (with nobody travelling!) along with some thoughts on personal success and opportunity.You can find the video version here: like, subscribe and rate this podcast on Itunes or wherever you are listening and thank you for tuning in!Show notes:00:53 Matt’s introduces himself05:55 Matt’s talks about the challenges of Covid times on the Tours industry 11:21 Matt’s explains catching Covid and we discuss a little on opportunities that have arisen from it15:00 Matt's talks about his competitive past and how he takes that into his professional life19:30 Nick talks around teamwork dynamics with building a win20:55 Matt’s talks about the importance of playing a role in a team21:50 Nick talking around skills and talents to execute wins23:15 Nick talks about Tour Directors in Tours and asks Matt’s how to keep them empowered and bringing them together as a team24:37 Matt’s talks Tour Directors 30:00 Matt’s talks about how honesty is so important in communicating through crises30:50 We begin to talk “Trust” and the philosophy of “a beautiful customer experience every time”38:30 Nick talks about working in the service industry and striving towards positive outcomes and working with purpose40:45 Matt’s shares thoughts around achieving goals and winning44:40 Nick shares his main reason for doing the podcast series46:00 Matt’s shares advice to you ever people starting out51:00 Matt’s says goodbye and leaves with a reflection
he didn’t need the surname to define her but it does! You may know her from a viral photo of her breastfeeding in the middle of a 106 mile (170km) mountain marathon race, but she is also a business founder, former finance director and an awesome human focused on making the world a better place.A great conversation with Sophie about her journey in taking herself to higher levels in both personal and professional life.You can also watch the video of this podcast here: out Sophie in all the following places:Her latest video (a must watch and a must share/like/subscribe etc!): (where she promises to reply!): - Sophie introduces herself@03:45 - How did you get 'in ' to trail running?@08:55 - Is it stubbornness? perseverance? or otherwise how would you define what gets you through the runs?@13:00 - Trail runners are generally private - How does that align with having such a big impact viral photo?@16:44 - what do you need in terms of team and help to set yourself up for those personal wins?@21:24 - Is there something around 'purpose' that you can 'tap into'?@25:37 - How do you manage to balance two sporty parents with life?@31:36 - How does age factor into performance?@38:12 - Sophie wraps up and tells us where to 'find' her@39:42 - Sophie's final thought (and some awesome advice!)
Very honoured to have Richard Gerver talking about his experience of taking a failing school and leading it to winning a Unesco education award. Show notes below.Check out Richard's website here: him on:Twitter: checkout his books: can also check out the video version of this podcast here: notes:01:15 - Richard Introuces himself08:15 - turning around a failing school (The Grange - Long Eaton, Derbyshire, UK) - intro15:15 - Where did the 'wisdom' come from to solve the challenge?21:25 - How do you plan to solve the challenge of a failing school?28:28 - How to motivate learning?34:45 - Elite sports - progress from childhood, how do kids who have never failed survive?38:20 - How COVID might have a positive effect?41:30 - Avoiding traps in parenting44:40 - Changes in Coaching in Elite Sport - problem solving48:30 - Richard's details and invite for connecting to him!Thanks for listening
One for the marketeers and sales people amongst you!Nina has founded the Austrian Leadership Academy and has spent her career so far specialising in marketing and communications. She has worked as an advisor to the government and companies and has worked in CX (Customer Experience), Crisis management and all other aspects of sales.You can find the video version here: h can find out more about the brand new Austrian Leadership Academy here: Thank you for listening!
Very excited to present another former colleague and incredible woman, Cristina Teuscher and her little man Ali Guerrero!You can find the video version here: Please like, subscribe and comment wherever you are listening to this podcast or on the video!Thanks so much for listeningCristina swam on the United States National Team for eight years, representing the USA in two Olympic Games (’96 and ’00), winning a Gold and Bronze medal, and captaining the National Team for three years (1999-01). Cristina is a six-time National Champion, never lost an individual race during her collegiate career, including four NCAA titles, and is a former American and Olympic record holder.She has coached both beginners, tri-athletes, and national elite level athletes. As the Robert H. Kiphuth head coach of Yale University Women’s Swimming and Diving Team, she has coached NCAA Division I Collegiate swimmers, and has collaborated with the most distinguished athletic programs in the country.In the business world, Cristina has worked in Human Resources roles in both the finance and education sectors, focusing on coaching employees, mentoring new managers, developing talent and managing conflict resolution.  Most recently, Cristina began her own executive coaching practice focused on coaching, mentorship and transition.Cristina holds a BA from Columbia University, an MBA from INSEAD and a Coaching Certification with Columbia University, Teachers College. Outside of work, she is a 500-hour certified yoga instructor.
When she is not helping boards and global companies drive their innovation and strategic agendas to craft more beautiful experiences for their users, Mafalda paints the world in Japanese ink (sumi) and creates her own objects of beauty.Here are some of the things we talk about in this episode of the podcast:1. Knowing your vision, and the core value leading Mafalda's personal journey – creativity2. Learning as a lifelong habit, and how winning that “big goal” once boosts your confidencefor attempting to win, time and again3. Evolving priorities at company board level, and some of the challenges ahead4. How the principles of Japanese ink painting practice are relevant in a business context, andas a board member5. Mafalda's lifelong connection to art, and how it led her to JapanYou can find out more and buy Mafalda's art here:
Sofia was my manager for about 3 years during my time with EF. She is an amazing woman and shares her insights on role-models, competition, ambition and achieving in business.It was genuinely one of my favourite conversations so far... as well as having been my boss, Sofia is also someone I consider a great friend!You can watch the video of the episode here: out Sofia's podcast here: (Swedish mostly!)
Renee is awesome and has set up a couple of amazing companies. Parents (and uncles/auntys etc) - Check out speak about activating curiosity, science and Renee shares her thoughts on running a modern company and her somewhat unconventional and inspiring path to getting there.You can watch the video of the episode here: for listening!
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