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The Maxwell family were initially poor but as Robert Maxwell’s empire grew, so did the families wealth, and in 1959 they moved into Headington Hill Hall in Oxford, which they rented from Oxford City Council. Headington Hill Hall was a huge, imposing...
You've no doubt heard about the infamous sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, and his association with British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell. Ghislaine worked for her father, the publishing tycoon Robert Maxwell, until his mysterious death in 1991, when she...
During this season we have not only told you about those that we know were victims of the Speed Freak Killers, we have also included some unsolved cases that are believed to be attributed to Shermantine and Herzog.Can you imagine living minute after...
In 2014 Miss Shelley and her daughters sued the county of San Joaquin, Sheriff Steve Moore in his official capacity as Sheriff, and Steve Moore individually for the way that the remains of Jo Ann Hobson were handled. They asked for damages due to...
Following the dig at the well site, Leonard Padilla tried to get Shermantine out of prison to show them the exact spot where other sites were so that more digs could happen.Bounty Hunter, Rob Dick, tells us what happened next.Episode Sponsors:Ritual -...
Shane & Gemma reunite to chat with a new friend of Gemma's - who shares with us the story of her English teacher and mentor that was murdered in Maryland. Stay tuned for more episodes that we are working on for Sister Cathy's case! You can find her...
The huge maps that Shermantine was drawing WERE accurate, it was time to look into other locations that he had marked. It was time to bring home the other missing people, to end this horrendous ordeal for those other families that had spent years not...
As you know from earlier episodes, there are many missing people in the area where Shermantine and Herzog lived who are suspected to be victims of the pair. But their killing spree wasn’t contained to the Linden area of California, they are thought to...
Happy Halloween from the Foul Play team! This special bonus episode includes the history of Halloween and how different cultures celebrate it. Of course, any good Halloween episode wouldn't be complete with some creepy true stories...To answer the...
While researching for The maps we have come across the same thing time and time again. Issues with law enforcement in the area, shady stories from within law enforcement,  families feeling like things were being brushed under the carpet, and families...
In February 2012 Cyndi Vanderheiden and Chevy Wheeler's remains were recovered and the families could finally put their daughters to rest. After everything they had been through, surely, this was the end of their nightmare, wasn’t it?Visit us online at...
After years of not knowing where Wes and Loren dumped the remains of Cyndi and Chevy, finally convicted serial killer Wesley Shermantine draws a detailed map of where they could be found. Visit us online at itsfoulplay.comSponsors for this...
Convicted serial killer Loren Herzog was paroled from prison on September 18th, 2010 after serving a reduced 14-year sentence. The circumstances leading up to and after his parol is shocking, join us as we share the unbelievable details. Visit us at...
In this episode, Gemma Hoskins reads a chapter out of her new book "Keeping On". You can find the book for purchase here: Description: Fifty years ago,...
Join Shane and Wendy as they discuss accusations of ethics violations at the Sheriff's Office under Sheriff Baxter Dunn (1991-2005) and Sheriff Steve Moore (2009-2019) with the current Sheriff Pat Withrow. Episode Sponsors: Feals - 50% off w/free...
Shane and Wendy sit down with Paul Holes to discuss his experience with San Joaquin, California, and general information about Serial Killers. Paul became familiar with this area while investigating the Golden State Killer.
On July 31, 2001, jury selection began in Herzog's murder trial. The trial was also held in Santa Clara County, due to the notoriety of the pair and concerns that it would not be a fair trial otherwise. After two weeks of deliberations, the jury...
Shane and Gemma are joined with Behavior Detection Analyst Mike again to discuss more deceptive behavior observed in Netflix's 'The Keepers' Visit us at itsfoulplay.comSupport our show:'s 'The Keepers'
Wesley Shermantine's trial started in Santa Clara County on November 22, 2000. Shermantine was charged with four murders - Howard King, Paul Cavanaugh, Chevy Wheeler, and Cyndi Vanderheiden. Episode Sponsored by...
Gemma organized a Zoom meeting with many key players of Netflix's docu-series 'The Keepers' - along with many people you've heard from in our podcast so far. Visit us at itsfoulplay.comSupport us:'s 'The Keepers'
Comments (32)

Kyndl Holt McGehee

wow!!! I love the story of your dad!! very inspiring! I love his attitude!! I enjoyed hearing your aunts tell the story

Jul 30th


they really were serious about Sister Cathy laying her life down to try to protect these girls.

Jan 9th

Cristina Corales

Why are you giving all this time to charlatans? Filling minutes with rubbish. WTF? Garbage!

Oct 24th

Art 34

Fascinating first story of Catherine Winters. Well told, informational, and well produced. Looking forward to the other episodes.

Oct 15th

Edward Prudence

what's the name of the song ?

Jul 2nd

Claudia & Derek Halecky

A bit confusing because it sounds like the friend is talking about Linden, Clements(Old Corner Salloon), and Lodi (movie theaters and bowling alley)

May 16th


With the small stature and defiant attitude, I can't help but wonder if she had Turner syndrome.

May 9th
Reply (1)


The profiling work is well intended but a lot of what this guy and his class came up with should be scrutinized with healthy skepticism. Especially the "domineering mama" theory, and the "mission oriented" theory. We have here one or maybe more sadistic creeps, that like to sexually assault and kill women and teenage girls with a particular appearance. And this society has made it extremely easy for him/them to do exactly this. It does not make him/them "the greatest serial killer(s) ever" that their victims are unidentified as of yet. It just means there are a lot of vulnerable, throwaway women that "no one cares about". Hah, scratch the surface more and you may find families who tried to file missing reports and were treated like crap by police, or their reports were never officially filed. Or families who have been searching for decades but their efforts get diverted into the void.

Apr 26th


Now that we have the legal concept of human trafficking (and though law enforcement is still pretending that trafficking does not exist), part of understanding and perhaps someday solving these murders, and giving these women and girls back their names, should include a more realistic view of what happened to them. how they ended up in a dangerous horrific and dehumanizing industry. how they ended up as "transient" people who "moved from place to place" and ended up raped and murdered and dumped like garbage hundreds or thousands of miles away from home. These women deserve the benefit of the doubt. The one woman who disappeared from her own home, her baby left behind wet and screaming? after having attentive and regular caring habits? maybe she was lured from her home and taken by coercion before entering the industry. she had been in a mental hospital prior. one of the possible victims disappeared on her way home from some group home and was found dumped several states away. both typ

Apr 26th


Heard some good things about this podcast, but nothing is more annoying than hosts who don't do their research enough to learn the correct pronunciation of words and places.

Mar 25th


From Canada, Quebec. My diocese has gotten a huge scandal in the last 10 yrs, victims are still fighting in court. I’m behind them 100% but I’ve gotten good friends and one I call grandpa and believe me, he wasn’t part of anything and other priests (retired I know) that are on the victim’s side and don’t have contact with the abusers. Tbh, at 42 I don’t know what I believe in but I don’t attend church and my grandpa (retired priest of 88) loves me as I am. Was raised no religious beliefs, atheists. Converted in 2000 and left in 2013. I questioned too much for some ppl. I agree about the devil in organized religion. Love the podcast guys

Apr 10th

Abby Dalbey

Hearing that letter at the end gave me insane goosebumps

May 18th

Christopher Band

What a convoluted story.

May 10th

Tina Tova

Audio is terrible 😭 Garbled !

Jan 28th

Tina Tova

As far as West Memphis police helping you,I highly doubt you'll EVER get a good answer or even an acknowledgement from that pack of wolves! I'm sure you recall the WM3 ! I however will share what information do I get from your podcast on social media and see if maybe this will go viral! Surely family and friends across the country know of a red headed family or friend missing!

Jan 21st

Christopher J. Perez

not sure I like all the over the phone interviews I can barely understand what there saying

Jan 7th

Lisa Skaggs

The first time I heard your voice Gemma , I knew you were a special person to everyone you touch. Even though you didn't know at the time, you were. You are definitely someone I would want on my side in a fight for truth.

Dec 19th


My heart goes out to Charles...he was royally f*&cked over. The Catholic Church should be so unbelievably full of shame. Maskell stole his innocence and, in turn, a chance at a normal life. I am disgusted to my core. I wish great blessings to Charles and thank him for his extreme bravery.

Nov 29th


The possible link between Billy and "Father" Maskell could be blackmail...if Maskell knew of his lifestyle it would have been easy for him to threaten to "out" Billy and strong arm him into murder. As Sister Cathy lived in the same apartment complex, Maskell could have witnessed Billy's relationships, or if one of Billy's lovers confessed it, he could have learned it that way... (p.s. this podcast is brave and helpful and a blessing)

Nov 14th

Nancy Lapus


Oct 3rd
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