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Hi everyone my name is Eleanor and I am your Drinking Sensei. This podcast started as an opportunity to share my knowledge and immense lack of knowledge of anything drinking and alcohol related. To help me with that, I’ll be interviewing my friends, family, and people in the industry. Thank you for joining The Drinking Sensei!
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Brook and I celebrate our birthdays with a boozy pudding made with Bailey's and vanilla pudding. Celebrate with us as we discuss the history of Baileys and other ideas for boozy desserts! 
My friend Kelly and I once spent an amazing weekend in New Orleans celebrating her upcoming wedding. Drinking Hurricanes and Hand Grenades throughout the night in the French Quarter we sang our hearts out at Pat O'briens with dueling pianos and SUPER strong drinks. The next morning might not have been the most comfortable for Kelly, but she was such a trooper and dragged her ass out of bed to eat beignets and throw up in the background of a tourist's pictures at Cafe Du Monde. As we took a rough hungover bike tour which was one of the best and only bike tours I've ever been on, we learned all about the history and geography of New Orleans. After that weekend I've had the itch to go back and visit. Chatting with Kelly about our visit and her experience there for fun weekends or Jazz Fests helps to pass the time and fulfill that need before I am able to make it back again. Enjoy!
In this episode Brook, the mastermind behind @brookbartending, is back and we're drinking Valentine's Day and Mardi Gras inspired drinks. We start with the classic French 75! First published in a cocktail book almost 100 years ago by Harry MacElhone this simple drink is refreshing and boasts some bubbly champagne (prosecco for both of us) and citrus flavoring with some fresh squeezed lemon juice. We move on to the desserty deliciousness that can be found in the Sicillian Kiss. Made with Bailey’s, Kahlua, vodka, and cream this is a boozy coffee chocolate milk that I’m looking forward to having again on Valentine’s day. 
In today's episode I'm drinking beers with Steve Haumschild from Lanikai Brewing. Located in Kailua, Hawaii, Lanikai Brewing has a great location and great tasting beers. Listen as Steve discusses the many hats he wears including working to support local breweries, farms, sustainable practices and continues to grow Lanikai Brewing throughout the state.  
I'm joined again by Brook from @brookbartending. Take a listen as we discuss the first of our monthly cocktails! Dumpster Fire might not have been able to catch on fire, but it sure does light up your mouth and will definitely burn that corona virus out of your body. (Not medically proven)
We're lucky enough to have Nick joining us again! Tis the season to dry out after the many cocktails consumed during the holidays. As Nick says in the podcast, Covid 19 caused a lot of drinking to start and 2021 is the perfect time to reset our livers. Listen as we discuss two non-alcoholic beers and two mocktails. 
Joining me on this episode is my good friend Megan. Currently living and running a bottleshop/bar/coffee shop/EXCELLENT place to patronize business called Bitterpops in Chicago. While chatting we'll be taking shots of Fireball and Jameson Fire Whiskey as well as sipping on some eggnog to prepare ourselves for the upcoming holidays. 
In this episode I am chatting and making cocktails with Brook from @brookbartending on Instagram. Her cocktail recipes and beautiful pictures drew me in from the moment I saw her page. I was super stoked when she responded to my message asking if she'd be willing to record an episode discussing her instagram, process for making cocktails, and plans for the future. I now have a new favorite shot and a couple more drinks to put on my list! 
In this episode I get to chat with Robert about making sure the beer you buy doesn't explode all over you or in your fridge like mine tend to do.  We discuss everything from changing your major in college after one inspiring chemistry class to culturing yeast from your hair or beard. Enjoy!
In this episode, Alisa, from is back and we're trying dairy and dairy free hot buttered rum. This fall and winter classic is a great way to warm up on a cold evening.  Follow along on our adventure of blind taste testing 7 different kinds of dairy and non dairy butters to see which one tops our list to use in our hot buttered rum recipe. 
In this episode of Drinking Sensei I'm joined by my friend Mandie. As someone who inspires me with her travels hiking around the world this episode focuses on the drinking one can do as they take part in some really epic hikes. From Mt. Fuji to Machu Picchu we'll be discussing awesome hikes around the world and the even more amazing drinks that one can have while doing them. 
Today I'm drinking with my friend and neighbor, Alisa! Chatting with her about holiday cocktails we started discussing dairy free versions of different drinks. She found a recipe for Coquito (Little Coconut) which is a Puerto Rican drink that is served during the holiday season. Alisa provided the dairy free version, while I made the recipe with dairy and lucky me, I got to try both! Listen as we discuss the Coquito and the different versions you can make. To find more information about the recipes visit Have a great day and drink responsibly! 
In this episode of Drinking Sensei, I am drinking with my friend Gray. We met when he was working at Deschutes Brewery in downtown Portland, Oregon.  Gray has worked in the industry for over 20 years and gives great information and insight into working in a brewery and what he's doing now. 
Kris and I try a new (to us) holiday cocktail and discuss other cocktails to try during the holiday season. Send us your recipe on Instagram @drinkingsensei or email me at 
In this episode of Drinking Sensei, I'll be drinking with a VERY special guest. John is my friend who nicknamed me Drinking Sensei. Without him this podcast would not exist. We're taking this time to learn about various kinds of whiskey, how to travel while drinking, and the best deals that are out there. John helped me to learn that while I might have taught him some very important drinking information many years ago, I am the one who will need to continue to learn from all of the other Drinking Senseis out there. 
In this short mini bonus episode (20 Minutes) Nick gives us an update on grape harvest since the last time we chatted. Learn about how smoke impacts grapes and the wine industry. 
In this episode I'll be sharing two different types of Brass Monkeys with my friend Trevor.  Not just a fun Beastie Boys song, this drink was refreshing and interesting to talk about! Drinking together from 6,000 miles apart this episode takes us from Massachusetts to Hawaii to Japan and all the fun in between. We'll learn a bit about Japanese drinking culture and  some of the language associated with it. I hope you enjoy this episode of Drinking Sensei! 
This week's episode features my good friend Sunday. Join us as we take a walk along the Camino de Santiago in Spain. We'll be drinking limoncello, fireball, and calimocho as we reminisce about giant drinks, epically long days walking, and what it's like to be a modern day pilgrim. Enjoy! 
Join me as I chat with Nick about wine, tequila, and not being able to find Modelo Especial. 
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