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The Way of Wealth With Jesse Johnson

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Join Jesse Johnson, a 7 figure coach, and her power house guests on The Way of Wealth podcast. She has the tools and the teachers to guide you out of the shame, frustration, and confusion of not having enough and on to a sustainable path of prosperity.
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In this episode, we honor the great contributions of our modern-day Women with the best of the best from Jesse’s “The Success Sessions” interviews. We dive into music artist Jahnavi Harrison’s incredible story of success. She shares her definition of success as an artist, and her deep experience of spiritual love. (Hint: they’re related.) Jahnavi Harrison is a musician, artist, and writer whose work is inspired by the spiritual path of Bhakti Yoga. Bhakti is about devotion. Love for the divine, love for the world, love for everything. Sometimes described as love for love’s sake, it has been my path as well.For over 12 years Jahnavi Harrison has traveled the world, offering her voice and violin playing in the performance of sacred music and call-and-response mantra chant (kirtan). Her sound encompasses rich influences of East and West and aims to offer an experience that truly nourishes the spirit. I invite you to watch until the end to hear Jahnavi Harrison’s lessons on the definition of success and experiencing spiritual love as inspired by Bhakti Yoga.
This episode is about having your cake and eating it too! Yum.You don't have to choose between your most profound, most loving creative expression and wealth. What are the beliefs that you are still holding on to? Sell out and be successful? Or DO YOU unapologetically then give up success?I'm here to tell you that you can have both. It's storytime!
 In this Black History Month special, we revisit a recording that took place during the peak of the George Floyd protests in 2020. In this episode, Anasa Troutman speaks on her empowered upbringing. She was surrounded by parents that encouraged a deep love for her skin color and the black culture. As we move into a new chapter in our evolution of racial equality, this episode is an excellent example of how we can uplift our children and prepare them for the world. Anasa also shares that her most excellent profession is LOVE and shares what it means to love through the vision of oneness. 
What are your biggest fears when it comes to sales? Your fear is always pointing you towards more real estate for the divine.  Fear is a billboard or a road sign that says 'more God this way'. Tune into this excerpt from a recent Masterclass "5 keys to overcoming the fear of sales".I talk about all the different fears that come up in your sales and how can you see them from a new light to empower your sales and use your fears to thrive. 
In this episode of the Success Sessions, Jesse sits down with Ken Blackman to discuss what it means to live a successful life.  Ken's passion topic these days is how women's empowerment intersects with intimate coupledom. A former Apple software engineer turned international sex and intimacy educator turned relationship coach, Ken is in his 20th year of helping couples bond, have great sex, thrive, and live happily ever after. His work has garnered mentions in Cosmo, Playboy, Business Insider, and Tim Ferriss's 4-Hour series. His upcoming book is titled Powerful Woman Confident Man. Topics covered here include: Kens belief that the universe desires to give you more than what you believe is possible for yourself if only you’d allow for it, why you must let go of goals and expectations in able to receive more, the power of personal responsibility and how it will change your life, what it means to prioritize happiness, and more.Check him out here or here Notes:[1:55] How Ken defines success and how it’s changed over time. Material wealth, or internal states of being?[10:45] How do our goals and our relationship to money fit within the context of orgasmic meditation?[16:48] The evolution of Jesse and Srikala’s relationship with guidance from Ken.[22:32] How Ken’s overextending himself as a risk taker resulted in him hitting a wall financially.[29:17] The connection between sex, pleasure, and money.[35:23] Are you currently fantasizing about how a future partner will fulfil xyz for you?
On this episode of the Success Sessions, Jesse sits down with friend and mentor Elena Brower to discuss the meaning of success in their lives. Topics include: the difference between fame and visibility, the mindset required to bridge the gap between putting yourself out there and becoming an influencer within a community, how the coronavirus could change our world for the better, and more.Timestamp Notes:[1:43] - How the definition of success has changed overtime for Elena [7:51] - Aspects of success Elena has now let go of our renounced[11:40] - The mindset you need to navigate the space between first putting yourself out there and becoming well known within a community[25:55] - Elena’s new course Simplify, and upcoming book Being You[31:01] - How coronavirus could change the world[34:42] - A personal question about the coronavirus pandemic. How did you cause this, and why?
We are at a pivot point in life right now. The purpose of the conversation is to get messy together around the topics of race and success, race and spirituality, as well as race and money.This is an ongoing conversation with Srikala and Jesse on one of the most sensitive, nuanced, and important subjects: systemic racism and how we show up as spiritual leaders of all skin colors inside this conversation.In this episode of the Podcast, Jesse sits down with husband Srikala to discuss spirituality, race, justice, and our fluctuating definitions of success as individuals. Topics include The paradox of feeling good in your personal life while feeling pain for the world, the role of rebellion in transformation, the role of self-development in participation, and, ultimately, how spirituality and the soul plays into genuine change for the world.  [3:12] How do we show up for Black Lives Matter?  [7:46] As a black man in America, how do you relate?  [8:58] Is it edgy, as a black man, to acknowledge that you’re not suffering?[32:00] How did you define success as a child and how were you wrong?[34:28] How did your definition of success change? [38:29] How did skateboarding lead to a spiritual transformation?[47:20] What type of action/protest works?[1:06:17] What would it be like to release your concept of privilege?
In this episode of the podcast, Jesse sits down with CEO, author, and life-coach Rah Goddess to discuss success, both personally and professionally. Topics of discussion include: traditional meanings of success and healthy ambition, how her definition of success on a global scale has changed, how we follow through on our promises to ourselves, focusing your energy effectively, how to be authentically and unapologetically you, and more.Check out her brand new transformational book, just released!The Calling: 3 Fundamental Shifts to Stay True, Get Paid, and Do Good. Timestamp notes:[3:45] What did success early in life look like?[10:36] Has your concept of global success changed?[13:20] What is success day to day?[17:43] How do we let go of emotional baggage?[21:45] How do we practice presence?[26:25] How do we achieve completion in a difficult conversation?[39:39] How did you manage to integrate the activist in you with the corporate minded self?
Join Jesse Johnson, a 7 figure coach, and her power house guests on The Way of Wealth podcast. She has the tools and the teachers to guide you out of the shame, frustration, and confusion of not having enough and on to a sustainable path of prosperity.Guests featured:Ken BlackmanElena BrowerRha Goddess
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