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Whether starting a nonprofit or taking an existing cause to the next level, The Good to Growth Podcast is about breaking down how nonprofits can grow. Each episode features an interview with a sector star who has insight, stories, or ideas that can take your nonprofit from good to growth. Your host, Katie Appold, a nonprofit native who knows the right questions to ask and brings her own perspective to each episode. So, tune in, take notes, and let's move your nonprofit from good to growth.
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Do you ever find yourself saying, "This should've been an email," in your team's virtual meetings? You're not alone. We're all engaging in more virtual events and meeting these days and the "Zoom Fatigue" is real. There are also a lot of great benefits of our virtual lifestyles, i.e., increased diversity and accessibility, less travel, and efficiency. On this episode of The Good to Growth Podcast (formerly Hubcast), your host, Katie Appold, and guest Heather Burright of Skillmasters Market walk us through three easy-to-understand components of winning virtual training and meetings. Learn more about how to have a great meeting here.
Welcome to the ALL NEW Good to Growth Podcast, formerly the Hubcast. In this week's episode, Katie talks to Kevin Dean, Ed.D., the CEO of the Momentum Nonprofit Partners. Momentum Nonprofit Partners has been featured several times on national news and recognized by leaders like the National Council of Nonprofits for topics like pay equity, vaccine mandates, and including nonprofit organizations in the pandemic re-opening strategies. We cover ALL THAT, and much more as we discuss top trending issues facing nonprofit leaders.
Does "strategic planning" inspire visions of oversized post-its and endless whiteboarding? You're not alone. How do we make these sessions impactful? And, in light of the pandemic, are there new things we should be talking about? Join Katie as she talks with nonprofit expert, Michelle Carney of Almora Advisors about all things strategic planning.
Does your organization recognize the value of its social capital? In this podcast, Katie talks to philanthropy expert and documentary film maker, Salvatore Alaimo, about his latest production, Sew What. This short documentary film portrays the work of a volunteer sewing making clothing for a hospital system’s foster child program. The film, while subtle and understated, reveals the significance of volunteerism and social capital and how they are (pun intended) are sewn into the fabric of philanthropy. If your organization relies on volunteer support in any capacity, this episode will challenge and inspire you to think beyond the work of the volunteers to the spirit and impact they make on each other and your organization’s mission. Thank you to Donorbox for making this episode possible! Relevant Links: Sew What: What is Philanthropy: More about Professor Sal Alaimo:
On this episode of the Hubcast, Katie talks to DEI expert and author, Skot Welch, of Global Bridgebuilders the Mosaic Film Experience. Skot describes what it means to make diversity and inclusion the ‘first nature’ of your organization by not only inviting everyone to the room but interacting in meaningful ways once there. Through stories of his global experience working with nonprofits and corporations, Skot shares tips and insights for building connections outside your comfort zone.
On this episode of the Hubcast, Katie and Jordan chat with Farra Trompeter from Big Duck. Farra has over 25 years of experience in nonprofit brand development, communications, and strategy. She is the Partner and Chief Growth Officer at Big Duck, a New York City-based marketing firm known worldwide for their cause marketing work. Together they explore unique nonprofit branding, Farra’s upcoming Cause Camp presentation, and there is even a fun personality question at the end. Don’t miss it! This episode of the Hubcast is sponsored by DonorBox
On this episode of the Hubcast, Katie and Jordan catch up with longtime Nonprofit Hub contributor, Lindsay LaShell! Lindsay is a marketing activist supporting justice, equity, and sustainability. They chat about how to use your time effectively and you’ll even get some low-hanging fruit ideas that you can implement right away to boost your marketing efforts! This episode of the Hubcast is sponsored by DonorBox
In this episode of the Hubcast, Katie and Jordan enjoy a conversation with Elizabeth Abel from CCS Fundraising. Elizabeth is a thought leader in philanthropy and a seasoned expert in fundraising. Jordan and Katie get to ask Elizabeth all of their questions about the newly published Snapshot of Today’s Philanthropic Landscape report from CCS Fundraising. Tune in to hear about the record-breaking charitable giving in 2020 and more! This episode of the Hubcast is sponsored by CCS Fundraising.
On this episode of the Hubcast, Katie and Jordan catch up with the one and only Chris Hammond! Chris is the CEO & Founder at Corporate Giving Connection and has 10+ years of nonprofit fundraising and leadership experience. He brings energy and passion to this conversation about how to set your donors up for success with peer-to-peer fundraising. You'll gain some new insight, and maybe even hear a new hashtag! This episode of the Hubcast is sponsored by DonorBox
On this episode of the Hubcast, Jordan and Katie catch up with one of their favorite experts, Nathan Hill! Nathan is the Vice President of Marketing at NextAfter. Hear about Nathan’s surprising origin story and why “digital first” is the most effective way of building your donor list. Listen now! This episode is sponsored by DonorBox
In this episode of the Hubcast, Katie and Jordan get to know the CEO of the National Community Action Partnership, Denise Harlow! Denise has been doing incredible work alongside CAP since 2014. The Community Action Partnership is a national hub that links the nation’s 1,000+ Community Action Agencies to each another and to federal, state, and local leaders looking to connect Americans to greater opportunity. Find your local CAA center here: This episode of the Hubcast is sponsored by the National Community Action Partnership
On this episode of the Hubcast, Katie and Jordan connect with storytelling expert, Kelsea Little from GoFundMe! Kelsea gives some tips on boosting storytelling efforts in your organization and they discuss the value of mentorship across all ages. This episode is sponsored by the Nonprofit Marketing Summit
On this episode of the Hubcast, Katie and Jordan catch up with Steven Shattuck from Bloomerang! Steven shares tons of great tips on how to make your donor experience less robotic and more personal. They also discuss his book called, Robots Make Bad Fundraisers. Don’t miss out on this supersized episode!
On this episode of the Hubcast, Katie and Jordan enjoy a conversation with Masami Sato! Masami is the Founder of the global business movement, B1G1. Her company is on a mission to create a world full of giving through small businesses. She discusses the inspiration behind her mission and how small can make a big impact. Masami even teases her upcoming presentation at Cause Camp Fall, you won't want to miss it. This episode is sponsored by DonorBox
On this episode of the Hubcast, Katie and Jordan catch up with their friend, Oli Bridge! Oli is the CMO at Bonjoro, a platform for sending personalized videos to donors. They chat about how using innovative tools can change the way you interact with your donors and what’s next for communication technology. Show Notes Bonjoro Free 14-Day Trial This Hubcast is sponsored by Bonjoro
On this episode of the Hubcast, Katie and Jordan catch up with Dana Snyder! Dana is a nonprofit social media coach and has worked with organizations like Dress for Success and Movember. They chat about social media trends, best practices, and the donor journey. This episode is sponsored Sendinblue
On this episode of the Hubcast, Katie and Jordan catch up with Peter Mastroianni from Escheatment. Could your nonprofit have thousands or even millions of dollars in assets that it doesn’t even know about? It’s entirely possible, given the tangled maze of laws and processes relating to these assets. Peter will discuss how to recover assets in government custody. They talk about an upcoming nonprofit trend called the Reverse Fundraiser. You don't want to miss it!
In this episode of our podcast, hosts Katie Appold and Jordan Geisert from the Nonprofit Hub team are joined by Julia Campbell. Julia is a digital storytelling expert who was also the emcee for Cause Camp Spring 2021! Tune in to hear all about the event.
You don't want to miss this special edition of the Hubcast with guest, Bill McKendry! About Bill: A veteran marketer, speaker, and messaging expert for nonprofit causes, Bill is the founder and chairman of Do More Good as well as the founder and chief creative officer of HAVEN | a creative hub. Recognized in 1999 when he headed Hanon McKendry as the top professional nationally doing cause marketing work by the American Advertising Federation (AAF) and inducted into AAF’s Hall of Achievement, Bill has cultivated a reputation as an expert in key success principles for nonprofit marketing and communications.
Tune in to this episode of Hub Radio where Executive Director Randy Hawthorne talks to David Blyer about the art of storytelling and how it's evolving in nonprofits. - Finesse by Peyruis @peyruis
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