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The Agile Digital Transformation podcast is focused on topics such as digital transformation case studies and best practices. We explore technology and tools to support digitalization and aim towards actionable, real-world advice and insights.
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Darshan Pindoria is the founder of the psychology services agency Deep Psyc, coming with a background in both IT and life coaching.In this episode, we talk about mental health in the age of digital transformation. We discuss topics such as social media/device addiction, the effect of the overabundance of stimuli and convenience on the human psyche, burnout, and more. Darshan particularly highlights the decline in mental strength and the importance of finding and nurturing your own style in life to better tackle the challenges of the modern way of life.Links &
Louwki Coetsee is the Group Vice President of Sales & Client Value at the IT innovation and digital transformation accelerator Netsurit.In this episode, we talk about the importance of balancing people, processes, and systems for effective digital transformation. We discuss the impact of Covid and related disruptions, best practices for leveraging new technologies and driving innovation, and the key leadership traits for a successful, balanced transformation.Links &
Nitin Mittal is the award-winning Head of the AI Business at the leading professional services company Deloitte.Nitin has recently published All in on AI: How Smart Companies Win Big with Artificial Intelligence on Harvard Business Review with co-author Tom Davenport, and he joins us in this episode to tell us more about the book and share some of the key insights and lessons learned.We discuss the need to shift our perspective of artificial intelligence, the importance of an ethical, responsible approach to AI, and more, with Nitin also sharing examples of companies that are positioning themselves as AI pioneers and winning big with AI.Links &
Marcus Charalambous is the president and CEO of Backbone, creators of the digital experience platform Expresia.In this episode, we talk about the concept of a digital-first company and what makes such companies so well positioned for winning in the digital transformation age, as well as how they can continue to dominate in the future. We break down the chief reasons why so many digital transformation initiatives fail to succeed and highlight to need to be future ready to allow yourself to be the future disruptor rather than the one getting disrupted.Links &
Dinesh Varadharajan is the Chief Product Officer at Kissflow, providers of a unified low-code and no-code work platform.In this episode, we discuss the concept of citizen development and its role in the digital business landscape. We talk about the most common obstacles of citizen developers and how they can most efficiently collaborate with their companies' IT departments. We also discuss no-code/low-code platforms and how these can both empower citizen developers as well as help business through economic uncertainties.Links &
Tim Bottke is senior Strategy Partner at Monitor Deloitte and Associate Professor for Strategy and Digital Transformation at SDA Bocconi business school.In this episode, we talk about how businesses can get actual financial return on investment out of their digital transformation efforts. We support the discussion with insights from Tim's recently published book Digital Transformation Payday: Navigate the Hype, Lower the Risks, Increase Return on Investments, which hit the number two spot on the WSJ bestseller list mere days after its release.Links &
Kavita Ganesan is the founder of Opinosis Analytics and the author of The Business Case for AI, with over 15 years of experience in the field of artificial intelligence.This is the second conversation we've had on the podcast with Kavita; in the first one, we talked more generally about artificial intelligence and how can businesses can start leveraging it. This time, we focus on the question of ethics in AI, discussing topics such as bias propagation, plagiarism, responsible AI implementation & government regulation, and more.Links &
Naveen Poonian is the CEO of iBASEt, a global leader of manufacturing software solutions also recognized by Gartner in their magic quadrant for MES (manufacturing execution systems).In this episode, Naveen shares what key business and digital transformation trends we're likely to see in manufacturing in 2023 based on their current market insights and client experiences. We discuss inflation and how manufacturers are tackling it; the supply chain crisis and the key role of data; cloud adoption and new security considerations; and the importance of focusing on attracting and retaining younger generations of workers in the field of manufacturing.Links &
Sagi Rodin is the co-founder and CEO of Frontegg, a user management platform for B2B software as a service apps that helps companies adopt a product-led growth approach.In this episode, we talk about product-led growth and how it's affecting B2B business processes. We cover the importance of focusing on user experience, key changes in sales and marketing tactics, and the impact of product-led growth in practice, with Frontegg as a great example.Links &
Maya Huber is the CEO of the recruitment platform TaTiO which helps companies streamline their hiring process.In this episode, we discuss digital transformation in the field of HR. We discuss the most important technology innovations in HR, the main HR challenges, AI usage and adoption, and how everything relates to the future of work. Maya also tells us more about TaTiO and how it can help companies with competencies-based recruiting.Links &
Guillaume Portalier is the co-founder and COO of Waalaxy, an advanced lead generation platform for LinkedIn and email.In this episode, we discuss how customer experience in B2B has evolved from the days of traditional physical marketing and commerce to what it looks like now in the digital transformation era. We take a look at the importance of personalization and how to make sure you remain customer-centric in an omnichannel reality. In this context, we also talk a lot about the need for streamlined chat support.Links &
Wyndham Plumptre is the founder and CEO of the digital transformation consultancy Future Arc who have partnered with some of the world's leading organizations and businesses.In this episode, we discuss how macro events affect supply chains globally. We begin by explaining the different tiers of supply chains and the difference between micro and macro risks. After that, we highlight some of the biggest current macro risks, i.e. the Covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine, before moving on to the impact of digitalization and concluding with a look into the future.Links &
Brant Cooper is the founder and CEO of Moves the Needle, and New York Times bestselling author of The Lean Entrepreneur, as well as the author of the more recently released Disruption Proof.This is the first episode featuring a returning guest; we spoke with Brant back in the spring of 2021, already teasing Disruption Proof. This time we have a discussion focused on horizon planning, how it has changed and how to redefine it to be as suitable as possible for the digital transformation era.We tie the two conversations together by revisiting the balance between exploitation and operation, and how horizon planning factors into this – which is also a key message in Disruption Proof.Links &
Erez Berkner is the co-founder and CEO of Lumigo, a monitoring and debugging platform for modern cloud applications.In this episode, we take a deep dive into cloud computing. With over 16 years of experience working in the cloud, Erez tell us about the history and development of cloud computing, with modern cloud computing focused majorly around serverless and Kubernetes. We also discuss the key considerations, challenges and most common misconceptions about the cloud, as well as how it impacts the developer experience.Links &
Fred Fowler is an agile coach and a scrum expert holding the prestigious Professional Scrum Master Level III certification. He has worked with companies such as Apple, Oracle and Uber, and is the author of Advanced Scrum Case Studies and other books.In this episode, we talk about the importance of solving the right problems for succeeding in the highly competitive digital landscape. We explore how to uncover the right problems to solve and how swift market changes can lead to unintentionally working on the wrong solutions. Throughout the episode, Fred highlights the value of  Scrum methodologies in finding and staying up-to-date on the real customer needs to provide fitting solutions.Links &
Preethi Madhu is the CEO of the digital transformation consultancy Greyamp Consulting, with 20+ years of experience in helping leadership and CxO roles achieve their digital vision.In this episode, we talk about how companies should go about making their digital vision a reality and what the most important factors impacting these efforts are. We discuss digital readiness, the digital workforce, the importance of strategizing, the role of leadership, and agility. Preethi brings the discussion home with a couple of client examples that highlight and substantiate these key factors.Links &
Beck Besecker is the co-founder and CEO of Marxent, the 3D enterprise platform for retailers and manufacturers.In this episode, we talk about 3D product design and how it factors into the future of retail. As Marxent are mainly focused on 3D solutions for the home and for the office, the discussion largely takes place in this context; we discuss the evolution of 3D design, with home being one of the slowest adopters of modern digital technologies, as well as the considerations and challenges of adopting 3D.Links &
Darshan Mehta is the founder of the insights platform iResearch, and of ConnectQik, a mobile app  which facilitates quick and meaningful connections.In this episode, we discuss how the field of digital marketing needs to adapt in order to stay on top of all the uncertainty and disruption of the 21st century. For the most part, we maintain a big-picture perspective, then go into more detail on customer centricity as a basis for effective innovation, and on the top considerations for MarTech adoption.Links &
Corey Vilhauer is the Director of Strategy at Blend Interactive, and Deane Barker is the Senior Director of Content Management Strategy at Optimizely. They are authors of The Web Project Guide and hosts of a podcast that dives deeper into specific aspects of the web project process.In this episode, we discuss the multifaceted nature of a web project. Corey and Deane first tell us the origins of their book and their podcast, after which we tackle some of the key factors impacting the web project process, from the overall complexity of the web, the importance of content strategy and client relationships, to agility and the placement of the web project into a broader digital context.Links &
Mirko Swillus is the Vice President of Engineering at Staffbase, a leading platform for internal business communication.In this episode, we talk about organizational models and the importance of having a model that's closely aligned with the DNA of your organization to see sustainable success. We discuss the key role of leadership and the importance of involving the right people in the right processes to best distribute talent and avoid bottlenecks. Mirko also tells us more about Staffbase as an inherently agile company and how they are approaching all this.Links &
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