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 In this episode, we were joined by Plamena Solokova, an experienced senior manager who has spent over 6 years working on cloud-based financial software implementations and consulting projects with a focus on business transformation and change.In this episode, we talk about:Plamena's journey and career so farWhat is Diversity and Inclusion?Tools available to help drive Diversity and InclusionStrategy, Governance & LeadershipData and SystemsDiversity and Inclusion within the tech industryThe Impact Covid has had on Diversity and InclusionWhat does the future look like for Diversity and Inclusion?This was an interesting and detailed conversation about one of the most talked about topics right now, and made for great listening and insight. Check it out here, or via your Podcast listening platform of choice. 
 The 6th instalment in the Focus 24/7 Podcast series welcomes Angela Schroeder to the show. Angela is a Wellbeing and Workday Expert with over 12 years experience within the development and implementation of business critical IT systems, mainly Workday and PeopleSoft.   For this episode, we skip the technical components of Workday, and dive into the wellbeing of people in projects and how Angela supports her teams through building wellness practices into her days.  The main topics we cover are;5:19 - What is Wellbeing?7:19 - Wellbeing Tools - Peakon and Workday9:59 - Wellbeing advice for people on Workday/IT projects15:10 - What does Good look like?18:00 - How can we support our teams in the right way?22:05 - Preserving mental health and identifying the signs in your team26:00 - 4 Top Tips to look after yourself better Take some time, have a listen! 
The 5th instalment in the Focus 24/7 Podcast series welcomes Adam Dean to the show. Adam is an experienced Workday Financials Lead with over 5 years of experience working with the Workday platform. Adam has a track record of innovation, business transformation and success in fast-growing and evolving environments.As a business, we have seen a huge surge in Workday Financials implementations, and with Adams help, we are able to understand several key factors that you need to take into consideration when embarking on a Workday Financials journey using the Launch methodology. During the conversation we covered:What to do after you’ve signed/before you start your Workday implementation During Implementation – The lessons learned and a breakdown of key parts of the deployment Tips for Cutover and then post-go-live What happens after go-live? What team is needed? How to optimise the platform - Phase X and beyond!Take some time, have a listen and let us know your thoughts! 
Hello and welcome to the latest episode of the Focus 24/7 Podcast. In this installment, our host Simon Hill digs into the people side of Workday User adoption and engagement with special guest Anis Ahmed, Workday® Financials & HCM Consultant – Specialising in Change, Training & Adoption.An expert in user adoption, Anis says that many businesses place too much focus on the technical side of Workday®, overlooking its impact on employees. According to Anis, failure to engage the workforce can lead to long-term issues, such as a disillusioned team, and a platform that’s unfit for purpose. In this episode, Anis also touches on the importance of company culture, and shares practical tips for a people-led Workday® integration.
Welcome to episode 3 of Focus 24/7!I recently sat down with Senior Business Transformation Executive, Jim Flowers.Jim is the Vice President of Consulting Services at Navigator Management Partners – so he knows a thing or two about business transformation. During our conversation, we explored where it's best to focus your business transformation efforts, how to best implement the process, and much more!
Welcome to our new Focus 24/7 Podcast The Power of more than one.Joel Kirkland MBIoR is taking the reins for Focus 24/7 this podcast, talking all things Workday with a very special guest.Andrew Robertson, Technologist at Alfa Financial Software, talks us through the changes and challenges for internal roles during an implementation. Alfa, Workday went from a finance and HR tool to a company-wide platform.As a Technologist at Alfa Financial Software, Andrew is very familiar with Workday, and the challenges of introducing it to a new workforce. It’s a must-listen for any businesses thinking about making the switch to Workday in 2021.
Welcome back to our new Focus 24/7 PodcastBuilding a global workday team.Joel Kirkland MBIoR is taking the reins for Focus 24/7 this podcast, talking all things Workday with a very special guest.According to Muhammad Samir, Director - Workday Center of Excellence at The Weir Group PLC, you should start by ironing out how Workday will fit in with your existing business processes.Getting those end-to-end processes socialised and signed off early on will help with your future configuration plans, he says.It’s a must-listen for any businesses thinking about making the switch to Workday in 2021.
COVID-19 and Workday® from a partner perspective with Matt Lawrence and Thomas Schroeder.Thomas joined the Workday® ecosystem in 2011 and was in the first class of Partner Consultants that got certified in Workday® Financials. He carries several Product Lead designations from Workday® around product expertise and has played a variety of direct delivery, project management, deployment strategy and practice leadership roles in Alight Solution’s Workday® practice. Thomas is currently the VP and Global Practice Leader (which includes management responsibility) for Alight Solution’s global Workday® Financials consulting practice.Matt has been in the Workday® ecosystem since 2010 when he co-founded the first Workday® Boutique partner outside the US – Kloud. He has held a number of roles in that time including EM on some early European deployments, practice leader of one of the largest Workday® practices in Europe and currently is the VP for Commercial and Sales for Alight across Europe.
Focus 24/7 webinar #5 - "Preparing for success" - tips on what customers need to think about to ensure their Workday® project is a success with Rob Jordan and Todd Murray.Rob and Todd are co-founders of Snowgoose, a boutique delivery services team focusing on Workday® implementations. They focus on client advisory and delivery services for Project Planning & Governance, Data and Testing, and they specialise in harmonising work streams and minimising the potential for deviation from plans.Rob has been part of the Workday® ecosystem for 6+ years, and during this time has led on multiple global roll-outs of Workday covering more than 200 countries and half a million employees. All his projects have been delivered on time and to budget with no failures in live environments - an excellent track record that he protects keenly. Todd has 20+ years of Global IT delivery experience in North/South America, EMEA, and the Asia Pacific regions. His expertise includes global technology delivery and large programs in the Public and Private sectors covering the Global Pharmaceutical Industry, Global Banking, United Nations, and Environmental/NGO. 
Focus 24/7 webinar #4 - "Life after Live" - what Workday® customers should be thinking about after going live with Andre Bajaria.Andre has been part of the Workday® ecosystem for a total of six years, during which he has worked on both partner, and the end-user side. He has worked on seven Workday® projects in this time. Before joining the Workday® ecosystem, Andre worked in consulting for a number of years.
Focus 24/7 webinar #3 - 'HCM vs. Financials' - the 3 things you need to consider with Gert Van Veen.Gert has been a part of the Workday® ecosystem for six years, working in both France and the Netherlands. He has experience of working on 10 different Workday® projects, ranging from Workday® Customer, Workday® implementation Partner, and Vendor side perspectives. I'm very excited about the valuable insights Gert will bring to this webinar.
Focus 24/7 webinar #2 - 'Integrating Workday® back into reality' with Cian Egan.Cian brings a wealth of experience to the discussion. He is an evangelist of Cloud integration who believes this technology can continue to support HR and other back office processes as well as operational efficiencies.Cian is a seasoned Veteran of Workday® technical implementations. He has worked on 16+ Workday related projects across the globe from sales through to Hypercare. The majority of his project experience comes from his time at a leading Global consultancy, where he was the chief integration architect for EMEA in the Workday® practice as well as signal technical design approver for all Workday® projects released under $10M.
Focus 24/7 webinar #1 - COVID-19 and the impact on Workday® projects with Chris Healey.Chris is a Workday® SME and has been part of the Workday® ecosystem since 2011. He has over 15+ years of diversified experience and has worked on over 50 projects globally in a variety of different roles, with brands such as Michelin, Inalfa Roof Systems, Kering, and with consultancies including Capgemini, and IBM. Chris is certified in Recruiting, Reporting, Learning, HCM, and Project Management. 
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