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Have you ever had a difficult time finding your fire or drive to pursue your passion? Or maybe you’ve found that drive and wondered how to logistically go about pursuing that dream? The finding fire podcast is meant to motivate, inspire, and give you the direction through interviews and consultations with professionals at the top of their game, that were once in the same boat as you. Here’s the cool thing about it all, we are average guys. We’ve been in the trenches of day to day rigamarole, each of us still are and we’ve also pushed ourselves to invest in our own futures. We like to have fun and have a bonded friendship that allows for a symbiotic relationship. The thing we like the best is that we bring something different to the table to craft a well diversified conversational interview with our guests.
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“Copy is the fuel your business needs to move forward"With the first episode of 2022, we bring you Freshly Brewed Copy with founder Leeza Ochsner. Often times when you hear the word copywriting, you may think of that © symbol you find at the bottom of a book, however that is not the type of copy we are talking about here.  In this episode we talked everything copy and how Leeza takes words and  "makes them dance," in order to help businesses thrive.  No matter what type of business you're in, you need copy, aka, the right words to convey the value your brand can bring to your customer.
Blessed with More provides memory boxes, bears, bags, blankets and books to area hospitals to bless families who have experienced the devastating loss of baby. Janelle & Nathan have two miracle daughters here in their arms – and five angels in Heaven. You can hear their journey through infertility and their triplet pregnancy  throughout this podcast. Please consider a donation today. Items can be donated in memory of a child. Thank you for helping us help others! Link for donation can be found at https://blessedwithmore.wordpress.comNote: Audio Glitch from 01:31 to 06:36. Recorded in auditorium mode. Total Length 1:01:44
💙🔥Good Vibes and Marshmallows 💙🔥On today’s episode of the Finding Fire Podcast, we sit down with Amy McMillan, Founder and Owner of The Minnesota Marshmallow. We’ve been looking forward to this episode because these homemade, gourmet marshmallows are absolutely incredible, and the story of turning this side hustle into a thriving business is even more delicious. Sit back and enjoy this conversation. Let’s have a toast to The Minnesota Marshmallow! 💙🔥
Two Hot Takes is a podcast where Morgan and her team of co-hosts  scavenge Reddit and the rest of the internet to give their two hot takes on the juiciest dating, relationship, life, and AITA stories.Two Hot Takes Founder, Morgan, joins the Finding Fire Podcast. During this episode we talk about taking leaps of faith, capturing momentum when going viral, and scaling back when needed.  Hopefully you can learn from Morgan's story, laugh at the hilarious moments during this conversation  and feel ready to tackle the world once listening to this journey. 
Join us in an honest, come as you are conversation, with Joel Freeman, Fitness Trainer and Beachbody Super Trainer. He is someone who has pursued his passion, made a living out of it, all while pursuing health. Joel Freeman is someone who makes us feel like health and fitness are possible. He is someone who motivates. He is someone who is down to earth. Someone you would grab a glass of whiskey with on a Friday night. He is someone who will change your life. Join us, as we explore the concept of new beginnings, and taking leaps of faith with entrepreneurial  opportunities as well as growth and self actualization. Joel, we look forward to taking you up on getting that glass of whiskey when we are out visiting in Cali! Enjoy!
In this episode we sit down with Ryan Sistad, Executive Director, of Better In Our Back Yard. Better In Our Back Yard was created to provide organic, citizen-led forum content, educational resources and advocacy to support responsible industrial development projects and companies in northern Minnesota. Ryan and Better In Our Backyard advocate for projects and companies, including Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement Project, PolyMet’s permitted NorthMet Project and Twin Metals Minnesota. Their mission is to strengthen northern Minnesota’s economy by advocating for responsible industrial development throughout the region.
In this episode we sit down with Dave Schaeffer, the Executive Director, of Chester Bowl in Duluth MN. Chester Bowl is one of Duluth’s greatest treasures. A forested, hilly oasis in the Central Hillside neighborhood, the park has provided a safe and welcoming environment for generations of Minnesotans in which to enjoy the great outdoors.Dave thrives to  promote sustainable, quality programs for all Chester Bowl Park users in a healthy and safe environment. Dave and his team of two seek to promote healthy living through a wide variety of outdoor recreational activities. They aim to serve individuals and families from all socio-economic backgrounds. Chester Bowl strives to offer a friendly and safe environment to learn skiing and snowboarding, as well as provide year-round programming and events for people of all ages.
This is the FINALE, episode six of six, of the Yellow Bike Hero Roasts Series. During this episode we hear from Shaun, Zach, Jonny, Julie and Shannon. In this episode the group discusses overcoming hardships and uncertainty throughout their own journeys they've had to endure, as well as the last year during covid.  If you've listened to the past five episodes you've been able to hear their individual stories, but now they’re in one room, at one table, sharing  their stories together. Enjoy this episode, subscribe, follow, and please leave us a review. 
It's a way of thinking. It’s a way of working. It’s about looking at the problem and reframing it in ways which generate unique solutions. It’s about looking at a subjective situation and creating exciting answers for the questions that did not yet exist. No matter the personality of the brand, making a connection with your audience and being remembered is key.
A dangerous lifestyle came crashing to a halt. Learning how to love transformed that life into something better than it ever could have been. With a beating heart, that life goes on and finds love along the way.Alcohol felt like the perfect companion to Julie. While she thought it unleashed the best version of herself it was quickly leading her down a path of isolation from all of the people who genuinely loved her.  She cut off all relationships to people who challenged her alcohol use and truly cared. She was becoming everything she didn't want to be... selfish, dishonest and unkind. This suffocating addiction strangled the very life out of her, and hurt many people along the way, with some being dealt the hand of permanent damage. An accident that nearly killed a young man changed everything. How would she process this? How could she move forward in life when there was no way to “make things right.”? Personal consequences would never compare to the pain and suffering she had caused. This was a hard truth. She had to learn a new daily navigation, a new way to live. She made serious changes, and discovered a lifestyle of recovery which gave her the opportunity to form Recovery Alliance Duluth.
From losing it all to leading a successful business, life can muster up the largest of storms, but through the wind, rain and waves, keeping a hand on the wheel and eyes on the horizon will steady the ship.Drugs and alcohol were Jonny’s oldest and most familiar friends, the ever present comfort after the passing of his parents, a salve for wrong life choices and failed career paths.Rehab started at the young age of 15, only to be a recurring event over the next 10+ years including jail sprinkled in a few times. Eventually this won him entry into the St. Louis County Drug Court program. Graduating drug court gave Jonny life skills to help him shed his oldest friend, whose historical roots ran deep. The consistent love and support he received from his family and friends carried him through this recovery journey, and he’s a firm believer that recovery is a lifestyle not an event.Today Jonny is a proud business owner of two wildly successful and decorated food ventures, the Rambler food truck and MidCoast Catering Co. At the same time, he is constantly involved in the recovery community. Every week, Jonny can be seen mentoring others, and is always there to lend a helping hand, no matter what it looks like.An honest and authentic relationship with past failures has made Jonny an incredibly humble human being. So much so that he just may not see the loved and respected leader he has become.
From beekeeper to boxing champion, it’s all about fighting differently and fighting smarter, but most importantly, staying in the fight.Playing with lemurs, spearfishing the coral reefs, beekeeping and many other magical adventures in Madagascar were how Zach spent his early years. This boyhood dreamland kept his mind and body busy with new things to learn and unseen places to explore. But, the dream ended at the age of 12 when his family came back “home” to the United States. As an American, Zach found himself a foreigner in his own country, displaced from everything familiar. Ungrounded and desperate to survive, his life quickly spiraled out of control. Poor choices made during this quest for survival left Zach facing many legal problems, and prison was imminent. How could he have fallen this far from his childhood wonderland? Stark and painful realizations came crashing down, and he made a pact with himself, to redefine what his fight looked like. Instead of giving up, Zach took dramatic steps to regain control of his life and chose a clear and healthy self-disciplined path, using his boxing career and church community as the foundation.
After a long career of making changes within the system, it was time to pivot to making systematic changes. With a vision focused on where to have thegreatest impact, a new fire is burning!As the son of a police officer and born a rebel, entering the justice system as a lawyer seemed to be the right fit. Shaun launched his career as a trial lawyer with a heart for public service. It turns out that he was less of a rebel against any system, and more of an instigator for positive change within the lives of the many people he met everyday.With a passion for generating positive outcomes in the lives of people, Shaun knew more could be done. With this vision in place, he created the South St. Louis County DWI Court. With a focus on taking the most extreme cases where individuals had the greatest risk of failure, the model was designed to use compassion to connect with individuals and find real ways to put their life on a better trajectory. As judge, he assembled a brilliant team of people and helped establish more treatment courts throughout the nation. But, most importantly, he changed the lives of many individuals who desperately needed something to go their way.
Joe Shelerud, co founder of Ad Advance, an Amazon advertising agency, is obsessed over finding the most effective Amazon advertising strategies and building a system around them. In this episode, we dive into how an introverted chemical engineer developed a local team-based culture to help Amazon sellers grow their business globally. 
Story North Productions is a Duluth, Minnesota-based full-service video production company serving Minnesota, Wisconsin and beyond. Story North Productions is the result of dreaming, drive and determination. Wife and husband duo, Annie and Kevin, built the business to cater to the demand for high quality visual storytelling. During this episode, we talk with Annie and Kevin about their backgrounds in newscasting and community development, and how that combination created Story North Productions. Annie and Kevin are about more than just great video, they are story telling experts driven by passion, creativity and helping their clients succeed. From concept to final edit, they specialize in video content that engages and inspires audiences and gets results for a wide range of clients. From corporate onboarding to tourism marketing, they help clients elevate their story and make it come alive through video.
Vikre Distillery in Duluth, MN, was one of the first distilleries in the state. They craft superior spirits that thoughtfully blend tradition and innovation. “The pristine beauty of Lake Superior, the North Woods and the Boundary Waters are distilled in the flavor of everything we make.” – Vikre DistilleryDuring this episode, we sit down with Emily Vikre, Co-Founder, CEO & Arbiter of taste. We talk with Emily about her love for the community and why they decided to distill in Duluth, entrepreneurship, passion, and everything you need to know about distilling. Sit back and enjoy this episode! #findingfire #findingfirepodcast #newpodcastepisodealert #newpodcastepisode #podcast #podcastersofinstagram #spotifypodcast #itunespodcast #distill #distillery #sippingcocktails #discoverduluth #befromduluth #duluthminnesota #destinationduluth #authenticduluth #visitduluth #duluthloveslocal #duluthmn #whiskeycocktail #craftspirits #entrepreneurshiplifestyle #businessownership #entrepreneurwoman #entrepenuer #entreprenuership #passion #gogetit #motivational #lovewhatyoudo #sucessful #community
For over 30 years Bob Burg has been successfully showing entrepreneurs, leaders, and sales professionals how to communicate their value and accelerate their referral business.Although for years he was best known for his sales classic, Endless Referrals, it’s his business parable, The Go-Giver, coauthored with John David Mann that has created a worldwide movement.While part of a four-book series, The Go-Giver itself has sold more than one million copies and been translated into 30 languages. It was rated #10 on Inc. Magazine’s list of The Most Motivational Books Ever Written, and was on HubSpot’s 20 Most Highly Rated Sales Books of All Time.Bob is an advocate, supporter and defender of the Free Enterprise system, believing that the amount of money one makes is directly proportional to how many people they serve.- Tune in to our most recent episode to hear our conversation with Bob
“Jump in. You can talk yourself out of so many things and have so many excuses, but you have to start somewhere. Even if it’s not exactly perfect or ready, jump in and do it.”During this episode of the Finding Fire Podcast, we talk with Emily Ekstrom, owner of Hucklebeary Duluth. Emily talks about her journey to entrepreneurship (from working with American Girl and being a top seller for Crocs), to taking a leap and starting her own business. Tune in and enjoy this episode with Hucklebeary Duluth! 
Have you ever heard of an Infertility Doula? We had not either, until we met Tia Chapinski and Daniella Virijevic, authors of The Infertility Doula, “A Friendly Guide For When It’s Hard To Get Pregnant,” that is set to release on June 8. Join us for our podcast as we dive into the infertility journey, their personal experiences, and their passion for helping others who are trying to conceive. To learn more about The Infertility Doulas, visit their website at
On today’s episode of the Finding Fire Podcast, we sit down with Lexy, owner of Lift Bridge Bagels and On 93 & Grace, located in the Twin Ports (Duluth, MN and Superior, WI). We talk with Lexy about entrepreneurship, the power of community and her passion for helping others. We hope you enjoy our episode with Lexy!
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