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In this episode, we discuss that love can be found online.  Statistics tell us that 1 in 6 marriages met online.  Our special guests, Mr. & Mrs. Carl and Shalonda Simmons share their love story and the positive side of online dating.  They also share tips for your success in finding your love online.  
In this exciting episode, my special guests are writer and producer Summer Moore and producer Starr Session of the comedy web series Pandemic Pillow Talk, Online Dating Scarier Than the Pandemic.  This web series is full of real-life dating situations that writer, Summer Moore turned into a comical and entertaining series.  Listen in on this conversation as we take a look at online dating in the pandemic and beyond. 
This episode is all about the power of women.  Join this important conversation as I talk with Tam Bond about women being in competition with each other and how that affects our dating relationships.  Learn tips on how women supporting each other can change how men act and think.  
You don't want to miss this episode.  Hollywood and I, discuss the 10 red flags that you are dating the wrong person from a sermon that was given by Dr. Conway Edwards.  This is one podcast that can save you a lot of heartache and drama.  You don't want to miss this one.  
Dating Rules for 2022!

Dating Rules for 2022!


In this episode, I am discussing the new rules for dating with a special guest, Stacey King, a singles teacher and conference producer.  You will discover:The top 3 behaviors/mistakes that women make that prevent them from a relationshipThe top 3 behaviors/mistakes that men make that prevent them from a relationshipRules for Dating in 2022!1.     Evaluate your current relationship status 2.     Reconstruct and redesign your course3.     Ditch your old list4.     Be open to finding somebody you like instead of love5.     Set relationship goals6.     Move with intention7.     Don’t look for someone to make you happy8.     Pray
In this episode, Dr. G discusses the mistakes people make in dating, what blocks you from finding your soulmate, and offers solutions.  
In this episode, Hollywood and I discuss the holiday blues in the single world and how to have a Merry Single Christmas! 
In this exciting episode, we are talking to Layna Ware and Jason Castle who are soulmates.Listen as we go through the list of signs for having found your soulmate.  You are going to love their story, chemistry, and love vibe.    
In this episode, I discuss the 20 characteristics of a classy lady.  Are you one?  Let me know so I can match you with a gentleman. 
The question that is being asked is "Where are the Gentlemen"?  Is that term antiquated?  Join me as I discuss the 20 characteristics of gentlemen.  If you are a gentleman, I would like to hear from you.  I have some women that I would like you to meet.  Email me at  
In this episode, we are talking about how singles seem to be a mess.  Yes, the dating life and all the people dating.  Are you are a mess?  The special guest Mike Williams is co-owner of DFW Social 40 and has given hundreds of events with the over 40 crowd.  Listen to what he has to say about the dating scene.  
This is part 2 of Why Do Men and Women Do That?  We tackled the categories of health- mind, body, and spirit and the things that confuse us about each other.  Our special guests, Tam and Hollywood, help to enlighten the audience for a better understanding of each other.  Some of the topics discussed include:       Healthy - Mind, Body, SpiritMen expect women to be a 10 and they are a 4 2·       Men  Don’t want to be vulnerable and Think therapy is no healthy for them·       Women focus on material things and not mind body spirit ·        Women have a victim mentality and think the world is against them·        Women refuse to admit they are wrong and don’t apologize·         Confused·        Men leave black women for other races·        Men only act right when after the woman is done·        Men avoid/fear accomplished women·       Men don’t understand that they are to lead/pursue·        Believe that women think you are the sizzle and are waiting for  you to walk in that·        Not realize all we want is their heart and affection·        Women love black men furiously·        Women  choose bad boys over good ones·        Women ask men for everything but think their presence is enough·        Women think men are projects 
In this intriguing episode, the panel discusses the many questions that the audience has submitted on why men do this and why women do that?  We answer questions that have to do with communication, deception, and playing games.  Some of the questions includeGhostingOnly textHide their feelingsNot upfront with intention No romance or planning Deception·         Cheat 3·         Lie 7 about relationship status – think we don’t know·         Try to make you think you are crazy·         Big eyelashes,2 weaves, Spanx·         Jealous  Games·        Want a pure woman but sow their oats·         Play games·         Say one thing, but their actions say another·         Waste women’s time·         Date but not commit·         Not play games·         Say they want the truth, but can’t handle it·         No sex, but initiate it·         Force men to lie, ask if missed, get upset if they are told no
Join this one-on-one conversation with Roy Biancalana with the relationship coach as we discuss why relationships are so complicated.  In the candid conversations, we discuss.·        Relationship complications·        Why is communication so hard?·        What makes a person irresistibly attractive?·        7 relationships "muscles" that need to be “strong” if a person is going to attract a healthy, sustainable relationship? And it's the craziest dating story ever!
This is the first live event day party Meet- Mix- Mingle and Match.  It was full of interviews, dancing, and fun.  The panel discusses what they are looking for in a relationship.  We are excited that we made a match.  Enjoy!
This entertaining episode is full of fun and energy as we continue the discussion of dating after divorce.  The special guest Tamara Bond and Rufus Lewis discuss the challenges that include, kids, exes, when to start dating again, and so much more.  You don't want to miss this episode.  It is the best one yet.  
In this episode, we discuss the games that are played in dating.  I  bought in fiery guests that brought the heat to the studio Mica Owens and Eugene Boze.  We had a real discussion and didn't all agree, but it was hot!  Eugene even turned the tables on me!   This is a hot one!
Listen in as we discuss the reasons why dating is so complicated.  The poll indicated that people are tired of the games, lies, and inconsistency.  
Join this lively discussion as we talk about the five things that women say that they need and want from men.  
Launch of our Visual Podcast.  Join us as we discuss the five things that men say that they want and need.  You don't want to miss this entertaining show.   
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