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Single Life with Dr. G - Dating Over 40

Author: Dr. Gladney

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Candid conversations about all the aspects of dating when you are over 40. Dr. G shares her expertise, insights, strategies, stories, interviews, humor, and research on the single life while helping you to understand how men and women think. The goal is to help you stay sane in the crazy world of dating and enjoy the process along the way.
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This entertaining episode is full of fun and energy as we continue the discussion of dating after divorce.  The special guest Tamara Bond and Rufus Lewis discuss the challenges that include, kids, exes, when to start dating again, and so much more.  You don't want to miss this episode.  It is the best one yet.  
In this episode, we discuss the games that are played in dating.  I  bought in fiery guests that brought the heat to the studio Mica Owens and Eugene Boze.  We had a real discussion and didn't all agree, but it was hot!  Eugene even turned the tables on me!   This is a hot one!
Listen in as we discuss the reasons why dating is so complicated.  The poll indicated that people are tired of the games, lies, and inconsistency.  
Join this lively discussion as we talk about the five things that women say that they need and want from men.  
Launch of our Visual Podcast.  Join us as we discuss the five things that men say that they want and need.  You don't want to miss this entertaining show.   
Dating After Divorce!

Dating After Divorce!


In this episode, we have candid discussions with three divorced women about the challenges of dating after a divorce.  Many divorcees think that it is difficult to re-engage in the single world after having been in a married bubble.  This conversation will help you to learn how to navigate some of the challenges that you may face.  
This episode is all about the alpha female.  Join me and my special guests, as we discuss the definition of an alpha female, how it affects dating, and men who like them, and men who don't.  
Join me in this episode as I share my online dating research and experiences.  I give you a list of online dating do's and don't's that will help you keep the crazy out of online dating. 
Join on as we discuss the hot topic of online dating.  More than 75 million people worldwide, have experienced online dating and there are good and bad experiences for everyone.  We discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly.  
Interracial marriages became legal in 1967.  How far have we really come with dating other races?  Join us as this diverse panel discusses the dynamics of interracial dating.  It is an intriguing conversation that you can learn from.  
Discussing the hot topic with the panel on if you should tell your friend that their lover is cheating.  This is an ongoing conversation in friendships on what is the right thing to do.  Is there a right or wrong answer or a right way to do it.  Listen to this stimulating conversation and share your opinion. 
Hot Topics!  Talking about dating your friend's ex.  Do you agree that all is fair in love or are there boundaries when it comes to dating an ex of your friend?.  Is there a timeline?  Listen in on the conversation and tell us what you think. 
This episode is a powerful word from Pastor Veynell Warren specifically for Christian singles. We have candid conservations that answer these questions; 1.     The number one issues singles have as Christians2.     What are the problems that you see from the Christian women?3.     What are the problems that you see from the Christian me?4.     What do singles believe that wish they wouldn’t?5.     As a pastor what is the best advice that you can give to singles on this journey?Listen for strategies that will help you stay sane in the crazy world of dating!
In this explosive episode, we discuss the behavior patterns of hurt men.  The special guest is Author, Steven James Dixon who wrote the book- Men Don't Heal, We Ho, The Emotional Instability of Men, helps to uncover why men go from relationship to relationship without healing.   We discuss five behavior signs of hurting men.  You don't want to miss this important conversation.  
In this episode, I share the research and data from interviewing 6o men over 40.  You will learn a lot about men.   I give the answers and the data from these questions;1. What is the definition of a good man?2. Are you a good man?3. What are you looking for in a woman?4.  How important is the physical appearance of a woman?5. Are other characteristics more important than the physical appearance of a woman?6. How important is sex on a scale of 1 - 10?7. Are you open to dating someone who is practicing abstinence?8. How do you feel about a woman sexting you that you don't know?9. What is the one thing that women do that is a turn-off?10.  What is the one piece of advice you would like to give women?
In celebration of our 10th episode, I brought back the bachelors and bachelorettes from Why There is No Ring on My Finger and Why I Haven't Put a Ring on a Finger.  We have Tanya and Tamara and Nikko and Eugene.  This episode is explosive as we discuss the top frustrations of single men and single women.   Tune in for this discussion and for a special gift just for you. 
This episode is on fire.  Join me as we discuss why men cheat with special guest and reformed cheater Ron Carey.  He gives us an insight into cheating and his opinion on the reasons men cheat.  We discuss the following reasons and the signs of cheating.  Psychological Reasons for Cheating 1.     Ego- driven- Some men are driven by their self-image and are insecure.  As men age or settle down, that feeling of insecurity can increase and the question- “Do I still have what it takes to get the prize?” –Mid-life crisis and flashbacks of younger days can creep in.2.     Accessibility/ Opportunity - We live in the age of the easy button.  90% of people who have online affairs get addicted and search for another 3.     Greed- We can’t leave out the fact that some men are just greedy.  They seem to never have enough women, sex, or pleasure.  4.     Emotional needs /Voids- Although for men it is common to think that cheating is about sex, there are men that cheat because of certain voids that exist in the relationship.  It can be a lack of support, respect, attention, praise, sex, etc… 5.     Narcissistic-these are men that lack empathy and think mainly about themselves and their own needs. 6.     Undisciplined/immature- Some men just seem to think with the wrong head! Signs of Cheating1.     Phone, text, social media2.     Change in attitude-behavior3.     Change in pattern4.     Unexplained absences 
 There are thousands of lies that are told each day in the dating world. In this episode, you will learn all about the psychology of lying, why people lie, and how to tell if someone is lying. 
Join us in this conversation as we discuss with two men, why they are not married and have not put a ring on anyone's finger.   We discuss the six reasons given for why men don't get married.   You don't want to miss this conversation to see what they said.  Reasons for not getting married 1.    Sex is available everywhere..2.     He's going to prison...  loss of freedom3.   The Gang Will Disappear... Loss of friends4.    Sweet Singlehood... loss of women 5.    He Doesn't Feel Needed...6.   Fears Divorce 
In this episode, I have a conversation with two beautiful successful women about the seven reasons research has stated as to why women aren't married.  You will want to hear if those are their reasons for not being married at this time in their life.  Join us for this captivating conversation.   Reasons for not being married 1.     There just aren’t as many worthwhile guys anymore.2.     Women are the complete package on their own. 3.  Marriage is outdated, and women know that.4. Many men continue to be threatened by strong and successful women. 5. You have never been asked. 6. Marriage isn’t necessary for women to be mothers. 7. Men have lost what little value they had. Because of the imbalance ratio men are not motivated to make themselves better.   
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