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Modern Technology Knows Your Name

Author: Modern.Technology (Joyful Firefly, LLC)

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Rob Firefly Vincent is fascinated by names, and what leads so many people to set aside the name they were given and choose a new one.

From screennames, handles, and casual nicknames to full legal name-changes, this podcast is a deep dive into the social phenomenon of self-naming, and the diverse personal journeys of those who've chosen their own names in some fashion; why they chose to make the change, how they decided what to call themselves, and what their self-applied name means to them.
3 Episodes
Episode 102

Episode 102


In a pair of audio interviews we speak with "Roleplay Retcon" podcaster Jensie, variously known as Egobrain and Jensiedactyl, and citizen Anarkat about the stories behind their chosen names.Questions? Comments? Have a self-naming story you'd like to share?Contact us via email or voice:
Episode 101

Episode 101


In this inaugural episode of "Modern Technology Knows Your Name" host Rob Vincent, a.k.a. Rob T Firefly, talks about his own fascination with names which folks have chosen for themselves, and shares his own handle-selection and name-changing stories. We then share name-selection stories submitted to the program by Seuss, the Cheshire Catalyst, Kwaunch, FractumSeraph, and BicycleMark.Questions? Comments?Contact us via email or voice:
This is the trailer to the Modern Technology Podcast Network podcast "Modern Technology Knows Your Name."Listen as Rob Vincent takes a deep dive into the phenomenon of self-chosen names; how they come about, and what they mean to us.Music: "IAM" by Torley Wong, released Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0. Find more from Torley at .
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